Friday, February 03, 2006

What Rhymes With Scott Bakula?

My favorite has to be Crackula.

So I'm listening to the lastest installment of Michael and Evo's Wingin' It #46. These guys were "off the chain" this episode. They had more f-bombs than the SciFi Scoundrels and that's saying a lot. I totally think it was because Summer wasn't there to keep them in check.

So what does Scott Bakula have to do with any of this? To make this episode a total classic, towards the end they played a song called Scott Bakula by a group called Sunspot. This song is hysterical and possibly the best fan song out there. Honestly, I HATE FILK so this song was refreshing. What makes this song the best is that the writers picked Scott Bakula to write an entire song about. After you go through the WTF? and why phase, the lyrics will when you over if you know just a little bit about Scott's career. I remember when I used to catch Quantum Leap episodes and see Scott Bakula's name in the credits I used to wonder how to pronounce it. A few year ago, I finally heard it pronounced and thought to myself that it was funny that his name rhymed with Dracula. I also wondered if he ever did any Dracula roles. That's why this song is so funny to me.
I also always wondered what type of last name Bakula was. I could never place it.

What does the Bakula name mean?
Last Name: Bakula
1. Polish (Baku?a): from a derivative of the personal name Bak.
2. Polish: nickname for a habitual liar, from bakulic' 'to lie in one's throat'. (The Polish idiom translates literally as 'to lie in one's eyes'.)
3. Serbian or Croatian (Dalmatia): derivative of Bako 'bull'.

Um... ok...