Friday, August 31, 2007

Who Wants ... Superhero: Episode 5 Parthenon

In this episode, the Heroes were sent on a mission and given orders by an Evil Stan Lee. They did everything from taking old ladies canes, dancing in traffic, talking about wedgies. It was funny but painful to watch.

The heroes also had to go to a school and work with kids. Challenges like these are always tricky. Parthenon came off like a cranky queen that was more concerned with making good time than actually interacting with the kids. On the other hand, it felt like an editing trick. Hygena came in last place again but she had the right idea for doing so. I'm not drooling over The Diffuser as much anymore but I'm still rooting for him. Stan Lee calling him bossy humbled him too much and now it seems like he's lost his footing. He's still doing a good job though.

It is looking like it's going to be Hyperstrike's game now. If I had to bet on a winner now, it would be him. He shined in the "trapped in a crate" challenge and I'm not so annoyed by him flipping all of the time anymore. I actually thought that Parthenon did the best in the "trapped" challenge. His mind started working like MacGyver. Some of the ideas he came up with were awesome. I do not like that he blamed The Diffuser for the pole snapping. All The Diffuser did was hold the pole everyone was responsible for putting it together and making sure it was secure.

Hygena is truly claustrophobic. Sometimes you hear people say that and it goes in one ear and out of the other because almost everyone claims that they are claustrophobic. The Diffuser and Hygena became slightly edgy in the "trapped" challenge but they were still professional. Hygena seems to have a lot of fears that she is overcoming on this show. To have your fears displayed like that on national TV is heroic in itself. We've seen both The Diffuser and Hygena have the most growth on this show and for that I think it should be them in the final two. I still don't really know that much about Hyperstrike other than his last name is Stork and he got teased about it in high school.... and he misses his girlfriend. If he has any fears or if he's overcoming anything, I don't know. I think he will win because he can do flips and let's face it, at a press release or trying to impress a bunch of kids, that's valuable.

This week Parthenon was eliminated. It's bittersweet because I felt he really came out of his shell on this episode. On the other hand, what did Parthenon do anyway? I never really understood his power or his angle. My thing is bling? What does that mean in the superhero universe? Maybe he should have been a MacGyver type of superhero instead of a flashy Greek god type. He just never really fit that character to me. That and the kids not liking him really did him in. (I can't believe that NONE of the kids liked him.)

We are down to the final three; Hyperstrike, Hygena and The Diffuser. Who are you rooting for?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mega Snake: Better Than Mansquito

Is that really saying much? Yes, actually.

Truthfully, I only watched this movie because Matthew Atherton aka Feedback from Who Wants to be a Superhero was in the movie. Later, I found out that the steamy Michael Shanks was going to be in the movie. *drools*

Megasnake is a standard creature feature. There was a snake in Native American lore that if released and fed, he would grow into a huge beast of a snake and go on a killing spree. This movie takes place in Tennessee... British Columbia. I'm from the south and those accents were awful. Ignoring that, the movie had it's wit and the cast actually had chemistry. Surprisingly, I was actually impressed with the animation of the snake and how it fit into the scenes. There was hardly any green screen bleed. To be honest, I didn't notice any.

If you saw the commercial for Megasnake with Feedback, you saw his whole appearance in the movie. That was really disappointing and I think he was robbed. They could have really made a big deal out of a movie starring Feedback and brought back some of the other superheroes. It would have been really great, cheesy fun. Someone really dropped the ball.

All in all, not the ultimate way to spend a Saturday but if you have some time to kill it's worth a watch.

Megasnake | SCIFI.COM

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Eureka: E-MC...?

Eureka: E-MC...?

This wasn't the best episode of Eureka. Nathan Stark and Henry Deacon are all aglow because they are going to recreate the "Big Bang" using a device they invented called a Chaotic Inflation Device. Allison Blake has just recruited one of those geeks you hear about that get hired after they hack a government website. The new geek in town, Zane is to remain in Jack's custody until he is deemed trustworthy. There were some great lines here between Zane and Lupo. He bought her lingerie with the credit card information that he stole from Jack. He proves how smart he is by breaking out of an unbreakable prison cell. Because of this, Jack thinks that Jake is responsible for all of Eureka's scientists recent decline in intelligence. The whole town can't remember anything, the scientists are watching cartoons, playing with yo-yos, remote controlled cars and meanwhile the "Big Bang" experiment is in danger of breaching it's containment field. Zane finds a ways to stop Global Dynamics from exploding but the scientists are still "stupid". As it turns out, it wasn't this experiment that turned the town silly, it was a batch of cloned chicken meat. In an attempt to be humane, the chicken farmer was growing this meat without the chicken and it lacked key ingredients because the meat's growth wasn't regulated by the chicken's brain.


I know I said earlier that this wasn't my favorite episode but I did actually like it. I just didn't buy the stupidity of the cast. They just weren't stupid enough. I wanted to see something believable. I'm not sure what it was but this is something the cast didn't pull of to me. There's a first time for everything. I hope we don't have to go through that again. I like this crew smart and quick- witted.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lightsabers In Space: NASA Does Something Right

NASA Shuttle to Launch Luke's Lightsaber
August 27, 2007 — When the space shuttle Discovery launches the STS-120 crew in October, the force will be with them.

Stowed on-board the orbiter, in addition to a new module for the international space station, will be the original prop lightsaber used by actor Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in the 1983 movie "Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi". The laser-like weapon is being flown to the orbiting outpost and back in honor of the 30th anniversary of the George Lucas-created franchise.

Click here for pictures from the Houston arrival of Luke's lightsaber and its departure for the space center.

Before it can make its trip to orbit though, the lightsaber will first fly to Houston, Texas, home of NASA's Johnson Space Center, by way of Southwest Airlines and a Star Wars-studded send off from Oakland International Airport in California on Tuesday.
This is a bit of cute news. Somehow, I think that NASA should be worrying about bigger things than bringing lightsabers aboard but this *is* a fun thing to do. It seems that someone in the government REALLY loves Star Wars. I remember last year they sent Star Wars action figures up into space. This year we got special stamps and now *the* lightsaber is taking a trip. Star Trek gets no such love. Poor Scotty can't even get his ashes released into space.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The 4400: Ghost in the Machine

The 4400: Ghost in the Machine

Ever woke up next to a guy and discovered that he was crazy?

This is how you'd feel if you haven't been keeping up with The 4400. Tom Baldwin has been body snatched by a person from the future who wants all 4400 dead. Shawn gave Dr. Burkhoff facilities to discover a way to test yourself before taking the Promicin shot because of the 50/50 life or death thing. Dr. Burkhoff discovers that left- handed people have a better chance of surviving. (I totally wanted something more complex than that because I'm not left- handed.) Rational people think this is good news. Jordan Collier thinks that everyone should take the shot because he thinks that if you don't have a 4400 capability that you should should be obsolete.

In this episode, a man suffering from a stroke is attacking a big financial company and is making the stock crash. This company is secretly giving financial backing Tom and his crew of futuristic body snatchers. The company had to be saved at all costs so Tom kills the 4400 responsible by making it look like an accident. This makes Diana suspicious and she and Megan now suspect that Tom has been compromised. Tom suspects that they have found him out. In the midst of all of this, Tom reactivated Isabelle's 4400 power.

This episode had a lot of set up. I think the season finale is going to be one hell of a ride. The way they've been telling the story, I can't really tell what direction the story is going and that is something that keeps me tuning in.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Flash Gordon: Infestation

Flash Gordon: Infestation

While this episode of Flash Gordon didn't suck, it made me realize that this show is heading straight into the "typical" zone. This episode was a comfort episode, it bordered filler. This is not the type of episode that this show needs. Lots of folks are already on the fence with this series. We need something that will keep us coming back. The way things are going, I'm really scared for this show.

This is my first time seeing the opening credits. C'mon, you guys couldn't put something reminiscent of Queen?

This episode was cute enough. Nick was bit by a Joy Bug that came through a stray portal. What I enjoyed most was Nick break dancing on the table at his brother's wedding. His over happiness was a bit painful to watch at times but funny. Flash had to convince a group of cranky Amazon types for a cure... almost at the risk of his "family jewels". There were a lot of fun moments but there's still something with the chemistry of this show that's a bit off to me.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

No Slacking - At Least For This Semester :)

This semester I am taking a writing course. One of the assignments is to write something, anything everyday. It doesn't have to be long but it has to be done. Since I write here often, I'll be fulfilling that assignment on this blog.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Nichelle Nicohls on Heroes

Nichelle "Uhura" Nichols will be on Heroes next season!!!!


All we need is Kirk and we'll have a TOS triumvirate thing going on. :)

Trek's Nichelle Nichols Talks About Her Heroes Role

First Sulu, now Uhura. Once again, Heroes has boldly gone back to classic Star Trek for a cool casting coup: Sci-fi icon Nichelle Nichols will join fellow Trekker George Takei as a recurring player on the hit NBC series.

Showing up in the season's fourth episode, Nichols will play Nana, a New Orleans doyenne whose daughter died during Hurricane Katrina. "Nana is tough and undaunted and — like the blues — she just keeps rising to the occasion," Nichols says. The character, who is in dire financial straits, has moved back into her once-flooded home, where she cares for her two grandchildren. One of them, new hero Monica (The Nine's Dana Davis), is an avenging angel intent on bringing justice to the corruption-plagued Big Easy. Nana is also a great-aunt to Micah, the junior hero played by series regular Noah Gray-Cabey. "Micah is sent to New Orleans to live with the family," Nichols says. "It's a quite marvelous, magical story, with wonderful things emerging." Does Nana have a superpower? "Well, that remains to be seen, now doesn't it?" coos Nichols.

The actress confirmed her much-rumored Heroes gig at a recent Trek convention in Las Vegas, where she reports that "the entire room went insane. I felt like I was Oprah giving out cars!"

lmao @ giving out cars.

Superhero's Feedback in Megasnake???

Those of us who watched the first season of Who Wants to be a Superhero were really excited to hear that one of the prizes for winning the show was a starring role in a SciFi Original Movie. Matthew "Feedback" Atherton won and we finally get to see him in his movie. I originally thought that the movie was going to be an entire movie based around the Who Wants to be a Superhero show with Feedback and fighting crime. Turns out he's *in* the movie but the movie "stars" Micheal Shanks. (something I'm not complaining about as long as Micheal Shanks takes off his shirt... Feedback can take off his shirt too:)

Megasnake @ IMDB
Megasnake @

Next US TV Airings:
Sat. Aug. 259:00 PMSCIFI
Sun. Aug. 261:00 AMSCIFI
Thur. Aug. 307:00 PMSCIFI

Quick Show Opinions and Updates

Painkiller Jane and The Dresden Files have been axed. Not too many people are crying rivers over these shows. I couldn't get into Painkiller Jane but I found The Dresden Files charming.

The second episode of Flash Gordon was much better. I found the story with Ming somewhat compelling. I smell the beginnings of a revolution. All that talk of water control made me want to watch Dune again. So the Ming storyline gets a bit better but the Flash storyline is still a bit light.

Forgive me but I didn't realize that four episodes were considered a season!!! Masters of Science Fiction season finally is next week? I've been enjoying them a lot. I can't wait to get the DVD. I wonder how bad those to dropped episodes are.

I'm still watching Who Wants to be a Superhero and our girl Hygena :) is still holding strong. I think bug, reptile and creepy crawly challenges should be banned from all reality TV.... or maybe reality TV should be banned.... one or the other.

4400 is getting deep. The latest episode Daddy's Little Girl was kinda creepy but sweet at the same time. Isabelle got regressed back to a baby by her dad but the previews look like it might not stick.

Not sci-fi but I'm still watching Monk, Psych and Burn Notice and they are still damned good.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

CSI:Second Life

CSI:NY will visit the virtual world of Second Life in the fourth season. I'm so excited about this!

'CSI: NY' Writer Spills Season Four Details
“Nina [Tassler, the CBS executive has been talking about this for a while… [Episode five] is basically a forensic investigation into Second Life, an online social network, a metaverse where you go on, you create an avatar and cruise different worlds. Part of our investigation is going in there. Mac Taylor has to create an avatar and go and hunt down a killer who is using somebody's avatar to commit a murder. It's a little bit of a CSI: New York sci-fi internet pursuit with a big action sequence at the end of the episode. It's fun; it actually has a big moment for Mac and Adam because Adam sort of becomes this big expert in the world of Second Life. He's done it before, so he sort of guides Mac into the how or the where of it all. I think it's going to be a fun episode. It's very different,” he revealed.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Flash!!! Ughhhh???

Well... Flash Gordon...
I wasn't instantly hooked on it but I will give it a chance to win me over. The previews for the next few episodes look promising.

Spoilers!!! Ahhhh!!!!

The pilot, of course, introduced us to the characters and put us right into the middle of the action. This episode felt awkward and rushed but it definitely felt like the first episode and not some "shown out of order crap" like Dresden Files or Firefly. I'm not in love with the hero at the moment and I can't really identify with him yet. The old girl friend bit was cute but the tension and the attraction felt forced. I felt Flash put the ufo thingy, the alien and his dad together too quickly. I wanted him to go through the non-belief because his theory and his single mindedness to find his dad left me feeling like he'd accepted things a little too easily. It's as if he'd seen rifts, aliens and different planets before. I don't think we got to know Flash enough. I have Farscape on the mind when I think of this show and how well that premiere was done. Everything was believable and John Crichton was hilarious. Flash doesn't really have that wit/vibe thing going on yet. I think these characters might need a couple of episodes for me to get comfortable with them.

Planet Mongo looks like PX3255, Stargate Command, Vancouver. :) I totally expected a dart or some Jaffa to pop up somewhere. I also expected Quinn Malory or Rembrant to fall through when they slid from planet to planet through the "rift". ;P I also felt that Steve Bacic should have been playing Ming. I would have bought into him more because he looks the part. Flash was kept blond after all.

I totally figured out that the Imex was going to be the watch. They practically hit us over the head with that one. The costuming was excellent. It's my favorite part of the episode so far. The alien controlling the mom scene was actually pretty good. His armor was impressive.

I've read some pretty disgusted reviews about this show on the web. Hopefully, people will not be so hard on the show and give it a chance. With other shows being really good at the starting line, Flash Gordon has a lot of catching up to do.

[edit] Poking around, I found out that Steve Bacic will be in three episodes of Flash Gordon as Prince Barin.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Superhero Hygena Commented on My Blog!

Hygena from Who Wants to be a Superhero read my entry on the latest season of the show and commented. I had no clue she was such a fan girl and I'm glad she took the time out to write. She's my new favorite Superhero ;)

Lynne and I talk about her comment on the latest episode of The Lipstick Aliens Podcast Show #46.

Here is her comment below:

Melody said...

Hey there, this is Melody / Hygena. I like your Blog and I am a BIG Scifi geek girl too! I wouldn't say I am a 'professional' actor or anything but I do love making fan films like Stargeeks and I keep a BSG Viper Vlog that I tape myself. Starbuck totally rocks my world!

Performing skills did help get me through the tough auditions but I am proud to let my geek flag fly and say being on the show and being a Hero has by far been as cool as seeing Empire Strikes Back the first time!

It's a 'don't take your self so seriously' fun show and I hope you enjoy it all!

Melody / Hygena


Monday, August 06, 2007

BBC's Jekyll is Damned Good

When I first heard of this project, I rolled my eyes and sighed, "Not ANOTHER Jekyll and Hyde story". I think someone suggested that I watch it in the comments. I did and WOW! I did a marathon of the mini-series and was done with it in two days.
Jekyll is a British television drama series produced by Hartswood Films and Stagescreen Productions for BBC One. It was created by Jeffrey Taylor and stars James Nesbitt as Tom Jackman, a modern-day descendant of Dr. Jekyll, who has recently begun transforming into a version of Mr. Hyde (also played by Nesbitt). The series is described by its creators as a sequel to the novella Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, rather than an adaptation of it, and the Robert Louis Stevenson tale is used within the series as a backstory.
This version of Jekyll is a meek, frayed Dr. Jackman as the descendant of Jekyll and a sort of weird, psychotic BRITISH Tony Montana (Scarface) as Mr. Hyde. In plain spoken terms, James Nisbitt can act his ass off. He really pulled this off. It had suspense, action, sex, humor, lions, technobabble and even a costumed period piece.

The cast was stellar! I've never seen James Nisbitt in anything before but I recognized a lot of his co-stars. First my favorite, Paterson Joseph as Benjamin. He was The Marquis De Carabas in Neverwhere and also guest starred in Doctor Who's Bad Wolf and The Parting of Ways. Next was Denis Lawson as Peter. He was Wedge Antilles in Star Wars!!! We also have a new face that we're about to be really familiar with, her name is Michelle Ryan and she played Katherine. She is also the new Bionic Woman.

The meat of the story was Dr. Jackman trying to control Mr. Hyde and find out where he came from, who is following him and what they know about his condition. The potatoes of the story was finding out how there could be a descendant of Dr. Jekyll because the good doctor didn't "breed". There's a weird cloning twist that I won't go into and perhaps a bit of time travel.

This was a very different approach to the story and is totally worth watching. The BBC has really impressed me these past couple of years. They are really stepping up their game.

Masters of SciFi: A Winner!

Anyone that's been reading me for awhile knows how I feel about The Outer Limits. It's my favorite sci-fi show of all times. More so than Star Trek and X-Files and trust me, that is saying a lot.

If you loved The Outer Limits, then you'll LOVE Masters of Science Fiction! I hope the comparison doesn't offend anyone because to me it is an extreme compliment.

From the show's theme, to Steven Hawking doing the "control voice" at the beginning and end of the episode, to the episode itself. The first episode is A Clean Escape. The actual story could have taken place in any timeline. I suppose the high tech gadgets and the futuristic setting is what truly makes makes this story sci-fi. This story was about consequences, responsibility and accountability.

Masters of Science Fiction Official Site
Masters of Science Fiction Wiki
Masters of SciFi on
Masters of SciFi on ABC

Masters of Science Fiction is an American television anthology series, created by the same creators as Masters of Horror. The show debuted on ABC on August 4, 2007 at 10PM for a run of four episodes.[1] It was originally scheduled to run in six parts, but two episodes were removed from the schedule for undisclosed reasons.[2]

I hope these missing episodes show up on the DVD. I really want to see more of this show. Four episodes are not enough. I like what I see and I want more!!!! I even sat through the commercials on this one. I can't wait until next week!


Saturday, August 04, 2007

Babylon 5: The Lost Tales

There are two parts to this story. The short answer is that I really disliked the first part and enjoyed the second part.


Babylon 5: The Lost Tales is an anthology show set in the Babylon 5 universe. Each story is worked around a single established character.

Voices in the Dark is the title of the first Lost Tales DVD to be published. Voices in the Dark is set in 2271. It features two linked plotlines viewed separately one after the other but covering the same 72-hour timespan: The first part called Voices in the Dark: Over Here features Colonel (formerly Captain during the series' run) Lochley on B5 awaiting Sheridan's arrival, who summons a priest from Earth space to help deal with a mysterious, seemingly supernatural problem. the second part Voices in the Dark: Over There follows ISA President John Sheridan on his way to B5 for a celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the formation of the Interstellar Alliance. During the journey he picks up the Centauri Prince Dius Vintari (third in line to the Centauri Imperial throne) on the edge of Centauri space, and receives a warning from Galen the techno-mage about coming events. [14]

The beginning of the show had a quote from G'Kar that made me want to cry. Both G'Kar and Dr. Franklin was mentioned but described as being "beyond the rim". *sniff*

Over Here:
The idea of the story was clever but the dialog went on for too long. I felt like I'd been backed in to attending a church service disguised as a Babylon 5 episode. The Seraphim as aliens is a interesting idea because it suggests that "God" is an alien. I just think that the story too took long to say that. After awhile, I was dying for someone to punch a ship. I expected more action and movement in a B5 show. I know the budget was slim but something was missing. The acting was great. Lochley isn't my favorite character but it was good to see her again. Alan Scarfe as Father Kelly is a treat. Even the guy as the Seraphim was good. It just didn't come together for me. The station and special effects were good enough. Everything was green screen and stills heavy but it looked great. Even with all the praise... it's just... I was bored. I feel really guilty about not liking it but I have to tell the truth. :(

Over There:
If you are expecting gun battles, combat or even a fist fight... just stop it now. I don't have to have action to feel like a woman. Sometimes, dialog is just enough. Seeing Sheridan again got the blood pumping. He was funny, he was comfortable. It felt right. We got to see Galen, everyones favorite Technomage from B5: Crusades. Teryl Rothery from SG1 was a reporter and a treat. In this one Galen wanted Sheridan to kill an up and coming, young Centauri that was third in line for the crown. This had the suspension that I was looking. Because of this story, I went away not being TOTALLY disappointed in the project.

I think I had expectations of action. I didn't read much about the return of B5 because I didn't want to be spoiled. I supposed this is why I wasn't prepared for the direction of this project. I will watch what ever JMS puts out next I just hope that there's more of a
blend of heady topics and action.

Show Start Dates as of 08/04/07

Courtesy of
(...and they have a shiny new blog!)

 Doctor Who (SciFi)                  Jul  6  (Series Three US Debut)
Eureka (SciFi) Jul 10 (Season Two)
Monk (USA Network) Jul 13 (Season Six)
Psych (USA Network) Jul 13 (Season Two)
Who Wants to be a Superhero? (SciFi) Jul 25 (Season Two)
Derren Brown Project (SciFi) Jul 25 (Series Debut)
Fallen (ABC Family) Aug 3 (Limited Series Return)
Jekyll (BBC America) Aug 4 (US Debut)
Masters of Science Fiction (ABC) Aug 4 (Series Debut)
Flash Gordon (SciFi) Aug 10 (Series Debut)
Doctor Who (BBC America) Sep 8 (Series Two BBC America Debut)
Torchwood (BBC America) Sep 8 (US Debut)
Chuck (NBC) Sep 24 (Series Debut)
Heroes (NBC) Sep 24 (Season Two)
Journeyman (NBC) Sep 24 (Series Debut)
CSI: Miami (CBS) Sep 24 (Season Six)
Reaper (The CW) Sep 25 (Series Debut)
Bionic Woman (NBC) Sep 26 (Series Debut)
CSI:NY (CBS) Sep 26 (Series Debut)
Ghost Hunters (SciFi) Sep 26 (Season 3 Resumes)
Haunted (SciFI) Sep 26 (SciFi Debut)
CSI (CBS) Sep 27 (Season Eight)
Smallville (The CW) Sep 27 (Season Seven)
Ghost Whisperer (CBS) Sep 28 (Season Three)
Moonlight (CBS) Sep 28 (Series Debut)
Numb3rs (CBS) Sep 28 (Season Three)
Stargate Atlantis (SciFi) Sep 28 (Season Four)
Desperate Housewives (ABC) Sep 30 (Season Four)
Dexter (Showtime) Sep 30 (Season Two)
Pushing Daisies (ABC) Oct 3 (Series Debut)
Supernatural (The CW) Oct 4 (Season Three)
Blood Ties (Lifetime) Oct 13 (Season One Resumes)
Sarah Jane Adventures (CBBC) Fall (Series Debut)
Tin Man (SciFi) Dec (Miniseries Debut)
Doctor Who: Voyage of the Damned (BBC1) Dec 25 (CHristmas Special)
Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX) Jan (Midseason - Series Debut)
New Amsterdam (FOX) ??? (Midseason - Series Debut)
Life on Mars (BBC America) Jan (Season Two)
Afterlife (BBC America) Mar (Season Two)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Playing Star Wars Galaxies

I know I'm late to the game but I decided to start playing Star Wars Galaxies. I'm using the 14- day trial. I'm on the Chilstra server and my name is Caboi Idon. I just got out of the training sim. I'm still roaming around the newbie area, I forgot the name of the area. I'm on a mission to make meat jerky.... but I have to kill the animal to do it. I'm already lost and I've been shot at. Fun!

More updates soon.

Dexter: Showtime's Dexter Blog Buzz

Showtime listed my blog post about Dexter on their site. Hooray!

Showtime: Dexter Blog Buzz

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Premiere: Who Wants to be a Superhero?

This show *is* goofy but it's supposed to be. If you take it for what it's for, it can be a whole lot of fun. That being said, Season 2 of Who Wants to be a Superhero was as amusing as the first.

The ten-hero cast of the second season is: (My favorites in yellow)

  • Basura (aka Aja De Coudreaux / Oakland, CA) enlists the help of all bugs everywhere and uses her mystical powers to turn trash into treasures.
  • Braid (aka Crystal Clark / Bloomington, IL) makes herself any age, race, or gender and can turn her hair into crime-busting tentacles. Eliminated in episode one for failing to gather information from a crime scene, and for being laid back in most challenges rather than taking action.
  • The Defuser (aka Jarrett Crippen / Austin, TX) is an expert paramilitary superhero who uses violent weaponry to stop villains. He has the unique ability to function at 110 percent. (Go Texas!)
  • Mindset (aka Phillip Allen / Ft. Lauderdale, FL) is a telekinetic time traveler on a mission to end all war. Originally named Omnicron, Mindset is the viewers' choice on the show winning his place by Internet voters earlier this year.
  • Ms. Limelight (aka Trisha Paytas / Byron, IL and Los Angeles, CA) is a caped-crusader who absorbs the powers of action stars on TV and in movies. Trisha Paytas was featured as a recurring guest on The Greg B. Show on Fox.
  • Parthenon (aka Dan Williams / Orlando, FL) is an archaeologist who gets his mystical powers from an ancient gauntlet he discovered in Greece.
  • Whip-Snap (aka Paula Thomas / Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA) Raised in Texas, this superhero has a mastery of the whip and if her bare skin touches a villain that villain is turned into sand.
So three of our heroes have acting credits. Mr. Mitzvah's doesn't seem like they should count. Hyperstrike was one part but Hygena is a professional. It's not like last season where it seemed like almost all of the heroes were actors. Even though Feedback was on NCIS, I still like him and was very happy to see him in the first episode. He seems like a good guy.

The Diffuser is my favorite so far because I love assertive men who take charge AND he's an officer AND he's from Texas. You know cops here in Texas are a bit... RAWR! Handcuff ME baby!!! I have a feeling that he will go the way of Ty'Veculus, he may be *too* much a leader for this show. I hate that too because he can be my superhero any day. ;)

I didn't really want to like Whip Snap but I guess she's ok. I think she's going to replace Fat Momma as the sensitive one this season.

Mr. Mitzvah is a cranky old man. I'm not sure why he cracks me up so much but he does. I hope he stays on for awhile just for the funny factor.

If I have to see Hyper-Strike do a kick again I swear I'm going to open my wrists.

I'm ready for Limelight to GO!!! Get her out of there! I guess she's the eye candy for the season so she'll stay. I don't like Basura at all. I'm sure both of those ladies are nice personally but on the show, I can do with out them.

No one else really made an impression. I'm glad Braid left, she didn't do it for me. The weird part is that I actually became interested in her character when she left because of the way she handled it. Strange.

Hopefully Fox Won't Terminate Sarah Connor Chronicles

I caught the first episode of this show it and it is off to an EXCELLENT start. It's on Fox so I'm a little scared but I going to actually try a little hope... perhaps faith... in Fox that they won't cancel this show in the first season.

First, we know the show is going to be a treat because we get Summer Glau from Firefly/Serenity. This is her new gig and NOT a guest appearance. I didn't realize that until I started reading around for more info on the show. Next we get Thomas Dekker as John Connor. He was Cheerverine's best bud from Heroes. The lady of the hour, Sarah Connor is played by Lena Headey. She was Queen Gorgo from The 300.

The pilot had it's fair share of explosions. It reminded me of the good old days of Stargate: SG1. Lena Heady as Sarah Connor is not as... butch? as Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor. Lena has a softer edge. She's firm, yet tender to our whiny, hero John Connor. John isn't as whiny as Luke Skywalker though :) Summer Glau as a Terminator is excellent. This is a perfect role for her. I wonder if they will kill her off on The 4400?

I don't really want to say much more until it is released on Jan. 1, 2008. I will say that it's a damned fine piece of programming and I can't wait to see more. I'll also say that this story takes place as if Terminator 3 never happened. I'll tell you now, I want a guest appearance from Joe Morton and Robert Patrick.
At the end of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Sarah, John and the Terminator successfully destroy the T-1000 and the arm and computer chip from the first Terminator. Sarah and John then watch as the Terminator is lowered into a molten steel pit in an attempt to destroy all future technology that could be used to create Skynet. Sarah and John now find themselves alone in a very dangerous and complicated world. As fugitives from the law, they are confronted with the reality that still more enemies from the future, and the present, could attack at any moment.
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