Sunday, August 12, 2007

Flash!!! Ughhhh???

Well... Flash Gordon...
I wasn't instantly hooked on it but I will give it a chance to win me over. The previews for the next few episodes look promising.

Spoilers!!! Ahhhh!!!!

The pilot, of course, introduced us to the characters and put us right into the middle of the action. This episode felt awkward and rushed but it definitely felt like the first episode and not some "shown out of order crap" like Dresden Files or Firefly. I'm not in love with the hero at the moment and I can't really identify with him yet. The old girl friend bit was cute but the tension and the attraction felt forced. I felt Flash put the ufo thingy, the alien and his dad together too quickly. I wanted him to go through the non-belief because his theory and his single mindedness to find his dad left me feeling like he'd accepted things a little too easily. It's as if he'd seen rifts, aliens and different planets before. I don't think we got to know Flash enough. I have Farscape on the mind when I think of this show and how well that premiere was done. Everything was believable and John Crichton was hilarious. Flash doesn't really have that wit/vibe thing going on yet. I think these characters might need a couple of episodes for me to get comfortable with them.

Planet Mongo looks like PX3255, Stargate Command, Vancouver. :) I totally expected a dart or some Jaffa to pop up somewhere. I also expected Quinn Malory or Rembrant to fall through when they slid from planet to planet through the "rift". ;P I also felt that Steve Bacic should have been playing Ming. I would have bought into him more because he looks the part. Flash was kept blond after all.

I totally figured out that the Imex was going to be the watch. They practically hit us over the head with that one. The costuming was excellent. It's my favorite part of the episode so far. The alien controlling the mom scene was actually pretty good. His armor was impressive.

I've read some pretty disgusted reviews about this show on the web. Hopefully, people will not be so hard on the show and give it a chance. With other shows being really good at the starting line, Flash Gordon has a lot of catching up to do.

[edit] Poking around, I found out that Steve Bacic will be in three episodes of Flash Gordon as Prince Barin.


Jabberwocky said...

I'm certainly going to give the series a couple of episodes before I either kill it, or continue watching it. I have to say that I think its better than the last Flash movie that was done.

Paul Weimer said...

My own thoughts are here:

scifirantergirl said...

Paul, your review was excellent!

Micheal, I'm going to give it some more time too.