Wednesday, August 15, 2007

CSI:Second Life

CSI:NY will visit the virtual world of Second Life in the fourth season. I'm so excited about this!

'CSI: NY' Writer Spills Season Four Details
“Nina [Tassler, the CBS executive has been talking about this for a while… [Episode five] is basically a forensic investigation into Second Life, an online social network, a metaverse where you go on, you create an avatar and cruise different worlds. Part of our investigation is going in there. Mac Taylor has to create an avatar and go and hunt down a killer who is using somebody's avatar to commit a murder. It's a little bit of a CSI: New York sci-fi internet pursuit with a big action sequence at the end of the episode. It's fun; it actually has a big moment for Mac and Adam because Adam sort of becomes this big expert in the world of Second Life. He's done it before, so he sort of guides Mac into the how or the where of it all. I think it's going to be a fun episode. It's very different,” he revealed.


Aaron Wilson said...

Sounds like fun. Second Life has been in the news a lot lately. Time Magaizine just had an article this week:,9171,1570708,00.html

I will watch for the air date of the episode. Once the episode airs, will you be reviewing the episode on your blog. I hope so!

scifirantergirl said...

Second Life is great. I'm in there all of the time. The pretty green lady you see on my background is my Second Life avatar. If you are ever in-world, look me up. My Second Life name is Trinity Hartunian.

Paul Weimer said...

Now that I've tried SL, I will say hello.

My SL name is "Jvstin Tomorrow"