Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy -- The Official Movie Website

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy -- The Official Movie Website

Who was lame and cheered in the movie when they saw the teaser?

::hangs head and raises head::

Check this out too.

Librarians have to know RSS now

Noah Wyle Gets RSS
Dude, I'm totally freakin' out over here. They just said something about RSS in TNT's The Librarian...

Yeah, I caught that too. I didn't bother blogging about it because I didn't think anyone else caught it or cared. I guess I was wrong.

So, I’m sitting here, watching The Librarian: Quest for the Spear on TNT. The main character, Flynn, played by Noah Wyle, is interviewing for a job as “The Librarian.” When asked about what he knows, the guy rambles off a series of seemingly-random information manipulation skills - inclduing knowledge of the Dewey Decimal system, how to search the Web, and (here’s where I had to do a double-take) set up an RSS feed. I have a recording of the clip here. You know the idea of syndication is hitting the mainstream when pseudo-geeks can rattle off an acronym without batting an eyelash. He even said “feed” in conjunction with “RSS,” which says to me that someone on the writing staff knows what they’re doing with it. Either that, or Noah, himself, is an RSS junkie like the rest of us.

Unreal. Totally unreal. I could be wrong, but I'd say that this is a first. Hearing about syndication in a news broadcast is one thing, but actually hearing it used in dialogue - in CONTEXT - is true legitimacy. To those who initially scoffed at the power of RSS, I say to you: enjoy your next Salisbury Crow TV dinner.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Do we want a Klingon Forehead Explanation?

Enterprise Butts Klingon Heads
An upcoming episode of UPN's Star Trek: Enterprise will address the so-called Klingon issue head on: Why do original-series Klingons have smooth foreheads, while their counterparts in subsequent series and films have bumpy ones? The 15th episode of the current fourth season Enterprise, called "Affliction," is the first of two parts that will deal with the question, the official Star Trek Web site reported.

Mike Sussman wrote the episode, based on a story by executive producer Manny Coto. The second part is called "Divergence," written by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. The episodes will air Feb. 18 and 25, the site reported.

In the episodes, the Enterprise heads back to Earth for the official launch of the Columbia NX-02, Starfleet's second warp ship, commanded by Erika Hernandez. Phlox is abducted by aliens and finds himself in the presence of Klingons who tell him the Empire is facing its gravest threat in centuries. Along the way, as Archer and company investigate and pursue, it's revealed that one of our main characters has a secret past, which comes into play, the site reported.

I liked the mystery but it does show that "they" are listening to the fans. I like that!

I'm still unsure about Enterprise and this whole prequel business. Is it a prequel on an alternate timeline or is this show supposedly passing for the present or accepted or Star Trek Encyclopedia version of Star Trek history?
I've watched every show so I guess I wasn't paying attention.

Browder's SG-1 Role Revealed

This is a straight cut and paste from
Browder's SG-1 Role Revealed

Robert C. Cooper, executive producer of SCI FI Channel's original series Stargate SG-1, told SCI FI Wire that new regular cast member Ben Browder (Farscape) will play a new military member of the SG-1 team. "Ben is playing a military guy, a lieutenant colonel," Cooper said in an interview. "And I can't tell you his name yet. It hasn't been legally cleared yet, so it could still change."

Browder's character, who joins the show in the upcoming ninth season, has a past history with the Stargate program, Cooper said. "The audience just hasn't met him yet," he said. "He's actually played a key role in some major events that went on ... in the Stargate universe and was in fact very instrumental in helping SG-1 succeed in one of their more important missions. And as a result of that, he was given ... his choice posting. And he ultimately chooses to join SG-1. So when he first appears on the show, SG-1 will already know who he is. And we'll see some of those scenes and how he was basically woven into the tapestry of the show through flashbacks."

Cooper said that Stargate SG-1 will embark on a new direction in the upcoming ninth season. "One of the things we've always done with Stargate ... [is] to reinvent ourselves all the time, and ... bring in new villains and anything we needed to do to keep the show fresh," he said. "And yet we still, I think, stuck to the core concept and the core team that started out at the beginning. And so fans of the show will still feel as though things are very comfortable and familiar, you know? We're still going to see Daniel Jackson and Teal'c and Carter and our new colonel going through the Stargate to alien worlds and getting into adventures. But there's going to be some big new dangers as well. We [will wrap] up a lot of storylines in season eight. And I think that, hopefully, fans are going to be very satisfied by the conclusion of season eight, and feel like we've really paid off a lot of the stories we've been building up over the last couple of years. And we're looking at season nine to start fresh with some new stories and a new take on the Stargate universe." The remaining new episodes of Stargate SG-1's eighth season kick off Jan. 21, 2005, in a new Friday 8 p.m. ET/PT timeslot, followed by the new episodes of Stargate Atlantis at 9 p.m. and the new original series Battlestar Galactica at 10 p.m. The ninth season of SG-1 will begin airing in the summer.

This Whole EarthSea Debacle

I'm going to let you know right now that I rarely read books. Not because I don't like to read, it's just that I'm the type of person who has to do at least two things at once. I'll read in a doctor's office or the hair salon but that's about it. I do enjoy audio books. I can exercise, clean up, drive, cook, organize something, etc. while listening to an audio book.

When I saw the first commercial for EarthSea, someone told me that it was going to be based on a book. I'd also heard that the TV movie was going to be true to the book. My thoughts: YAY! another long- winded fantasy book that I don't have to read. Time is valuable. These days we have to cram a weeks worth of duties into two days. If you see a crappy movie, that's only a couple of hours out of your life. Going to the movies or watching TV is a bit more social. Reading a book is an alone thing. A book longer than 400 pages is an investment in time for me because of that, I have an intense fear of reading a crappy book. Jeez, I sound like those maniacs who justified burning books in Fahrenheit 451.
Voice in my head: You read Star Trek novels all the time, you should be used to crappy novels by now.
Shut up!

Prior to the SCIFI Channel's promotion of The Legend of EarthSea, I'd never heard of it. I knew going in that it was A SciFi Original which usually means B or C Movie quality. This one seemed different. The SCIFI paid for ads in movie theatres and magazines. The commercials looked high quality. They were really pumping a lot of cash into this one. There was a chance that it would not suck.

D-Day came, I watched and I was entertained. It looked like a rip off of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and The Mummy. The story was safe and formulaic. The visuals were AWESOME. It looked really pretty and the costumes were nice. The actors were great. I wasn't that annoyed with the bad guys either. In comparison to all of the other SCIFI Originals, this one was the best. In fact, Earthsea Scores Big Ratings. With that in mind, I'd have to say that EarthSea did a bit of rocking.
Note: In comparison to LOTR and Potter, EarthSea was mediocre.

A few days later, I was forwarded an email about the author of EarthSea complaining about the movie being whitewashed. This is the article I read by Ursula K Le Guin.
-A Whitewashed Earthsea- How the SCIFI Channel wrecked my books
-Le Guin Blasts SCIFI's 'Earthsea'
Personally, I find it kinda hinky that Ms. Le Guin said nothing about this in her interview on December 9th. Ged had been cast at least by April 5th, 2004 because the cast bios were on the website by then. It would have been one thing for Ms. Le Guin to have spoken out in April but speaking out now is just too strategic for my taste. It makes her look like a sensational opportunist. She could claim that she didn't know anything about the cast until the TV movie aired but it would make her look dumb. That would totally kill any interest I had in reading her books.

Hell, after reading that article, I really expected her to not be "white". Open my mouth and force feed me crow, she's just a sweet, little ol' "white" lady from Berkeley, California. It doesn't mean that she doesn't have the right to be pissed off but I think that her outburst against the SCIFI Channel weakens her case. In her MSN/Slate article, she made a point to say that race was an important part of her books. I get that. I think it's quite progressive of her to not have typical, demographically correct characters in her stories. The execs at the SCIFI Channel probably read articles like Xzibit Says Aliens Don't Mess With The Hood and figured no one else would watch.

The SCIFI Channel most likely did their casting based on demographics. The main guy looked like a hobbit from LOTR for a reason. They wanted to make the people who loved LOTR watch EarthSea. SCIFI is notorious for making A movie look- a- like TV movies. This time, they wanted to make an epic movie based on a book. LOTR and Potter had them feeling a little left out. They wanted hobbits, wizards, spells, a object like a ring... amulet, a journey, etc. This is where EarthSea comes in. It's close to LOTR and Potter without being them. It had enough elements to remind the viewers of the recent blockbusters. I even I went to Ms. Le Guins website and she had this map on the opening page that reminded me of Middle Earth. Is EarthSea Lord of the Rings with non-white people? I guess I'd have to read the book for that.

It IS bullshit that SCIFI changed everyone's races and I'm pretty sure they know that. Ms. Le Guin should be flattered that she could write a story that was so universal that a person of any race could be cast. That means that the stereotyping fault isn't hers but SCIFI's. THIS is the saving grace of the entire situation. THIS makes me think that someday, I'll want to check the books out. If race was that important to her, she should have made that clear in a clause or something. It is also true that SCIFI should absolutely re-evaluate their target market. I watch, I'm female and I'm green.

Film or TV adaptations of books don't ruin books, books sucking ruin books. If the EarthSea books don't suck, maybe Ursula should have said, "If you like the TV movie, read my books!". The bad press made me find out more about her but I'm no closer to reading, let alone buying her books.

Monday, December 20, 2004

The Angel Gabriel spoketh unto me

That's right folks...
Gabriel Koerner commented on MY blog!

I'm going to go fourth grade on you and give a na na na na boo boo.
::* adhd episode- jump, jump, bounce, bounce, run around *::
It's like geeky sci-fi Christmas!

Not only did Ben Browder join the cast of Stargate, but... wait....
I bet you are lame and don't know who Gabe is.
*glares and rolls eyes*

debacle? This is the worst time you could have called. Go away!? Trekkies 1 & 2?
DUDE!!! I just blogged about this like a month ago. Quit smoking so much, dang!
How about pics.....
Look at our boy all growd up..... looking all cutie pie and whatnot.
*sniff* It's like watching Cirroc Lofton grow up on DS9.

Anyhoo... according to a comment made on my blog, he was flattered by the Trekkies 2: Electric Boogaloo article.
Completely unrelated to this thread, but this is Gabriel Koerner from Trekkies. I was sent a link to your blog review and was very flattered. Your blog definitely falls in my range of interests...
After his appearance on Trekkies, Gabe has to have a nice pair of nads to not have crawled into oblivion from embarrassment. Being the anonymous, yellow- bellied case that I am, I would have which is why we all love him so. He went on to appear on Drew Carey (which I did not know). He's involved in projects like "The Day After Tomorrow" (2004 Feature, 20th Century Fox)<----you go boy!, "Trekkies 2" (2004 Feature, Paramount Classics), "Battlestar Galactica" (2003, Miniseries, Sci-Fi channel)<----way to go! , "Skechernauts" (2003, Commercial, Skechers Shoes), "Star Trek: Borg Invasion 4D" (2003, Theme Park Ride, Paramount Parks).<--- I went on opening day, it was bad ass! He had the patience to learn Lightwave 3D and Maya. I took a course but that attention span of mine...
Gabe's like a Star Trek Fan hero. He's probably going to have to start signing autographs at conventions now. :) If that ever happens and I'm around, I'll personally slap anyone who asks him to repeat any "lines" from Trekkies.
...and no sex questions either you pervs. It's like listening to your little brother talk about sex. It's traumatic.

Green Space Girl


If you didn't know, the green space girl on my profile cums from I don't own her or anything. Someone asked me about her so there you go! is all original art. Very nice work.

A Quickie...

The holidays gave me a social life that I didn't want. It's not really a social life as much as it is social obligations. I'm a hostage of the holidays. I can't wait to slit the throat of 2004.

There are a lot of movies and shows I caught but didn't have the time to comment on.

The Librarian:
Loved it. Thought it was very cute. Hope it was a pilot. Can't wait for more. Noah Wyle is very good at making "nerds" charming.... hot even. I'm still impressed at his portrayal of Steve Jobs in Pirates of Silicon Valley. He made me feel like Steve was the type of guy I'd hang out with. We're not going to get into how Anthony Michael Hall made Bill Gates sexy in my mind. That's another story all together.
Kyle MacLachlan was the bad guy in this movie. I really want to see him play the bad ass hero like in Twin Peaks.

Blade Trinity:
Girlie Squeals go out to Wesley Snipes and Ryan Reynolds. Ewwws goes out to Dominic Purcell. He was hot but he was just too lame of a Big Bad. It was good to see Michael Rawlins. I remember him from a guest appearance on Earth Final Conflict.
If there is another Blade movie, I want to put in my bet now that Kris Kristofferson will be resurrected. He dies, he lives, he dies, he lives. If not living, he will at least be a flashback.

Enterprise- The Vulcan Arc:
Captain Archer was impressed me with being the first human to do a Vulcan neck pinch. ?
He did something else that I liked but the whole arc was rather blah. Not as blah as the previous 3 seasons but just blah in comparison to the Augment arc. Manny, get it together man. You gotta make up for 3 seasons of suck. Don't start going limp on me yet.

My personal B5 marathon:
Now that it is over, it feels like I'm missing something. That show was phenomenal. I'd seen more of it than I thought during the first run but I did miss key episodes. I'm glad to hear that J. Michael Straczynski is making something new.

Speaking of rumors...
The best news this season is that Ben Browder is joining Stargate. It's like the best news in science fiction TV in a long time. And to top it off SciFriday on The Sci-Fi Channel is going to be as good as it was when Stargate and Farscape was on the same night!
It feels like we, the fans, had a direct effect on him getting that role. It feels like for once, the little people swayed the hands of the big, faceless corporation.
Congrats Big Ben you sexy beast.

I'm actually jonesing for it.
I had been feeling like something was missing for the last week or so. I was shocked when I realized I missed the show. Smells like a Smallville marathon is due.

Battlestar Galactica:
As if "they" didn't realize that people were going to download it. They should fire the think tank leeches and not take it out on the enthusiastic fans. < OR > The fans are being used to make a big controversy about downloading the show. The show will get some press but so will the lawsuit sharks. There's a fine line between publicity and boycott. Don't get on the bad side of obsessive fans. BSG is good but may not be good enough to survive too much bad press, complaints about character changes and if big boy Hatch gets going again.... whew!
Well..... I can't say that.... Enterprise survived. :D

It's been a loooong time....

I can touch the skyyyyyy.....


Wednesday, December 15, 2004

GIRLIE SQUEAL! Ben Browder on Season Nine of SG1???

I haven't confirmed this nor do I have a source. Someone just sent me an email letting me know. HOORAY!!!!!

More later....

Holiday season is soaking up all of my time!

Monday, December 13, 2004

The Memory of Shadows

Babylon 5 Movie Gears Up?

Production Weekly reported that a feature film set in J. Michael Straczynski's Babylon 5 universe will begin production in April in the United Kingdom. Straczynski wrote the film, The Memory of Shadows, which will be directed by Steven Beck (Ghost Ship), the publication reported.

In Shadows, the technology of the ancient and extinct Shadow race is being unleashed upon the galaxy by an unknown force, and Earthforce intelligence officer Diane Baker, whose brother was recently killed in a mysterious explosion, sets out to find out who is behind the conspiracy, Production Weekly reported. Joining her is Galen, a techno-mage who has been charged with keeping the technology out of the hands of those who would abuse it.

Hell yeah!!!
I just finished a personal Babylon 5 marathon. It was intense. I enjoyed all of it except for Byron. I'll have more on this later

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Holiday Slow Down

The holidays are taking up a lot of my time. I will be sporadically posting this month. Everything should get back to normal in January 2005.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Enterprise: Mastering the Mute Button

I've really gotten good at hitting the mute button before that wretched theme song comes on. I'm really pleased with myself. It used to catch me off guard and I'd always catch, "It's been a long time...". I'd scramble, all pissed off for the remote before pressing the mute button so hard that it would get stuck sometimes. It would reduce my watching enjoyment of the show because I'd feel like, "Frack! That damned Rick Berman got me again"! I would get all frustrated because not only did the show suck (Pre-Coto) but I had to sit through some quasi pop-country-ish song. It made me feel like all hope that Enterprise was going to get better was hopeless.
I was even more pissed with Crappy Theme Song: The Remix but that is another story.

The good
NOW, boys and girls, when Enterprise comes on, I sit ready and waiting. As soon as the opening act music escalates and then everything fades to black, that mute button is hit! It feels like the quick draw at high noon. Since season four is watchable, that and not actually hearing that theme song has made the show a little bit better. It's the little things.

The bad
To my horror, I realized that somehow I'd learned the lyrics to the song. Even with mastering the mute button, I'd watch the Earth Space History montage and hear the song playing in my head. Ain't that a bitch?

Friday, December 03, 2004

Blowing off guys for TV shows

Because I was in such a rush to get home and watch LOST, I blew off a guy that was flirting with me. After watching this weeks episode, do you know how pissed I am? I'm not going to say that LOST has Jumped The Shark yet but Claire and her baby annoy me. This business about a lone creepy guy who isn't on the manifest seemed rushed. It would be different if he was there from the start. He's in there like some random red- shirt. What happened to Mira Furlan? I'm pissed about her not being even a semi-regular. Though I appreciate the "Giligan's Island as directed by David Lynch" feel of this episode, it just didn't work.

I blew off a guy for this. He was kinda cute. Damn.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Sometimes Scifi is Stupid

The guys over at think so as well. Check them out.

Farscape: Through The Wormhole Trading Cards

Farscape: Through The Wormhole Trading Cards - Rittenhouse Archives

Farscape: Through The Wormhole trading cards will cover all four years of the award winning sci-fi show giving collectors an inside view into the lives of the Moya's crew. Each card in this 72-card series will feature images and insight into the background and lives of John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, D'Argo, Chiana, Zhaan, Rygel, Pilot, Scorpius, Jool, Sikozu, Stark and others.
This series will also provide collectors with the most autograph cards ever gathered for any one Rittenhouse Archives product with 37 different autographers inserted at ratio of 2 Per Box! Another unique feature is that every autograph card will be limited since no one actor/actress has signed more than 500 autograph cards! Signers for this series include both cast members and memorable guest stars.

I'm not into trading cards simply because I don't get the point of them. I've bought some before for Stargate (The Movie) and Deep Space Nine but after I looked at them for awhile I was done. I'm not social enough to actually trade them. I haven't bothered to figure out how it all works. I guess it would be cool to own an autographed card from one of the actors. To be honest, if I wanted one that bad, I'd go to a con.

< thinking >

< contradicting self now >

Dammit. All this talk about cards, now I have to go buy a set.

< / thinking >

< / contradicting self now >

Anyhoo, if it's your thing, you can pre-buy the cards at

Friday, November 26, 2004

Just saw Nana Visitor

on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" playing "Mrs. Katz" in episode: "Mea Culpa" (episode # 5.9) 25 November 2004.

She's blonde. I almost didn't recognize her.
She's definitely too young to have played Jason London's mom. Good job landing the part though.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Wil Wheaton? Oh yeah, I remember him!

If that's your sentiment, where have you been? You can't possibly have an internet connection if you haven't read his blog. In fact, quit rubbing, put down the sticks, you can't make fire.

I haven't felt the need to rant about Wil Wheaton's Blog because I assumed all science fiction fans were reading it already. It makes sense to me.

He's doing it big Wil-y style now. He's working at the ACME Comedy Theatre doing ACME Love Machine and he has a book out called Just A Geek.

Editorial Review from
Wil Wheaton has never been one to take the conventional path to success. Despite early stardom through his childhood role in the motion picture "Stand By Me", and growing up on television as Wesley Crusher on "Star Trek: The Next Generation", Wil left Hollywood in pursuit of happiness, purpose, and a viable means of paying the bills. In the oddest of places, Topeka, Kansas, Wil discovered that despite his claims to fame, he was at heart Just a Geek. In this, his newest book, Wil shares his deeply personal and difficult journey to find himself. You'll understand the rigors, and joys, of Wil's rediscovering of himself, as he comes to terms with what it means to be famous, or, ironically, famous for once having been famous. Writing with honesty and disarming humanity, Wil touches on the frustrations associated with his acting career, his inability to distance himself from Ensign Crusher in the public's eyes, the launch of his incredibly successful web site,, and the joy he's found in writing. Through all of this, Wil shares the ups and downs he encountered along the journey, along with the support and love he discovered from his friends and family. The stories in Just a Geek include: - Wil's plunge from teen star to struggling actor- Discovering the joys of HTML, blogging, Linux, and web design- The struggle between Wesley Crusher, Starfleet ensign, and Wil Wheaton, author and blogger- Gut-wrenching reactions to the 9-11 disaster- Moving tales of Wil's relationships with his wife, step-children, and extended family- The transition from a B-list actor to an A-list author Wil Wheaton--celebrity, blogger, and geek--writes for the geek in all of us. Engaging, witty, and pleasantly self-deprecating, Just a Geek will surprise you and make you laugh.

GIRLIE SQUEAL!!! Isn't he cute!!!

Not new news but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

Lord Vader called me this morning...

...after a night of good love- making. He said he'd call and he did. He's so sweet. I'm in love.

...and then I woke up.

SFSignal is at it again with the quirky news. Wake Up with Lord Vader

But Lord Vader really did call and though it makes me jealous, you can get him to call you too. Target has a bizarre campaign where you can get a wake up call from celebrities like Ice T, Cheech and Lord Vader. Apparently, you can also get a wake up call from a crying baby, a woman with a cat and a chicken. Quaint.

I didn't really get the wake up call. I don't want my phone number to end up in the hands of some telemarketer. This is very lowdown and desperate of Target. They say they won't give out your number but it always happens somehow. No thanks.

Han Shot First

Look what my big brothers at SFSignal found.

Think Geek: Han Shot First

Get yours now before Lucas sends Greedo after you.

For the Players: Stargate SG1 Alliance

SG1 Archive always has the fresh Stargate news. I learned about the new game from their site.
First Look at "Stargate SG-1: The Alliance" Game!

This is the Official Stargate SG-1: The Alliance website.
There's not much to the site yet except for money shots.... err... screen shots. Looks like we have to wait a ENTIRE year before the game comes out. (Fall 2005) I hope it's not all about shooting. I like adventure games. (I'm such a girl)

The Great War Of Magellan

The Great War of Magellan is a project by Richard Hatch and MerlinQuest Entertainment.

I found out about this when I read the Kate Mulgrew whine session.

Richard Hatch is putting that passion of his to good use. And not only can you find out about his project you can also go on a cruise with him. The Richard Hatch Cruise (wtf?) I don't know if I'd want to be on a cruise with this guy. When I saw him from afar at a con, the man was pretty grumpy.
Let me stop. I'm just giving the guy a hard time; a good old punch in the arm. (((hug me)))
It's just weird to have an actor freak you out. I'm the fan, it's my job to be all creepy and make people uncomfortable.

I read the FAQ file on the site and this is the low down on The Great War of Magellan.
What is The Great War of Magellan (GWoM)?
The Great War of Magellan (GWoM) is a new entertainment production effort by Richard Hatch and his Su-Shann Productions company in the science fiction genre. Richard describes it as "Road Warrior and The Matrix meet Braveheart in space" as warring human clans in a nearby war-ravaged galaxy are forced to come together and face common enemies -- or face eventual extinction. Due to the sensitive nature of selling the project, we cannot disclose script details at this time.

Is GWoM related to Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming, also by Richard Hatch?
No. Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming is not related to The Great War of Magellan, nor the new Battlestar Galactica project from Tom DeSanto, Bryan Singer, Billy Brown and Dan Angel.

Credits are forthcoming. Among those acting within the production:
Who will appear in the production?

Since The Great War of Magellan has not gone into full production yet, the casting has not taken place.
Richard Hatch
J.G. Hertzler --GIRLIE SQUEAL!!!! (played General Martok on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
Jason Carter --GIRLIE SQUEAL!!!! (played Ranger Marcus Cole on Babylon 5)

Richard Lynch
Brad Dourif --Hell yeah! (played numerous amounts of crazy men)
Marjorie Monaghan
Mickalean McCormick
James Logan --Can't go wrong with credis like Stuntman, Blue Alien, Beer Drinkning Redneck #2
Jane Connelly
Kevin Grazier
Paul Hatch
Jack Stauffer
Robin Atkin Downs

All they need is Jeffrey Combs and this will be a winner! I'm excited about this if this ever happens. It's actually cool to see an actor who may actually be a fan of science fiction.


As soon as I finished with the excitement, I realized that IMDB has this project listed as happening in 2003.

Like..... it's over????

I can't find a DVD to buy anywhere. It seems as if all of the links to the trailers are dead. I don't do RealMedia.
This is turning out to be way to difficult. It shouldn't be this hard.

Hatch, you're killin' me.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I don't miss Voyager either

Kate Mulgrew doesn't miss Voyager; Talks about her theatre work

"I don't miss being on [VOYAGER]," she said "It was the hardest work I have ever done. It compensated me very nicely in many, many ways. The ultimate feeling on VOYAGER was one of great pride, but it doesn't have the same sense of constant joy that this kind of theatre work gives me, or surprise. And I think that kind of feeling alone is enough to sustain an actor."
YAY! I have something in common with Kate Mulgrew.
I'm am SO sick of hearing actors that get breaks on Star Trek bitch about it. There are countless amounts of people out there that would be happy to get that pay check, the popularity and the immortalizing experience that happens to Star Trek actors. A lot of people don't have that. Some people are starving, depressed, destined to be guest stars, red- shirts or whatever.


Dear actors that have been on Star Trek,
Quit your bitching! You are lucky.


Sci-Fi Ranter Girl

P.S. I don't bitch.... I rant.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Quantum Astronomy is Sexy

That's coming from a woman who also told a guy it was sexy that he worked in a lab.

I was drunk of course. Then I went on to do some embarrassing Kirk impression. If a girl could be seen as striking out and totally bombing.... yeah....
Maybe the guy thought I was hot because I thought he and his lab was hot. Maybe his friends thought I was his soul mate. But maybe you had to be there but if you were....[insert Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle here]

This week, and SETI discuss the The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. (Hence my really BAD attempt at the maybe session above. True story though.) It is actually the second article in a steamy and erotic four part series about the ever so hot Quantum Astrology.
This is a series of four articles each with a separate explanation of different quantum phenomena. Each of the four articles is a piece of a mosaic and so every one is needed to understand the final explanation of the quantum astronomy experiment we propose, possibly using the Allen Array Telescope and the narrow-band radio-wave detectors being build by the SETI Institute and the University of California, Berkeley.

The first article, The Double Slit Experiment, is not the name of a new porn movie but is a bunch of technobabble that made me reach for my nail file, twirl my hair and spew our most stunning national catchphrase "Duh". I was relieved to see that they understood the American Laziness Principle and made a movie about it. It is called What the &$@# Do We Know?. You can find out more about this film at the official website
Doesn't look as compelling as the Wormhole Technology of our scientist hero John Crichton but is probably more accurate and worth a see. (yes they wrote the guy as a scientist, scary!)

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Jolene Blalock is trash talking Berman

Enterprise star Jolene Blalock has spoken exclusively to SFX about her unhappiness with the development of her character last year. In an outspoken interview, Jolene declared she’s been “bored” and “frustrated”, and had a veiled pop at the long-running producers of the Trek franchise, Rick Berman and Brannon Braga...

In season three, Jolene’s Vulcan character T’Pol became a drug addict, hopped into bed with crewmate Trip, and seemed to spend half her time half-naked, administering sexy back-rubs. Unsurprisingly, Jolene was not impressed...
“You can’t substitute tits and ass for good storytelling. You can have both, but you can't substitute one for the other, because the audience is not stupid. You can’t just throw in frivolous, uncharacteristic... well, bull and think it's gonna help the ratings!"

Jolene is extremely enthusiastic about the scripts for the new series, and about writer Manny Coto – now promoted to executive producer - taking charge of the shop. But she’s also convinced that it’s too late, and that season four will be Enterprise’s last. When we asked why changes weren’t made before, she replied:
“Because it’s the same in any industry... You have this head guy who's some kind of ancient old croaker with no concept of the real world outside, with his fine wine and his, er, crumpets. And what are ya gonna tell them? ‘Give it up’? ‘Go home, be with your wife, go play golf’? No - then ya got no job! A powerful job is your identity. Give that up, and who are you? What the hell are you gonna do with all that time? You can’t tell people what to do anymore!”

Seems like this bitching is coming a little late. Manny is doing a stand up job. T'Pol is just a boring character. All of the characters are kinda stale. (Except for Phlox and maybe Trip) I'm willing to give it a chance if someone will confirm whether or not Enterprise is an alternate timeline or if they are trying to pass the show off as actual history. I have a Star Trek Encyclopedia dammit and there are no Xindi in it.

Check out the article here.

Oooh Lookie! Five Seasons Of Angel (a book)

Dragon Page: Five Seasons of Angel • Reviewed by Summer

This collection contains essays from well-known science fiction and fantasy writers, as well as a renowned sex therapist. While I may not agree with some of the opinions expressed in some of these essays, as a whole, this is a fun read for a die-hard fan of the Buffyverse.

You can get it here at Amazon.
The constellation of characters and themes created in Angel, the popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off, are explored in this collection of essays. A vampire author, a sex expert, a TV critic, a science fiction novelist, and Buffy writer Nancy Holder provide essays examining the different issues relating to the series, including Angelus as the prototypical high school bully, Angel as victim, Wesley's many transformations, how Spike fits into Angel, the takeover of Wolfram & Hart, and Lindsey's moral center.

Battlestar Galactica Producers ask U.S. fans to stop downloading episodes

The Great Link reports that Battlestar Galactica Producers ask U.S. fans to stop downloading episodes.

A letter from Ronald D. Moore & David Eick, Executive Producers of Battlestar Galactica, is online at the SciFi.Com forums. Ron and David comment on the possibility that Internet downloading of Galactica episodes already shown in the UK (via Sky One), may end-up damaging the stateside ratings of the show when it eventually airs on the Sci-Fi Channel:

"...we're flattered and happy that you're so excited to see the new season of Battlestar Galactica and appreciate the support. However, beyond the fact that getting episodes over the internet is illegal it's also potentially very damaging to the show itself. You see, we need RATINGS which means we need eyeballs in front of TV screens that advertisers can measure. The more episodes get downloaded and digitally copied and passed along and copied again and passed along and copied yet again and passed along yet again, it creates a dangerous situation where a lot of people are watching and enjoying Galactica, but not seeing it when it counts -- namely on the air."

"Please understand that in order to get picked up for a second season, we need good ratings in January, not silent, uncounted viewing in November."

I'm just reporting the news.

I wonder why they decided to release this show in this manner. They should have predicted this. They should probably coordinate the episodes in the US and the UK.

Everyone behave for the sake of the show.

V is for Vile

Andy and Larry Wachowski (the Matrix movies) will produce a film adaptation of Alan Moore's futuristic graphic novel V for Vendetta, and Matrix first assistant director James McTeigue is in talks with Warner Brothers to direct, Variety reported. The Wachowskis originally wanted to direct the adaptation themselves, but set it aside to do the Matrix trilogy of films. Matrix producer Joel Silver will also produce V, the trade paper reported.

V for Vendetta takes place in an alternate future in which Germany wins World War II and Great Britain becomes a fascist state. A terrorist freedom fighter known only as "V" begins a violent guerilla campaign to destroy those who've succumbed to totalitarianism and recruits a young woman he's rescued from the secret police to join him, the trade paper reported.


I've had enough of Germans and the what- if- they- won scenario. (Thanks to Star Trek: Enterprise)

Have I said that I'm still bitter about Matrix: Revolutions? I just thought I'd mention it.

I'll give the guys another chance though. They'd better make it worth it.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Trekkies 2: Electric Boogaloo

If you can call commentary on a documentary spoilers.
I avoided watching this movie at first because the first Trekkies was so painful to watch. It seemed to make anyone who ever donned a Starfleet uniform look like a mentally unstable pariah with OCD. After watching Trekkies 2, I didn't feel so guilty for being a geek. Let's face it, the folks in the movie are cool and uncool at the same time. They are a wacky mirror universe version of almost every science fiction fan closet or otherwise.

Denise Crosby seemed like she could care less about the movie but was using this documentary as an excuse to travel the world. Or maybe it seemed that way because I'm jealous that I didn't get to travel the world. Yeah, that's it. I must admit that she handled herself well and she never once belittled anyone. She's very nice but she was noticeably creeped out at times. She did her job of making people feel comfortable talking about Star Trek. Good job!

I really enjoyed the revisit of Gabriel Koerner. After his appearance in the first Trekkies, he got a lot of flack for mispronouncing words like debacle. For some reason people loved it when he said, "This is the worst time you could have called. Go away!". I thought it was funny but I would never call the guy up and have him say it. We also find out that Gabe got laid. I'm glad he found love and all but when the couple started talking about sex, the human thing is to visualize the two together. I cringed at the thought and wanted to burn my brain. They are a cute couple but I'm issuing a mandate that they never talk about sex in public again.

I must admit that the Serbia visit was a surprise. We find out that Star Trek fans everywhere are arrogant elitists. Ahhh. My people. :) Seriously, it was very cute to see the guy in Serbia so proud that he got into a Trek magazine. It made him so happy. I like stories like these.

Germany was HOT! They looked like they have the most fun. The attendance is phenomenal. It seems as if there isn't such a bad stigma attached to being a Trekkie in Germany.

I was amused when I saw Stovokor, The Klingon Death Metal Band. I ragged on these guys costumes on my blog back in October and pInluH of Stovokor posted a comment to let me know what he thought about that. I felt bad that he was insulted. I was just messing around. To be fair, the pic that I saw of them was a small and blurry. The costumes actually looked better on camera. After listening to the guys and what they had to say, their costumes became unimportant. They don't take themselves that seriously and they are out to have fun. Stovokor is a hilarious bunch. They were yelling at an old man with a cane for looking at them. I was almost in tears from that skit. Of all the Trek musicians they had one of the best lines.
"When reality stops being so lame, we'll stop doing this". Amen brother!

I did NOT enjoy the folk or filk as they called it. I'm not into folk music it all. I like my music hard and aggressive. The Indispensable Guy Twins were very... distant. I got what they were saying though. It basically dedicated to the red- shirts. I was entertained to see the other bands dedicated to making music about Star Trek. No Kill I's plastic coated rat won me over. That bass player is wacky. (In a good way)
So there's No Kill I, No Kill I: The Next Generation and No Kill I: Deep Space 9; Clever in that funny way. Those guys all had a great sense of humor and looked like they had huge fun.

My favorite was Romeo and Juliete: The Last Battlefield. The Kirk character is phenomenal. This is a guy that went to the William Shatner School of Acting and it was a good thing. I'd love to see this.

We even get an appearance by the almighty Brannon Braga. He explained how some fan was going on about how crabs should be incorporated into the design of the Enterprise. He did it all with a straight face but the invisible smirk and John Stewart styled commentary about the crabs let you know that he has a sense of humor too. Honestly, I don't know how he puts up with us.

The crab guy doesn't seem serious but does appear to have a unique sense of humor. It seems like some of these people are just great pranksters. The guy calling Paramount in a New York gangster voice talking about the gold sounds like a Crank Yankers episode waiting to happen.

Let me do a 180 and mention that Brannon Braga is cute. After his scene, I was left with a desire to kiss him all over that cute little face of his. He should know by now that us Trekkie nerd girls think condescending men are hot.

I must admit, when I wore my Starfleet uniform, I wasn't serious. I totally went after the laughs. My friends thought it was hilarious and after Halloween was over, the uniform went back into the closet. I would never where the uniform to court, work, grocery store, etc. That's my opinion. I do agree that if you want to wear one, that you should be able to wear it wear ever you want. It's just a style of clothing. There are plenty people out there making way worse fashion decisions.

Some of the fans aren't so funny. My comfort zone borders are violated at the Trip poetry. It was funny but it bordered... pathetic is such a harsh word for a lady with such a great sense of humor. I'll just say it wasn't my thing and leave it at that. One lady's back had a huge Enterprise tattooed on her back. One lady had a tattoo of Conner Trineer on her back and showed him. That bordered creepy in my world but it made her happy.

There was a guy in England who transformed his entire flat into a starship. He focused on a piece that he was so obsessed with that his wife left him. The place was phenomenal though. I would have kept it confined to one room so I'd at least have a room to sleep in. The man sleeps on the floor. I'd also like to note that Gabe's dad's wife left him because he was obssessed withbuilding a Star Trek set. There were also a lot of people who had pains in their life who found relief in Star Trek as if it was a drug or therapy. On film it's something to point out and analyze but behind closed doors it's something we all relate to.

Star Trek is escapism, therapy, a creative outlet, social commentary, speculative thinking about the future, a venue for new technology and a bad ass show. Trekkies 2 does an excellent job this time around. I am annoyed at the exclusion of Asia, Africa and Russia. According to the site, if there is a Trekkies 3, they will be included.

What is so embarrassing about a person who likes Star Trek? Where does the shame come in? Where does the weirdness come in? Where does lack of acceptance come in?
What is normal?
I guess that's a different study and documentary. Casey Biggs wrapped the film up nicely by saying, "In 50 years they won't be doing ER conventions or CSI conventions, but in 50 years they will still be doing Star Trek conventions."

'Brain' in a dish flies flight simulator - 'Brain' in a dish flies flight simulator - Nov 4, 2004

When linked up to an F-22 jet flight simulator, the brain and the simulator established a two-way connection similar to how neurons receive and interpret signals from each other to control our bodies.

Gradually the brain learnt to control the flight of the plane based on the information it received about flight conditions.

However, the brain still falls a long way short of the complexity of the human brain, which has billions of neurons, and Steven Potter, a biomedical engineer at the Georgia Institute of Technology, said a brain in a dish flying a real plane was still a long way off.

This is not a flying car guys.

Scientist A says, "Hey, I grew a brain in a dish". Scientist B says, "Let's teach it to fly". And they agree.

Amazing! They grew a brain and it learned to control flight! I wonder why they gave it that task. Why not let it do something like learn to use the internet? Teach it to communicate with a human. Teaching it to fly seems to skip a bunch of steps.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Top Ten Primetime Broadcast TV Programs

For week of 11/1/04-11/7/04
Source: Nielsen Media Research

I'm still considering Lost science fiction until proven otherwise. :P

1    CSI    CBS    18.8    30,578,000
2    Desperate Housewives    ABC    14.9    24,604,000
3    Without A Trace    CBS    14.2    21,772,000
4    Survivor: Vanuatu    CBS    12.0    20,244,000
5    E.R.    NBC    11.7    17,010,000
6    Extreme Makeover:HM ED - 8P    ABC    11.5    20,175,000
7    60 Minutes    CBS    11.4    17,589,000
7    Cold Case    CBS    11.4    17,662,000
9    Lost    ABC    11.3    18,729,000
10    Apprentice 2    NBC    10.5    16,056,000

Dr. Quinn: Smallville Woman

Spoilerish Is Jane Seymour One Bad Mother on 'Smallville'?

"I've been taking some things recently," she says, "that are quite different from what I'm known for doing. Not that I wasn't known for doing these things before 'Dr. Quinn' -- I've been playing these evil vamps for many, many years -- but with selective memory on the part of the networks, they've forgotten that I did that."

Starting with the episode "Bound," Seymour plays Genevieve Teague, the mysterious mother of Jason (Jensen Ackles), the boyfriend that Lana (Kristin Kreuk) met while in Paris. Also in Paris, Lana had a bizarre experience in an old tomb that led to a mysterious tattoo appearing on her back. In "Bound," a vivid flashback to the incident leads Lana to believe that Genevieve and the tattoo are somehow connected. But is Genevieve friend or foe?

"It's a really good question," Seymour says. "When I arrived, I was led to believe that I was pretty evil. Then they said that I wasn't necessarily that evil, but I could be. And so, I played it that way, because of course, evil people believe they're absolutely right in their choices, and they're not evil at all. So when you play someone evil, you play them the same way as when you play somebody good, because as far as you're concerned, you're doing this for the right motives.

Uh oh!
Like... she's a serious actress. Is someone taking Smallville seriously. Kinda cool! Oh the other hand, we have to listen to Lana whine and do that weird thing she does with her face. ::rolls eyes::

I wonder if she's going to have a good old traditional Smallville shower scene. :|

One Stagate fan site gets pissed off at another

SG-1 Archive Forums -> Editorial: Spoilers as News? Too Far?

The very popular Stargate fansite GateWorld has posted a news item which contains a major spoiler for the finale of Season Eight. It has always been the opinion of this website's owner that major spoiler information does not belong on the front page, where anyone can see it without explicitly choosing to view it. Several spoiler lists exist for this purpose, as well as our own spoiler forum. We believe it is irresponsible to post such spoilers as news.

We'd like to know what you think. Is it acceptable to post major spoilers on a general Stargate news site? Should GateWorld re-think this policy? Are we way off-base?

Bad, bad Gateworld. *spank, spank, spank*

I hate reading spoilers. I like to be warned and I like to be given the option to turn away. I like for the story to unfold and be fresh. I like to be surprised. The writing for some of these shows are predictable enough without someone giving me the whole enchalada.

In my opinion, if the story has already aired, it's fair game.

Solar Sails Solar sail launch date set

A privately-developed solar sail is now scheduled for launch in March of next year, The Planetary Society announced Tuesday. The Cosmos 1 solar sail will be launched by a Russian sub-based Volna booster on March 1, 2005, at the beginning of a launch window that extends to April 7. Cosmos 1 aims to be the first orbital, controlled flight test of a solar sail, using only solar photons to propel the spacecraft. The venture has been run by The Planetary Society with funding provided by a private company, Cosmos Studios; most of the work has been done by the Russian company NPO Lavochkin. The project was announced in early 2001 and a failed suborbital test flight took place in July 2001. Tuesday's announcement coincided with the 70th anniversary of the birth of Carl Sagan, a cofounder of The Planetary Society.

When I think of solar sails, I think of the wonderful episode of Deep Space Nine where Sisko goes on a solar sail trip with his son, Explorers.

If Shatner Goes into Space

He has to take Roddenberry's ashes with him and release them into space.

and the Big Balls Award goes to Captain Archer

The Augments let a virus loose in science facility that will be airborne in a few minutes. Archer goes to some operational shaft tube thingy to seal the area so that the others won't be infected. He doesn't have enough time to get back to the area or seal himself off. He asks T'Pol to shoot off a portion of the shaft where he was located so that he could be vented into space and then transported to the Enterprise!!!
That's almost as crazy as Janeway letting herself get assimilated by the Borg.
Crazier than Sisko jumping off of the side of a cliff in a cave with Dukat to be with The Prophets.

Some people were dissappointed with the ending of The Augment story line. I thought it was refreshing and my favorite part was when Malic came crawling from behind the captain's seat like Khan. I enjoyed that. That was great! I enjoyed Brent Spiner.

As bad ass as The Archer Manuever was.... Scott... Um.... What the hell was that scene where you were talking to the Klingon via the translator? Watching that scene was like getting teeth pulled. Scott has definitely taken a course in the Shatner School of Acting recently. That scene was bad. I felt tired after watching that.
That's just nitpicking though.

I'm going to say that The Augment Storyline was a success. Good job. That Manny may get to keep his job for awhile! :D

Thursday, November 11, 2004

and I'm a virgin too

Apparently, Lana Lang and Clark Kent are virgins?
Smallville- Spell (4x08)

Instead of being supergirl, Lana is possesd by a witch. *yawn*

I'm glad Jason and Lana got found out. The whole idea was inappropriate. Don't get me wrong he is a HOTTIE but a teacher dating a student is creepy.

All the power in the world and Superman doesn't have rhythm?

Instead of showers this episode, we get an episode of Charmed. Checking the water pressure now. Bring back the showers please.
Clark did manage to get his shirt AND his powers ripped off.

At the end of it all, it was a decent episode. There is still a bit a mystery surrounding the symbol on Lana's back. (for me at least)
This season is holding my interest.
and next week...
After Lex is accused of killing a young woman, Clark sets out to prove his innocence and turns to an unlikely source for help - Lionel. Swearing he is a changed man, Lionel offers Clark insight into the crime but he asks for something in return. Meanwhile, Lana meets Jason's parents and has a vivid flashback of the incident in Paris, leading her to suspect that Jason's mother was there when she got her tattoo.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Time to start that Twin Peaks petition

I got caught up in a NYPD Blues marathon on TNT yesterday and caught a commercial for The Librarian. It stars Noah Wyle who I love best for his role as Steve Jobs in Pirates of Silicon Valley and none other that the man himself Kyle MacLachlan who is best known for his role as Agent Cooper on Twin Peaks. This face time with MacLachlan outta get some of those Twin Peaks diehards to start a campaign.

As far as The Librarian.
THE LIBRARIAN tells the story of a repository for humanity's greatest secrets, all hidden beneath the monolithic Metropolitan Public Library. From the Golden Fleece to the Ark of the Covenant, every enigma and artifact from every known and unknown civilization is protected from the forces of evil who, if given the chance, would use the priceless treasures for their nefarious plans. Only one man can keep them safe: The Librarian.

It reminds me of National Treasure which reminds me of The DaVinci Code which reminds me of The Hiram Key.

Monday, November 08, 2004

You too can fight the Gou'ald

....on your mobile phone waiting in line at the post office.
Sky Zone Mobile has released an Stargate: SG1 Mobile Phone Game.

  • Play as Col. Jack O'Neill, leading the SG-1 Team

  • Major-character Interactions, including Teal'c, Sam, Daniel, Gen. Hammond and more

  • Four Exciting, Story-based Missions:

  • - "Derelict"
    - "Malfunction"
    - "Paradise Lost"
    - "Aten's Curse"
  • Stunning Graphics, Rich Sound Effects and Unique Settings

  • Multiple Levels of Difficulty

  • What sucks is that you have to have Verizon Wireless, Alltel, US Cellular or Metro PCS. Yet another reason why Sprint sucks.

    We have the robots, all we need is the flying car

    The Website at the End of the Universe - Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto

    Kibertron is a project for the creation of a Full–sized Autonomous Humanoid.

    Can it run to the store and pick up groceries yet?

    On a serious note, I'm excited every time I see a robot created. Yes I was even excited with Aibo but Aibo is $2,000. Sure I can get him for as low as $48 a month but his battery only lasts for 1.5 hours.

    I'd like to see the Honda ASIMO Robot in person. They look interesting. They should have this type of stuff and science fiction conventions. That and science fairs. I miss those.

    Awwww yeah!


    Saturday, November 06, 2004

    Look at this Star Wars trailer

    Episode III Trailer
    I am actually excited. I still got a annoying pinch in the back of my neck when I saw Hayden Christensen but hopefully he won't have too many lines. I can't wait.

    Should I be geeky enough to start on a costume now? I'm actually afraid to. I kinda felt self- conscious after seeing some bald guy on VH1 calling the people who dressed up for the LOTR premiere FREAKS. I mean every time I decided to flip the channel this weekend, guards were marching on a red carpet and then the bald, glasses guy yelled, "FREAKS". Some people.

    What does Babylon 5 and Lost have in common?

    Mira Furlan

    That's right, Mira Furlan who played Delenn on Babylon 5. She will be making an appearence on LOST November 17, 2004. <source>
    That's all I'll say for now.

    Thursday, November 04, 2004

    LOST in Purgatory

    This week, I'm convinced that they are in purgatory.
    Charlie's story made me lean towards that.


    Why would someone hit Sayid over the head? My bet is that it was Sawyer. There's a lot of "modern man love" chemistry between these two. Sawyer wants to be a good guy. Kate is treating him unfairly BUT he did chose to remain an arsehole when he delayed in tell her the cave news. Kate should be the last person to prejudge someone. I'm sure as soon as everyone finds out about her past that everything will change.

    Next week, looks like Sawyer and Sayid gets as intimate as two men can get, THEY FIGHT! I imagine the fight in my head with the music that plays every time Kirk gets into a fight.
    (Amok Time Fight Music wav file)

    Wednesday, November 03, 2004

    Blondes and breasts don't always save the day

    SyFy Portal: Are Breasts Enough To Save 'Tru Calling'?
    This is a rather amusingly cute article about Eliza Dushku's breasts and how they aren't going to save her show. She should proably dye her hair blonde and wear a catsuit.

    Well, so much for the power of the boobs. Fox may end up cancelling "Tru Calling" after all.

    My fiancee has this theory about the "power of the boobs," in which an ample chest will make things happen for a well-endowed woman. And that has to have been the operative principle behind Fox's initial decision last spring to renew Eliza Dushku's supernatural series while giving the axe to so many other worthy genre shows.

    Why else other than Dushku's considerable, er, charms, would Fox pick up her “Tru Calling” for a second season, while cancelling its other promising science-fiction series? “Firefly” and “Wonderfalls,” for instance, generated ratings comparable to “Tru” -- which is to say ratings that were middling, not great, but not truly horrible, either.

    I've never caught the show. It just didn't interest me. I don't recall ever seeing any commercials for it either. Maybe something better will happen for her.

    Speakin of blondes and breasts...
    I actually enjoyed the latest episode of Andromeda, When Comes Around... It had new stuff as well as a really good story about how The Commonwealth ties into this Seefra planet that they are on. It actually made me want to watch next week. I'm sure I'll be sorry but hope has no memory.

    Tuesday, November 02, 2004

    Richard Hatch Plays Nice

    My "friend" managed to "procure" copies of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica. I believe that it's playing some where in the UK or Canada first and premiering in the US at the beginning of 2005.


    If you don't know already, Richard Hatch agreed to appear on the new BG after months of trash talking the show and it's re-imagined form. I was at a con and heard some of his angry speeches first-hand. You'd think it was a cause for human- rights or animals or something. First, he was trying to bring the show back. The show was revivied and then he protested how it was being brought back. Although I'd never seen the original BG, I sympathized but still wanted to see the new show. I liked the mini-series. Eventually, so did Richard Hatch. He got over everything and even agreed to make a special appearance.
    (Understand that I'm TOTALLY nutshelling this!)

    NO... REALLY.... SPOLIERISH!!!!!

    His appearance comes as early as the second episode. Ironically, he is a freedom fighter who was emprisoned for terrorist acts (sort of like Timothy McVeigh). His character is a prisoner fighting against slave labor and government abuse of "the articles". He and his supporters overtook the prison ship and held some officers hostage. Turns out that he had a deathwish and never intended to negotiate. He wanted to get the troops to initiate a bloodbath so he, the forgotten freedom fighter in jail for 20 years, could go out in a blaze of glory.
    An ironically written story don't you think?

    The first episode was rather depressing but the story gets less depressing with each episode so far. The Cylons annoy me epsecially "the blonde". In my opinion, the execs didn't have to pull "The 7 of 9 Manuever". The only saving grace is that the actress is actually talented. (Oh don't give me the "That's why they hired her crap")
    It also seems that people who are Cylon agents also can exert some free will. Or can they? ::campy music::
    And yes, Tigh and Starbuck are still fighting.

    Monday, November 01, 2004

    Fans didn't save Farscape, nor did they save Star Trek

    The Website at the End of the Universe - Fans didn't save Farscape, nor did they save Star Trek

    Here's an interesting read that links the myth of the salvation of the original Star Trek with Farscape. The fans think they saved both shows, but this column argues otherwise. Star Trek wasn't saved by letter writing. It was saved because NBC wanted to be the network with the most colour shows in an era when black and white was still the norm. No amount of letter writing could keep it alive after it's ratings stank in season 3. The column goes on to say that economics killed Farscape, not the Sci-Fi Channel. The show's producers refused to compromise on the terms of the offer to renew the fifth season and the network couldn't afford to continue, despite a desire to have a fifth season. The fans didn't save the show. Instead they got a miniseries, when they could have got a season's worth of new episodes.

    Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars (mini-series) - Enjoyed the mini-series? Get the DVD!

    Astronaut To Cast Vote From Space

    Astronaut To Cast Vote From Space

    If this year's elections are as close as in 2000, don't blame astronaut Leroy Chiao. He'll have done his part. According to MSNBC, NASA has made arrangements so he can cast his ballot in the presidential election from 225 miles up.

    I love stories like these. I wonder who he's voting for?

    I wondered what was going on with the good old International Space Station.
    They are on Expedition 10.
    ...conducted a session with the Binary Colloid Alloy Test 3, which is studying the long-term behavior of colloids -- a system of fine particles suspended in a fluid -- in a microgravity environment, where the effects of sedimentation and convection are removed. Crewmembers will even out the samples, photograph the growth and formations of the colloids, and downlink the images for analysis...


    Sunday, October 31, 2004

    Freddy vs Michael

    Not Micheal Myers.

    Michael Jackson.
    Hat. Glove. Burned. Kids.

    Freddy Krueger.
    Hat. Glove. Burned. Kids.

    Don't ask what got me on this topic.

    Wednesday, October 27, 2004

    Girlie Squeal! Ving Rhames is the New Kojak Ving Rhames is the New Kojak

    Emmy-Award winning actor Ving Rhames ("Mission: Impossible" films, Dawn of the Dead) has signed with USA Network to a weekly series of Kojak debuting in March 2005, it was announced today by Bonnie Hammer, president of USA Network & Sci Fi Channel. Production wrapped in August on a two-hour original movie, which will now serve as the premiere episode for the nine-week original series. Production begins on the series in Toronto in January 2005.

    I have a weakness for bald men. (Completely bald, not going bald... well.... going bald only if it is completely bald... forget it)

    What a perfect choice. I can totally see it. This is going to be part of the "re-imagined" genre like Battlestar Galactica, Smallville and others. I think it's going to be fun.

    Remember Century City?

    Century City is a legal drama set in Los Angeles around the firm of Constable, Crane and Montero in 2030 that will speculate on how the legal system will change by then. It first aired on CBS but got cancelled after 4 (count 'em FOUR!) episodes. Many of us spacship/ phaser - loving fans* watched this show and enjoyed it. I think it got the shaft. It had the best of both worlds. Perhaps it should have been more CSI-ish to appeal to those fans or perhaps the citizens should have had flying cars. I thought it was a very smart show. I liked the characters. The stories were interesting and sometime humorous.

    A total of 9 episodes were shot. All 9 episodes are showing on UK's SciFi, Austrailia's Fox8 and Canada's Space. Canada's Space Channel is awesome! This is what I want the SciFi channel to be like. They re-run all of the good shows! Check out the schedule. I may move to Canada for this channel alone. :D

    *Check out this site. He's a sci-fi... excuse me speculative fiction writer, uniform wearing con goer, good show watching fan boy. I enjoyed this blog. I clicked around on it for awhile.

    Tuesday, October 26, 2004

    Bruce Campbell Alert!

    SCIFI.COM: Boogeymen II Masters Of Horror


    Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead, Bubba Ho-Tep) hosts this informative and entertaining look at some of horror's greatest filmmakers, and their classic movies that continue to haunt us. Featured are George A. Romero (Night of the Living Dead), John Landis (An American Werewolf in London), John Carpenter (Halloween), Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), David Cronenberg (Scanners) and Wes Craven (A Nightmare on Elm Street, the Scream trilogy).

    Airs Sunday, October 31, at 9PM ET/PT

    Star Trek: Hypertext (Jammer's Reviews)

    Star Trek: Hypertext (Jammer's Reviews)

    I've been reading this guy's reviews on Star Trek for years. I love his reviews. He is thourough. His reviews include an short synopsis, a complete synopsis and his opinion on the show. He has not been totally pleased with the way things have been going on Enterprise. I agree with him a lot of the time. Sometimes, he's a little hard on those guys but his humor makes up for it. :D
    The site includes reviews from ALL of the Star Trek series including the movies but not the animated series. It looks like he started to review Andromeda but quit after the second season. Who could blame him? The present season would have given him a nervous breakdown.
    TrekToday's news appears on the front page. You can get the latest reviews by email by subscribing to the newsletter or feed..

    Sunday, October 24, 2004

    Smallville, Enterprise, Andromeda

    [Listening to: smallville.s04e05.hdtv-lol - - (41:21)]

    Two outta three ain't bad.

    The Flash episode (Run) is what I've always wanted to see out of this series. I enjoyed the season premieres but this episode was far more superior. There wasn't a shower "scene" but the Flash was in the shower when Clark let himself in. Flash sweets, you're just not sexy enough for your bod to been seen on Smallville. It was a very touching episode; Lex got to be a quasi-tough guy, Lana whined her story to her low brow boyfriend, man love between Flash (Bart) and Clark and my favorite, the geriatric kiss between the Kents. I think I'm gonna vow now to not talk dirty after I turn 40. Especially if all I can come up with is something about a hose and a bucket. Hmmmmm...... LOL!

    ..did NOT suck again! I think I feel excitement for Star Trek again. I may have to show some love towards B&B!?!?!?!? It almost feels weird to not bitch about Enterprise. I'm woman enough to compliment good when I see it. The marriage complication in Home was a very interesting move in Trip and T'Pol's relationship. I thought we were going to have to sit through a re-make of Amok Time. I loved the interaction both Trip and T'Pol had with her mother. Good job again fellas!

    All I have to say is WTF?
    I totally don't know what's going on. This series is looking more and more like Hercules in space every episode. The cryptic Jedi messages are rubbing me the wrong way. One blonde wasn't enough for this series, they needed two! I'm not really digging the planet thing. I'm not digging the Ferengi-esque focus on money. I'll keep watching I guess but I'm almost out of interest. Will Andromeda be the new Enterprise? Hell, will Andromeda be the new Earth: Final Conflict?
    I'm finished watching all of those BTW, I'll have a final report on the whole series up soon.

    Saturday, October 23, 2004

    VIRGIN Galactic ??!?!?!?

    *When deep space exploitation ramps up, it will be corporations that name everything.
    The IBM Stellar Sphere.
    The Microsoft Galaxy.
    Planet Starbucks.
    The Virgin Galactic Space Ship.

    Let me tell you what does suck, the name VIRGIN GALACTIC??!?!?! That will have to grow on me. I was thinking something with Condor, Tayln, Excelsior or some other strong name. Virgin Galactic sounds so.... normal.
    Whatever, what's in a name anyway right?
    Space Ship One (SS) and the White Knight.
    When I think White Knights, I think of the KKK. That's just my paranoid inner conspiracist though.
    According to the Free Dictionary the term White Knight can have several meanings.
  • The white knight is a chess piece, often associated with the abstract battle of good against evil. This is the origin of most of the other meanings.

  • The White Knight is a character in Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. Based on the chess-piece, this character is a bumbling do-gooder with a penchant for useless inventions. (With Paul Allen being all into science fiction, this is most likely the inspiration.)

  • In business, white knight refers to a potential acquirer (firm that wishes to acquire ownership of another firm) of a firm. The intention of the acquisition is to circumvent the hostile takeover of the target firm by a third firm, which is perceived to be less favorable. For example, if Company A (Acquirer) is trying to acquire ownership of Company T (target) in order to stop Company H (less welcome) from acquiring ownership of Company T, then Company A would be acting as the white knight. (Or maybe this one is more appropriate given the money situation.)

  • White Knight is also a chess simulation game designed for the 1980's platform, the BBC Microcomputer Model B.

  • White Knight is the name of a jet powered carrier aircraft used to launch the SpaceShipOne privately funded experimental spacecraft.
  • (Or they could have thought it was just a kewl name) :)

    The names are just nail polish compared to the hand.
    Important historical things are taking place here and these changes are exciting. The Virgin Galactic website answered all of my questions. There's even a newsletter. (What about that RSS feed fellas?) You can learn all about the contributions of Brian Binnie who piloted that successful third flight. You can learn about Mike Melvill and the "Mother Ship". It's interesting to see how a record company fits into all of this. They licensed the technology to develop the world's first commercial space tourism operator. Check out this press release for more info.

    Virgin has formed Virgin Galactic ('V.G.') a new company, which will become the world's first commercial space tourism operator. It is envisaged that Virgin Galactic will open for business by the beginning of 2005 and subject to the necessary safety and regulatory approvals begin operating flights from 2007. The name was first registered and trade mark protection applied for in the mid 1990s. It is expected that around £60 million ($100 million) will be invested in developing the new generation of spaceships and ground infrastructure required to operate a sub orbital space tourism experience. Over five years Virgin expects to create around 3000 astronauts and the price per seat on each flight, which will include at least three days of pre-flight training, are expected to start at around £115,000 ($190,000). Virgin will reinvest the proceeds in developing a new generation of vehicles for further space ventures. To date the cheapest space tourism experiences in government built and taxpayer funded spaceships cost over $15,000,000 per seat.

    As I looked deeper into the site I realized that Virgin Galactic will only be the company name. The ships will have individual names. The first ship is named V.S.S Enterprise. I gotta tell you I'm getting all girlie and misty- eyed. *sniff* It's just so beautiful. Shatner HAS to be on this flight. It would be a crime against humanity if he wasn't. We should make him wear a Star Trek uniform though. (evil grin)
    Virgin is more than a record company these days. I just hadn't realized how many phenomenal things that they have going on. Airlines, mobile phones, book stores, mega stores, resorts and now space flight.

    I think I'm over the name now. I stand impressed and ready to go!

    Old news yes? I guess I watch too much TV and blog too much.

    *Fight Club Reference

    P.S. WTF type name is Sci-Fi Ranter Girl? :D

    Shatner on First Commercial Space Flight

    ABC News: Shatner Wants to Boldly Go on Space Flight

    LONDON Oct 22, 2004 — "Star Trek" star William Shatner and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Dave Navarro are among thousands of people who want to fly on Virgin's proposed commercial space flights, company chief Richard Branson said Friday.
    Branson said more than 7,000 people had registered their willingness to pay the $210,000 fare for the service, which promises to send passengers 70 miles above the Earth.

    Of course! It wouldn't be right without him. People may not want to admit it but Shatner as James T. Kirk is an American icon when it comes to space travel and aliens. Let the old man ride.
    Oh no! I just had a horrible thought. This is going to turn into a reality show isn't it. Frell me dead.

    Technofunk from Think Like Us did the math:
    My quick math says that 7,000 * $210,000 = $1,470,000,000. Not a bad return on a $110,000,000 investment.

    I really gotta get started on my donations campaign. I would LOVE to be on that first flight. If Shatner gets out of hand, I can be in charge of putting some valium in his champagne. Ball gags work too, I have experience using these on people already!

    Girlie Squeal! Superman Brandon Routh

    We have a winner. Brandon Routh is the new superman.

    Some think he's too young. Too inexperienced. To this, too that.
    Personally, I'm glad to see a new face. All of this sci-fi actor recycling is getting on my nerves. Besides, he can't be worse than Hayden Christensen.
    ::ducks, giggles, runs and hide::

    Congratulations Brandon Routh!

    Friday, October 22, 2004

    Who Has the Team America Song Stuck in Their Heads?

    Team America World Police Movie, Team America Movie - Official Site

    I do and I feel bad.
    This movie is wrong on so many levels but this is the point.
    Star Wars and Star Trek fans will get a good chuckle. So will Scarface fans; think montage.

    It makes you laugh at yourself and the political environment today. I enjoyed it. I have a feeling it will do it's job of pissing some people off.

    Monday, October 18, 2004

    SCIFI.COM | Farscape

    SCIFI.COM | Farscape

    Good so far.
    I'm going to wait until I see the whole thing before I get into what I thought. It's so good to see the crew again.

    Friday, October 15, 2004

    Fearing the Loss of Lost

    Full Frontal Nerdity has a strip entry that says that "the head writer was kidnapped by Nazi frogmen and a meteor destroyed the studio where it was filmed".

    Lights Out Films says to check it out before it's cancelled.

    A lot of folks like this show. Lost is fresh. People are enjoying watching something that isn't predictable or stale. We watch in terror. Partly because of the creepiness of the show and partly because we know there is some illogical programming terrorist waiting to pull the show.

    A lot of folks also fear that with a show this good on ABC that it is destined to get cancelled. If you don't know, it is an abomination for a major network to have kick ass programming. This has happened to many promising shows.

    A lot of folks also fear that the writers can't keep up this level of intense writing. The suit will probably change writers or try to make the actors work for walnuts instead of money.

    It's sad that we brace for the end of good programming and anticipate the onset of crappy writing.

    According to Nielsen Media Research estimates, "Lost" (6.8 rating/18 share in adults 18-49, 18.16 million viewers overall) matched its Sept. 22 premiere score in the 18-49 demo while establishing series bests in adults 18-34 (5.8/17), men 18-34 (5.1/16), teens (3.9/13) and kids (3.1/12) -- especially impressive since it faced baseball in all time zones.

    More here: No debate: 'Lost' a hit

    Thursday, October 14, 2004

    Stargate break is torture

    [Listening to: - - (43:17)]

    Stargate SG-1 Solutions News, Views & Spoilers Blog

    So like....
    I checked out this website because I'm going through "New Stargate Episode" withdrawl. It says we won't get a new episode of Stargate (SG1 or Atlantis) until some unknown date in 2005.

    ::shakes fist at Scifi channel::

    Damn you SciFi!

    I'm not surprised. This happens every year but I still hate it.
    I guess I'll have to entertain myself like I did back in July. :)

    More madness

    Wednesday, October 13, 2004

    Is it that serious?

    That we need a website devoted to it. The guys at ST-v-SW.Net think so.

    That's Star TREK VS Star WARS for those of you who don't know. (We may need to add Star GATE but NEVER Star HUNTER or Star SEARCH)

    If it isn't obvious to anyone, I'm definitely a Trek girl. It's only because there is way more to look at and get your hands on than Star Wars. I LOVE STAR WARS TOO! I don't think they should be compared because they are so different. Star Wars has more grace and beauty. Star Trek is quick and dirty. There's way more to it than that. There are reasons why I like both. I'm neutral.

    from Poor Mojo Newswire

    Donation of £100,000 needed

    According to SFSingnal.comDavid Bowie's Space Oddity has been chosen as the first track to be played on the first commercial space trip for tourists.

    Looks like I have to start getting serious about making money. I MUST get into space before I die. HOWEVER, if I'm going to pay £100,000, I'm going to choose what I want to listen to. I don't like being told that David Bowie is what I'd be listening to. What if I want to hear Pink Floyd, OutKast or Stovokor? What if I want to hear the Star Wars soundtrack or the Space Odyssey song?

    Start sending your Pay Pal donations to scifirantergirl at probedbyaliens dot com. Seriously.

    USA NETWORK | Thoughtcrimes

    USA NETWORK | Thoughtcrimes


    Freya McAllister (Navi Rawat) is a young woman who has been misdiagnosed as a schizophrenic. She is rescued by government researcher Dr. Michael Ward (Peter Horton), who soon determines that Freya is actually telepathic and is able to hear the thoughts of those around her. Dr. Ward begins to train Freya to control her gift, but Freya soon begins to suspect that her mentor's kindness and attention is concealing an ulterior motive. Also starring Joe Flanigan, Joe Morton, and Jocelyn Seagrave. Executive Produced by Jan de Bont (Speed,

    I'll watch it. I wonder will she have to touch people?

    THE FARSCAPE' FACTOR: Will programmers, viewers become one and the same?

    THE FARSCAPE' FACTOR: Will programmers, viewers become one and the same?

    Imagine this television scenario: You sit down in front of the tube and pull up a Google-style database that lets you search a library of 40,000 different movies and television episodes -- some new, some old. It's what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, for a small fee -- or maybe free.

    Who's the wild-eyed dreamer proposing that kind of George Jetson-esque future? None other than Brian Roberts, CEO of cable giant Comcast.

    "As servers get more sophisticated and broadband TV spreads, viewers will have an almost unlimited number of shows they can watch," according to Philip Swann, CEO of the consulting firm TV Predictions and author of "Television Dot Com: The Future of Interactive Television."

    On-demand television, a version of which Comcast currently offers in limited areas, may in fact become a farm team of sorts for the cable company.

    "If there's strong niche interest in a show, there's the potential of doing an on-demand version of it, depending on the cost of production," Swann says. "Let's say there's an anime [Japanese animation] show that doesn't have network numbers, but 100,000 people would watch it 24 hours a day if they could. Put that on on-demand, and you'll make money."

    Oh yeah!!!!
    I'm ready Comcast. Get your %&!*@#% together. What is taking cable companies to get with this? I want to be able to subscribe to only channels that I want for a small fee. I wan't quality and cheap. You are behind and people are supplementing. You are losing money.

    Oooh lookie!

    A site full of space battles using Lightwave 3D. I had a class in Lightwave once. It was back in the good old days of the 5.5 version. I learned how to make logos move. Being a serious victim of ADD, that's all I could pull off.

    So I just finished watching The Alpha Quadrant Part 5 AND THESE MANIACS BLEW UP DEEP SPACE NINE!!!!!
    What type of tyrants are you? I bet they are some TOS/TNG purists or something. Grrr.

    Kidding guys. Good work!

    Monday, October 11, 2004

    Christopher Reeves gone?

    The superman has been off of the planet for an entire day. I was looking up something on Wikipedia and there it was on the front page.
    He had heart problems.

    He fought the good fight. He brought a face to Superman and most importantly, he FLEW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you Christopher Reeves.

    Saturday, October 09, 2004

    Enterprise... Like.. Rocked?

    I must admit that I was entertained.

    ... Brief sleepy recap...
    The USS Enterprise gets thrown back in time. Archer was separately thrown back in time after the pyrotechnics show that was the destruction of the Xindi weapon. Archer ends up in a Nazi encampment and there is an alien Nazi. With the help of these aliens who we discover are not Remans; Nazi Germany has taken over the North- Eastern part of the US. Captain Archer ends up in the house of a resistance leader in Brooklyn. Some resistance gangsters later visit them. Future Guy (Daniels) is found on Enterprise and is badly injured with temporal wounds. He gives enough info just to be vague but let us know that the destruction of the weapon that is being built in this time must be destroyed. (It's their only hope Obi Wan Kenobi) Before that a Suliban was detected on Enterprise. He steals a shuttle pod and goes down to Earth. Trip and Mayweather pursue him. They find the shuttle, they couldn't recover it so they C4 it. Then they get captured. Archer sets up a meeting with the gray "Not Reman" alien. He gets the alien's communicator. The gangsters whack him. Archer contacts Enterprise and gets beamed up with a resistance member just in time not to get shot.

    ...My take...
    I was entertained. I can't think of anything else to say.

    I was really pissed that I had to listen to racial slurs. I'm pretty tired of "time period" pieces that feel the need to remind the world of how to insult someone. It wasn't necessary to the plot. The scene would have come across the same without the slurs. If the intent was for us to hate the Nazis, no one needs help. She got to shoot those bastards… that was cool.
    I'd almost made up my mind never to watch the show again because of this. Who knows?

    It was good to see the Suliban again. They are the ones who introduced us to all of this temporal mess. I think now that B&B admit that this Star Trek series is about time travel and validated our suspicions about this not being a "proper" timeline, we have more fun with this series. A trip to the mirror universe would make me happy. This is probably how it all started.


    Doing the "wait and see".