Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Wesley Snipes abducts and marries crack fiend

HoustonChronicle.com - Snipes plays himself in classic cautionary tale

... she (Lanise Pettis) told them that Snipes and government agents landed by helicopter in her Michigan City, Ind., neighborhood, abducted her at gunpoint and flew her to a secret location in the Caribbean where they held a secret marriage ceremony against her will.


.... I just don't have words for this level of stupidity. I wish I had a picture of this lady. GOVERNMENT AGENTS AND HELICOPTERS???? She must have been screwing some guy that looked like Snipes to her through intoxicated eyes. Why doesn't she just change her story so that an alien morphed into Snipes or that it was a Snipes clone. At least she'd get free medical attention.

In the fourth year, he flies

Michael Whitt's Blog : Season Premiere of Smallville and Series Premiere of Lost

I just got around to watching the season premiere of Smallville. I caught season 3 finale a few months back. Even though I didn't keep up with the show, it was enough to make me look forward to the season 4 premiere. Boy was I in for a treat!! Not only did I get to see a mostly naked Clark Kent, Margott Kidder made an appearance and Superman finally flew.

According to Micheal Whitt's blog, the writers of Smallville made a rule that Clark wouldn't fly. These guys smoke way too much crack and need to stop. Now they are playing the semantic game of "Clark doesn't fly, Tyler Durden err... Ka-El flies". Whatever.

We meet the new and overtly annoying Lois Lane. WTF with Lana? Is she gonna be Supergirl or something? Would be cool.

Another thing that bothered me: I tried to watch Smallville from the beginning when it first aired. I kinda recall Lex and Clark not being friends. When I watched the season 3 finale, Clark discovered that Lex was keeping tabs on him. Clark said that this ended their friendship. I must've missed a lot because when and how did these two become friends? ::sigh:: Yet another show I'll have to catch up on.

I think the writers did a good job though. The show was watchable even if you've never seen it. It was very good.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Star Wars: Kerry's War Record Verified

Vietnam? What about the Battle of Hoth?
It's all the proof we need to make an informed decision.

Look at John Kerry giving orders and making the tough decisions.

100th post!!!

(This is NOT meant to belittle or disrespect any of the soldiers and their service to this country during Vietnam. Please just take this as it is meant, a little joke because a guy in Star Wars reminded me of John Kerry.)

Best Movie Death Scene?

Sev Poll

Alien: John Hurt (chestburster)<---- this one got my vote
Jaws: Robert Shaw
Matrix: Trinity
Braveheart: Mel Gibson
Saving Private Ryan: Take your pick

If you don't know Sev spoofs everything from Buffy to LOTR and of course all thing Star Trek.

Stargate Ride!

ThrillNetwork.com :: MGM and Six Flags sign two-year deal

I'm late with this news but I don't remember ever seeing it! Looks like I'll have to do some traveling. It would be nice to see how elaborate they can make this Stargate ride. I can't wait to try it out.

Here are some pics.
Stargate Ride

Closet Star Wars Fanboy Perspective

SFSignal: Star Wars DVD: A Non-Fanboy Perspective

Claims not to be a fanboy but posts this on a sci-fi blog. Riiighhttt!!! Non- Fanboy my Jedi :)

Not that I got the Star Wars DVDs the first day they came out or anything, but I just got a chance tonight to watch Episode IV. It's been quite a while since I saw Episode IV. I first saw it in waaaay back '77 at a drive-in (for those who are too young to know what a Drive-in is, it's the same thing as a single-screen, outdoor multiplex). I saw pieces of it again when it played on the tube (I think I skipped the video release). I took my own kids to see the 20th anniversary "A New Hope" remix back in '97 and that was the 2nd and last time I saw it from start to finish. Until tonight. The last thing the world needs is another Star Wars review, so here are my brief first impressions.

See what else this non- fanboy has to say.

Xbox Trojan on Star Wars DVD? Only Imperial Storm Troopers are so precise

Boing Boing: Lucas put malicious Xbox Trojan on Star Wars DVD

If you are creative enough to mod your XBox and fan enough to put your newly bought Star Wars Trilogy DVD in said XBox, you're gonna have problems. If this is true, I don't think this is fair. It's not illegal to "mod" your XBox. Last time I looked Lucas was not Gates. (another creepy rant that I'll get into later) Since when does a film company have the right to alter firmware? So what about piracy? What if some person like me who knows a bit about computers but not enough about XBox to pop the DVD in and for some reason thinks their change of firmware is a good thing. I let it make it's changes and then I'm screwed. It's kinda dangerous.

The 'StarWars Trilogy DVD' (video/movie DVD) has an 'Extra Special Features Disc'. If you try to launch this on your Xbox it will automatic update your dashboard ... NO confirmation will be asked. The bonus disc has extra features including a documentary on the star wars saga, footage from the making of all three films and a preview demo of the new 'StarWars Battlefront' Xbox game (that's why there's a default.xbe, dashupdate.xbe and update.xbe on the disc).
This information can be important for some people with older bioses (booting xboxdash.xbe), people using exploits or simply those who don't want their dash upgraded.

more here

Friday, September 24, 2004

Hot For Fahrenheit

Hot For Fahrenheit

So someone wants to remake Fahrenheit 451. What's with all of the remakes?* I just watched the 1966 version a month ago and loved it. (Yeah I said it:) ) If it was aired on primetime, I think it could get fair ratings.

*If they remade it in the same style as the 50's, I'd be entertained but what's the point?
It doesn't matter, I'd watch it anyway.

I saw Sky Captain yesterday...

and I completely loved it. It had everything!
I want to see maybe another two movies in that style.

Good work! I don't have a complaint. This is a DVD I can't wait to own.

Sky Captain Website

Oooh lookie! Dragon Page Blogged About Me

The SciFi Rant Girl was less-than impressed with the classic War of the Worlds:

My rant about War of the Worlds was the lucky entry to gain attention.

I must admit, I'm a spoiled new school science fiction fan.

I like classics. (which is why I enjoyed Sky Captain)

War Of Worlds as a movie annoyed me.
I'll repeat my annoyances from the original rant; I didn't expect religion to be such a major part of the plot and I was annoyed that germs killed the aliens.

BTW, I thought Signs was extremely mediocre. I got where it was going, I just wasn't impressed.

Thanks for reading Evo!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Alien Bash @ Star Trek: The Experience

Star Trek: The Experience

Do YOU have anything better to do on Halloween? I don't. If I can find a killer ticket price and an even better hotel rate, it could happen. Probably not but it would be cool. I've been to the experience before, maybe with a group of friends it would be cool. I got drunk and harassed the Klingons the last time I was there.

... They're used to it.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Doggett to Return in X-Files 2

Filmfodder: Doggett to Return in X-Files 2

This is really good news but I wish TPTB will get to working on this movie. Though I was dissappointed in the last season and annoyed with the series finale, I will see this just like I'll see Star Wars 3. Chris Carter messed up by killing the Lone Gunmen and the Cigarette Smoking Man. Reyes was annoying and Doggett didn't do anything for me.

So I finally watched War of the Worlds

NecroRogIcon: Spielberg directing War of the Worlds

and I hated it. It wasn't that it was old, black and white. It wasn't even the cheesy special effects. I thought those were cute. What bugged me was the religious undertone in the movie. I'm not really into mixing SCIENCE fiction and religion. There are thin lines there. I'm more of the sci fi viewer that's into aliens, ray guns:), space ships, space battles, silver or leather clothing and technobabble. I guess the movie took me by surprise because I didn't expect religion to be such a major part of the plot.

The ending SUCKED. I was rather annoyed that GERMS killed the aliens. ::rolls eyes::

Tom Cruise and Steven Speilberg can remake this movie all they want but I'm not watching it. ....

I most likely won't see it...

Tom Cruise...
I'll reluctantly consider going to see this movie....

OK, I'll see it.... but I'll be really moody about it.

War of the Worlds (1953)

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Stargate Winner Named: I WAS ROBBED!!!

Stargate Winner Named

That was MY role!

Who is this Nathan guy anyway? Highway robbery I tell you!

---- Just kidding ----
The fans totally except lots of pictures and for you to blog every minute of it. Congratulations Nathan Flamino of Wausau and have fun!

Matrix Online Delay: Life over? I think not.

SFSignal: From the "We are not surprised" division.

The Matrix Online has been delayed until January.

If everyone feels this way, those evil Wachowski twins:) can give it up. Yes, I'm still bitter about Matrix Revolutions. I still haven't watched it since the first time I saw it on IMAX. ::hiss:: I may have mentioned before that I bought the "Enter the Matrix" game on XBOX it was... underwhelming. I played it twice. I tried to play it again and couldn't sit still long enough to not be bored.

Will I get over this? This is more like remembering a time when an ant bit you on the foot. It annoys you every time you think about it but it's not anything to commit suicide over.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Short Penis Nebula

APOD: 2004 September 17 - IC 1805: Light from the Heart

They see a heart, I see a short penis. (Well, it *is* cold out there in space)
What do YOU see? .... or maybe I shouldn't ask. This topic has the potential to get perverted. :)

STARTREK.COM: Book Club - Tales of the Dominion War

STARTREK.COM:Upcoming Event

I always enjoy it when A Stitch in Time. The Lives of Dax is pretty good as well (with the exception of Ezri).

Here's a guy that loves DS9 the way it's supposed to be loved. Ras1310 on amazon.com.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Brush up on your Klingonese

The Freeholder: K'plah!

German broadcaster Deutsche Welle has added Klingon to the 30 languages used on its Web site.

Here is a link to the actual site.
Deutche Welle:DW-QO'
There is an ENTIRE page devoted to Klingon rituals, culture and history. It even covers the Klingon death scream.

Cool and creepy at the same time.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Flying saucer crash-landed in Utah

APOD: 2004 September 14 - Genesis Missions Hard Impact

Or the sample return capsule from Genesis bit the dust.

We can put a capsule into space, a man on the moon but functional parachutes? Forget about it.

The Genesis scientists still think that they can get useful information from the damaged unit. I bet they are seriously annoyed that the mission went perfect until the last moment and that the malfunction was because of a parachute. This shows the need for a space station. Stuff re-entering our atmosphere doesn't work out a lot. Just build a small practical unit on the moon and be done with it.

Wired News: Geeks Code for the Gold

Wired News: Geeks Code for the Gold

I've always wondered if there was something like this. This is awesome. I like the Olympics BUT it's once sided. Athletics alone don't celebrate or define the extent humanity's comptition.

But you don't have to be a jock to experience the thrill of Olympics victory and the agony of defeat. At the annual International Olympiad in Informatics, or IOI, programming abilities and razor-sharp minds score the big points, not physical speed and agility.

This year, the 16th annual geek olympics is taking place in Athens, Greece, from Sept. 11 to Sept. 18. During the games, 304 young programmers from 80 countries will compete in seven marathon programming sessions to determine who is the world's fastest coder.

I think companies should actually get out there and compete. If anything it *may* make them competetive enough to make good enough code (software, hardware, firmware, etc) to win. The side effect could be software from companies that aren't buggy. It could also be used as a catylst for more innovation. If they could figure out how to fit a customer service competition in there, us little people may win all around.

The negative side effects would be commercialism. I'm talking about the bad kind of commercialism that would have geeks singing in l33t in McDonald's commercials.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Please make science fiction dumberer

The Website at the End of the Universe - Is it all over for science fiction?

The Globe and Mail has picked up on the Popular Science magazine article entitled Is Science Fiction About to Go Blind to ask the neverending question: Is science fiction finished? I don't think so, but it's certainly in the doldrums. People want escapism, not science lessons, which is why fantasy is enjoying such success. As the world becomes more complicated, so does science fiction. Do authors need to dumb things down for better sales?

There's not enough technobabble as it is. Technobabble is a major staple of science fiction. It gives me hope that there are actually smart people somewhere on the planet. Technobabble is like poetry but less lame. For f**ks sake, the technobabble dialog is always followed up with something stupid to explain it like "it's like a balloon when you let out the air" or "it tastes crunchy in milk". If "they" dumb down science fiction any more, well have reality shows based on RPGs. Now that I think about it, that's what reality shows are; LARP for idiots. New scifi reality shows could be a camera and a convention, pimp my costume or the ultimate put one fan of Star Wars, LOTR, Matrix, Star Trek and Buffy in a house and have them argue over which franchise is the best.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Musings of a SCI-FI Fan Girl

Musings of a SCI-FI Fan Girl
Not everyone could see the old layout in their browser. This is a temporary solution. Thanks for the input.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Even the pretty blonde agrees

TrekWeb.com - Jolene Blalock Criticizes ENTERPRISE Writing, Says Vulcan Characterization Inconsistent

C'Mon B&B. This is just ridiculous.
If she can see it, we can see it, fellas....
you're naked.

(Read the thread below this article. Braga calls people who has this point of view "continuity pornographers". WTF?? That's more entertaining than half of last season. LMAO!!!)

What could MTV want with Star Wars fans?

TheForce.Net | Holonet | News

From theforce.net

MTV's TRL Wants NY SW Fans ASAP!
Fri, Sep 10, 04 11:01:54 AM EDT

MTV sent the following in:

Hi I work on Total Request live, MTV’s live countdown show. We are having a contest and we need HUGE star wars fans. Three fans will be competing for an amazing prize if you are a star wars fan. Do you know of anyone who would be interested, or can you post this opportunity on your site? We are looking for kids between the ages 16-25, and who live in the Tri-State area, and we’d need their info asap.
To enter, contact Lauren at TRLCasting@mtvstaff.com or call her at 212-846-8330.

Sounds like a set up to me.
HUGE Star Wars fans? What does that mean? People of the MTV world tend to hate and ridicule our kind. If they embarrass, make uncomfortable or harass these people in anyway......
I guess I'm going to sit here at my computer and bitch about it. But I'm going to scowl and type really hard.
I won't be watching but I'll keep my ears open to find out the results.


SPACE.com presents SPACEBOX

SPACE.com presents SPACEBOX

Space.com launced it's very own radio station. It's dubbed Spacebox; The best, worst and weirdest music inspired by space.

Actually, it's a nice collection and pretty cool idea if anyone is ever in need of this kind of reference. Nice move. It needs a little work but it has potential.

Never read a Tale of Two Cites, you'll be abducted

SCIFI.COM | Stargate Atlantis

In the case of the last episode of SGA: Home, it was a War and Peace. I've noticed that in the world of science fiction that cute guys and thick books equals alien abduction or manipulation. The aliens will mostly likely try to create a fake environment from you memories but they will get things wrong.

These two episodes both used A Tale of Two Cites:
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Extreme Measures
Earth: Final Conflict - In Memory

Other episodes with similar themes:
Farscape - A Human Reaction

There are more of these themed episodes out there. The only thing different about the SGA: Home episode is that the War and Peace book was never mentioned again or used as proof that there was "something going on". I'm glad.

Dr. Weir, Please eat a sandwich.... or two.

SCIFI.COM | Stargate Atlantis

Stargate Atlantis: Eye on Fashion... :|

Dr. Weir, Please eat a sandwich.... or two.
I promise you that it wouldn't upset us. You have no fear of looking fat. 10 more pounds please. You look gaunt.... and worse you are NOT that old.

The fashion director for this episode should be fired! Dr. Weir's t-shirt was the worst fitting t-shirt ever. I could see a t-shirt fitting like that if you are overweight but she's skinny. It's like the t-shirt was too tight and too big at the same time. Every time she moved her waifly humerus around, it's like it swam in the arm hole. This is almost worst than fat swinging from the underarm. The shirt kept bunching up around her bust. I hope that some guy, somewhere on earth found that shirt sexy because it irritated me that no one decided to change it.

Fashion irritation number 2.
Teyla's mall outfit.
What she had on was better than what she bought. In fact, it was damn near the same shirt. They just gave her a very badly designed jean skirt and some shoes that were so 5 years ago. She didn't look that comfortable in it either. Nice legs but that skirt threw it off, IMO.

This isn't the worst of the shirt but it is the shirt in question.

Friday, September 10, 2004

SFSignal: Its Official, Lucas Sucks

SFSignal: Its Official, Lucas Sucks

Han and Greedo - now shoot simultaneously. He just can't leave this alone can he? Lame.

LMAO!!! Lucas is NEVER gonna live that one down.

Here's the like to the SciFi Wire article...
Star Wars DVD Has Christensen

Monday, September 06, 2004

Get your say in the best 50 sci-fi films

WHATEVER: Science Fiction Films: Which Are the Most Significant?

Oooh lookie!

An author, John Scalzi, is giving readers a chance to offer information for his book. It's pretty nice to have input in something like that.

I was going to suggest Brother from Another Planet but I read over the comments and someone already mentioned it. The X-Files: Fight the Future movie. I only brought it up as an afterthought because someone mentioned that it was strange that no one mentioned it. Which is strange.

Help out and leave your very own comment here.

John Scalzi is the author of:
A science fiction novel (Old Man's War, late 2003 from Tor Books); one online financial reference book (The Rough Guide to Money Online), one astronomy book (The Rough Guide to the Universe, May 2003), and one book on stupidity (The Book of the Dumb, late 2003). I also contributed articles to Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges Through History, Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges Through the Universe, and Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges Through the Great Lives.

So I'm watching Andromeda...

I hadn't had a time to watch it in awhile.


Dylan has to save some Ghandi like planet from the hideous Magog. We find out that Marlowe (Blu Mankuma, another heavily recycled scifi actor) is a Paradine. Later while Dylan is trying to tell these people to leave the planet or prepare to fight he starts discussing some constellation square that the people on the planet use for guidance. Dylan tells Marlowe the square/portal is a fraud. Marlowe tells Dylan that he is one of two survivors of an ancient mythical being called Paradine.

That's where I stopped and let out a WTF? Last time I watched. Beka betrayed Dylan and Tyr went crazy. I don't think that was so long ago but probably longer than I think. I'm going to have to catch up.
I'm still catching up on Earth: Final Conflict. I'm at the beginning of the fourth season and I still don't know who that guy in the picture is and how he fits in to everything. I'll keep watching and then try to figure out this Dylan/ Paradine malarkey.

Scifi Actor Recycling

On one Saturday night on three different science fiction shows (ok 4 sci-fi, one comedy) the same few people were used as supporting cast in at least 2 different shows.

Patricia Idlette
She is currently on Dead Like Me.
Saturday night she was on The Outer Limits: The Grid and Andromeda: The Dissonant Interval . (More on Andromeda in another post)
Dead Zone, Seven Days, John Doe, X-Files. The Sentinel, Twilight Zone

Steve Bacic
He is currently on Andromeda.
I saw him last on Earth: Final Conflict. I first remember seeing him on The Outer Limits.
This guy has been in EVERYTHING!
SG1, Mutant X, Beyond Belief, Smallville, First Wave, X-Files, Highlander, Viper, MANTIS, even 21 Jump Street.
He was even Dr.McCoy in X2. I don't remember that!

Teryl Rothery
From Stargate SG1 is now a real estate agent on Dead Like Me.
Smallville, Outer Limits, MANTIS, Viper, X-Files

Lexa Doig
She IS Andromeda.
Earth Final Conflict was the only other SciFi TV show she was on.
She was in JasonX.

Lisa Ryder
Currently on Andromeda.
Forever Knight, Earth Final Conflict, Psi Factor
She was also in JasonX.

Everyone except for Patricia Idlette is Canadian but she is currently doing theatre in Canada.

I always wondered why Canada always had the best science fiction shows.

Terminating terror and girlie men

I know I'm late in commenting on this. At first I didn't know how to relate the "girlie men" comment into a blog about science fiction but then I found out big Arnold said that Bush could terminate terror.

The "girlie men" comment:
C'Mon, that's hilarious! I think my first reaction to this was laughter. Every time I think of it, laughter.
I heard that some gay rights activists (GRA) were upset. I don't think that this was an attack on anyone's sexuality. I don't think that Arnold is a homophobe. But then again, I don't know the man. I can honestly say that I'd never thought I'd see the day when he'd run for any office but I watch science fiction and few things still surprise me.
I know that the remark may have been insensitive especially coming from the Grand 'ole Party and some people don't watch every episode of Saturday Night Live. A lot of people probably just didn't get it. Not everyone watches every episode of Saturday Night Live enough to remember quotes. The "Girlie Men" phrase may be popular but not everyone knows enough about it to know that Arnold was actually making a joke about someone making fun of him. From the looks of it, that whole night was a bad attempt at a comedy routine.

Let me re-phrase a quote of mine from an earlier entry.
Politicians are people who are too ugly to be musicians.

New quote:
Politicians are people who are too lame to be any type of entertainer.
... And entertainers should stay out of politics.

I know this is a bad attitude but I only keep it to maintain sanity. Now let me get off of politics before I get myself into trouble.

As far as Bush terminating terror......
Let's just say that I'm a conspiracy nut at heart. I saw the pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen that came out 6 months before September 11th. I trust no one :)

TV Guide Article:
The Sept. 11 Parallel "Nobody Noticed"

Sci Fi Wire -- The News Service of the Sci Fi Channel
Gunmen Foreshadowed 9/11

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Musings of a SCI-FI Fan Girl

Musings of a SCI-FI Fan Girl

Blogging about my own blog here.
It has been redesigned and now it's all purty.

I added:
  • A cool new layout. I based this layout on a layout I saw using the futuristic chic. I pretty much had to build this layout from scratch though. (permanent credit for the picture in the link section)
  • Blogrolling.... and it scrolls. (What's uses of Blogrolling if it doesn't actually scroll?)
  • Button, pendant thingies from
  • Mandatory site counter.
  • Trackback from Haloscan.
  • Built for people still using rotary phones, leeches and 1024x768. If you use 800x600, you are screwed.
  • and a quote on every post that you'll only get if you are an ubergeek.

  • Friday, September 03, 2004

    spacelands.de - | spaceArt |


    The art on this site is spectacular!
    These are the places you dream of walking in or visiting. Awesome.

    Thursday, September 02, 2004

    scifi ranter girl's - Fall 2004 TV Schedule

    It's September and I'm ready to know what shows I'll be watching, what shows I may watch and which shows make me go into anaphylactic shock.

    Charmed (WB) Sept. 12
    I catch this show every once and a while. I'd have to see it from the beginning to get into it. It's actually not bad.

    Lost (ABC) Sept. 22
    This seems like an interesting show. What I liked most when I read about it is that there will be "stars" of the show but they are not safe from getting killed off. They are going ot be rotating different stars in. I guess they are trying to get rid of the dependence on the main characters so that there won't be a happy ending all of the time.

    Navy NCIS (CBS) Sept. 28
    This show is funny as hell. I started watching it... well I don't remember but it's WAY better than that bland and boring CSI. My god that show blows. (....imho)

    Smallville (WB) Sept. 22
    I don't usually watch this show because it makes me want to gag most of the time. They are a whiny bunch. The season finale was interesting. I'll catch the premiere at least. And to see Lex.

    Star Trek: Enterprise (UPN) Oct. 8
    ...only because of that WTF Ending. Space Nazi's.... ::shakes head::

    Mmmm. Kevin Sorbo. Errr...
    This show is actually kinda cool. I don't know what the hell happened with Tyr towards the end but I'll watch it anyway. I didn't realized that Sci-Fi was airing "new" episodes. I thought they were just airing re-runs. It's good to see another Roddenberry show doing well.

    Looks good. I'm not expecting anything. I'll probably love it.

    Battlestar Galactica
    Um... Hell Yeah!!

    Waiting until 2005
    24 (FOX) returns in Jan
    24 is way too intense. I *may* have to pass on it this season.
    ..... ...... ok.... That's a lie but ::sigh:: it's too much of a commitment. It's an insane show. Ground breaking.
    If I'm going to watch Enterprise, I may as well watch this one too.

    The Dead Zone (USA) returns in 2005
    I swear the current season was like only 5 episodes long. This show got boring for me after awhile. I stopped watching it. This season was really good though. You better believe that Anthony Michael is going on my Sci-Fi Ranter Girls Sexiest Sci-Fi Men list.

    Mad Mad House (SciFi) returns in March
    My dirty little reality show secret. It was interesting. I enjoyed the vampire and the voodoo priestess the most. Nicole should have won!!!!!

    The 4400 returns ????
    I enjoyed that show. Excuse me... mini-series that should have been a show because the guy from Deep Space Nine had something to do with it.

    Shows currently watching
    Stargate SG1
    Stargate Atlantis
    Dead Like Me
    Penn and Teller: Humbug! :)

    Shows (I've heard) that I should be watching
    Six Feet Under
    Kingdom Hospital
    Tru Calling
    I don't know I'm not that motivated to see these. Not enough latex and PVC. No space ships, no aliens, no phasers and time travel plots. No Space Nazis ::rolls eyes::

    Shows that got canceled that I'm BITTER about
    Angel (WB)
    Century City (CBS)
    Jake 2.0 (UPN)
    Mutant X (synd) (Though this show was pretty bad, it was cute)

    Shows that got canceled that should have never been made!!!
    All About the Andersons (WB)
    Becker (CBS) (Oh yeah! I'm still bitter about Season 7 Terry Farrell)
    Married to the Kellys (ABC), I'm with Her (ABC), The Parkers (UPN), Karen Sisco (ABC), All About the Andersons (WB), The Anna Nicole Show (E!), The Sharon Osbourne Show (synd), Wanda at Large (FOX), Tarzan (WB), Threat Matrix (ABC), Whoopi (NBC), Wonderfalls (FOX)-- a collective gag and spit for these shows.

    Shows I miss
    The Outer Limits
    Alien Nation
    The Others (I was pretty upset about this one)
    Babylon 5
    The Lone Gunmen (that pilot episode is creepy)
    Earth 2
    Space: Above and Beyond
    Deep Space Nine ::shakes fist at Berman and Braga::
    Poltergeist: The Legacy
    Friday the 13th: the Series
    Tales from the Crypt
    Freddy's Nightmares (LMAO)
    Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction? (shut up, I was entertained :P )
    The Burning Zone
    Forever Knight
    Kindred: the Embraced (damn shame)
    The Chronicle
    Good vs Evil
    Nowhere Man
    Highlander: The Raven
    The Sentinel
    Twilight Zone (old school)
    7 Days (LOL)
    Strange Luck
    Knight Rider
    Viper (shhhh. don't tell anyone)
    Homeboys in Outer Space (yeah)
    M.A.N.T.I.S. (I went back on that one)
    even Mork and Mindy (the re-runs of course because I couldn't possibly be old enough to have caught the original run) :D

    CNN.com - Space signal studied for alien contact - Sep 2, 2004

    CNN.com - Space signal studied for alien contact - Sep 2, 2004

    ::rolls eyes and thinks of Independence Day(ID4) and it being close to September 11th::

    It would be cool but I think that these Space programs are trying to get more funding. I don't blame them. We'll see.

    I went to space.com to see if I could get a story from there and I see a story about a Black Triangle sighting. WTF???

    Then there's something about virtual astronauts. YAY! Too bad they compared it to HAL. That's kinda creepy.