Monday, September 06, 2004

So I'm watching Andromeda...

I hadn't had a time to watch it in awhile.


Dylan has to save some Ghandi like planet from the hideous Magog. We find out that Marlowe (Blu Mankuma, another heavily recycled scifi actor) is a Paradine. Later while Dylan is trying to tell these people to leave the planet or prepare to fight he starts discussing some constellation square that the people on the planet use for guidance. Dylan tells Marlowe the square/portal is a fraud. Marlowe tells Dylan that he is one of two survivors of an ancient mythical being called Paradine.

That's where I stopped and let out a WTF? Last time I watched. Beka betrayed Dylan and Tyr went crazy. I don't think that was so long ago but probably longer than I think. I'm going to have to catch up.
I'm still catching up on Earth: Final Conflict. I'm at the beginning of the fourth season and I still don't know who that guy in the picture is and how he fits in to everything. I'll keep watching and then try to figure out this Dylan/ Paradine malarkey.

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