Monday, September 06, 2004

Scifi Actor Recycling

On one Saturday night on three different science fiction shows (ok 4 sci-fi, one comedy) the same few people were used as supporting cast in at least 2 different shows.

Patricia Idlette
She is currently on Dead Like Me.
Saturday night she was on The Outer Limits: The Grid and Andromeda: The Dissonant Interval . (More on Andromeda in another post)
Dead Zone, Seven Days, John Doe, X-Files. The Sentinel, Twilight Zone

Steve Bacic
He is currently on Andromeda.
I saw him last on Earth: Final Conflict. I first remember seeing him on The Outer Limits.
This guy has been in EVERYTHING!
SG1, Mutant X, Beyond Belief, Smallville, First Wave, X-Files, Highlander, Viper, MANTIS, even 21 Jump Street.
He was even Dr.McCoy in X2. I don't remember that!

Teryl Rothery
From Stargate SG1 is now a real estate agent on Dead Like Me.
Smallville, Outer Limits, MANTIS, Viper, X-Files

Lexa Doig
She IS Andromeda.
Earth Final Conflict was the only other SciFi TV show she was on.
She was in JasonX.

Lisa Ryder
Currently on Andromeda.
Forever Knight, Earth Final Conflict, Psi Factor
She was also in JasonX.

Everyone except for Patricia Idlette is Canadian but she is currently doing theatre in Canada.

I always wondered why Canada always had the best science fiction shows.

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