Saturday, September 11, 2004

Dr. Weir, Please eat a sandwich.... or two.

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Stargate Atlantis: Eye on Fashion... :|

Dr. Weir, Please eat a sandwich.... or two.
I promise you that it wouldn't upset us. You have no fear of looking fat. 10 more pounds please. You look gaunt.... and worse you are NOT that old.

The fashion director for this episode should be fired! Dr. Weir's t-shirt was the worst fitting t-shirt ever. I could see a t-shirt fitting like that if you are overweight but she's skinny. It's like the t-shirt was too tight and too big at the same time. Every time she moved her waifly humerus around, it's like it swam in the arm hole. This is almost worst than fat swinging from the underarm. The shirt kept bunching up around her bust. I hope that some guy, somewhere on earth found that shirt sexy because it irritated me that no one decided to change it.

Fashion irritation number 2.
Teyla's mall outfit.
What she had on was better than what she bought. In fact, it was damn near the same shirt. They just gave her a very badly designed jean skirt and some shoes that were so 5 years ago. She didn't look that comfortable in it either. Nice legs but that skirt threw it off, IMO.

This isn't the worst of the shirt but it is the shirt in question.

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