Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ron Moore has a huge.... lawn?

Have you listened to the latest Battlestar Galactica Podcast for episode #214?
There was a lawnmower or leaf blower going throughout the ENTIRE podcast. Towards the middle the phone rings then a dog starts barking. Then he becomes a reverend and tells people how to do a job. Then he broke down in faux tears. This guy is hysterical!

I actually liked the episode Black Market prior to this podcast. I wouldn't have given any of his problems a second thought if he didn't bring it up. I noticed everything that he pointed out but he has to understand that Apollo is a problematic character IMO. I don't think he should have been so negative about the episode. I guess listening to his podcast is akin to watching someone make sausage.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Smallville: Why won't Lana die?

Last week marked the 100th episode of Smallville. The episode was especially beautiful and stylized. It was a joy to look at but it wasn't enough to make up for the train wreck of decisions made by the writers. They went too far this time. So far in fact that it almost motivated me to start a "Kill Lana Lang" campaign.


This was THE episode where Clark told Lana that he had super powers. She took it ok. It got piled on thicker when he asked her to marry him. She said yes. There was so much sweetness in this episode that my teeth were hurting. I mean, even Mr. Daddy Kent won the election for Senator. This meant that Lex Luthor lost and he had to call Lana and Lana had to go running to his mansion and he had to pitch a drunk fit and he had to see the engagement ring and he had to get rowdy and she had to leave in a rush and he had to chase after him in his car AND there had to be car accident.

Lana Lang finally bit the bullet! She got ran down by a school bus.
I stood in cheer because I thought FINALLY! the torture of Clark Kent is over. This guy has been teased by this wraith of a woman for FIVE YEARS! He is finally free! But no, it was too good to be true. He had to go to his Clark Cave. This time there was no flying around the earth backwards to turn back time. This time he simply held a crystal and was thrust back into time. He was warned that if he saved her life, that someone else would have to die. This bastard did not care, all he wanted to do was save his unattainable doll.
So predictably at the point when Lana was to bite it, Clark saves her life.

Guess who got to die? HIS OWN FATHER! He deserves all the pain he gets. The writers deserve for the show to be cancelled. Yes, I know that his father died in the comic books but they changed everything for this incarnation of Superman, why couldn't they keep daddy?

That pretty much did it for me with Smallville. It's going to take something spectacular to make me watch again. The high level of horse shit that was this episode pretty much killed the entire show for me.

Here is an awesome article explaining I hate the Lana character so much. It's not because I'm jealous, I like the actual actress.
The Fetishization of Lana Lang
Why is the fetishism of this character so despised by so many people?

So far, Lana is not seen as someone who helps Clark in his journey towards becoming a superhero but a barrier, an obstacle. People who don't want to see Clark's transformation into a superhero as strictly a tragedy rather resent Lana for making it seem as if he really regrets becoming Superman and would throw it all away strictly for her, especially if they don't see why Clark finds her so worthy. Clark's fetishism of Lana is something that a large number of viewers do not understand and the tone of his "devotion" often takes on creepy overtones...

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Doctor Who Action Figures


from Outpost Gallifrey:
New Action Figure Images
Tenth Planet have sent us images of the new line of Character Options Action Figures, including two versions of the David Tennant Doctor, the Moxx of Balhoon, Cassandra, the Slitheen and the Sycorax Leader. Says their site, "This year Doctor Who gets a brand new line of Action Figures, below are Six of these soon to be released figures. Plus a list of other figures both 4" and 12" including playsets! These are officially released images by the BBC and Character Options. Wave One is scheduled for a February 2006 release."

SciFriday: 01/13/06 - A Kiss!

SciFriday didn't have that same rush as last week but as usual I found some goodies.


Stargate: SG1 - Collateral Damage
When SG-1 travels to an Asgard Protected Planet, Colonel Mitchell is accused of a murder he did not commit.

Honestly, I was bored until the last 15 minutes of this one. It had a the most entertaining twist that I've seen in this show in a long time. The real killer implanted memories of his killing in Col. Mitchell and erased all knowledge of his evil deeds from his own memory. That way, he couldn't slip up or behave strangely if questioned. Because he didn't remember anything, he was not charged and got to continue his work. It was the best use of memory implants that I've seen in a long time. The build up was extremely sedate but it paid off in the end. Very classy.

Stargate: Deep Space Nine - The Storyteller
Stardate: 46729.1 O'Brien is appointed as the spiritual leader of a Bajoran village when he and Bashir are unable to save the dying predecessor. O'Brien must now defend the village from a mysterious and destructive force.
Wait a minute... I mean... Stargate: Atlantis - Epiphany
Sheppard finds himself stranded in a village populated by people who are waiting to be ascended (like Daniel Jackson a few seasons back). Unable to find his way out, Sheppard must now defend the village from a mysterious and destructive force.

This mission was stupid. There is no way that a trained military officer should have been in this situation. He had the most inept team. Why was Teyla and faux Worf even on the team? He should have had a military unit and there was no rush to go into the "portal" in the first place without translating the text on the outside. In both episodes, the villagers get rid of the monsters by thinking it away. This episode was dumb.

Battlestar Galactica - Resurrection Ship: Part 2
The new human alliance is in danger of fracturing over new revelations about the Battlestar Pegasus.

FINALLY! The President and Captain, now Admiral, Adama shared a kiss. I haven't been that happy to see an on-screen kiss since Mulder and Scully. I'm glad it didn't take as long either.
Part 1 of this episode set up an assassination of both the Captains of Pegasus and Galactica. Both assassinations were called off. But the No.6 Cylon ended up killing Admiral Cain anyway. A very Star Trek ending. I think these two episodes were rushed. This could have easily went on for two more episodes. I'm told that if I want to know the full story that I should listen to the BSG podcast. The thing is... I don't want to have to supplement a full story with a podcast. I want the whole story dammit.
When Lee/Apollo was stranded out in space I started having flashbacks of Crusade. "Who are you? What do you want? Whom do you serve? What are you looking for?" No technomages here but he did get rescued and everyone lived happily ever after.

Can't wait until next week.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Remember That Free iPod Contest?

Remember that contest from Slice of SciFi where they were giving away a SciFi Channel branded iPod? The winner comments here often and he has pictures of his iPod. I loved it so much I had to post a link to the pics.



Depressed Because Your Girl Doesn't Like Science Fiction?

In response to this article from SciFi Brain:
The Fembot: Why All Women Should Love Sci-Fi

I think what this guy means to say is why don't cheerleaders, models, sorority girls, strippers and prostitutes like science fiction.

First, salt in the wound.
Too bad you don't have a girl like me. Sucks don't it. ;)
There are women out there that love science fiction you just have to get off of your ass and find them. Then you have to do what it takes to keep them.

Second, if you have a girl friend and you love science fiction and she doesn't, you have failed. You are probably not good in bed, she will probably leave you in a year and you don't deserve a girl friend. Here's why...

Getting your girl to like science fiction is easy if you are interesting and she loves spending time with you. If your girl doesn't want to curl up on the sofa and watch what you are watching just to be near you then you suck and will be single soon. If you do keep her, you are probably paying her rent, buying clothes, etc.?

Getting your girl to like science fiction requires you to be attentive. You have to actually pull yourself away from your web comics, newsgroups, multi-player video game, porno, and yes, your favorite science fiction TV show on to find out what your girl is interested in. Find out what her favorite TV shows or movies are, find out what she's studying at school or what she does for a living then find a science fiction show close to that theme and make her watch it. If you really want to reel her in, find a specific episode that you think she will respond to. If she has a favorite actor, show her episodes of her favorite actor in a scifi show. Take Michael Ironside, he's on Desperate Housewives now. Show her Smallville, Outer Limits or the "V" TV show. If she wanted to be a princess growing up, tell her about Queen Amidala. If she likes strong female figures, tell her about Starbuck. If she's a utopian hippie, tell her about Captain Picard. If she likes bad boys, tell her about Firefly. If she has foreign relatives, show her Babylon 5. If she's ever been the "new girl", Alien Nation. If she likes fashion, tell her how Aeon Flux's costumes were featured in the October issue of InStyle magazine. If she has a relative in the military, try Battlestar Galactica. Try Battlestar Galactica anyway if she likes chick flicks because this one will make her cry.
DO NOT overwhelm her with details and statistics. DO NOT show her your collection of anything. DO NOT be pushy.
You know, a lot of females out there just don’t ‘get’ Sci-Fi. When I tell them I love Firefly or Star Trek or Star Wars, they tend to look at me as if I suddenly have antennae growing out of my head. Obviously, part of it is simply a case of us not understanding one another. My idea of a good time is watching Serenity with a group of fellow Browncoats, and then spending hours at the nearby Applebee’s talking about it.
Third, you can't be boring. Watching Firefly then going to Applebee's and talking about it would bore anyone after awhile. Watching Firefly = eye candy, blowing stuff up, space ships, traveling to new and exotic places. Talking about Firefly at Applebee's = no eye candy, no boom, mostly likely a late model standard that doesn't go over 65 and nothing exotic. Don't threaten to take your girl to Applebee's dude. You won't get her. You won't keep her.
If she likes to go out. Schedule a SciFriday Party with interesting people. If Applebee's has a TV, do it there. Does Applebee's have alcohol.? Try a bar, try a friends house where she feels comfortable. I'd also like to take this time to tell you that it would be a bad idea to where that "Joss Whedon is my Master Now" t-shirt. As a matter of fact don't where a t-shirt at all. Take a shower. Brush your teeth. Use mouthwash and deodorant. What about that comb?

OK, maybe not a stripper

According to the BBC website:
SCI FI Channel screen first series Fridays at 9pm from March.
The deal, brokered by Lisa Hofer, Director Co-Production & Sales, BBC Worldwide Americas, grants SCI FI Channel the first run rights for series one with an option for series two. The award-winning series will premiere on SCI FI beginning in March, airing Friday nights at 9.00pm.

Lisa Hofer deserves a raise, a week in a spa with some Fabio guy rubbing her feet. Everyone should drink a beer for Lisa!

..or tea, tea is good too. If it's good enough to bring the Doctor back to health...

Torchwood! Captain Jack! GIRLIE SQUEAL!!!!

Doctor Who: SciFi Channel gets it right

I can't believe it! Our wish came true! The US will be getting Doctor Who on the SciFi Channel!

SCI FI To Air New Doctor Who

I remember reading that this was just a rumor and it was never going to happen. I was ready to accept that we may never see Doctor Who in the US on TV. It feels like Christmas all over again. Finally we asked for something and received it. You should check out the Doctor Who webpage. They have a picture of the Tardis in front of the White House with flash fireworks. Will we see some American episodes? Dunno. They main thing that I love about the show is that it's set in England. Bringing it to the US may kill it like The X-Files. Ooops... did I say that out loud?

Kudos to those responsible for making this happen. They deserve a pat on the back, better yet a raise.... better yet a stripper for the night or some other equally rewarding treat.

While the SciFi Channel is listening, can we get some old school Dr Who re-runs? While I'm at it, it wouldn't hurt to see some Babylon 5 re-runs again. Can we bring back Farscape and Firefly too? Pretty please?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

SG-1/ Farscape Crossover

Source: SciFi Wire
SG-1's Browder Back With Black
Browder laughed when asked who'd win if John Crichton and Cameron Mitchell ever got into a fight. "The simple answer is that Aeryn would dispatch Vala and then rescue John," Browder said. "Cameron would have the upper hand until Aeryn kicked his ass."

That quote got my brain turning.

Since Stargate has gotten a bit wacky and it's not tied solely to the Egyptian/G'ould theme anymore, there is no reason why Stargate couldn't visit the Peace Keeper universe. They could go visit a Luxan planet and have D'Argo as a guest character. They could visit the Hynerians, Sebatians, etc. They don't ever have to used the same names but it would be awesome to see an unofficial crossover.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

CES 2006: I didn't get the memo

If I had known that the Consumer Electronics Show was this month AND it was in Las Vegas, I would have made an excuse to go. I still have the Star Trek 40th Anniversary to look forward to.

If you need an excuse to go to Las Vegas, check out the Las Vegas Convention Calendar.

Comcast's SciFi Month

from twincities.com:
Sci-fi on demand all month
If you're a sci-fi geek who happens to be a Comcast subscriber, January is your month.

The east metro's primary cable-television provider is collecting an obscene amount of science fiction programming for convenient on-demand viewing.

Offerings range from "Star Trek" movies and TV episodes to other top flicks and programs, such as the legendary "Firefly," along with sci-fi-themed documentaries and the like. Much of this is free to digital subscribers. Some of it - including theatrical releases such as "War of the Worlds" - costs extra.

For details, go to www.comcast.com and search for "Sci-Fi Month." For an online directory of the sci-fi offerings, go to http://comcast.m0.net/m/p/com/mic/scifi.asp. To get at the shows, click channel one or "On Demand" on your Comcast remote.

SciFriday: Premiere Week 1/6/06


What I miss the most about the Mid-Season SciFriday Premiere is the Pre-Season Summary Show like they aired at the beginning of the season. I understand that it's mid-season and we all need to see Firefly a hundred more times but the pre-show is essential to the build up for the coming season and I missed it.

I'm under the weather so my thoughts are a bit scattered. (Thanks NyQuil!) I just wanted to get the post out, I'll make it coherent and/or clarify things later.

Stargate: SG1 - Fourth Horsemen, Part 2
It was good to see Tony Todd and William B Davis again as usual. To bad about Louis Gosset Jr's character, maybe he's ascended and not really "dead" dead. I think Ben Browder is growing well into the character now. The wise cracks are the best and damn the boy looks good in military gear. What I really want though is for Daniel Jackson to be smart again. I miss him being able to break codes and such. Teal'c scowled and growled the whole episode. It love him but the guy needs to discover a Jaffa pleasure planet or something. This thing with the Ori is slightly interesting but I'm kinda tired of it. It didn't pack the punch that I wanted BUT it was still a loveable episode.

Stargate: Atlantis - The Hive
The red-headed middle child of SciFriday. I watch this show but just hasn't compelled me to put the dollar in the g-string. Rodney McKay has evolved into the star of the show some how. I thought it was supposed to be Sheppard or Weir.
In this episode, The Wraith became The Borg. I wonder why someone didn't learn the "don't- add- a- queen" lesson from Star Trek: Voyager. The show is a tad predictable still BUT it's fun and safe.
The fact that I don't have more to say about this show bothers me. Maybe my expectations soared a bit too high during the LONG wait for new episodes to return.

Battlestar Galactica - Resurrection Ship, Part 1

They are getting too dark, too intense way too fast. The writers outdid themselves with the rape last episode and now we have the President talking about killing an Admiral? That's just getting out of hand. I loved it but it challenged what I'm used to seeing in modern science fiction shows. I know that the President killing or thinking of it is not unprecedented (remember the Cylon that she threw out of the airlock) but her suggestion seems so out of the blue and almost to cold for her character. I get that the Admiral is out of control but she is right for wanting to execute the chief and Helo. I would support her if she didn't have such a vigilante crew that went around raping robots and killing civilians. I get the point that this civilization is "on the raggedy edge" of space, I get that rules have to be re-imagined, I don't get how there wasn't some other strategy being kicked around to deal with the Admiral Cain. The only thing I can think of is that I've been spoiled by Star Trek... and this ain't Star Trek. In my opinion, this episode was THE episode that set BSG apart from anything else on TV ever.

And what about the balls on Starbuck? I'm saying this now. SHE has more balls that the male Starbuck on the original series! I wonder who's still bitching about her being a female?

I can't wait until next week!

Monday, January 02, 2006

I Hate Poetry

If you think your poetry is better than Vogon Poetry, think again! Stop taking yourself seriously and just use The Vogon Poem Generator.
Here is a sample:
See, see the dedicated sky
Marvel at its big cornflower blue depths.
Tell me, Brad Pitt do you
Wonder why the lizard ignores you?
Why its foobly stare
makes you feel cranky.
I can tell you, it is
Worried by your irregardless facial growth
That looks like
A pop tarts.
What's more, it knows
Your bar keep potting shed
Smells of W's Brain.
Everything under the big dedicated sky
Asks why, why do you even bother?
You only charm armpits.

Yes. I hate poetry.