Wednesday, January 11, 2006

SG-1/ Farscape Crossover

Source: SciFi Wire
SG-1's Browder Back With Black
Browder laughed when asked who'd win if John Crichton and Cameron Mitchell ever got into a fight. "The simple answer is that Aeryn would dispatch Vala and then rescue John," Browder said. "Cameron would have the upper hand until Aeryn kicked his ass."

That quote got my brain turning.

Since Stargate has gotten a bit wacky and it's not tied solely to the Egyptian/G'ould theme anymore, there is no reason why Stargate couldn't visit the Peace Keeper universe. They could go visit a Luxan planet and have D'Argo as a guest character. They could visit the Hynerians, Sebatians, etc. They don't ever have to used the same names but it would be awesome to see an unofficial crossover.