Thursday, May 24, 2007

They Threaten Us With He-Man Almost as Much as The X-Files Movie

...and then they take it a step further and threaten us with Brad Pitt as He-Man. I think I laughed at this story for about 30 mintes.

Reports: He-Man, Hollywood Give It Another Shot
Will He-Man finally have the power?

The cartoon land strongman with the weak movie track record is angling for another crack at the big screen, according to reports in the Hollywood trade papers.

Warner Bros. and Joel Silver, the brand-name producer whose credits include The Matrix franchise, Die Hard and Lethal Weapon, are in talks with He-Man's overlords at toy-giant Mattel, Variety and the Hollywood Reporter said.

As proposed, the papers said, the He-Man movie will be produced by Silver, and written by Justin Marks, who may as well have prepped for the assignment by penning the upcoming Voltron, another based-on-a-cartoon-series project.

Rumors that Brad Pitt would play the titular blond hulk are just rumors—denied rumors. "The lead role has not yet been cast," Variety said.

And according to the Hollywood Reporter, the movie itself is yet to be set in stone. The paper described a done deal as being "potentially months away."

Monday, May 07, 2007

Lost Has an End Date in 2010

ABC has announced that Lost will conclude after two seasons worth of material--48 episodes--stretched out over three seasons, reports Reuters. Seasons four, five, and six will be 16 episodes each, with the series finale airing in 2010. In addition, the seasons will air uninterrupted rather than take a break midseason.

Lost producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have signed eight-figure deals to remain onboard through the end, and see the end date as a bit of a relief.

The real question is can they hold us for that long?

I must admit that earlier in the current season, I was a bit unimpressed. The episodes weren't having that many reveals. I was DVRing them and letting them pile up. Somewhere in all of that, the show picked up the pace and I'm hooked again. I am not happy with the suggestion that the Losties are dead and the island is purgatory. Now that I know there are going to be 3 more years, I'm convinced that this is not the case. The parachute lady and Locke's dad are only saying that to throw us off. If the Losties are dead, boy those writers better get ready for me to put up one hell of a fight. (read: pout on my blog)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Human Daleks Are Far From Cute

You know.....
I'm a pretty open- minded girl when it comes to my perspective on attractiveness. I think Klingons are hot. I'd cuddle with a Wookie. I'd even try to figure out exactly which techniques Data is programmed with.

I have to draw the line at the newly revealed Human Dalek. Can we say YUCK.

.... YUCK!!!!

Daleks in Manhattan was a great episode. In this episode we go back in time to 1930's New York smack dab in the middle of the depression. People are disappearing. Pig faced things are running around kidnapping them. We find out the Daleks are responsible for that and for building the Empire State Building. That's hilarious!

This episode had the right level of suspense and I'm going to cut this short and say I can't wait to watch the next episode. Getting ready to hop on a flight to Cardiff.....

OMG HEROES RULED!!!!!!!!!!!!


*GIRLIE SQUEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
*jumps up and down*
*giggles and spouts unintelligible gibberish*
*squeals more*
*fans self*
*hold hand to heart and fans self some more*
*finally calms down*

After a night of seeing fanboys squealing on Twitter about the latest episode of Heroes, I could wait to watch it. Unfortunately, I had to catch in on DVR. I just finished it and WOW!!!!!!!
String Theory had it all! We get the alternate timeline, a Doppelgänger and more. Nikki is (of course) a stripper *rolls eyes*. Peter Petrelli has a long scar across his face and is way darker but equally delicious. (Why do the main characters always have facial scars when there's an alternate reality? Buffy?) Matt Parkman works for homeland security and is evil. He kills HRG :( The one that got me??? Sylar is the president!!!!!! He's been parading around for 5 years as Nathan Petrelli. The rounding up "mutants" for genocide was creepy and reminds me of X-Men but I don't mind. The fight scene in the lobby with Hiro and Peter was AMAZING!!!!!!!!! The glowy hands scene with Peter and Sylar was FANTASTIC!!!!!

I feel like I owe someone $7 for a movie ticket. This episode was THAT GOOD!