Tuesday, May 01, 2007

OMG HEROES RULED!!!!!!!!!!!!


*GIRLIE SQUEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
*jumps up and down*
*giggles and spouts unintelligible gibberish*
*squeals more*
*fans self*
*hold hand to heart and fans self some more*
*finally calms down*

After a night of seeing fanboys squealing on Twitter about the latest episode of Heroes, I could wait to watch it. Unfortunately, I had to catch in on DVR. I just finished it and WOW!!!!!!!
String Theory had it all! We get the alternate timeline, a Doppelgänger and more. Nikki is (of course) a stripper *rolls eyes*. Peter Petrelli has a long scar across his face and is way darker but equally delicious. (Why do the main characters always have facial scars when there's an alternate reality? Buffy?) Matt Parkman works for homeland security and is evil. He kills HRG :( The one that got me??? Sylar is the president!!!!!! He's been parading around for 5 years as Nathan Petrelli. The rounding up "mutants" for genocide was creepy and reminds me of X-Men but I don't mind. The fight scene in the lobby with Hiro and Peter was AMAZING!!!!!!!!! The glowy hands scene with Peter and Sylar was FANTASTIC!!!!!

I feel like I owe someone $7 for a movie ticket. This episode was THAT GOOD!

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nabikineum said...

I KNOW!!! The Sylar/Nathan twist actually got me! Claire's expression when she was Sylar'ed? Fantastic!

I loved it. LOVED IT. Loved Future Hiro and the Matrix-y then later X-men-y battles.

Mohinder proved he has a pair again and killed the Hatian to save 'our' Hiro. Even Ando pulled out a great performance with finding out he died in the future and bonding with FutureHiro.