Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

As far as I'm concerned, this can't be a valid arguement anymore. As of this year, Star Wars is to Prince as Star Trek is to Micheal Jackson.

Gene Roddenberry's Shows

Has anyone noticed that the popular Gene Roddenberry shows have ended in a fizzle? Earth: Final Conflict, Andromeda and Star Trek (on a whole or at least up until this date) have all ended in mutation and poor ratings. This has to be because Gene was taken before his time. RIP

When Earth: Final Conflict started out, it had a very Gene feel to it. After awhile, I didn't know what the hell EFC was. It had nice special effects but it was pretty much unwatchable.

Andromeda aired it's final episode and I have no clue what was going on. The drama was there, the actors were lovable but the story line was worse than someone with ADD on acid.

Then there's Enterprise, I won't go into a rant about how anticlimactic that ending was but it was pretty piss poor. I remember crying at the end of Deep Space Nine; hard core tears. I even got choked up for Voyager's ending. (sshhhh don't tell anyone) But Enterprise? I forced myself to pay attention to the series finale. When having Trek Vet's on the show don't create a sense of excitement, something's wrong. I understood the premise of the episode, it was clever, but way too obscure just like Nemesis. That's saying a lot coming from a Trek nerd.

I consider myself a part of the extended family of Gene Roddenberry. I'm pretty pissed about how they handled Uncle Gene's legacy BUT I'm getting over it, letting it go and getting a life.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Lucas, You Did It!

I can die happy. You gave us what we wanted. I knew you had it in you. You did us proud.

*sniff* I love you man.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Star Wars: MIA for a week

I'm getting prepared for Star Wars this week so posts will be far and few between. I have to get ready for "the Holy Day line". I've been getting so pumped for the movie that I haven't bothered watching the Enterprise finale. Do you wanna know what got me so pumped up?
Dragon Page's Cover to Cover podcast with Matthew Stover. He wrote the novelization of Star Wars- EPIII - Revenge of the Sith . That guy was so into the book and the story that I totally forgot how disappointed I was with Attack of the Clones. He's making me anticipate May 19th like it was December 25 when I was 5 years old. If you are going to listen to anything about the movie before hand, this podcast is it!

For the record, I loved The Phantom Menace. Liam Neeson made that movie for me. I can watch that movie over and over just for him as Qui-Gon. Now, that's a man! How he stood there with his hair blowing in the wind and light saber just bouncing about. WHOOOO! He made me moan a PG-13 moan! More like an R or NC-17 but enough about that. Liam Neeson pretty much cancelled out Jar-Jar for me. When I tell people I loved Episode I, they always go on about Jar-Jar. I'm always like, "Oh right, I forgot about Jar-Jar." Then they give me this look. Usually it's a guy. When I tell a chick I liked Episode I, she knows what I'm talking about.

The only thing that was a chore about EPII was Hayden Christensen and the factory scene near the end where they were on the assembly belts. *cringe* I rolled my eyes through some of the actions scenes after that because they were so typical. Other than that, I loved the movie. Hayden's accent is just wrong and it makes him sound weird. It's noticeable enough to be irritating. I watched EPII last night and I convinced myself that Anakin wasn't so bad after all. I even got choked up.
I liked Obi-Wan in this movie BUT Ewan McGregor is no Liam Neeson. Ewan is to hot as Liam is to SCORCHIN'!

I have to calm down a bit because with all of this excitement, I'm setting myself up for disappointment like with that god awful third Matrix debacle. ^@*&%#$!

Anyhoo... I watched Episode 1 the other night and when I saw the two headed alien hosting the pod race, I SO thought of Michael & Evo. Of course, I had to take it a step further. Like it?

Friday, May 13, 2005

Fan Trys to Steal EP3 Billboard

Fan Trys to Steal EP3 Billboard
mutley sends in this humorous story reported in the "The West Australian" Newspaper on Wednesday:

"On Monday night, one eager fan swapped his lightsaber for light fingers when he tried to steal a giant Darth Vader billboard on the corner of Wellington and Barrack streets. The offender was caught but not before $6000 damage."

I'm going to LMAO on this one! This is the best story yet.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Doctor of the Dead

Simon Pegg from Shaun of the Dead makes a guest appearence on Doctor Who this week's episode The Long Game as "The Editor".

It took me 15 minutes into the show before I could place the face. I did the IMDB thing and found out that Simon Pegg has been a narrartor for the current Doctor Who as well. I also found out that Simon Pegg will be doing another zombie flick cameo in George Romero's Land of the Dead that will be released some time this year.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Review

It was good, go see it.


I forced myself to sit through this one. Baby grows up to a man in one day... ah... that one. Saw that one Enterprise except that baby was grown by Phlox. I remember it on DS9 except that baby was a Jem Hadar. Let's not forget our hero Liam Kincaid on Earth: Final Conflict. Has this happened on Stargate yet? They'll probably do it on Atlantis.

I wonder if there is a mandatory science fiction storyline book.

I think Charmed was better than the last few Smallvilles. Believe me, saying that, on the record, makes me feel dirty.

Medium is Consistently Great

BBC Buys Medium
Paramount has sold the NBC paranormal series Medium to the BBC, which has U.K. terrestrial rights, Variety reported. The network picked up the series, which stars Patricia Arquette, despite a government warning not to buy U.S. content unless it serves a "public purpose," the trade paper reported.

It's the first time the BBC has bought a U.S. series for its main terrestrial network, BBC1, since Band Of Brothers in 2001. Medium is likely to air in a post-10:30 p.m. weekday slot, starting this summer.

NBC is owned by NBC Universal, which also owns SCIFI.COM.

So Paramount does sell series after all. That's all I'll say about that.

I like Medium. It's a nice show. Not complicated and very watchable. I'd really like to see what would happen if some person found out about her talent and had her studied. Possibly an explanation of how she's able to do this and if anyone else like her is around. All of the episodes are nice and sweet. I'd like to see things shaken up for her a bit. This show has potential like that but of course Paramount can't have shows like this around.

On another note:
a government warning not to buy U.S. content unless it serves a "public purpose,"
What is that about?

War Games Again? Kill Me Now...

Shall We Play A Game? Again?
From the 'This Is An Incredibly Bad Idea' department, it looks like MGM will be filming a sequel to the movie War Games. Not a direct sequel really, more like an update, but called War Game II. In another sign this movie will suck, it will be a direct to DVD film, and it will involve a runaway computer bent on nuclear devastation of the Earth.

Why, why, why must Hollywood take all that is good and holy about our childhood movies and rip them apart and make more crap? Yet another sign of the dearth of ideas in Tinseltown.

When I read this, I rolled my eyes and passed out in my chair. Hasn't our generation suffered enough disappointment? There's nothing wrong with War Games. I don't want to sound negative but War Games is a movie that requires writers that can rub more than two brain cells together. You can't just impress us with a kid who can break into the FBI database, my grandmother can do that. And I swear if they use the word hacker in the movie I will vomit. They need to bring back vomitoriums and put them in there rightful places, the theater.

Even worse:
MGM has announced a July start date for the sequel to 1983's "War Games".

Called "War Games II : The Deadly Key", the film is scheduled to shoot in Europe, and tipped for a direct-to-DVD release sometime next year.
[why bother making it at all???]

In "War Games 2", teenage computer-whiz Cory Carpenter, is on a class trip in Europe when the authorities wrongly mistake him for a cyber criminal.

Now, Carpenter's on the run, but thanks to his beautiful classmate Anne and his nerdy best mate Dale Darrow, manages to stay one step ahead of the law.

Unfortunately, whilst all this is happening, Carpenter's long-time internet pal Jay Forell - whom Carpenter later discovers isn't so much a human as he is a government computer that's gone haywire - implents a plan for nuclear disaster by bringing down an unsuspecting planet.

I'm demanding that this be a hoax. In fact, in the SciFiRanterGirl World, this is a hoax.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Time Travel Convention: Calling all Doctors

Time Traveler Convention Planned for Saturday, May 7

If you're into time travel, mark your calendar for Saturday, May 7, 2005, when the first Time Traveler Convention will be held at MIT. Or if you miss it, perhaps you can wait a few years and attend anyway. That's kind of what organizer Amal Dorai is banking on.

More information about Saturday's event can be found at the convention web site.
Time Traveller

There's a Doctor Who joke in there somewhere.
I enjoyed this weeks episode. I didn't enjoy it as much as the previous episodes of this season. I guess because I wasn't there to appreciate the whole Dalek thing. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am a new school science- fiction fan. One of the lazy one's who watches all TV and movies and is offended by those "the book was better than the movie" snobs. :D Just kidding, I read books. I'm still trying to decide what to read next. I'm doing the digress thing again...
Dalek looked like a bronze R2D2 with a plunger on the outside and on the inside looked like a paper mache' project gone wrong. What I really hated about this episode is that we find out that Rose is the woman Doctor Who loves. She's 19, he's pushing at least 40. It's legal in the US but still creepy and is a huge turn off for me. Don't get me wrong, the Doctor is hot and I'd have him for myself but Rose is all wrong for him.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Does Chole Remember or Not?

Just watched the latest Smallville and there were no showers, no hospital visit but there was ::dramatic pause:: amnesia    again. Blank was the normal cute show that I've come to love about Smallville. I was really hoping to get some real dialogue going between Chole and Clark about his "super powers". Instead we get the good ol' reset button. No real developments except for we know that What's His Name aka Irrelevant Guy aka Lana's Boy Toy aka Jason is psychotic. Of course Lana whined about it.

Looking forward to next week though! :D

C.S.I.: Qo'noS

Newest Star Trek Poll:
Now that Enterprise is finished, what direction do you think the next series should take?

Star Trek: The A. Q. (Alpha Quadrant) --Just a little lame.
Star Trek: Desperate Admirals
Star Trek: Found ---Cute
Star Trek: Apprentice Yeomans
Star Trek: Veronica Jupiter
Star Trek: Two and a Half Commanders
Star Trek: The Section 31 Files ---We've been begging for this for years.
Star Trek: Dr. Crusher, Medicine Woman
Star Trek: Space Rock
Star Trek C.S.I.: Qo'noS ---Funny
Star Trek: Galactic Idol
Star Trek: Judge Worf
Star Trek Extreme Makeover: Starship Edition
Star Trek: Everybody Loves Archer ---Hell no!
Star Trek: Malcolm Reed in the Middle
Star Trek: The Starship Life
Star Trek: Seventh Sto-Vo-Kor
Star Trek Law and Order: Trial by Klingons (This should be Trial by Cardassians, everyone would be guilty. We'd just get to see how they are made to be guilty. Hilarious)

Berman is still going on about franchise fatigue

Berman: Trek Needs A Rest
"There are a lot of people who criticized us for saying what I'm about to say, but I do believe that there was some degree of fatigue with the franchise," Berman said in a conference call interview. "I think that we found ourselves in competition with ourselves. Enterprise in many markets was running against repeats-whether it be cable or syndication-of the original series, Next Generation, Voyager [or] Deep Space Nine. And I think that after 18 years and 624 hours of Star Trek the audience began to have a little bit of overkill with Star Trek, and I think that had a lot to do with it. And I think if you take a look at the last feature film we did, Nemesis, which I still believe was a fine movie, it did two-thirds the business that the previous films had done. So I think it's, again, another example of the franchise getting a little bit tired."

I cut this guys some slack a few posts back. I tried to show him some support but now I'm gonna rip him a new one. Let me start with my standard, WTF?
He can keep pushing his "franchise fatigue" buzzwords because they look good on press releases and interviews but no one is buying this bullshit. There have been several interviews telling us that the franchise is tired so the idea will stick. He should admit that he's the one that's tired.

---Dude, we understand that you are tired. I don't know how you all lasted this long with people sending pictures of crabs attacking the Enterprise and all. (I still shake my head at that) Just don't try to blow smoke up our asses about "franchise fatigue". There is a wealth of resources right there in the Star Trek Encyclopedia that could have provided you with a plethora of easy, no- brainer yet interesting episodes. I would have gone along with the Suliban, Xindi, Time Travel arc if you guys would have thrown us a prequel-type bone every once and awhile. It seems that you are competing with yourself because the older stuff was actually good. Through re-runs, people can actually compare Enterprise to the other Treks and see that Enterprise is lacking.

I'm beating a dead horse.

From Trek Web:

Executive producer Rick Berman has done preliminary work on a possible STAR TREK film. "I'm not certain that I will be involved in creating the next STAR TREK series. I have no idea when that's going to happen, and it very well may be someone new who's going to be doing it." Paramount Network Television confirmed that there's no timetable for the development of a new show, and no creative team in place to develop it.

Good! Go do other work. Cut your ties.
I'm just a person on the sidelines and I have no idea about what it really takes to keep a show like this alive. What do I know? Sure it's easy to heckle from my keyboard but I can see that there was some negligence, mismanagement or ill-advisement in regards to this show.

I did like In the In a Mirror, Darkly, Part I & II though. It had some sloppy points like I could figure out what the ghost Captain Archer was doing there. The ending bored me. I liked the uniform transition. It also seemed like they were just pulling TOS references out of their asses like a big TOS pot luck. Use the Star Trek Encylopedia but make the references make sense together. For example, what was Gorn doing there? I guess we can find out in the
Exclusive: "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II" Commentary Podcast

Exclusive: Star Trek Commentary Podcast

Exclusive: "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II" Commentary Podcast
After our successful initial podcast last week, this week we're proud to present an exclusive "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II" audio commentary featuring episode writer Mike Sussman and the site's editorial director Tim Gaskill.

This week's commentary includes an extensive introduction by Sussman explaining the development of the storyline. Find out how interest in a guest appearance by William Shatner inspired this episode.

Star Trek Podcast Link:

Stargate Screen Caps

If you ever needed screen captures of any Stargate or Atlantis episode, I found a cool site that has them all. This is not four or five screen caps per episode. This is at least 50 or more pictures per episode. Nice work guys.

Here's the link: