Thursday, May 05, 2005

War Games Again? Kill Me Now...

Shall We Play A Game? Again?
From the 'This Is An Incredibly Bad Idea' department, it looks like MGM will be filming a sequel to the movie War Games. Not a direct sequel really, more like an update, but called War Game II. In another sign this movie will suck, it will be a direct to DVD film, and it will involve a runaway computer bent on nuclear devastation of the Earth.

Why, why, why must Hollywood take all that is good and holy about our childhood movies and rip them apart and make more crap? Yet another sign of the dearth of ideas in Tinseltown.

When I read this, I rolled my eyes and passed out in my chair. Hasn't our generation suffered enough disappointment? There's nothing wrong with War Games. I don't want to sound negative but War Games is a movie that requires writers that can rub more than two brain cells together. You can't just impress us with a kid who can break into the FBI database, my grandmother can do that. And I swear if they use the word hacker in the movie I will vomit. They need to bring back vomitoriums and put them in there rightful places, the theater.

Even worse:
MGM has announced a July start date for the sequel to 1983's "War Games".

Called "War Games II : The Deadly Key", the film is scheduled to shoot in Europe, and tipped for a direct-to-DVD release sometime next year.
[why bother making it at all???]

In "War Games 2", teenage computer-whiz Cory Carpenter, is on a class trip in Europe when the authorities wrongly mistake him for a cyber criminal.

Now, Carpenter's on the run, but thanks to his beautiful classmate Anne and his nerdy best mate Dale Darrow, manages to stay one step ahead of the law.

Unfortunately, whilst all this is happening, Carpenter's long-time internet pal Jay Forell - whom Carpenter later discovers isn't so much a human as he is a government computer that's gone haywire - implents a plan for nuclear disaster by bringing down an unsuspecting planet.

I'm demanding that this be a hoax. In fact, in the SciFiRanterGirl World, this is a hoax.

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