Sunday, May 01, 2005

C.S.I.: Qo'noS

Newest Star Trek Poll:
Now that Enterprise is finished, what direction do you think the next series should take?

Star Trek: The A. Q. (Alpha Quadrant) --Just a little lame.
Star Trek: Desperate Admirals
Star Trek: Found ---Cute
Star Trek: Apprentice Yeomans
Star Trek: Veronica Jupiter
Star Trek: Two and a Half Commanders
Star Trek: The Section 31 Files ---We've been begging for this for years.
Star Trek: Dr. Crusher, Medicine Woman
Star Trek: Space Rock
Star Trek C.S.I.: Qo'noS ---Funny
Star Trek: Galactic Idol
Star Trek: Judge Worf
Star Trek Extreme Makeover: Starship Edition
Star Trek: Everybody Loves Archer ---Hell no!
Star Trek: Malcolm Reed in the Middle
Star Trek: The Starship Life
Star Trek: Seventh Sto-Vo-Kor
Star Trek Law and Order: Trial by Klingons (This should be Trial by Cardassians, everyone would be guilty. We'd just get to see how they are made to be guilty. Hilarious)

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