Friday, December 30, 2005

Steve Jobs Movie Poster Contest

Has anyone checked this out. My stomach muscles are SORE from laughing so hard.

Steve Jobs Movie Poster Contest

I love the Kill Bill one, the I, Pod/ I, Robot but my favorite is the Twins poster with Steve Jobs and Jason Alexander.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Serenity #2 on Top DVDs

Serenity #2 on Top DVDs

It is number 2 to Wedding Crashers. What kind of upside-down world is this?

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dr. Who Ratings

from The Outpost Gallifrey
Christmas Invasion Ratings
BBC News today reports that while EastEnders was the most watched television programme in the UK on Christmas Day, Doctor Who was immediately behind it at #2. EastEnders managed an average viewership of 10.1 million viewers, peaking at 11 million, while Doctor Who's ratings averaged 9.4 million viewers, peaking at 9.8 million, and managing a 42.7% share according to the overnight ratings. ITV1's "Coronation Street" also averaged 9.4 million viewers but peaking slightly less than "Doctor Who", putting it into the #3 slot. Seven BBC1 items got into the top 10 viewing figures for the day, too, adding to the channel's success. Complete details are also available via The Sun, CBBC News, The Telegraph. The final ratings report from BARB will be out within a few weeks, where as usual, the expected final rating will likely be somewhat higher.

Have you stopped by lately. This is all the Dr. Who info at your fingertips that you'll ever need. This site is so organized and beautifully done. A lot of time and effort is put into this site. I just had to mention that because I usually read the site through my RSS reader and don't get a chance to visit it often. I think that I stayed on it for about 30 minutes today. It's bittersweet because now I've made it my mission to see as many episodes of Dr. Who episodes that I can. It's a daunting mission and it may take a year or two but I'm going to do it. It is my New Year's Resolution. The bad part is that I don't need another TV show obsession. To think I was complaining that there was nothing on a few years ago? Now I'm overwhelmed. Go figure.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Doctor Who Gets a Thumbs Up

I know a friend...
Long story short, I got to see The Dr. Who Christmas Invasion.

I loved it!


How hilarious is it for Dr. Who to be revived by tea? I loved the nod to Hitchhiker's Guide. Especially because I just came back from seeing Narnia and the kids in the movie were also outside running about in their "gym jams". I was thinking to myself "What is it with Brits, science fiction and pajamas?". When the Doc made the comment actual comment about Arthur Dent, I was sold.

Too bad about Harriet Jones. I like her. I was sad about her falling out with the Doctor.

Oh and that cheesy spinning Christmas tree of death. I couldn't help but laugh, especially with all of the silliness about "The War on Christmas" and such.

.....I guess I've ofiicially adjusted to David Tennant. Chris is still "my doctor" but David can be "my doctor 2". He did a stand up job. This show is on fire and can't be stopped.


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Holiday/ Christmas Debate Solution

I say that we all should declare this Dr. Who Day.

The only thing about that is that the episode airing on Dec. 25th called The "Christmas" Invasion. Oh well, I tried. I won't be able to watch this on Christmas anyway, I'm an American. I'm still excited about it though.

04 Days, 6 Hours, 31 Minutes until The Christmas Invasion begins...

Dr.Who Website

Make Your Own Droidel Dreidel

Make Your Own Droidel Dreidel

Star Wars has an activity where you can make your own R2-D2 dreidel. Cute!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

No Serenity DVD for me

If the Serenity DVD release was a hurricane and the Serenity DVDs were bottled water, I would be screwed. I strolled into my local Best Buy after 2pm expecting to get my hands on a Serenity DVD. Boy was I disappointed. All I saw was the huge gaping hole on the shelf where Serenity DVDs used to be.

Happy Serenity DVD Release Day to those who got there hands on one. This is a holiday now folks. :)

Saturday, December 17, 2005

New Season Start Dates for 2006

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Etc. TV Shows Upcoming Episodes (Updated Dec. 14)

Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion (BBC) Dec 25 (Special Episode)
Stargate SG-1 (SciFi) -- Jan 6 (Season 9 Resumes)
Stargate Atlantis (SciFi) -- Jan 6 (Season 2 Resumes)
Battlestar Galactica (SciFi) -- Jan 6 (Season 2 Resumes)
Monk (USA) -- Jan 13 (Season 4 Resumes)
24 (FOX) -- Jan 15 (Season 5)
John Doe (SciFi) -- Jan 20 (SciFi Cable Debut)
Charmed (WB) -- Jan 15
Invasion (ABC) -- Jan 11
Lost (ABC) -- Jan 11
Smallville (WB) -- Jan 26
Supernatural (WB) -- Jan 10
Surface (NBC) -- Jan 2
Masters of Horror (SHO) -- Jan 6

I couldn't find any information for 4400 or The Dead Zone.

Farewell 2005

Best things about 2005
Enterprise Ending
Star Wars Frenzy
SciFriday's SG1, Atlantis, BSG
Dr. Who
Vigin Atlantic's solo flight
New science fiction programming craze
Movies: Batman Begins, Sin City, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Harry Potter, MirrorMask

Worst things about 2005
Star Trek's demise
End of Star Wars Movies
Carnivale ending
War of the Worlds
Hurricane Katrina
Death of James "Scotty" Doohan, Brock Peters, Michael Piller.

What else?

King Kong... yawn

When I heard that Peter Jackson was going to work on a re-make of King Kong after Lord of the Rings instead of The Hobbit, I was indifferent. I haven't seen the movie and I have no desire to. I saw the previews and the movie looks good but I'm just not interested in it. I'm pretty sure I'll see it and love it. I'll force myself to go see it because it looks like one of those movies that has to be enjoyed first on the big screen. The point of that last sentence is that I'll have to force myself to go. While it's a big special effects bonanza, at it's core, King Kong looks like a chick flick and I HATE CHICK FLICKS!!!!!

I'll give my thoughts when I actually drag myself out to see it.

Funny tidbit:
Peter Jackson was born on Halloween.

We All Use Math Everyday!

We use math the most on Fridays at 10pm EST while watching Numb3rs. If you haven't seen this show Summer from Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas summed it up best by describing it as an FBI Math show. Sounds underwhelming but it's really a good show. It's a CSI type show with math as the gimmick. Whether it's new math or old math beats the hell out of me. I thought that if I watched the show that I'd learn by osmosis. Not so, I retain nothing. Most of it goes over my head but they always give a simple explanation for those of use who attended public school.

Even with the technobabble and chalk board scrawling, it's an interesting, watchable and fun show. We know the star math geek, David Krumholtz, as Mr. Universe from Serenity. Judd Hirsch plays the dad and he often grounds his son's theories and gives him a real world perspective. I love his character. In the first season, Sabrina Lloyd, Wade from Sliders, was the main chick on the show. She was replaced by Diane Farr. Her nasally, snarly voice sounds like nails on a chalk board. I'm not fond of her as a character.

Another thing...
The open theme music starts off with a cheerful "We all use math everyday!". It cracks me up every week. It makes me feel like I'm watching Sesame Street or the Electric Company for adults.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Booo... I didn't win the iPod

One of Summer's Slut Boys won the iPod. I was robbed! :)

I did get an honorable mention on Slice of Sci-Fi Show #35. GIRLY SQUEAL!

Is it SciFriday yet?

Thursday, December 15, 2005


from Slashdot:
Up Next... Skypecasting
Davis Freeberg submitted linkage to a short story talking about Skypecasting Television. Essentially using Skype and Yahoo Messenger to rebroadcast video to the internet. While it isn't a PVR, it circumvents the regionally oriented programming that prevents the UK from watching our "Football" or us from getting Dr Who. It also raises yet another battlefront the content owners will need to contend with in the upcoming years.

SciFi picks up rights to Passions?

Sci Fi picks up rights to campy NBC soap opera

I "accidentally" caught this show once and it freaked me out. They aren't lying when they say this show has witches and other craziness. The episode I saw had a little boy using a hologram like Princess Leia. It confused the hell out of me. A cheesy soap-opera using special effects from science fiction. It's wrong on so many levels. SciFi thinks it's a wonderful idea because they think that soap-operas will attract female viewers. So that's what they think of us. I'm offended. What would be sad is if their female demographic actually increased. *sigh*
Hunky men and beautiful babes are set to invade the Sci Fi channel and spice up the mornings starting the first Monday in February.

In a press release issued Friday, Sci Fi said it has bought the repeat rights to air the NBC soap opera Passions starting Feb. 6, 2006. The channel plans to air episodes twice a day each morning at at 9/8c and Noon/11c Monday through Friday.

Sci Fi says it will start at the beginning with episode No. 1 of the six-year-old soap opera about witches, ghosts and the supernatural.

"'Passions' dramatic blend of magic, romance, the supernatural and fantasy makes it an ideal choice for Sci Fi's morning line up," Dave Howe, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Sci Fi channel said in the announcement.

The channel says Passions, which centers around families affected by the supernatural world has a strong appeal to young women; which fits nicely into Sci Fi's strategy to bring in both younger and more female viewers.

Young women may be attracted to the fact that the male stars of Passions have a habit of losing their shirts at a moment's notice. That eye-catching hunk factor has launched the careers of such actors as Jesse Metcalf (Desperate Housewives) and Dylan Fergus (Hellbent [pictured]).

New first-run episodes of Passions currently air weekday afternoons on NBC. Both Sci Fi and NBC are owned by NBC Universal, a subsidiary of General Electric.
Just kill me now.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Rumor: Website is Being Shut Down?

According to Tim Brazeal, President and co-founder of Trek United, the official site for STAR TREK, Star, will be shutting down after December 31st of this year.

This news came as a shock to many Star Trek fans, yours truly included. The granddaddy of all Star Trek sites was considered a mainstay and is the official source for everything Trek. More...

We can't even have a Star Trek website?
This can't be true. I don't believe it. Star Trek's 40th Anniversary is next year. If they were hurting for money I think that they would get rid of the Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas before they'd get rid of the website. They'd even make it a pay site before they'd just get rid of it all together.

I declare this rumor bullshit.

Win Stuff from Slice of Scifi!

I gotta let you know about all of the cool stuff Michael and Evo are giving away at Slice of SciFi.

You can get all of the details by listening the lastest podcast. Slice of Sci-Fi #034
If you haven't subscribed yet I'm assuming you don't have thumbs. Subscribe via Yahoo or Bloglines or get it in a podcatcher and get some free stuff!
This week, Michael, Evo and Summer talk about a cool SciFi Channel contest, an MST3K giveaway, a Narnia prop contest, plus all of your favorite TV and movie news!

Contest News! You've got your pick of contests to enter this week! We've got a SciFi Channel iPod to giveaway to promote "The Triangle", we've got 3 MST3K DVD sets to giveaway, and an actual prop from The Chronicles of Narnia!

Be sure to follow the instructions for each of the contests carefully!

Slice of Sci-Fi #034

Scott Sigler Commented On My Blog!

*hopping and bouncing like a school girl... in a uniform*

Thank you Scott! Whoooo!!!!!
See the holy comment here.

If you come here often you know how I loved Earthcore and how I am loving Ancestor.

This guy podcasted his way to a book deal for Earthcore. Here's the link on Amazon. It's on my wishlist and I think Satan Claus is going to get it for me!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Triangle, Cowbells and Bludgeoning Small Puppies

Non-recapped, ADHD review of Triangle:

I wasn't wowed but I was entertained and amused with the first installment of SciFi's- The Triangle. I was entertained by the ship at the beginning that caught fire, broke in half and sank. I was amused because after that explosive scene, we get a calm sea scene. It made me feel like the ocean is the Earth's toilet bowl, the Bermuda Triangle is it's handle and all of the disappearances over the years were flushes.

Speaking of disappearing and the Bermuda Triangle, Michael and Evo over at Slice of SciFi are having an iPod giveaway. You have to name a person or persons that you want thrown into the Bermuda Triangle. Here's my entry:
You know who I want thrown in the Bermuda Triangle? I want those annoying, creepy bell-ringers that stand in front of the stores while I'm trying to shop during the "holidays" thrown into the Bermuda Triangle....along with their cowbells. Spreading Christmas cheer? Try JINGLE BELLS instead of poorly tuned cowbells. Now I have to move my inhaler prescription to a pharmacy that has a bell free entrance. For a good cause my ass! What about my nerves? I have sensitive hearing. In the latest Wingin' It (#37) podcast some guy left a voicemail saying that Evo's voice made him want to bludgeon small puppies with a bag small puppies. No my good sir, in comparison to these beggar-faux-holiday-cheer-cowbell-ringing guys Evo's voice sounds like an angelic harp. Try having to go to a pharmacy with a migraine with a Santa's Helper Bum laying on a cowbell like he was shredding a guitar... back in the 80's. THAT my dear friend, will make you want to bludgeon creepy bell-ringer guy with a sack full of puppies, shove that bell up his ass and send him with the puppy pulp into the Bermuda Triangle.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Flying Car: I Can Die Happy Now

Lately, I've been a bit discouraged by the lack of awe-inspiring technological innovation. We've been getting a lot of add-on features to things already invented. These updates are sloooowwwwllly released to generate more income for companies *cough XBox 360 cough* but nothing really life changing. I have a ho-hum attitude because it seemed as if no one was excited about creating a Jetson's like flying car; a childhood dream purchase. I really thought this invention to be in full swing by now but instead we've regressed into debating about evolution, fighting over gas and other depraved acts of uncivilization.
Why, oh, why was I seduced by Gene Roddenberry's vision of the future? Now I have all of these high expectations of human behavior and advances in technology but mostly I spend most of my days in disappointment, disgust and disbelief.

In a bizarre twist and Twilight Zone product placement, Neiman Marcus, of all places is advertising a "Sky Car PROTOTYPE" for the low, low price of $3,500,000.00.
No, really.
M400 Skycar

Born too late for the Wright Brothers' first plane? Missed out on Henry Ford's Model T? You can still have a piece of transportation history: the prototype for an unprecedented mode of transportation that melds sci-fi and state-of-the-art technology.

• The M400 Skycar is the world's first personal vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft, designed to elevate individual drivers above the headaches of commuting and the dangers of highway travel.
• In development since the 1960s, the Skycar has completed successful hovering flights, and its first manned, un-tethered flight is planned for Fall 2005.
• Developed by Moller International, the three-wheeled, folding-wing craft is designed to be as safe, affordable, and easy to use as an automobile.
• Travels at 350+ miles per hour and achieves an environmentally friendly 21 miles per gallon on alcohol, a cleaner fuel than gasoline.
• Because most auto emissions occur at idle or low speeds, the M400 will produced less pollution by burning fuel more completely.
• A limited number of M400s is expected to be available within the next three years, but you can purchase the actual prototype for yourself or your favorite commuter now.
• For more information and to order, please call 1.877.9NM.GIFT.
• Delivery not included.*

To learn more about the M400 Skycar prototype, please visit

*Neiman Marcus is acting as the advertiser for this product. Certain regulatory requirements must be met for purchase of the prototype, including International Traffic in Arms Regulations and Federal Aviation Administration authorization. A purchase agreement will need to be signed by the purchaser.
Item: Skycar Prototype
Price: $3,500,000.00

Finally, a distracting material item worth living for. This may be so worth my soul.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Finally! Outer Limits in Seasons!

...from the deepest inner mind to...
please stand by...

Its available on Amazon:
Outer Limits: Season One

"They" had been releasing the show by themes. This is a frustrating and tedious way to collect the shows. Those buttwipes were smart though. I already have all of the themed DVD's and now that they are finally releasing them by season, I'll have to by those too.

MGM will release a new Outer Limits DVD box set on November 1, 2005. It will contain all season 1 episodes and the list price will be $59.95. Other seasons are expected to be released in 6 to 9 month intervals.

Invasion "Blogs"

I'm irritated.

If you watch ABC's Invasion, you know it's a good show. I like it but there is something that grates my nerves. Whenever Dave (or anyone else for that matter) refers to his blog he say "blogs". It's never singular always plural. WWWWWHHHHHHYYYYYYY???!?!?!?!? *dramatically shakes fist at the heavens*

Like he has more than just the one.

On the blog itself, it is referred to a blog (singular)... "Have you seen the lights, too? You've come to the right blog.", "Blog Archives", "HEY EVERYBODY, welcome to the only presence that’s trying to shine some light on what’s happening in and around Homestead, Florida: my blog.", "Who knew that writing a blog was dangerous to your health?".... etc.

Go ahead, re-watch the latest two episodes and you'll notice it.

As far as the show itself, I have no complaints. It holds my attention and the latest episode revealed all types of goodies. This show has promise.

[Listening to: 12-Ancestor-Episode12 - Scott Sigler - (0:-1)]

Friday, December 02, 2005

Lost Alkies

Two 'Lost' Stars Arrested on DUI Charges in Hawaii

It's a set up. Hawaii wants to stay in the news. Arresting is totally uncalled for and it's harrassment.

Let these women get liquored up if they wish. Acting is hard.
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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Knitted Zombies???

Just when you thought you were all out of WTF, a person creates knitted zombies. Not only are these zombies knitted they are re-enacting Shaun of the Dead.
Didn't want to wait on that Lego set?

Check the awesomness!
cakeyvoice's Knitted Zombies

from scifisignal:
SF Tidbits Part XLII
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Doctor Who DVD

The DVD is a good start but I still want an US airing.

Doctor Who Hits U.S. As DVD
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Anyone been catching "Masters of Horror"?

I have mixed feelings about the show. It's an entertaining show but there's just something missing or not that creepy or something. I can't quite put my fingers on it.

The H.P. Lovecraft, Dreams in the Witch House was great.

Some of the other stories were ok. It irks me that they use nudity for naked asses' sake. To me, it's cheapens the stories but I'm a woman. I just don't feel like seeing naked tits while I'm trying to be scared or intrigued. It's just a little too desperate for my taste.

One of the episodes had Robert Englund. It was good to see him in something but the story was unsettling. Not in the good- and- entertaining unsettling way but in the I- lost- an- hour- out- of- my- life- unsettling way.
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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Nightstalker last episode on iTunes.

ABC quietly slips 'Night Stalker' cliffhanger finale onto iTunes
The show no longer appears on the ABC network. Almost all traces of it have been cleansed from the ABC website.

But fans of the recently cancelled remake of Night Stalker have been thrown an Internet-flavored bone by the network.

Although the network TV ratings were too low to justify continuing the Night Stalker story for free on TV, apparently sales on Apple's iTunes store are good enough for at least one more episode of the series - for a price.

Two weeks ago, ABC abruptly canceled Night Stalker after airing a mere six episodes.

The unlikely series ender was an episode entitled The Source, a cliffhanger meant to be part one of a two-part episode. The "To be continued..." that whetted millions of appetites was not to be for the millions of fans who tuned in each Thursday at 9/8c p.m.

After the abrupt cancellation, fansites quickly took ABC to task for leaving Night Stalker fans in the lurch, not knowing if one of the major characters of the show would survive what looked like an impending death.

ABC was silent. Fans were furious.

The network merely said Night Stalker was no longer being produced. It gave no hint as to whether the three remaining unaired episodes - including the one-hour finale of the cliffhanger episode - would ever be aired.

Then quietly over the Thanksgiving holiday, a seventh episode, The Sea appeared on the iTunes store. The 43-minute, 31-second episode is on sale for $1.99 for playback on a video iPod or home PC or Mac with QuickTime player installed (free with iTunes registration).

There is no word if the two remaining unaired episodes of Night Stalker also would be made available for download on iTunes in upcoming weeks.

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Friday, November 25, 2005

Humans are so advanced: Copy Machines At Greater Risk During Holidays

| Copy Machines At Greater Risk During Holidays |
| from the no-surprise-there dept. |
| posted by CmdrTaco on Thursday November 24, @18:22 (It's funny. |
| |

[0]Ant writes "CNET reports that photocopier supplier Canon is
warning customers to [1]take better care of their office equipment during
the Christmas period. It claims that the festive season traditionally
leads to a 25 percent hike in service calls due to incidents such as the
classic backside copying prank.
Such a stunt, a mainstay of the office
party, often results in cracked glass on the copier, with 32 percent of
Canon technicians claiming to have been called out to fix glass plates
during the Christmas period after attempts to copy body parts went

Discuss this story at:

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Lack of Thanksgiving SciFi

Today is Thanksgiving and the SciFi Channel had a zombie marathon? With all of the bad SciFi Originals we couldn't even get an "Attack of the 100 Ft Killer Turkey"? I'm so disappointed.

I'm going to compile a list of science fiction movies that have to do with Thanksgiving, have a Thanksgiving meal or at least a cooked turkey somewhere in it.

Let's see.....
I can't think of any right off...


Threshold: Rumors on the Internets

I've heard the rumors too. Threshold is on deathwatch. Didn't I just say that last week? I wish I had some money on this one.

From Slice of SciFi:
Threshold Canceled
Although yet unconfirmed, Kristin of E! Online reports from reliable sources, that Threshold developed by Brannon Graga and David S. Goyer has been canceled.

Only recently, it was announced that three new scripts had been ordered and Catherine Bell would join the cast in a recurring role.

Friday, November 18, 2005

First Casualty of SciFi Golden Age

It's not a shock to me that The Night Stalker is the first casulaty of the "Sci-Fi Golden Age".

Not that this incarnation of The Night Stalker was entirely sci-fi-ish but the original was. The orignal had a certain wacky wit to it that worked. The New Nightstalker was a cross between it's old self and X-Files.

The show had to compete with CSI and The Apprentice. There was just no way that the show would survive on ABC with that type of competition. It was a show for UPN, WB maybe FOX but we all know that those guys don't know how to show episodes in order.

What show is the next to go?
Ghost Whisperer (oh god please put us out our misery)
Triangle (it's hasn't aired but you never know)

What else?

Safe shows are
Dr. Who
Battlestar Galactica
Both Stargates

Two Fanatic Franchise Turn 40

This year Star Trek and the NFL celebrate their 40th anniversary. What was going on 40 years ago that spawned two of the most fanatic franchises?

From Wikipedia
January 4 - United States President Lyndon Johnson proclaims his "Great Society" during his State of the Union address.
February 15 - A new red and white maple leaf design is adopted as the flag of Canada replacing the Union Flag and the Canadian Red Ensign.
February 21 - Malcolm X is assassinated at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City by Black Muslims.
March 8 - Vietnam War: 3,500 United States Marines arrive in South Vietnam becoming the first American combat troops in Vietnam.
March 8 - First US combat forces arrive in Vietnam.
March 18 - Cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov, leaving his spacecraft Voskhod 2 for 12 minutes, becomes the first person to walk in space.
March 21 - Civil rights activists led by Martin Luther King, Jr. begin march from Selma to the capitol in Montgomery.
March 23 - NASA launches Gemini III with the United States' first two-person crew into earth orbit (Gus Grissom and John Young).
April 9 - The West German parliament extends the statute of limitations on Nazi war crimes.
June 3 - US astronaut Edward White makes first US space walk during Gemini IV.
July 30 - War on Poverty: US President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Social Security Act of 1965 into law, establishing Medicare and Medicaid.
August 1 - Cigarette advertising banned in British television.
August 6 - US President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Voting Rights Act of 1965 into United States law.
August 11 - Watts Riots begin in Los Angeles, California
September 28 - Fidel Castro announces that everybody who wants can immigrate to USA.
November 16 - Disney launches Epcot Center

Wow! That was a rough year, I think the Canadian Flag and the cigarrette ads being banned was what did it.


I have to get a dog

Think Geek Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Is UMA hot or what.

Super Ex-Girlfriend

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Colm Meaney Alert

Colm Meaney, known to us geeks as Cheif O'Brien will be on Law & Order: Criminal Intent tonight. The episode is entitled In the Wee Small Hours.
IN TWO-HOUR EPISODE BOTH SETS OF SERIES DETECTIVES PROBE DISAPPEARANCE OF IOWA TEEN DURING HER TRIP TO NEW YORK -- In a two-hour movie featuring both sets of the series' detectives for the first time -- a visiting Iowa teen disappears during her New York City school trip, prompting a massive media frenzy that engulfs Detectives Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio), Eames (Kathryn Erbe), Logan (Chris Noth) and Barek (Annabella Sciorra) when their prime suspect Ethan, guest star Matt O'Leary, is a powerful judge's son. The case widens when it appears the accused's philandering father Harold, guest star Colm Meaney, is a co-conspirator who acted to protect his son -- and might be a murder suspect himself -- but he is not afraid to punch back hard against the investigators. Jamey Sheridan, Courtney B. Vance and Fred Dalton Thompson ("Law & Order") also star. TV-14

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Website

I only have a mini-hangover.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

NaDruWriNi: I'm done

I'm done drinking and blogging.

NaDruWriNi: Blogging While Intoxicated Day - November 5, 2005
Passing out.

NaDruWriNi: Michael Shanks being a diva again

Remember when he quit the show the first time and came back I think he came back with conditions. I totally think that he got Teryl Rothery fired so that , his wife, Lexa Doig could get a job. Of course I have no source but I can come up with great conspiracy theories.

from SyFyPortal-
Michael Shanks: 'I'm A Free Agent'
The last time Daniel Jackson decided to take a sabbatical, all hell broke loose. So, what would happen if Michael Shanks didn't return for a 10th season of "Stargate SG-1"? Fans and SciFi Channel might have to find out.

"In terms of his appearance in Season 10 of 'Stargate SG-1,' at this time, Michael is not confirmed as returning, and is a free agent," a Web site dedicated to him reported.

Shanks is the second actor in the last two days to come out and say that he has not been signed for the 10th season. Amanda Tapping (story) recently revealed that she has yet to sign a contract as well, but expects to be appearing in 20 episodes next year, possibly split between "SG-1" and its spinoff, "Stargate: Atlantis."

Other actors on the show, including Ben Browder, Christopher Judge and Beau Bridges have not commented on contract negotiations.

Shanks did refute previous reports on fan sites that he was going after a major television role outside of Stargate recently, but has not ruled out finding other work.

"Stargate SG-1" airs Fridays on SciFi Channel. The second half of Season 9 begins in January.

NaDruWriNi: Blogging While Intoxicated Day - November 5, 2005

[Listening to: Sci-Fi Scoundrels "Battlestar Galactica 'Pegasus'" discussion,and Sci-Fi Gripes]

NaDruWriNi: THRESHOLD Moving from Fridays to Tuesdays

from Trek Web:
Braga's THRESHOLD Moving from Fridays to Tuesdays at End of the Month
CBS is expected to announce a time slot change for Brannon Braga's THRESHOLD, the alien invasion drama currently airing Friday nights at 9 o'clock. According to The Futon Critic, THRESHOLD will swap with another of CBS's freshman series, CLOSE TO HOME.

That will put THRESHOLD on Tuesdays at 10pm November 22nd and 29th. No word yet on whether the change will be permanent but the network is hoping to energize both series' soft ratings, according to the report. THRESHOLD has averaged 7.80 million viewers so far and CLOSE TO HOME has averaged 9.93 million. Both series have yet to be picked up for the full 2005/2006 season

You bet your sweet ass it's moving. It won't make it up against SciFriday when the new shows start airing.

NaDruWriNi: Blogging While Intoxicated Day - November 5, 2005

NaDruWriNi: Have you bought Episode III yet?

I bought Episode I and II, why not? I bought it but haven't watched it yet. I'm going to try to make it through Episode II before I get into this one.

NaDruWriNi: Blogging While Intoxicated Day - November 5, 2005
I think I'm sobering up.

NaDruWriNi: Another New Favorite Podcast

I somehow found SciFi Scoundrels, subscribed to the feel and I love these guys! One thing though, guys, words with the suffix -izzle, -iznitches, etc. it's not funny anymore. It stopped being funny like 10 years ago. It cheapens the show and is a huge turn off.

Keep talking about sci-fi, keep being hot.

NaDruWriNi: Blogging While Intoxicated Day - November 5, 2005

[Listening to: Sci-Fi Scoundrels Show #42: "Serenity" Discussion]

NaDruWriNi: Ooops I did again

I think the Blogroll is becoming too difficult in my current DRUNKEN state. Blogging is almost loosing its interest in me.

Because the rules state that we can't go back and edit our posts, the Blogroll Audit is over for now. SciFi Wire and below, you're getting off light.

NaDruWriNi: Blogging While Intoxicated Day - November 5, 2005
I think I'll be worshipping at the porcelain alter before the night is over.

NaDruWriNi: Blogroll Audit - Part Two

SciFi News Blog
I can't figure out what they have going on with this site. Some the text is garbled. I'm confused and it's overworking my beer brain.

SCIFI.COM: Events Calendar
Keeps me aware of all of teh conventions that I'll never make it out too. A++++... wait this isn't eBay.

Love this site.

Scifiwire from
They have most of the good SciFi news first and most of us leech from them. We love you SciFiWire!


*shakes fist*
I accidentally hit send on that one. Damned beer.

You should have seen me trying to struggle to twist open the Heineken beer bottle. I think it took me 5 whole minutes to remember that I needed a bottle cap opener.

Good times.

SciFi Crowsnest is a keeper but I really HATE their popup situation. I get their site via RSS so I don't usually encounter the popups. That's the only thing that saved them.

NaDruWriNi: Blogging While Intoxicated Day - November 5, 2005
Drinking makes even WYSIWYG challenging.

NaDruWriNi: Blogroll Audit - Part One Point One

(Un)Official TrekUnited Blog
These guys are still trying to "Save Enterprise". I'll give them credit for spirit but they have more posts about Serenity than Star Trek. Guys, I'm going to have to let you go.

Battlestar Galactica Blog
This guys does a fairly good job of keep current with BSG. He comments on the episodes and gives his opinions. They are short and to the point.

Big Dumb Object
This site has news that I can get anywhere else. It's not really personal. Has the site design changed? I feel bad dumping this one but...

Big Orange Michael
I'm keeping him mainly because he dressed up as someone from Stargate: SG1 for Halloween. Very entertaining and I even giggled.

Dragon Page

Keep B5 Alive
The cause seems hopeless but these guys are fighting the good fight!

Ken's Force
Up-to-date, lots of pretty pictures, looks like a lot of hard work.


Science @ NASA
I don't really see the point of having this one up. I do but I prefer

Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame

Scifi Crowsnest
I love this site but not even Firefox or Yahoo Toolbar stops the fastclick popups from this site.
SciFi News Blog

NaDruWriNi: Blogroll Audit - Part One

Oh I forgot to say that if your site sucks, you are getting dumped. For the record, here is the list as it stands today.

(Un)Official TrekUnited Blog
New-->Adventures of a Gay Geek
New-->Battlestar Galactica Blog
New-->Big Dumb Object : The Science Fiction blog, gathering Science Fiction news from around the InterWeb
Big Orange Michael
Dragon Page: Science Fiction Current Events
Keep B5 Alive!
Kensforce Science Fiction Movie News
Science @ NASA
Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame -- Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame
Scifi Crowsnest
New-->SciFi News Blog
SCIFI.COM: Events Calendar
Scifiwire from
Scott Sigler - Author of Earthcore
Slice of Scifi Podcast
New-->Solar Flare - Oh My God! You've Spoofed my Favourite Genre
Star Trek: Hypertext (Jammer's Reviews)
Stupid SciFi
New-->The Hive Blog -- The official blog of author Terence West
The Internet Ate My Homework
The SciFi Podcast
The Space Review: essays and commentary about the final frontier
Website at the End of the Universe

NaDruWriNi: Visiting My Blogroll

I'm going to do a drunken sweep of all of the sites listed on my blogroll. I don't have to do Adventures of a Gay Geek because you already should be reading that and if you aren't you should be made to watch Matrix III over and over and over and over and over.

NaDruWriNi: Blogging While Intoxicated Day - November 5, 2005
Going to talk to a man about a horse.

NaDruWriNi: Mirrormask

Neil Gaiman's Mirrormask

I saw it.
I liked it.
It wasn't Serenity.

It was more like a dark Wizard of Oz but not really. It was a very artsy movie visually. You can totally tell Jim Henson Co is involved. Good thing. The main character, while beautiful, was dressed in ugly frumpy clothing for most of the movie. It annoyed me.
This movie had the best sphinxes ever portrayed in a movie. Very creepy but just like house cats in a way.

The movie was good but it won't get the enthusiasm that it's looking for from the ADD American audience. What I'd really like is a Neverwhere movie and they'd have to use the same Marquis deCarrabus (sp?) as they used in the BBC TV version. You know that guy was recently in the new Dr. Who series right?

NaDruWriNi: Blogging While Intoxicated Day - November 5, 2005
The "we don't need no stinking badgers" thing is not funny anymore so stop it.

NaNoWriMo: Alien Intelligent Designers

Alien Eye (read: probe) for a Human Guy

I'll agree with Intelligent Design only if people agree that God is an alien and created the earth from a space ship. If you can't agree to my terms, I'm sticking with evolution. I like evolution, evolution is sexy. My only problem with evolution is that it takes so dang long to see any real results. Personally, all of this talk of Intelligent Design should prove that some humans are incapable of evolving.

Speaking of evolution, does Stephen Hawking have any kids? I'd like to volunteer for In Vitro Fertilization. Seriously.

NaNoWriMo: Blogging While Intoxicated Day - November 5, 2005
This beer is filling my bladder. Oh how I want one of those Serenity diapers now.

NaNoWriMo: SERENITY Incontinence Products

Do you realize that there is an entire generation who associates the name Serenity with a bladder control product? Have you seen these commercial and been a bit irritated? Me too!
SERENITY Incontinence Products
Supplier of intimate hygiene and bladder control products adapted to each kind of adult incontinence: adult diapers, pants, underwear.

Although this product was named Serenity about 10 years ago, I still think there's a conspiracy for fans of the Serenity Movie to either become aware of this product now or a jab at us because people think all geeks are betwetters. There's only one way my bed gets wet and trust me, no adult diapers are involved.

I will admit that I may have needed one of these "Serenity" diapers when Wash died.

NaNoWriMo: Blogging While Intoxicated Day - November 5, 2005
Drinking the Heineken now. Wishing I really would have gotten off my ass and went to the Liquor Store.

NaNoWriMo: Comment Spam

I've had to enable word verification and comment moderation because some short cock is leaving comment spam on old post. I don't get the point of comment spam. Who are these people who have so much time on their hands that they send messages about Russian brides and crappy browsers.
I totally support shooting spammers on sight.

On another note, I may go ahead and switch to beer early, this Pepsi/Vodka mix is vile. It makes me want to upchuck the spaghetti and meat sauce I just at.

File this one under TMI.

NaNoWriMo: Blogging While Intoxicated Day - November 5, 2005

Still sober enough to use spell check.

NaDruWriNi: First Drinking Blog

I learned about NaDruWriNi a few hours ago and I don't feel like going to the store to deal with the drones who shop on Saturday. So I'm drinking Sky Vodka mixed with with, yep you guessed it, Pepsi. It's gross.

I'm drinking the Vodka first because I really want to save the Heinekin's for later. I'm listening to Mike and Evo's Wingin' It still. Now I'm suffering through the "Mike from Memphis" segment. Sorry but Mike is not funny, he is tedious.

Then you have TD0013...
This Storm Trooper is insane, this guy totally needs medication but I love him all the same. His latest segment suggests that instead of the Storm Troopers killing Uncle Owen and Aunt... I Forgot Her Name, that Obi-Wan set the killing up via Boba Fett so that Luke would follow him on his idealistic crusade. He's so wrong but like I said it's so hilarious that you can't get in a huff about it.
...There is that thing where Obi-Wan lied to Luke about Darth Vader being his father.....

... I don't know if blogging and drinking will work. I can hardly pay attention. In a few minutes... well, I always butcher the written English language but in about 30 minutes, I don't know if this will be coherent.

To quote a great man:
"Wash dies." -- Evo Terra

Serenity: Big Damned Flanvention

Celebrate Serenity at its First US Convention

December 9-11, 2005
Burbank, CA

Looks kinda "iffy" to me but there's the info if you want it. The pictures of the entire cast is listed as guest but the site doesn't inspire confidence.
Jason Carter from B5 is also on the guest list! I was SO pissed when he got killed off.

Blogging While Intoxicated

I was listening to Mike and Evo's Wingin' It. I learned about this just in time to participate! What I don't know is should I just start drinking now or is there a set, in unison, start time?
If you want to participate too, here are the rules.
1. You must tell us what you are drinking.
2. No post-editing is allowed. You can spell-check as you go, backspace and delete, and edit along the way, but there is to be no editing after-the-fact. I want first drunken drafts, people.
3. You should post what you write to your weblog. If you don’t have a blog then I’ll open the comments on the night of for any non-netizens who want to participate.
4. To steal the logo, simply copy this bit of code into your template:
(Go to the website and get it here.)

If you want to throw out some topics, leave a comment.
I'll do something on (of course) Serenity, Mirrormask, and some other stuff.

ADHD Review: Threshold

I don't review or recap. If you haven't seen the episode, you won't know what I'm talking about.
spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS spoilers SPOILERS

From watching this weeks episode, I think that the Threshold program is not working. The situation is out of control. There are too many different out breaks of the alien virus and I feel that they are loosing their fight on containment and control. I know that the show is fiction but it also has be believable. In this latest episode, we find out that the infectees are injecting people with their own infected blood and growing food using water infected with their blood. Insects also became infected. Once insects are infected, the variables can be endless.

What about the discovery of the growing crystals on the ship in the sea. This thing gets bigger everyday. The water is contaminated. WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!!

This show is almost becoming as overwhelming as a zombie attack with no pay off. I'll still watch it but it is almost reaching the tedious zone for me.

CBS Friday's: Threshold

War of the Worlds by the Star Trek Cast

Copied and pasted (C&P) from Slashdot
War of the Worlds by the Star Trek Cast
eDavidLu writes "Here is a radio remake of The War of the Worlds. From the promo: 'Join actors from Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation as they recreate this classic radio thriller. The breathless pace and convincing details make it clear why the 1938 broadcast of an eyewitness report of an invasion from Mars caused a nationwide panic in 1938. Originally performed by Orson Welles and his Mercury Theatre of the Air, War of the Worlds is truly the mother of all space invasions, offering a rare combination of chills, thrills and great literature.' My local NPR station KPCC broadcast this show last Saturday night, and the streaming audio for the entire program is available for one week only on their site. I was going to submit this story for Halloween eve, but KPCC was in the middle of a fund drive. Now that the fund drive is over, the slashdotting can begin. If you like this type of programming, remember to contribute to your local NPR station. If you missed the show, you can also purchase the CD directly from LA Theatre Works."

I have to keep an eye out for the download.

Friday, October 28, 2005

The R2-D2 Case Mod

I'm floored. I didn't think it could go this far. Check out that slideshow too. I would probably go for a Death Star Case Mod though.

The R2-D2 Case Mod

Suicide Mistaken for Halloween Decoration

Suicide Mistaken for Halloween Decoration
The apparent suicide of a woman found hanging from a tree went unreported for hours because passers-by thought the body was a Halloween decoration, authorities said.

I'm not going to comment on this.

George Takei is Gay

So... what?

For the record, I'm not gay but I can't believe people are still ashamed of being gay. I can't believe that people still have to hide. What's upsets me about this announcement is that people's sexually orientation is still not their own business. There shouldn't have to be an announcement.

I understand that for him and knowing his background that this is a big deal. I'm glad he was bold enough to announce this especially in the current political atmosphere but someone telling me that they are gay just doesn't get a rise out of me. It doesn't make me feel weird. It's kinda TMI IMO.

On another note-
Announcing he's gay implies that he's still having sex. If he's still able to get it up at 68, I think he should be able to put it where he wants to. :)

Actor George Takei, Mr. Sulu of 'Star Trek' TV Fame, Announces Homosexuality in L.A. Magazine

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Girly Squeal for Gary Sinise

Ever wake up one morning thinking, "Wow, Gary Sinise is hot!".
You too?
Yeah, I finally had that morning myself.

Sober and fully awake, Gary Sinise and hotness never quite went hand in hand. But I gotta tell ya, the vision of him griping and swinging sharp objects about raised his hotness level*.

*CSI:NY - Corporate Warriors

That's all for now.

Monday, October 24, 2005

I'm still alive

Sorry, I've been swamped.

One word.


It's a month long celebration for me.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

ABC is looking for nerds

I hate these these types of casting calls but I had to share.

My name is Kirstin and I am a Casting Producer for ABC Televisions show, Wife Swap. I am reaching out to you in hopes that your group can help me find a family for our show. We are specifically looking for a family that is into Science Fiction.

We want families that not only love the movies and TV shows but also love to attend the conventions and participating in any type of sci-fi club! The premise of the show is to take two very different families and switch the mom's for a week. Each family should consist
of two parents and at least one child over the age of five and should reside in the continental U.S. It's a positive experience for people to learn about other families and other ways of life.

My hope is that you would post this to your yahoo group so that anyone interested in applying, will be able to contact me. This is a very unique experience that can be life changing for everyone. In addition, each family that tapes an episode of Wife Swap receives a $20,000 honorarium. Anyone who refers a family that appears on our program receives $1000 as a 'thank you" from us. (that would be Jen Segrest from, thank you very much)

If you have any questions, please call me at the number below. Please let me know if you are willing to post this to your group so I may keep track of where this message is posted. Thank you for your time.*

Kirstin Dodich
Wife Swap Casting
ABC Television / RDF Media
440 9th Ave, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10001
(P) 212.404.1418
(F) 212.404.1423

Here is the rest of the article...
Wife Swap wants Sci-fi freaks

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Nicholas Cage: Geek, Mad Man or Did He Loose a Bet?

I caught the daily show last night and Jon Stewart went on a rant about Nicholas Cage naming his son Kal-El. While it's not as bad as Pilot Inspektor, I have to really wonder what's going on out there in Hollywood.

When Jon Steward first said it, I thought it was a cute name. A second later I was like, "Wait, did he say Kal-El?". Nah... Wait! WHAT?
Then I thought, wasn't Nicholas Cage going do a Superman movie? I thought that project got scraped. If the project got scraped then why did he name his kid after Superman?
That's when my head started to hurt.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

I think the world is about to end

I just can't wrap my mind around why there are so many good TV shows lately. The insanity is that the current state of quality TV, may actually turn into a complaint from me.

I've been starved for good content for so long with the whole Reality TV era that I can't tell if these shows are really good or if my standards have been lowered to accept these shows. I do have to question my standards because of my enjoyment of Charmed but the show isn't horrible and it outlived the latest Star Trek series.

It's getting to a point where I can't TiVo all of the shows at once because they are all competing in the same time slots.
Let's look at this seasons ridiculously impossible to catch all of the good shows line up this season.

*Show that I watch
+Show that I'm forced to obtain by other means because it conflicts with another show in the same timeslot
#Show that I've seen and liked but can't ever catch because something else I like is on
^Show that I've heard is good but I can't fit it into my schedule
~Show that I had to give up

#~Cold Case
^The West Wing
*Law & Order: CI
~Desperate Housewives

^Las Vegas
*CSI: Miami

+House M.D.
^Commander in Cheif
*Law & Order: SVU
^Boston Legal

^Criminal Minds
9pm- Impossible Timeslot
+~Law & Order

^Night Stalker

^Killer Instinct
^Ghost Whisperer

There's nothing to watch.

This is way too many shows to watch. Not mention the re-runs I may want to catch and TV movies. Good TV shouldn't bee this much pressure.

Feast or famine I guess.

Mal is a guy who would shoot Greedo first

from Rotten Tomatoes:

"Like watching the original Star Wars for the first time, or better yet, watching The Empire Strikes Back... Mal is a guy who would shoot Greedo first."
-- Fred Topel, ABOUT.COM

That has to be the best Serenity blurb that I've heard yet!

More from that article

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Serenity: Hell yeah!

I loved this movie and have no complaints....

I'm pretty pissed about Book and Wash but it made for a good movie. I'm glad Simon grew some balls; nice development.

The origin of the Reavers was great storytelling. I'm not sure how the story would look to someone who hadn't watched Firefly though. I half expected for them to discover that River was a Reaver. I miss the Hand of Blue guys but The Operative (Chiwetel Ejiofor) was awesome enough.

I actually feel like holding a candlelight vigil for Wash and Book. I guess we can't have it all.

I'm happy for Joss Whedon. He did a damned good job. Now if he doesn't do any half-assed prequels, he may stay on my good list.

"I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar!"
- Hoban "Wash" Washburne


Monday, September 26, 2005

Invasion, Supernatural, Threshold

If you haven't watched these shows, you won't know what the hell I'm talking about. I don't do synopsis. I was nice enough to include links though.


---->New Shows<----
ABC - Invasion:
On the eve of a destructive Hurricane and a mass exodus of a million people on the Gulf Coast, Invasion premieres to make people even more paranoid about "riding out" the storm. Nice going. The episode was good but the timing was silly... or maybe a little too perfect. I still liked it though. I'll keep watching.
So is this Invasion of the Bodysnatchers?

WB - Supernatural:
It's like we got Buffy back! I bet these guys are chosen or cursed like her. I totally bet they do a vampire episode.
I'm also betting that the dad is already dead but Dean hasn't had the heart to tell Sam.
This show reminds me of Buffy, The X-Files and Poltergeist: The Legacy all rolled into one... in a round about way. I like Jensen Ackles from Smallville, he's all rogue and not whiny. I guess not being in the presence of Lana Lang has it's benefits.
"Hey, no chick flick moments."
I love it!

CBS - Threshold:
So this is what the big Braga is doing these days. Not bad. I'm in for now.
Brent Spiner. YAY!!! A really good move. I'm happy to see him.
This show looks like another Bodysnatcher theme. I like that it's a bit science heavy. I need my weekly fill of technobabble now that there's no Trek. The alien fractal signal is a bit of a stretch though. I'm going to give it a few more episodes and see where it takes us.

---->Still Waiting<----
WB - Smallville Thur. Sept 29
WB - Charmed Sun. Oct 2
CBS - CSI: NY - Wed. Sept 28
Triangle - Anyone have any info on this one?
BBC - Dr. Who
Is it Christmas yet? Is it Christmas yet? Is it Christmas yet? Is it Christmas yet? Is it Christmas yet? Is it Christmas yet?

Is Reality TV dead??!?!?!!?
I think so! I think I may take to the streets in celebration.

SG1, Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica

If you haven't watched these shows, you won't know what the hell I'm talking about. I don't do synopsis. I was nice enough to include links though.


---->Mid-Season Finales<-----
SCIFI - Stargate: Atlantis:
Episodes like this is why I love science fiction. I loved the look of the episode and the premise. Too bad there wasn't more time to learn from them.
The Lost Boys
I actually thought that Ford was going to find a planet where everyone figured out the wraith enzyme thing. I didn't think that he was going to create a team. I the drug may be useful in starving the wraith because I think that they can't feed on anyone with the wraith enzyme. I want someone to fix Ford's face. Heal that please. I liked the talk Ford had with Ronan. Side- by- side, it doesn't look like Ford would have a fighting chance with Ronan but when they fought a few episodes back, Ford gave Ronan a run for his money.

SCIFI - Stargate: SG1:
I think I missed some episodes somewhere along the way because I honestly don't remember Anubis being killed. We've seen this type of episode on SG1 before. I was kinda bored with it. I was hoping we'd get to see Vala again.
Fourth Horseman
Stargate has been doing a lot of social commentary lately. The finale was intriguing. I liked the dialogue about how faith and belief was the energy that the Ori needed in order to drain people of their will. It's a very touchy subject and I'm surprised that no one has been protesting the show. I guess you'd have to watch and interpret for that and well....
I'm glad Gerak grew some balls in the end but that only made things worse because now he is an Ori.
A viral outbreak on Earth. How much longer can they keep the Stargate a secret. The last time only an Ori could cure everyone. This wouldn't go over well on Earth. This would mean everyone would have to be educated about the Ori, where they came from and convert to their religion if they wanted to live. Given our history, this would not go over well on Earth.

SCIFI - Battlestar Galactica:
Flight of the Phoenix
Love the new ship and I thought it was about time that someone started thinking about replacing some of the ships. The fight between the Chief and Helo was brewing. I'm glad they go it out of the way. Such man love!
I cried like a little girl when they named the ship "Laura" in honour of the president. Awesome!
Another Cylon virus? Yawn! I don't want to see another virus episode for two seasons. It was paced well but it was so "Oh... another virus." Too bad that Sharon can't earn any trust back, she did good.
Why is it that someone with a ship named Pegasus always wants to come in and start throwing their weight around? Cloaking technology aside, I was excited to see Michelle Forbes again. Too bad she came in starting trouble. I don't care if she was higher in rank, you just don't come in and start changing a stable command structure in a situation like this.
...and who ever tailored her uniform should be fired. It puckered where it wasn't supposed to and made her look bad. No one else was having that problem with their uniform not even the overweight male officers. I had to assume they did it on purpose but it was distracting and should be fixed.
OK, back on track... I loved this episode. Though I didn't like Captain Cole's approach, she brought up valid points in regards to Adama's crew. I didn't like it but her points we valid. The Cheif and Helo were out of line but the guys that were getting ready to rape Toaster Sharon were WAY OUT OF LINE! What they did to #6 was disgraceful.


If you haven't watched these shows, you won't know what the hell I'm talking about. I don't do synopsis. I was nice enough to include links though.


That's almost the biggest mind-frak since "Who Shot JR?". I totally thought this was a flashback. When I realized it was current, I was cheered. I love that direction, it was phenomenal. I'M SO CONFUSED!!!! But I like it.
The ending, where the guy in the stadium was the guy in the hatch, was anticlimactic because it was predictable.
Now we have to figure out why the those nautical Deliverance guys took Walt. What's up with 70's Timecapsule Hatch guy? Was Shannon seeing dead people (Walt)?
Will we ever know what the hell is going on?

---->Other Shows<-----
FOX - House MD:
The episode about the cancer girl seemed so much like science fiction that I had to mention it. Awesome seat of the pants action there. This show will have to push those limits every week in order to keep viewers. I'm waiting on an episode where they have to operate on someone in the vacuum of space.

FOX - Bones:
I don't care for it but OTHER PEOPLE have to watch it live and make me TiVo Supernatural. Grrrrr.

CBS - CSI: Miami:
Not gripping but good. A pretty lackluster premiere.

Same. The most interesting thing was Warrick getting married and Katherine admitting that she fantasized about him. Pretty spicy.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

4 minutes into LOST and


More later...

Monday, September 19, 2005

Lookie! Stargate Fan Show

It's called Stargate SG-2.
The trailer looks more like a promo for a Saving Private Ryan fan film and the footage is worse than a SciFi Original BUT they don't have a budget or studio backing. Even with the low quality, I love it! The fact that they are doing it is killer. The website makes me want to keep checking for more. I wish these guys good luck.

Blue Smoke Studios

I saw it first on Planet Fandom.

Friday, September 16, 2005

When More Doctor Who?

I know I could Google that and find out but I'm too lazy for that right now.

I'm really jonesing for some more Doctor Who!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Man With The Screaming Brain aka Just Make It Stop

I tried to like it.
Honestly, I thought Alien Apocalypse was better.

When I watch something with Bruce Campbell in it, I watch it because he always play someone who wisecracks. It's his voice and his deliver or something. MWTSB needed more Bruce and less of everything else. In fact, he should have just released a stand-up comedy act to film.

I know the point of the movie was that I was supposed to be bad. Usually these types of movies have charm and makes me want to watch them over and over. This one just didn't do it for me. I watched it twice just to be sure.


Man With The Screaming Brain tried to have a plot or something. Maybe it was the other actors. The crazy gypsy lady was just bizarre. She managed to be ugly and pretty at the same time. That was very distracting and confusing.
Ted Raimi was hilarious but white guys rapping is not funny anymore. Not even with a Russian accent.
That robot was perfect! Does anyone know who was in the robot suit. It reminded me of the 80's. The walk was perfect.

I guess I didn't like Bruce Campbell as William Cole. I really didn't relate to the whole Bulgaria setting. There's a lot of ways this movie could have been done differently and been a MST3K type classic. ... I actually think it is anyway.

I don't know. It's not Army of Darkness, It's not Brisco County Jr. I love you Bruce but I'm not into Man With The Screaming Brain.

Dracula 3000?... C'Mon!

SciFi Pictures Inflicts...
Dracula 3000
Tagline: In space, the sun never rises. YIKES!!!!
It has Coolio in it and his name is 187. OUCH!!!!!!!

SciFriday... last Friday (Sept 9, 2005)


SciFriday started off perfectly with my favorite episode of Firefly, Jaynestown. It was this episode that sold me on the whole show.
Is it September 30th yet?

While I enjoyed the shows last week, each show reminded me of a show that I've seen in another series.

Stargate: SG1 - Babylon
It wasn't hard to figure out which show this episode "borrowed" from, Star Trek: The Original Series - Amok Time.
Aside from that, Babylon was a delightful enough episode. If for no other two reasons, Tony Todd and William B. Davis (who had no lines). Tony Todd is always a treat. William B Davis will always make me want to smoke...
I like the idea of the Sodan warriors. It was a bit of a change from the normal Jaffa. It would be cool to run across a planet of Jaffa who have advanced technology or at least know how to party. Also, the two Jaffa brothers (the Mr Miyagi one and the one that got treated back at Stargate command)... were hot! Wait, that's not what I wanted to say... but really they were.... no but.... I don't know how this sounds but I kept getting them confused because they looked a lot alike. I didn't feel bad for thinking that because those guys are brothers in real life. Crichton... Mitchell... Ben Browder got in some well placed one liners. He's still a little to restrained.

Stargate: Atlantis - Conversion
Dude! What does Teyla do exactly?
No... I'm going to save that rant for another time.
This week Atlantis reminded me of itself. Didn't we just see an episode where Lt. Ford transformed to a superhuman thing? Yes, Sheppard's situation is SLIGHLTY different but we got the same episode in the same season. That's gotta be some sort of record. The coolest thing about Sheppard that when he was truly transformed, he was like The Fly, The Borg, Spiderman, a Jem'Hadar and Lt.Ford all in one. It was a latex mask pot luck. I actually wish they would keep Sheppard like this, he's more interesting.... seems more complex somehow. His transformation made me feel like he's been underachieving by mucking about on the station and Wraith shoot 'em up missions.
It also seems like Rodney was a tad sore that he didn't get to WOW us with his knowledge. He did spit out one of the funniest one liners yet.... the one where he complimented Beckett on raising medicine to an actual science. That line was deliciously arrogant.

Battlestar Galactica - Final Cut
This episode of Battlestar Galactica reminded me of And Now For A Word from Babylon 5. They even had someone addicted to "stems".
Mind you, I'm not upset about this. It's just an observation. While we are on the topic of observations, this was a good perspective show. It made me really think about what our soldiers go through everyday in real life. Final Cut was so jammed packed with reflection of war, the assassination plot, the delivery of the baby, the well placed cylon attack to upload the footage.... This show is a gift EVERY WEEK!
The well placed original Battlestar Galactica theme at the end was an AWESOME touch!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Ever been up really late at night...

or really early in the morning and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World was the only thing on TV?
... and you watched the entire episode?
... willingly?

I'm ashamed to say that I had one of those mornings this morning. I felt dirty, like when I watched Charmed all last season -dirty. I guess I feel that way because I actually liked the episode.
The episode I caught was Absolute Power. Check out this episode synopsis:
Our adventurers find the ruins of an ancient temple and at its center, Challenger is amazed to find the crude etching of an atom. Searching to unlock the mystery, Challenger places a nearby crystal sphere into the "keyhole" of the atom. Suddenly a blinding white light engulfs Challenger, leaving him near death. As Challenger's friends fight to save his life, we see an alternate reality, where Challenger emerges from the light unscathed and with extraordinary powers. When the vicious Dirkon and his band of Slavers kidnap Veronica, Challenger easily defeats them. Unfortunately, after this Challenger's arrogance increases tenfold with his powers with murderous results. With Challenger near death in one world, and his friends dying in the other, the two worlds begin a collision course with destiny.

This episode was good in a Lexx meets Mutant X but not really way. This show is like sour candy.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Watch the ENTIRE First Episode of Supernatural Online... Now


In this Yahoo! TV Exclusive, watch the entire first episode of the new series 'Supernatural' before it airs on The WB. From the network that brought you 'Buffy,' 'Charmed' and 'Smallville,' brace yourself for a new kind of paranormal thriller.
Premieres Tuesday, September 13, at 9/8C on The WB.

I haven't downloaded/streamed it yet but it looks interesting. The description mentions Buffy, Charmed and Smallville so I guess they're saying that if we liked those shows that we'll like this one.

Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) has done his best to escape his family's eerie history. Unlike his older brother, Dean (Jensen Ackles), Sam rejected their father's obsessive quest to uncover the evil forces that claimed the life of the boys' mother, Mary. Putting as much distance as possible between himself and his family, Sam left home and went away to college. His new life includes a beautiful girlfriend, Jessica, and law school. Dean, however, took a very different path, following their father, John, into the "family business." When Dean arrives on Sam's doorstep with the news that their father has vanished, Sam has no choice but to put his personal plans on hold and join Dean on the road.
After four years apart, the reunited brothers are getting to know each other again, and their familiar sibling rivalries soon resurface. Despite the strange childhood they shared, these boys grew up to have very different views of the world. Dean idolizes their father John and is haunted by memories of his mother's violent death. Sam was too young to remember the night Mary died and has never fully accepted the frightening path his father and brother have followed.

Every Ancient Alien Needs to be Bitch Slapped?

Every hero needs a mission.
Every geek needs a puzzle.
And every ancient alien needs to be bitch slapped.

That's the promo dialogue for SpikeTV's commercial for their airing Stargate (The 1994 Movie). Hilarious!

You have two chances to catch it, if you don't already own it.

Stargate (1994)
Sep 11 8:00 PM
Sep 11 10:30 PM

My favorite quote from the movie is "Must have used Budge. I don't know why they keep reprinting his books." I watch it over and over for that scene.

I've read enough books in my day to know why that's funny.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Finally! More Fall 2005 Premiere Dates

Tuesday, September 13
9 pm | Supernatural (WB)

Friday, September 16
9 pm | Threshold (CBS)

Monday, September 19
8 pm | Surface (NBC)
10 pm | Medium (NBC)

Wednesday, September 21
9 pm | Lost (ABC)
10 pm | Invasion (ABC)

Friday, September 23
8 pm | Ghost Whisperer (CBS)

Sunday, September 25
8 pm | Charmed (WB)

Thursday, September 29
8 pm | Alias (ABC)
Smallville (WB)
9 pm | Night Stalker (ABC)

Special Lost TV Guide with CD

It's on your newsstands now. This issues is all about LOST. It has a first season episode guide and a spoiler sectiond (that I didn't reas). I really bought this magazine because it had a CD taped on the cover with LOST stuff on it. I'm going through the CD now.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Sorry for the lack of updates

School is starting again so there's some time being sucked away. I've been keeping up with the shows and boy do I have a mouthful. All good. Especially for The 4400. That season finale was great. Why do people keep giving Jeffrey Combs needles with glowing fluid? Finally someone answers my answer about Jordan Collier and baby Isabel! Whoa! I so smell something going on like the Jasmine arc on Angel.

I have other things to say about BSG, SG1, SGA but no time.

The season finale of Dead Zone was perfect!!!! No Nicole DeBoer!! We did get the whiny girl from 24/Dead Like Me but she's not that bad.

Off to be productive.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Campbell A Lock For Spidey 3

Hell yeah!!!! I think it's time to start an email campaign to make sure he lands a good role. Doesn't have to be major but we want him. I wonder if we can see Lord Bowler (Julius Carry) too. I'm in the middle of watching all of "The Adventures of Brisco County Jr." and I love this show!

from SciFi Wire:
Campbell A Lock For Spidey 3
Bruce Campbell told SCI FI Wire that he'll no doubt make an appearance in Spider-Man 3, directed by longtime friend Sam Raimi, but that he has no idea yet what he'll play. "Oh, I think I'll be in it," Campbell said in an interview while promoting the upcoming SCI FI Channel original movie, Man With the Screaming Brain, which he wrote, produced, directed and stars in. "But in classic big-budget movies they don't tell you anything, and they won't tell you anything."

Campbell has a tendency to turn up in films directed by his Evil Dead partner and pal Raimi. In the first Spider-Man movie he played the ring announcer who provided Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) with the nickname Spider-Man. And in Spider-Man 2 he was the snooty usher who didn't let Parker into the theater to catch Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) star in a play.

"When I get the [Spider-Man 3] script it won't be the full script," Campbell said. "It will only be my pages. And then my name will be stamped across each page and numbered. They take this stuff really seriously. So I don't even know. The only thing I can probably say is that I will probably be enlisted to torment Spider-Man. That seems to be my job." Spider-Man 3 will be released in 2007. Man With the Screaming Brain premieres Sept. 10 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Friday, August 19, 2005

I Finally Looked At His Butt

If you love looking at men's butts, the Look At His Butt podcast is for you. The butt of honor belongs to William Shatner. These women found it necessary to dedicate an entire podcast to the discussion of Shatner's ass. I thought this was a bit excessive at first but after doing my own in depth study of William Shatner's rear end, I began to realize that Jungle Kitty and Lene T are geniuses. Not only do you get a hilarious podcast, on the blog you get links and photo references. I think that they sell themselves short by not experiencing all of the male butts on Star Trek. I actually think they should reconsider their dislike of George Takei and look at his butt as well. There's a nice roundness that you can miss if you don't pay attention.

For anyone looking to be a serious student of Shatner Assology, you can't miss the Look At His Butt! podcast.

Aliens can read my blog now

It's official, my blog was transmitted into space. I have a certificate and everything.

It should read, "My blog was transmitted in to space on August 12, 2004 @ 7:43am and all I got was a new spam bot."

Tombstone TV

Yes, I saw The Final Cut. Yes, I think videos on tombstones is a neat idea. Yes, I'd like one. Yes, I kinda figured that this technology would pop up sooner or later.

Video diary from beyond the grave
A US inventor has come up with a hi-tech way of allowing the deceased to talk from beyond the grave - by fixing video screens to their tombstones.

"Don't dig me up in fifty years time just because you need the extra space!"

A friend told me that this was a morbid idea, I told her that I thought it was less morbid than viewing a dead body in a box for 30 minute and even less morbid than finding out that there's going to be a Mrs. Doubtfire 2. Oh yeah! Let the hurt begin.

SciFriday.... last Friday

I was really impressed with the shows last week. All of them were thought provoking. Stargate had *the* best social commentary.


This ADHD "review" will only make sense if you've watched the episode.

Stargate: SG1 - The Powers That Be
I LOVED this episode. The dialogue about God and science is so relevant. I liked that science didn't win at the end of the episode. I only liked this because of the irony of Stargate being a science fiction show and that science usually wins with some technobabble and/or cool gadget. I'm for the science side, the truth is out there but there are still something that haven't been explained on this planet. I do believe that most everything can be explained through the scientific method but then again I don't know everything. This episode lays all of that out on the table like a virgin for sacrifice. I still don't think that the Ori are gods and that we will figure them out BUT I can't explain what went on in the village either. The way the villagers responded was realistic. It's how I feel everyday to a certain degree especially when I have to go to a government office; there is something bigger than you controlling your every move against your will and there's nothing you can do about it.
My question (red flag) is WHY is it so important that these people profess their belief or have faith in the Ori? Won't these folks still be gods whether some insignificant villagers worship them or not? WHY is it that if they don't believe that a show of power and an infliction of suffering is necessary? WHY can't these people just be left alone to live their lives as they see fit? Who is anyone to interfere with that?

Yep, the writers of this episode gave us gold last week. These are the types of shows that make me tune in every week.

Stargate: Atlantis - Condemned
Does this episode remind you of any prison system?
I've never been to jail or prison but I thought that these folks just sat around in cells all day. They eat, wash laundry, play basketball and/or lift weights, read and maybe riot. I "heard" or read some article that prisoners often are put to work. They may answer phones in a call center (and if you've ever done that job outside of prison, you know that doing it in prison is like being in jail twice). They may dig ditches or some other jobs. Jail/slave labor. Could it be that people get thrown into prison for minor crimes is because companies want prison labor. In prison, they can get you to work for free or pay you third world wages. One could argue that this keeps jobs in the US but that's just being too cute for my taste.

Note that I didn't do any research just pulled this out of my ... but like this episode it poses a what if and if so then wow that's uncool.

So is Ronan going to just going to growl in every episode? He's like a Worf/Tyr hybrid. I hope he and Teyla hook up.

Battlestar Galactica - The Farm
Now this is a space-opera!
If I keep saying that this show is phenomenal, it's going to loose it's meaning. Maybe it has already so how about astounding? Spectacular seems too glitzy. Remarkable is too unremarkable. Amazing? whatever....
I enjoyed this one. I especially loved the dialog between Starbuck and the cylon doctor, Simon.

Stunned that he pointed out that is typical for women in her line of work to choose not to have children.

Teared up when he spotted her abuse as a child.

Is anyone still barking about Starbuck being a woman? Starbuck as a chick brings so much more to this show. (not that I've seen the other show but I'm sure that no one got a gynecological exam on the original show.... not that I liked seeing, I cringed but it was a nice touch.)

Question: Why are there HUMMERS on Caprica?

This episode also made me wonder about Cylons and their level of intelligence. I swear these guys are as "precise" (read: dumb) as Storm Troopers. Maybe I wasn't paying attention, which is possible, but I hope that Caprica isn't their baby-machine capital. It was way too easy for that lab to be destroyed. It was way too easy for them to escape. I guess that Darth Number Six has a plan.

Oh! I almost forgot!
How noble of Cylon Boomer #2 to rescue the crew. So one Boomer dies and one Boomer returns. How interesting. She's probably going to get the Lee Harvey Oswald treatment just like the other Boomer. We'll see.....

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Top SF&F Syndicated Shows

from: SciFi Wire
1 Stargate SG-1 1.7
2 The X-Files 1.4
3 The Twilight Zone 1.3
4 Andromeda 1.2
5 Mutant X 1.2
6 She Spies 1.2
7 Buffy 1.1
8 The Outer Limits 1.1 <---- Hell yeah!!!! This show should be #1!!! I wish this show would re-run every day!
9 Angel 0.9
10 Ripley's 0.8

Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report, 7/25/05 - 7/31/05

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Best Picture, So Symbolic

From Texas Best Grok:

The Shat getting carried off by Storm Troopers.

Science Fiction Short Film Festival Launched

Get your cameras ready...
The Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame (SFM) in partnership with the Seattle International Film Festival Group (SIFF), announces the launch of the first-annual Science Fiction Short Film Festival, to promote and encourage awareness, appreciation and understanding of the art of science fiction cinema.

From July 20 through November 1, 2005, the Science Fiction Short Film Festival will accept short film submissions, up to 12 minutes in length, that have been produced after 2001 for entry into the competition. Multiple submissions will be accepted according to the entry form rules and regulations found at or

More here...
Science Fiction Short Film Festival Launched

Someone has probably blogged about this already but this is my first time finding out. I wish I had a camera, crew and an idea.

Man Dies After 50 Hours of Computer Games

WTF? Sad but Darwin award for you buddy.
Man Dies After 50 Hours of Computer Games
SEOUL (Reuters) -- A South Korean man who played computer games for 50 hours almost non-stop died of heart failure minutes after finishing his mammoth session in an Internet cafe, authorities said Tuesday.

The 28-year-old man, identified only by his family name Lee, had been playing on-line battle simulation games at the cybercafe in the southeastern city of Taegu, police said.

Lee had planted himself in front of a computer monitor to play on-line games on Aug. 3. He only left the spot over the next three days to go to the toilet and take brief naps on a makeshift bed, they said.

"We presume the cause of death was heart failure stemming from exhaustion," a Taegu provincial police official said by telephone.

More...Man Dies After 50 Hours of Computer Games