Thursday, December 01, 2005

Anyone been catching "Masters of Horror"?

I have mixed feelings about the show. It's an entertaining show but there's just something missing or not that creepy or something. I can't quite put my fingers on it.

The H.P. Lovecraft, Dreams in the Witch House was great.

Some of the other stories were ok. It irks me that they use nudity for naked asses' sake. To me, it's cheapens the stories but I'm a woman. I just don't feel like seeing naked tits while I'm trying to be scared or intrigued. It's just a little too desperate for my taste.

One of the episodes had Robert Englund. It was good to see him in something but the story was unsettling. Not in the good- and- entertaining unsettling way but in the I- lost- an- hour- out- of- my- life- unsettling way.
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