Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dr. Who Ratings

from The Outpost Gallifrey
Christmas Invasion Ratings
BBC News today reports that while EastEnders was the most watched television programme in the UK on Christmas Day, Doctor Who was immediately behind it at #2. EastEnders managed an average viewership of 10.1 million viewers, peaking at 11 million, while Doctor Who's ratings averaged 9.4 million viewers, peaking at 9.8 million, and managing a 42.7% share according to the overnight ratings. ITV1's "Coronation Street" also averaged 9.4 million viewers but peaking slightly less than "Doctor Who", putting it into the #3 slot. Seven BBC1 items got into the top 10 viewing figures for the day, too, adding to the channel's success. Complete details are also available via The Sun, CBBC News, The Telegraph. The final ratings report from BARB will be out within a few weeks, where as usual, the expected final rating will likely be somewhat higher.

Have you stopped by gallifreyone.com lately. This is all the Dr. Who info at your fingertips that you'll ever need. This site is so organized and beautifully done. A lot of time and effort is put into this site. I just had to mention that because I usually read the site through my RSS reader and don't get a chance to visit it often. I think that I stayed on it for about 30 minutes today. It's bittersweet because now I've made it my mission to see as many episodes of Dr. Who episodes that I can. It's a daunting mission and it may take a year or two but I'm going to do it. It is my New Year's Resolution. The bad part is that I don't need another TV show obsession. To think I was complaining that there was nothing on a few years ago? Now I'm overwhelmed. Go figure.

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