Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Triangle, Cowbells and Bludgeoning Small Puppies

Non-recapped, ADHD review of Triangle:

I wasn't wowed but I was entertained and amused with the first installment of SciFi's- The Triangle. I was entertained by the ship at the beginning that caught fire, broke in half and sank. I was amused because after that explosive scene, we get a calm sea scene. It made me feel like the ocean is the Earth's toilet bowl, the Bermuda Triangle is it's handle and all of the disappearances over the years were flushes.

Speaking of disappearing and the Bermuda Triangle, Michael and Evo over at Slice of SciFi are having an iPod giveaway. You have to name a person or persons that you want thrown into the Bermuda Triangle. Here's my entry:
You know who I want thrown in the Bermuda Triangle? I want those annoying, creepy bell-ringers that stand in front of the stores while I'm trying to shop during the "holidays" thrown into the Bermuda Triangle....along with their cowbells. Spreading Christmas cheer? Try JINGLE BELLS instead of poorly tuned cowbells. Now I have to move my inhaler prescription to a pharmacy that has a bell free entrance. For a good cause my ass! What about my nerves? I have sensitive hearing. In the latest Wingin' It (#37) podcast some guy left a voicemail saying that Evo's voice made him want to bludgeon small puppies with a bag small puppies. No my good sir, in comparison to these beggar-faux-holiday-cheer-cowbell-ringing guys Evo's voice sounds like an angelic harp. Try having to go to a pharmacy with a migraine with a Santa's Helper Bum laying on a cowbell like he was shredding a guitar... back in the 80's. THAT my dear friend, will make you want to bludgeon creepy bell-ringer guy with a sack full of puppies, shove that bell up his ass and send him with the puppy pulp into the Bermuda Triangle.

Happy Holidays!

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