Monday, August 30, 2004

"The Genii have what we call a Confederation of Planets"

Did anyone else crack up at this line?
....if you watched Stargate Atlantis: Underground (Guest Starring Colm Meaney)

The writers of Stargate have THE best sense of humor. There are so many Star Trek references in this show. That's pretty humble of them... not to mention smart because they know their audience. Maybe I read too much into that comment.... nah!
Last week the compared Dr. Beckett to Dr. McCoy. Even Farscape does this.

It was GOOD to see Colm Meaney. Speaking of which.
I haven't been able to go on to the website without seeing spoiler alerts everywhere. What's up with that? I already know that William Shatner is supposed to be on a show next season. In what context, I can only guess it has something to do with the space nazi and City on the Edge of Forever. Then I caught a headline that he may not appear because of money. That confusion is the only reason I'm not upset about the spoiler. Then I go to the news section today and there's some spoiler alert about Dr. Noonien Soong. I quickly hit the back button and turned Peer Guardian back on to block the site. (Peer Guardian blocks the IPs of some companies) I am determined to not get spoiled.

SCIFI.COM | Stargate Atlantis

Sunday, August 29, 2004 Best/Worst Sci-Fi Titles

Best/Worst "Sci-Fi" Titles

According to these are the Top Rated Sci-Fi Movies:

1 Star Wars (1977)
2 Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
(1964) -- haven't seen
3 Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
4 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
5 Matrix, The (1999)
6 Metropolis (1927)-- haven't seen (shut up)
7 Alien (1979)
8 Clockwork Orange, A (1971)-- hell yeah!
9 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)-- bored me but whatever
10 Aliens (1986)
11 Donnie Darko (2001)
12 Blade Runner (1982)
13 Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)
14 Bride of Frankenstein (1935)-- haven't seen
15 Day the Earth Stood Still, The (1951)-- haven't seen
16 Young Frankenstein (1974)-- saw parts of it but Frankenstein bores me. No matter how many times they remake it.... boring!
17 Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983)
18 Back to the Future (1985)
19 King Kong (1933)-- haven't seen (see Frankenstien)
20 Brazil (1985)-- haven't seen
21 Frankenstein (1931)-- ::sigh::
22 Twelve Monkeys (1995)-- HELL YEAH!! One of my favorites!
23 Terminator, The (1984)
24 Planet of the Apes (1968)
25 Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)-- hate zombie movies that don't have Ash (and now Sean).... is this even a zombie movie.... (shut up)
26 X2 (2003
27 Spider-Man 2 (2004)
28 Minority Report (2002)
29 Thing, The (1982)-- haven't seen
30 Iron Giant, The (1999)-- haven't seen
31 Fail-Safe (1964)-- haven't seen
32 Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)-- i saw it long ago, in a galax.....
33 Abre los ojos (1997)-- haven't seen
34 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
35 Lost Horizon (1937)-- haven't seen
36 Invisible Man, The (1933)-- haven't seen
37 Delicatessen (1991)-- haven't seen
38 Truman Show, The (1998)
39 Shin seiki Evangelion Gekijô-ban: Air/Magokoro wo, kimi ni (1997)-- haven't seen
40 Kaze no tani no Naushika (1984)-- haven't seen
41 Cité des enfants perdus, La (1995)-- haven't seen
42 Forbidden Planet (1956)-- haven't seen
43 Solyaris (1972)-- haven't seen
44 Akira (1988)-- this movie was medocre to me
45 Night of the Living Dead (1968)-- zombies suck
46 Incredible Shrinking Man, The (1957)-- haven't seen
47 Man in the White Suit, The (1951)-- haven't seen
48 Seconds (1966)-- haven't seen
49 Equilibrium (2002)-- haven't seen
50 Kôkaku kidôtai (1995)-- haven't seen

This list sucks, I'm going to come up with one of my own AND I'm going make a 50 of the sexiest men in science fiction since SciFi magazine made us sit through a magazine full of chicks. (yes, I'm still bitter about that)

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Sci Fi Wire -- Star Wars Rumor Denied

Sci Fi Wire -- Star Wars Rumor Denied

A spokeswoman for Lucasfilm has denied to E! Online persistent rumors that a third trilogy of Star Wars movies is planned., citing an anonymous source, had reported that employees at Lucasfilm's Industrial Light & Magic visual-effects house had been asked to sign non-disclosure agreements concerning work on proposed episodes VII, VIII and IX.

Not so, company spokeswoman Lynn Fox told E! Online. "The rumors are absolutely untrue," she said. No non-disclosure was ever signed pertaining to future episodes. "Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sith is our last and final installment."

::sighs and rolls eyes::

Lucas, I'm only going to see Episode III: Revenge of the Nerds for closure on this sad chapter of Star Wars. How do you make Star Wars average and dull? You didn't screw up as bad as the Wachowski Brothers but then again that may be speaking too soon.

Speaking of which, those two are at it again with an Ultimate Matrix Collection. I couldn't even watch the 3 installment. I only saw it the one time. I have it. I can watch it at any time but every time I think of watching it, I get sleepy or bored or can think of something better to do with my time. I hated Matrix 3. I wish the two parter in the Animatrix was Matrix 2 and 3. It was more like what I was expecting.

Charisma Carpenter will guest-star on Charmed

Sci Fi Wire -- Carpenter Rules Out Angel

Sounds fun.

Carpenter will guest-star this fall as a clairvoyant in at least two episodes of The WB's witch series Charmed. (Her first appearance airs Sept. 26, TV Guide reported.) As with Cordelia, Carpenter agains plays "another psychic!" she said. "At least I'm not in a coma on this show. They're both sassy girls, but this character is more of a temptress than a smartass. She's toying with Leo [Brian Krause]."

She's totally done with Angel. I don't blame her. What's left? It ended on a weird note but I've yet to be satisfied with a series finale.
She's going to have her own show as well. It sounds lame though. It's about living with a bunch of dogs. Go figure.

'Super Earth' Discovered at Nearby Star

'Super Earth' Discovered at Nearby Star

If you read the article, this planet is nothing like earth. It is but it isn't. It's close to it's sun like Mercury is to our Sun. It's bigger than Earth but it's year is 10 days long. They didn't mention anything about water. I guess they mean it is like Earth due to the fact that the planet is rocky as opposed to gaseous.

The article also mentioned that there are about 3 other planets they found that were rocky. From this article, it leads me to assume that rocky planets are rare. I think that the gravity is 14 times the gravity here or that this planet is 14 times bigger than our planet which is weird because they are still calling this planet small.

It's a nice discovery but we still look to be unique to this sector.

One Man Star Wars

Welcome to

Yes. You guessed it. One guy doing the whole Star Wars Movie by himself.
Damn this is funny! I watched the clip on the website and was rolling! He's damned good.

He was Luke, Leia, Vader, even the credits and Jaba. He has a poll about what he's going to do next.
Back to the Future --eh... I got Back To the Futured out back in the 80's.
Die Hard -- The action scenes alone would make me cough up a lung.
Dirty Harry -- not a fan.
Harry Potter --eh...
Indiana Jones --- Maybe...
Rocky -- Just imagine him doing Stallone.
Matrix -- Neo: Whoa!
Terminator -- To see him walking around like a Terminator and doing the Schwartznegger accent would be hilarious.
The Godfather -- Maybe...

I couldn't find a tour schedule but I'd love to see this. I found out about it at a ComicCon website.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Boing Boing: Space House for Earth

104-0466_IMG_space_house_pc_L, originally uploaded by scifiranter.

Boing Boing: Space House for Earth

Yes! All I need is my flying car and my robot maid. I gotta get rich so I can get this house built for me.

It is called SpaceHouse. It can withstand vibrations from earthquakes of up to 7 on the Richter scale, wind speeds of up to 220 km/h and up to 3 metres of flooding!

It is designed by the European Space Agency.

I wonder how much something like this would cost. Maybe not the actual SpaceHouse but something designed like it.

I've always wanted to have a city dedicated to technology. No one who wasn't a technology enthusiast could live there. Maybe a private city. Not government funded. It would be built from the ground up with the latest in today's technology. It would also have a "futuristic" design. Anything not made in the last 5 years or anything that is not the latest of it's kind would not be allowed!

Friday, August 20, 2004

10 Dumb Moments in Sci-Fi Cinema

MSN Entertainment - News - 10 Dumb Moments in Sci-Fi Cinema

Imperial walkers attack the rebels
"The Empire Strikes Back"

The aliens need "Signs"

John Hurt feels better, so opts for breakfast

Skynet sends a new and improved Terminator
"Terminator 2: Judgement Day"

Will Smith uploads a virus to save the world
"Independence Day"

Dr. Brundle tries out his fly machine
"The Fly"

Velociraptors come off like geniuses
"Jurassic Park"

Agents throw punches at Neo
"The Matrix"

Superman turns back time
"Superman: The Movie"

Jodie Foster and company pass the alien MENSA test

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Russian Alien Spaceship Claims Raise Eyebrows, C Skepticism

Yahoo%21 News - Russian Alien Spaceship Claims Raise Eyebrows, Skepticism

The latest claim was written up by news wires and was making the Internet rounds Thursday morning. According to Agence France Presse, the scientists say they've found "an extra-terrestrial device" that explains "one of the 20th Century's biggest scientific mysteries," a catastrophe that flattened some 800 square miles of Siberian forest in a region called Tunguska.

And that's where I stopped reading....

I saw this episode of The X-Files years ago. C'Mon guys. At least Mexico had pictures.

The new ET claim is "a rather stupid hoax," one scientist said today. And it's one with a rich history.

"I want to believe" but don't insult my intellegence with blurry/fake photos. Don't give me stories from people who had vivid dreams, weird marks, re-living birth or mysterious natural events.

I am First-Season-Scully.

Politicians are people who are too ugly to be musicians

..and too stupid to leave the science to scientists. They like to make decisions for others only if it is "something in it for them". They have evolved in the most useless species of human.

Wired News: A Election: Science Plays Politics

Scientists' feud with the Bush administration, building for almost four years, has intensified this election year. The White House has sacked prominent scientists from presidential advisory committees, science advocacy groups have released lengthy catalogs of alleged scientific abuses by the administration and both sides have traded accusations at meetings and in the pages of research journals.

"People are shocked by what's going on," said Kurt Gottfried, a Cornell University physicist and chairman of the Union of Concerned Scientists, which has been in the vanguard of the campaign against the administration's science policy. Although generally not political, the group -- which advocates for use of accurate scientific information in policymaking -- has occasionally taken liberal positions, such as opposition to nuclear weapons.

WTF??? Opposition to nuclear weapons is liberal??? What do we need those for when people can't count votes? ...when there's "chemical warfare". I wonder how much more advanced we would be if scientists didn't have to hide certain technologies so that they wouldn't be exploited by the government.

I hate politics.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Sci Fi Wire -- Shaun of the Dead

Shaun Gives U.K. Spin To Genre

I saw the preview for this movie last night....

I usually am bored by zombie movies. They are just like first person shooter games to me. After killing zombies for about 30 minutes I'm pretty done. They aren't smart. They walk around really slow with their arms out. "Arhhhhh". They look like hell.

I sat through the first part of 28 Days Later. The first zombie showed up and I got sleepy. I never made it through that movie. People tell me it's really good but I'm never motivated enough to try to watch it again.

There is an exception to this rule and his name is Ash. 'Nuff said there.
The other exception may be this movie. Shaun of the Dead. It looks entertaining. The trailer alone was hilarious. Looks like they may have been a bit inspired by Ash but it's ok. It's a UK movie and that's even better; something different for a change. It looks like the official website is down. Here's an IMDB link.

Friday, August 13, 2004


ALIEN vs. PREDATOR -now in theatres
This is the film of the year for me. This movie rocked on all levels known to man kind. Let's just say that I want my Alexa action figure WITH alien head, alien spine spear and mark of the kill.
A black woman lead sci-fi action film that merges both Aliens AND Predator? That's frelling huge!!!!!! Sanaa Lathan is my new hero.

Music Industry to Napster Lovers: Just Say No

Looks like I'm not the only one to make that connection. It must have been some retard from my generation who not only loved the green shirts but also loved hiding under their desk in the bomb threat drills. I bet they are all peachy over todays terrorist alerts too.

To Fight Music Piracy, Industry Goes to Schools Music Industry to Napster Lovers: Just Say No

Just Say No

Pissed Off: The Reagan-Era Drug War Legacy

'Just Say Know’: An Advocate of Drug Law Reform Says D.A.R.E. Is A 20-year Old Failure

Wired News: Copyright Crusaders Hit Schools

Wired News: Copyright Crusaders Hit Schools

This is going to be just like the 80's with the nice green "Just Say No" campaign against drug use.

Instead of getting a useful warning, this generation will get a message about the horrors of technology and how it's only ok to rip off an artist if you are in a contract with them. I do not look forward to getting old.

Maybe Joan of Arcadia will do a kewl episode about this like the did with Punk Brewster back in the day.

Season 2
Episode 30: Just Say No

In this episode, Punky and Cherie are invited into joining a girl’s club called “The Chicklets,” because being part of a club “is like everything.” Oh no, not the PEER PRESSURE!! The next day, the girls get sworn in and are asked if they want to celebrate by doing drugs. They decline and Punky asks Mike what she should do. He tells her about a Just Say No club, and the following day when Cherie and Punky are asked to do drugs again, they just say no. Punky tells The Chicklets about the Just Say No club and one member named Kate decides to leave The Chicklets and join.

Skywalker Ranch Merlot?

An Alcoholic Collaboration Between George Lucas and Francis Coppola. This TOTALLY explains Jar Jar.

Viandante del Cielo

Niebaum-Coppola is proud to present the first public release of George Lucas' "Viandante del Cielo" Skywalker Ranch Chardonnay. Viandante del Cielo is Italian for walker of the skies. The grapes were sourced from a tiny vineyard on George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, CA.
They were harvested and delivered to our Niebaum-Coppola winemakers Scott McLeod and Corey Beck, they were then fermented in small French oak barrels, aged and bottled.
The Skywalker Ranch wines had previously only been available to George Lucas' family and friends.

With only 250 cases produced supplies are extremely limited and will not last long.

Niebaum-Coppola Estate Winery Online Store

Tasting Notes:
The 2002 Lucas Chardonnay has aromas of crisp McIntosh apples and fresh cinnamon stick followed by lively flavors of pear, lemon, and toasty meringue on the palate. For an ideal food and wine pairing try it with shrimp scampi or scallops in a brown butter sauce.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Fans pay scientist $100 to watch Day Afer Tomorrow

The Review

This is hilarious. My favorite part is...

In short, This movie is to climate science as Frankenstein is to heart transplant surgery.

Read the rest the review, it's great.

FCC Clears 'Buffy,' 'Grace' on Charges of Indecency

Yahoo! News - FCC Clears 'Buffy,' 'Grace' on Charges of Indecency

A) This show has been cancelled.
B) Get a life.
C) If you don't like it, don't watch it.
D) There are other shows that can be targeted.

The episode and scene in question happens to be my absolute favorite love scene of all times. This is the way that I'd like to have sex all of the time. I'm that vicious but I haven't found a man that could sustain that much injury or passionte.... this is another story.

The episode:
Buffy- Season 6- Episode 109 - "Smashed"
The Parent Television Council, one of the more active groups on the indecency front run by L. Brent Bozell, complained to the commission about an episode of "Buffy" that aired April 22, 2003, on WDCA, a UPN affiliate in Washington. In the episode, the characters Spike and Buffy fight before having sex, according to the order.

"The commission noted that there was no nudity and there was no evidence that the activity depicted was dwelled upon or was used to pander, titillate or shock the audience," the commission said in a release.

I sat here for a long time trying to figure out what to say in response to this. I can't believe that there are people going around wasting other people's time like this. The show is cancelled. If they would have won, then what?
I see that someone has a organization and is trying to make themselves popular by riding the coat tails of a popular show. Need some donations? I'm glad they dismissed their stupid claims. I think they should be sued for being stupid.

Is it just me or does Stargate: Atlantis remind you of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine?

Humans find an alien outpost/station.
They make it a base of operations.
They trial and error learn the functions.
There's a wormhole/stargate.
Unlikely "minority" leader.
Melding of two cultures. Federation/Bajorans - Humans/Whatever Tayla's people are called.

I get that same feeling when I watch Stargate Atlantis that I did when I used to watch Deep Space Nine.
It also appears that SGA will develop support cast just like DS9 did as well.

*sigh* I did not forget B5. The thing is, I watched B5 on regular TV until like the 3rd season. Then they started airing it on cable. After I'm finished with Earth: Final Conflict, I'll start B5. Satisfied?

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Hatch Embraces New Galactica

Sci Fi Wire -- The News Service of the Sci Fi Channel

I'm proud of him. It took a lot for him to admit that. I saw him at the only con that I've ever been to, he was a featured guest and he was very militant. It was almost ugly. I'm glad he's embracing the new show. It really shows to me that he has an open mind and was very loyal to the original show. You just don't see that anymore.

I like the new series. I haven't seen the old one but I'm sure I'd like that one too. I'm not going to watch the old series until after the new one is complete. I HATE being spoiled. I have some serious spoiler scars. I must admit I am a Spoiler Nazi.

Earthsea Faithful To Books

Sci Fi Wire -- The News Service of the Sci Fi Channel

This is good because like Lord of the Rings, I won't be reading any books that have movies. I can't sit still long enough to read books like these.

I'll watch the show though.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Bailar Crais

Bailar Crais, originally uploaded by scifiranter.

This my first time blogging with flickr. Thought I'd use it to make a blurb of the sexiest man on Farscape. That insane commando that we all know and love Bailar Crais. This is one good looking man. He doesn't photograph well but he films well. So sexy!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Life on Mars Likely, Scientist Claims

Life on Mars Likely, Scientist Claims


How about lets find the people with money who are gung ho about getting to Mars. Build a ship, take materials or locate materials on the planet that could be used for building. Build a station and explore from there.

Yes, I know that is too simple. I wish it weren't. There is so much more involved. How long is transport to Mars. What is there that could be used to make and sustain buildings, electricity, people, food. I totally wish there was some sort of release switch that could transform the air to oxygen like in Total Recall.

This is hilarious...
Governor Schwarzenegger's Plans Include Stopping Cyborgs, Terraforming Mars, More

NASA Sends Mercury a MESSENGER

NASA Sends Mercury a MESSENGER
NASA spacecraft bound for Mercury was successfully launched early Tuesday, the first step in a seven-year journey to the small planet.

MESSENGER, an acronym for MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging, is the first NASA spacecraft to Mercury since Mariner 10 passed by the planet three times between 1974 and 1975.

Will it make it?

I wonder what the big deal is about Mars? Why not Venus or Jupiter? Did they skip Venus all together?

I'll have to read more....

MADDOX: "I, Robot" in a nutshell.

"I, Robot" in a nutshell.

So I'm at home sick with a sinus infection that's dripping mucus into my lungs. I've listened to over a dozen people that I've told about my sickness tell me some sort of backwoods remedy that their grandmother told them said would cure me. I'm depressed, I have to take these HUGE anti-biotic horse pills, not half, not 1 but 2 every 12 hours FOR TWENTY DAYS!!!!!
I think, hmmm, I haven't read anything by Maddox in awhile. I got to the site and he had a blurb on I, Robot. I laughed so hard that I managed to clear out my lungs. Thanks Maddox!

UFO Evidence

UFO Evidence
I want to officially go on record as stating that I do NOT believe in UFOs, alien abductions or close encounters.

It's seems strange that I wouldn't but science fiction is fun, fantasy and escape for me. I do support space flight and the gathering of actual scientific data that can prove without a doubt that there is "more" in the universe.

Blurred photographs of old school space craft do nothing but irritate me. I don't want to discount those that say that they have been abducted. Let's just say that I take the Penn and Teller stance.

Adopted By Aliens: The Animated Web Series

Adopted By Aliens: The Animated Web Series

Definitely for the kids. Has the possibility to be mainstream even. With that being said. Nice concept, funny in a juvenile way. Looks good. The opening theme song is.....
..... well it sounded like they worked hard on it....
I'd support them. I don't know if it would be enough to catch the attention of adults. The target market should be focused on kids.

On the idea and concept. FIVE STARS!!!!!
I feel ya! I'm there with you and it's really good to see a web comic like this. I wish the girls plenty of success! Keep it up, this is TOTALLY Saturday Morning Cartoon material.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

MediasharX :: Farscape Ad/Spomsor Campaign

MediasharX :: Emotional Resonance & Rocket Launchers: SciFi Channel: Helping An Old Friend Get Back On Its Feet

Quoted from article...
But if we fans want that future to arrive, we have to hustle and make THE PEACEKEEPER WARS a financial success for SciFi Channel and its advertisers.

Obviously, the first thing to do is to actually watch the miniseries when it airs on Oct. 17 and 18. Also, get your friends to watch.

More than that, though, we have to reach the companies that sponsor the miniseries. When it comes on, pay attention to those companies that buy ad time. Find some products advertised on THE PEACEKEEPER WARS that you would realistically buy and go out and actually buy them.

No one’s expecting you to go out and buy a new car just to support an advertiser. But chances are that there’ll be something that gets advertised on the miniseries that you could buy: underarm roll-on, soda pop, whatever.

Go ahead and buy it -- and this is important -- remember to save the receipt.

Write a letter to the advertiser thanking them for sponsoring THE PEACEKEEPER WARS. Tell them you bought their product over competitors’ products specifically because they sponsored the show. Include a copy of that receipt to prove it.

While you’re at it, send a copy of that letter and the receipt to the SciFi Channel. Tell Bonnie Hammer that if her network orders more FARSCAPE productions, you will continue to do as you’ve just proven you’ve done -- actually buy the products advertised on FARSCAPE, producing a tangible return-on-investment both to the network and the advertisers.

Sure, going through all that’s a bit of work. But for keeping FARSCAPE -- or your other favorite show, for that matter -- on the air, isn’t it worth it?

I"m all over this. THIS is a good idea. I'll be spamming all of my groups, well not really but letting folks know that we want the show to air. As a matter of fact. I'll be asking my friends if they ever buy any of the products advertised, ask them for their receipts and send a letter in their name. All I need is a list of sponsors. I may have to ask to stary a campaign like this. (If they haven't thought of it first)

This will go WAY beyond petitions and media stunts. This is actual proof to advertisers that the show is being watched.

Farscape is the only show that I've actually sent in post cards in a campaign to save the show. Not Buffy or Angel or Enterprise or Firefly or... well... I signed the petition for Make A Deep Space Nine movie.

Farscape had such a different feel. It was free, it was... ok, I've been thru this on earlier blogs.

I'm writing NOW!!!!!

The Horror Channel :: It's gonna be a MONSTER!!!

The Horror Channel :: It's gonna be a MONSTER!!!

Crossing the SciFi line!

DUDE!! Frell yeah!
A horror channel. I'm going to have to break down and get cable. Whichever service, DISH or TimeWarner both w/ TiVO, gets it first, that's the service I'm going with.

89 days until Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 02, 2004

David Boreanaz

Mmmm. Angel....

SCIFI.COM | Battlestar Galactica

SCIFI.COM | Battlestar Galactica

I enjoyed the two part mini- movie. I haven't watched the old school Battlestar Galactica but I did hear the uproar about this one and it not being true to the original and the fuss about Starbuck being a female. I couldn't get into what all the fuss was about. The writers and producers said that this was a re-imagined Battlestar Galactica.

It looks good the story is nice. The only thing that began to bug/bore me was that Boomer turned out to be a Cylon spy at the end. Edward James Olmos! WOW! He did an awesome job! He is perfect for that part. I had a friend at work get really excited about this re-imagined series because the captain was Hispanic. I really didn't notice until he brought it up. I then noticed how racially diverse the entire cast is. Pretty nice.

The female Cylon is the new 7 of 9 but I guess she's needed for self- serve hang job types.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

This week at Save Farscape

This week at Save Farscape

Big respect for! And yes I sent in my post cards to scifi.

I really love this show. It reminds me of the spirit of the Original Star Trek without the rules of Starfleet (though Kirk often dismissed them) and without the time period and budget limitations.

Farscape is everything that I love about Science Fiction; aliens, ships, outrageous costumes, weird situations, sleek design, space, ray guns :); and on and on. When execs start whining about science fiction costs too much to produce, I think that these people are morons who are mismanaging and abusing their position. Who is this generation that is putting out crap and charging millions? Not mine. Hands up for those who are ready for the Baby Boomers to die off. ::raises hand::

This four hour mini-series is enough to say that a battle was won but is still a tease. Of course, I'll b1tch and moan when it's all said and done. My question: WHY ONLY FOUR HOURS????? YOU'RE FRELLING KILLING ME!
And then you hear those glass half full 'tards saying that it's better than nothing.

Yeah. But still.....

::perpetually pouting about this and the death of Crais::

The ever so handsome and honorable
Bailar Crais

Star Wars Fan Film Awards -- Only on AtomFilms

Star Wars Fan Film Awards -- Only on AtomFilms

I wish I had money riding on this. I was right about a lot of the winners.
My guesses at winners are 8 Minutes, Escape from Tatooine, Pink Five Strikes Back.
George Lucas actually picked something decent; Escape From Tattoine.
The Audience Choice Award; Pink Five Strikes Back.
Best Spirit of Fandom Award went to 8 Minutes. It was produced by The Anthony Grandio Company and THEY MAKE STAR WARS CHECKS!!!

Star Wars: Episode III | Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars: Episode III | Episode III

Revenge of the Sith is the title of the new / third installment of Star Wars......

I hear Revenge of the Sith. I think Revenge of the Nerds. I feel unimpressed. Someone please take the crack pipe away from George Lucas. This has gone on long enough.

BTW... I wondered what happened with the Fan Films. More on that later.