Sunday, August 01, 2004

This week at Save Farscape

This week at Save Farscape

Big respect for! And yes I sent in my post cards to scifi.

I really love this show. It reminds me of the spirit of the Original Star Trek without the rules of Starfleet (though Kirk often dismissed them) and without the time period and budget limitations.

Farscape is everything that I love about Science Fiction; aliens, ships, outrageous costumes, weird situations, sleek design, space, ray guns :); and on and on. When execs start whining about science fiction costs too much to produce, I think that these people are morons who are mismanaging and abusing their position. Who is this generation that is putting out crap and charging millions? Not mine. Hands up for those who are ready for the Baby Boomers to die off. ::raises hand::

This four hour mini-series is enough to say that a battle was won but is still a tease. Of course, I'll b1tch and moan when it's all said and done. My question: WHY ONLY FOUR HOURS????? YOU'RE FRELLING KILLING ME!
And then you hear those glass half full 'tards saying that it's better than nothing.

Yeah. But still.....

::perpetually pouting about this and the death of Crais::

The ever so handsome and honorable
Bailar Crais

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