Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Is it just me or does Stargate: Atlantis remind you of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine?

Humans find an alien outpost/station.
They make it a base of operations.
They trial and error learn the functions.
There's a wormhole/stargate.
Unlikely "minority" leader.
Melding of two cultures. Federation/Bajorans - Humans/Whatever Tayla's people are called.

I get that same feeling when I watch Stargate Atlantis that I did when I used to watch Deep Space Nine.
It also appears that SGA will develop support cast just like DS9 did as well.

*sigh* I did not forget B5. The thing is, I watched B5 on regular TV until like the 3rd season. Then they started airing it on cable. After I'm finished with Earth: Final Conflict, I'll start B5. Satisfied?

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