Thursday, August 26, 2004

'Super Earth' Discovered at Nearby Star

'Super Earth' Discovered at Nearby Star

If you read the article, this planet is nothing like earth. It is but it isn't. It's close to it's sun like Mercury is to our Sun. It's bigger than Earth but it's year is 10 days long. They didn't mention anything about water. I guess they mean it is like Earth due to the fact that the planet is rocky as opposed to gaseous.

The article also mentioned that there are about 3 other planets they found that were rocky. From this article, it leads me to assume that rocky planets are rare. I think that the gravity is 14 times the gravity here or that this planet is 14 times bigger than our planet which is weird because they are still calling this planet small.

It's a nice discovery but we still look to be unique to this sector.

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