Friday, August 13, 2004

Wired News: Copyright Crusaders Hit Schools

Wired News: Copyright Crusaders Hit Schools

This is going to be just like the 80's with the nice green "Just Say No" campaign against drug use.

Instead of getting a useful warning, this generation will get a message about the horrors of technology and how it's only ok to rip off an artist if you are in a contract with them. I do not look forward to getting old.

Maybe Joan of Arcadia will do a kewl episode about this like the did with Punk Brewster back in the day.

Season 2
Episode 30: Just Say No

In this episode, Punky and Cherie are invited into joining a girl’s club called “The Chicklets,” because being part of a club “is like everything.” Oh no, not the PEER PRESSURE!! The next day, the girls get sworn in and are asked if they want to celebrate by doing drugs. They decline and Punky asks Mike what she should do. He tells her about a Just Say No club, and the following day when Cherie and Punky are asked to do drugs again, they just say no. Punky tells The Chicklets about the Just Say No club and one member named Kate decides to leave The Chicklets and join.

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