Thursday, August 26, 2004

One Man Star Wars

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Yes. You guessed it. One guy doing the whole Star Wars Movie by himself.
Damn this is funny! I watched the clip on the website and was rolling! He's damned good.

He was Luke, Leia, Vader, even the credits and Jaba. He has a poll about what he's going to do next.
Back to the Future --eh... I got Back To the Futured out back in the 80's.
Die Hard -- The action scenes alone would make me cough up a lung.
Dirty Harry -- not a fan.
Harry Potter --eh...
Indiana Jones --- Maybe...
Rocky -- Just imagine him doing Stallone.
Matrix -- Neo: Whoa!
Terminator -- To see him walking around like a Terminator and doing the Schwartznegger accent would be hilarious.
The Godfather -- Maybe...

I couldn't find a tour schedule but I'd love to see this. I found out about it at a ComicCon website.

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Anonymous said...

You're site is great! I watched the demo of the One-man-star-wars play... hilarious! I'm just stoked over a woman who likes sci-fi. My daughter and I are big sci-fi fans, and follow the only really good sci-fi on TV right now, the Stargate franchise, religiously. I'll be a regular reader of your blog!