Sunday, October 31, 2004

Freddy vs Michael

Not Micheal Myers.

Michael Jackson.
Hat. Glove. Burned. Kids.

Freddy Krueger.
Hat. Glove. Burned. Kids.

Don't ask what got me on this topic.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Girlie Squeal! Ving Rhames is the New Kojak Ving Rhames is the New Kojak

Emmy-Award winning actor Ving Rhames ("Mission: Impossible" films, Dawn of the Dead) has signed with USA Network to a weekly series of Kojak debuting in March 2005, it was announced today by Bonnie Hammer, president of USA Network & Sci Fi Channel. Production wrapped in August on a two-hour original movie, which will now serve as the premiere episode for the nine-week original series. Production begins on the series in Toronto in January 2005.

I have a weakness for bald men. (Completely bald, not going bald... well.... going bald only if it is completely bald... forget it)

What a perfect choice. I can totally see it. This is going to be part of the "re-imagined" genre like Battlestar Galactica, Smallville and others. I think it's going to be fun.

Remember Century City?

Century City is a legal drama set in Los Angeles around the firm of Constable, Crane and Montero in 2030 that will speculate on how the legal system will change by then. It first aired on CBS but got cancelled after 4 (count 'em FOUR!) episodes. Many of us spacship/ phaser - loving fans* watched this show and enjoyed it. I think it got the shaft. It had the best of both worlds. Perhaps it should have been more CSI-ish to appeal to those fans or perhaps the citizens should have had flying cars. I thought it was a very smart show. I liked the characters. The stories were interesting and sometime humorous.

A total of 9 episodes were shot. All 9 episodes are showing on UK's SciFi, Austrailia's Fox8 and Canada's Space. Canada's Space Channel is awesome! This is what I want the SciFi channel to be like. They re-run all of the good shows! Check out the schedule. I may move to Canada for this channel alone. :D

*Check out this site. He's a sci-fi... excuse me speculative fiction writer, uniform wearing con goer, good show watching fan boy. I enjoyed this blog. I clicked around on it for awhile.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Bruce Campbell Alert!

SCIFI.COM: Boogeymen II Masters Of Horror


Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead, Bubba Ho-Tep) hosts this informative and entertaining look at some of horror's greatest filmmakers, and their classic movies that continue to haunt us. Featured are George A. Romero (Night of the Living Dead), John Landis (An American Werewolf in London), John Carpenter (Halloween), Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), David Cronenberg (Scanners) and Wes Craven (A Nightmare on Elm Street, the Scream trilogy).

Airs Sunday, October 31, at 9PM ET/PT

Star Trek: Hypertext (Jammer's Reviews)

Star Trek: Hypertext (Jammer's Reviews)

I've been reading this guy's reviews on Star Trek for years. I love his reviews. He is thourough. His reviews include an short synopsis, a complete synopsis and his opinion on the show. He has not been totally pleased with the way things have been going on Enterprise. I agree with him a lot of the time. Sometimes, he's a little hard on those guys but his humor makes up for it. :D
The site includes reviews from ALL of the Star Trek series including the movies but not the animated series. It looks like he started to review Andromeda but quit after the second season. Who could blame him? The present season would have given him a nervous breakdown.
TrekToday's news appears on the front page. You can get the latest reviews by email by subscribing to the newsletter or feed..

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Smallville, Enterprise, Andromeda

[Listening to: smallville.s04e05.hdtv-lol - - (41:21)]

Two outta three ain't bad.

The Flash episode (Run) is what I've always wanted to see out of this series. I enjoyed the season premieres but this episode was far more superior. There wasn't a shower "scene" but the Flash was in the shower when Clark let himself in. Flash sweets, you're just not sexy enough for your bod to been seen on Smallville. It was a very touching episode; Lex got to be a quasi-tough guy, Lana whined her story to her low brow boyfriend, man love between Flash (Bart) and Clark and my favorite, the geriatric kiss between the Kents. I think I'm gonna vow now to not talk dirty after I turn 40. Especially if all I can come up with is something about a hose and a bucket. Hmmmmm...... LOL!

..did NOT suck again! I think I feel excitement for Star Trek again. I may have to show some love towards B&B!?!?!?!? It almost feels weird to not bitch about Enterprise. I'm woman enough to compliment good when I see it. The marriage complication in Home was a very interesting move in Trip and T'Pol's relationship. I thought we were going to have to sit through a re-make of Amok Time. I loved the interaction both Trip and T'Pol had with her mother. Good job again fellas!

All I have to say is WTF?
I totally don't know what's going on. This series is looking more and more like Hercules in space every episode. The cryptic Jedi messages are rubbing me the wrong way. One blonde wasn't enough for this series, they needed two! I'm not really digging the planet thing. I'm not digging the Ferengi-esque focus on money. I'll keep watching I guess but I'm almost out of interest. Will Andromeda be the new Enterprise? Hell, will Andromeda be the new Earth: Final Conflict?
I'm finished watching all of those BTW, I'll have a final report on the whole series up soon.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

VIRGIN Galactic ??!?!?!?

*When deep space exploitation ramps up, it will be corporations that name everything.
The IBM Stellar Sphere.
The Microsoft Galaxy.
Planet Starbucks.
The Virgin Galactic Space Ship.

Let me tell you what does suck, the name VIRGIN GALACTIC??!?!?! That will have to grow on me. I was thinking something with Condor, Tayln, Excelsior or some other strong name. Virgin Galactic sounds so.... normal.
Whatever, what's in a name anyway right?
Space Ship One (SS) and the White Knight.
When I think White Knights, I think of the KKK. That's just my paranoid inner conspiracist though.
According to the Free Dictionary the term White Knight can have several meanings.
  • The white knight is a chess piece, often associated with the abstract battle of good against evil. This is the origin of most of the other meanings.

  • The White Knight is a character in Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. Based on the chess-piece, this character is a bumbling do-gooder with a penchant for useless inventions. (With Paul Allen being all into science fiction, this is most likely the inspiration.)

  • In business, white knight refers to a potential acquirer (firm that wishes to acquire ownership of another firm) of a firm. The intention of the acquisition is to circumvent the hostile takeover of the target firm by a third firm, which is perceived to be less favorable. For example, if Company A (Acquirer) is trying to acquire ownership of Company T (target) in order to stop Company H (less welcome) from acquiring ownership of Company T, then Company A would be acting as the white knight. (Or maybe this one is more appropriate given the money situation.)

  • White Knight is also a chess simulation game designed for the 1980's platform, the BBC Microcomputer Model B.

  • White Knight is the name of a jet powered carrier aircraft used to launch the SpaceShipOne privately funded experimental spacecraft.
  • (Or they could have thought it was just a kewl name) :)

    The names are just nail polish compared to the hand.
    Important historical things are taking place here and these changes are exciting. The Virgin Galactic website answered all of my questions. There's even a newsletter. (What about that RSS feed fellas?) You can learn all about the contributions of Brian Binnie who piloted that successful third flight. You can learn about Mike Melvill and the "Mother Ship". It's interesting to see how a record company fits into all of this. They licensed the technology to develop the world's first commercial space tourism operator. Check out this press release for more info.

    Virgin has formed Virgin Galactic ('V.G.') a new company, which will become the world's first commercial space tourism operator. It is envisaged that Virgin Galactic will open for business by the beginning of 2005 and subject to the necessary safety and regulatory approvals begin operating flights from 2007. The name was first registered and trade mark protection applied for in the mid 1990s. It is expected that around £60 million ($100 million) will be invested in developing the new generation of spaceships and ground infrastructure required to operate a sub orbital space tourism experience. Over five years Virgin expects to create around 3000 astronauts and the price per seat on each flight, which will include at least three days of pre-flight training, are expected to start at around £115,000 ($190,000). Virgin will reinvest the proceeds in developing a new generation of vehicles for further space ventures. To date the cheapest space tourism experiences in government built and taxpayer funded spaceships cost over $15,000,000 per seat.

    As I looked deeper into the site I realized that Virgin Galactic will only be the company name. The ships will have individual names. The first ship is named V.S.S Enterprise. I gotta tell you I'm getting all girlie and misty- eyed. *sniff* It's just so beautiful. Shatner HAS to be on this flight. It would be a crime against humanity if he wasn't. We should make him wear a Star Trek uniform though. (evil grin)
    Virgin is more than a record company these days. I just hadn't realized how many phenomenal things that they have going on. Airlines, mobile phones, book stores, mega stores, resorts and now space flight.

    I think I'm over the name now. I stand impressed and ready to go!

    Old news yes? I guess I watch too much TV and blog too much.

    *Fight Club Reference

    P.S. WTF type name is Sci-Fi Ranter Girl? :D

    Shatner on First Commercial Space Flight

    ABC News: Shatner Wants to Boldly Go on Space Flight

    LONDON Oct 22, 2004 — "Star Trek" star William Shatner and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Dave Navarro are among thousands of people who want to fly on Virgin's proposed commercial space flights, company chief Richard Branson said Friday.
    Branson said more than 7,000 people had registered their willingness to pay the $210,000 fare for the service, which promises to send passengers 70 miles above the Earth.

    Of course! It wouldn't be right without him. People may not want to admit it but Shatner as James T. Kirk is an American icon when it comes to space travel and aliens. Let the old man ride.
    Oh no! I just had a horrible thought. This is going to turn into a reality show isn't it. Frell me dead.

    Technofunk from Think Like Us did the math:
    My quick math says that 7,000 * $210,000 = $1,470,000,000. Not a bad return on a $110,000,000 investment.

    I really gotta get started on my donations campaign. I would LOVE to be on that first flight. If Shatner gets out of hand, I can be in charge of putting some valium in his champagne. Ball gags work too, I have experience using these on people already!

    Girlie Squeal! Superman Brandon Routh

    We have a winner. Brandon Routh is the new superman.

    Some think he's too young. Too inexperienced. To this, too that.
    Personally, I'm glad to see a new face. All of this sci-fi actor recycling is getting on my nerves. Besides, he can't be worse than Hayden Christensen.
    ::ducks, giggles, runs and hide::

    Congratulations Brandon Routh!

    Friday, October 22, 2004

    Who Has the Team America Song Stuck in Their Heads?

    Team America World Police Movie, Team America Movie - Official Site

    I do and I feel bad.
    This movie is wrong on so many levels but this is the point.
    Star Wars and Star Trek fans will get a good chuckle. So will Scarface fans; think montage.

    It makes you laugh at yourself and the political environment today. I enjoyed it. I have a feeling it will do it's job of pissing some people off.

    Monday, October 18, 2004

    SCIFI.COM | Farscape

    SCIFI.COM | Farscape

    Good so far.
    I'm going to wait until I see the whole thing before I get into what I thought. It's so good to see the crew again.

    Friday, October 15, 2004

    Fearing the Loss of Lost

    Full Frontal Nerdity has a strip entry that says that "the head writer was kidnapped by Nazi frogmen and a meteor destroyed the studio where it was filmed".

    Lights Out Films says to check it out before it's cancelled.

    A lot of folks like this show. Lost is fresh. People are enjoying watching something that isn't predictable or stale. We watch in terror. Partly because of the creepiness of the show and partly because we know there is some illogical programming terrorist waiting to pull the show.

    A lot of folks also fear that with a show this good on ABC that it is destined to get cancelled. If you don't know, it is an abomination for a major network to have kick ass programming. This has happened to many promising shows.

    A lot of folks also fear that the writers can't keep up this level of intense writing. The suit will probably change writers or try to make the actors work for walnuts instead of money.

    It's sad that we brace for the end of good programming and anticipate the onset of crappy writing.

    According to Nielsen Media Research estimates, "Lost" (6.8 rating/18 share in adults 18-49, 18.16 million viewers overall) matched its Sept. 22 premiere score in the 18-49 demo while establishing series bests in adults 18-34 (5.8/17), men 18-34 (5.1/16), teens (3.9/13) and kids (3.1/12) -- especially impressive since it faced baseball in all time zones.

    More here: No debate: 'Lost' a hit

    Thursday, October 14, 2004

    Stargate break is torture

    [Listening to: - - (43:17)]

    Stargate SG-1 Solutions News, Views & Spoilers Blog

    So like....
    I checked out this website because I'm going through "New Stargate Episode" withdrawl. It says we won't get a new episode of Stargate (SG1 or Atlantis) until some unknown date in 2005.

    ::shakes fist at Scifi channel::

    Damn you SciFi!

    I'm not surprised. This happens every year but I still hate it.
    I guess I'll have to entertain myself like I did back in July. :)

    More madness

    Wednesday, October 13, 2004

    Is it that serious?

    That we need a website devoted to it. The guys at ST-v-SW.Net think so.

    That's Star TREK VS Star WARS for those of you who don't know. (We may need to add Star GATE but NEVER Star HUNTER or Star SEARCH)

    If it isn't obvious to anyone, I'm definitely a Trek girl. It's only because there is way more to look at and get your hands on than Star Wars. I LOVE STAR WARS TOO! I don't think they should be compared because they are so different. Star Wars has more grace and beauty. Star Trek is quick and dirty. There's way more to it than that. There are reasons why I like both. I'm neutral.

    from Poor Mojo Newswire

    Donation of £100,000 needed

    According to SFSingnal.comDavid Bowie's Space Oddity has been chosen as the first track to be played on the first commercial space trip for tourists.

    Looks like I have to start getting serious about making money. I MUST get into space before I die. HOWEVER, if I'm going to pay £100,000, I'm going to choose what I want to listen to. I don't like being told that David Bowie is what I'd be listening to. What if I want to hear Pink Floyd, OutKast or Stovokor? What if I want to hear the Star Wars soundtrack or the Space Odyssey song?

    Start sending your Pay Pal donations to scifirantergirl at probedbyaliens dot com. Seriously.

    USA NETWORK | Thoughtcrimes

    USA NETWORK | Thoughtcrimes


    Freya McAllister (Navi Rawat) is a young woman who has been misdiagnosed as a schizophrenic. She is rescued by government researcher Dr. Michael Ward (Peter Horton), who soon determines that Freya is actually telepathic and is able to hear the thoughts of those around her. Dr. Ward begins to train Freya to control her gift, but Freya soon begins to suspect that her mentor's kindness and attention is concealing an ulterior motive. Also starring Joe Flanigan, Joe Morton, and Jocelyn Seagrave. Executive Produced by Jan de Bont (Speed,

    I'll watch it. I wonder will she have to touch people?

    THE FARSCAPE' FACTOR: Will programmers, viewers become one and the same?

    THE FARSCAPE' FACTOR: Will programmers, viewers become one and the same?

    Imagine this television scenario: You sit down in front of the tube and pull up a Google-style database that lets you search a library of 40,000 different movies and television episodes -- some new, some old. It's what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, for a small fee -- or maybe free.

    Who's the wild-eyed dreamer proposing that kind of George Jetson-esque future? None other than Brian Roberts, CEO of cable giant Comcast.

    "As servers get more sophisticated and broadband TV spreads, viewers will have an almost unlimited number of shows they can watch," according to Philip Swann, CEO of the consulting firm TV Predictions and author of "Television Dot Com: The Future of Interactive Television."

    On-demand television, a version of which Comcast currently offers in limited areas, may in fact become a farm team of sorts for the cable company.

    "If there's strong niche interest in a show, there's the potential of doing an on-demand version of it, depending on the cost of production," Swann says. "Let's say there's an anime [Japanese animation] show that doesn't have network numbers, but 100,000 people would watch it 24 hours a day if they could. Put that on on-demand, and you'll make money."

    Oh yeah!!!!
    I'm ready Comcast. Get your %&!*@#% together. What is taking cable companies to get with this? I want to be able to subscribe to only channels that I want for a small fee. I wan't quality and cheap. You are behind and people are supplementing. You are losing money.

    Oooh lookie!

    A site full of space battles using Lightwave 3D. I had a class in Lightwave once. It was back in the good old days of the 5.5 version. I learned how to make logos move. Being a serious victim of ADD, that's all I could pull off.

    So I just finished watching The Alpha Quadrant Part 5 AND THESE MANIACS BLEW UP DEEP SPACE NINE!!!!!
    What type of tyrants are you? I bet they are some TOS/TNG purists or something. Grrr.

    Kidding guys. Good work!

    Monday, October 11, 2004

    Christopher Reeves gone?

    The superman has been off of the planet for an entire day. I was looking up something on Wikipedia and there it was on the front page.
    He had heart problems.

    He fought the good fight. He brought a face to Superman and most importantly, he FLEW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you Christopher Reeves.

    Saturday, October 09, 2004

    Enterprise... Like.. Rocked?

    I must admit that I was entertained.

    ... Brief sleepy recap...
    The USS Enterprise gets thrown back in time. Archer was separately thrown back in time after the pyrotechnics show that was the destruction of the Xindi weapon. Archer ends up in a Nazi encampment and there is an alien Nazi. With the help of these aliens who we discover are not Remans; Nazi Germany has taken over the North- Eastern part of the US. Captain Archer ends up in the house of a resistance leader in Brooklyn. Some resistance gangsters later visit them. Future Guy (Daniels) is found on Enterprise and is badly injured with temporal wounds. He gives enough info just to be vague but let us know that the destruction of the weapon that is being built in this time must be destroyed. (It's their only hope Obi Wan Kenobi) Before that a Suliban was detected on Enterprise. He steals a shuttle pod and goes down to Earth. Trip and Mayweather pursue him. They find the shuttle, they couldn't recover it so they C4 it. Then they get captured. Archer sets up a meeting with the gray "Not Reman" alien. He gets the alien's communicator. The gangsters whack him. Archer contacts Enterprise and gets beamed up with a resistance member just in time not to get shot.

    ...My take...
    I was entertained. I can't think of anything else to say.

    I was really pissed that I had to listen to racial slurs. I'm pretty tired of "time period" pieces that feel the need to remind the world of how to insult someone. It wasn't necessary to the plot. The scene would have come across the same without the slurs. If the intent was for us to hate the Nazis, no one needs help. She got to shoot those bastards… that was cool.
    I'd almost made up my mind never to watch the show again because of this. Who knows?

    It was good to see the Suliban again. They are the ones who introduced us to all of this temporal mess. I think now that B&B admit that this Star Trek series is about time travel and validated our suspicions about this not being a "proper" timeline, we have more fun with this series. A trip to the mirror universe would make me happy. This is probably how it all started.


    Doing the "wait and see".

    Tuesday, October 05, 2004

    G4techTV - Feature - How Uhura Changed Sci-Fi TV

    G4techTV - Feature - How Uhura Changed Sci-Fi TV

    Often lost in pop-culture history is the significance of Nichelle’s Uhura. That role in Star Trek broke the color barrier in science-fiction storytelling. However, it took the encouragement of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for Nichelle to continue the role. What he said to Nichelle changed her role in Hollywood beyond being just an actress, and changed the way society viewed television forever.

    Dr. King told Nichelle: "You created a role with dignity and beauty and grace and intelligence, and that is a model for not just children to emulate, but for people who don't look like us to see us to see us for the first time as equals."


    Girlie Squeal! John Woo is making HE-MAN!!!

    Woo Takes On He-Man

    John Woo (Paycheck) is set to produce and direct He-Man, a new live-action film based on Mattel's Masters of the Universe toys and the animated series they inspired, Variety reported. Adam Rifkin (Small Soldiers) will adapt the screenplay.

    The Fox 2000 film will be the second featuring the character of He-Man. Dolph Lundgren starred as the half-human, half-Eternian warrior in the 1987 film Masters of the Universe, which also featured Frank Langella as He-Man's evil nemesis, Skeletor. The cast has not yet been announced for the upcoming film.

    This reminds me of being a latch key kind, walking home after school, eating green apples and peanut butter. I'm humming the theme song. I'm seeing Battle Cat, He-Man raising the sword, Man-E-Faces (even though I don't think he was in the opening theme sequence), Castle Greyskull, SKELETOR.... and now I'm seeing Orko.... I'm getting annoyed... The excitement has passed because Orko makes me think of Jar- Jar.

    Now the moment has passed.

    Monday, October 04, 2004

    SpaceShipOne won the Ansari X-Prize!!!

    X-Prize Captured

    I'm so happy about this!

    I have so much respect for Paul Allen. If I had the money he had, I'd be doing the same thing! He's into good music, science, technology and science fiction. ...a man after my own heart!

    ... and now $10 Million dollars for further development! We may get those flying cars yet!

    More from NY Times...
    The tiny ship, a sleek combination of rocket and glider designed by the engineer Burt Rutan and financed by the billionaire Paul G. Allen, soared beyond an altitude of 62 miles, the arbitrary line that is widely accepted as the beginning of space.

    In a champagne-popping ceremony held on the runway when the spaceship returned from its flight, organizers of the Ansari X Prize, a space competition modeled on the great contests of the early days of aviation, said SpaceShipOne had broken a barrier. Under the rules of the competition, the winners must take a pilot and two passengers, or the equivalent weight, to an altitude of at least 100 kilometers twice within two weeks by the end of this year. This was SpaceShipOne's third flight into space this year, but most importantly it was its second in five days.

    "We are at the birth of a new era, the age of personal space flight," said Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, who founded the X Prize eight years ago.

    SpaceShipOne's journey into space today began shortly before 7 a.m.Pacific time, when it was carried to an altitude of nearly 50,000 feet by its mother plane, the White Knight, which released it at 7:49 a.m. The pilot, Brian Binnie, lit the experimental rocket motor, which burns a combination of rubber and nitrous oxide, and ran the motor for its full planned duration of nearly 90 seconds.

    The craft reached an altitude of 368,000 feet, or 69.7 miles, some 7 miles higher than the arbitrary 100-kilometer line that is widely accepted as the beginning of space, and the minimum goal for the X Prize. That also far surpassed the previous flight altitude record for an air-launched craft, 354,000 feet reached by the government's X-15 in 1963.

    Sunday, October 03, 2004

    Fans and Klingon Foreheads

    [Listening to: Earth Final Conflict - 5x21 - The Journey - - (40:57)]

    purevolume: stovokor


    I love Klingons as much as the next gal but...

    If you are gonna do it, do it right. I get really irritated when I see pictures of Klingons from a convention. The foreheads are always crappy looking. Spend the time to make that shit worthy of a Klingon warrior man!

    OMG! These guys are in Trekkies2. Has anyone sat through that one yet? Is it even out? (Peer Guardian is blocking the site and I'm too lazy to allow the IP)

    (Cute site title but NOT Trek related)
    Men are from Vulcan, Women are from Klingon

    Speaking of Michael Ironside... V!

    [Listening to: Earth Final Conflict - 5x21 - The Journey - - (40:57)]

    Cerebral Flotsam and Jetsam: The Bursting of Childhood Bubbles
    "V", and "V: The Final Battle" also fall into this category. For anyone who is not familiar with them, they were television mini-series that came out in the 80's about aliens coming to earth disguised as human looking peaceful types, but turn out to be reptilian human-eating types. I was totally enthralled by these series when they came out. I even read the books, which I quite liked. However, now that they're both out on DVD I have found my childlike salivating enthusiasm to immediately buy them preempted by a hint of hesitation and uncertainty.

    This is SO me! (just without the buying of books)

    I have fond memories of V as a child. It's probably one of the main reasons why I like science fiction shows so much.

    Let me tell you one thing that is for certain. V: The Series SUCKED! I had to see every episode though. Every episode was Diana strutting around with her big hair plotting in her ship to control/destroy humans. Every episode you were GUARANTEED to see someone eating a rat. (I saw some V-like rat eating on Enterprise last season) In fact, the last season of Earth: Final Conflict was very much like V. I was done with V when Diana and Lydia had a girl fight. The star child bit was nerve wrecking as well.

    Mini-Series GOOD

    TV Series BAD

    Now there is V: The Second Generation. It's in "pre production". The IMDB site says that Robert Englund signed on!!! But no Michael Ironside???!!?!!? He has to do it.

    The lastest news that I can find is 'V' Update Gets Shelved from the SyFy Portal.

    High Water Bills in Smallville TV Wrap: Smallville [9/29/04]

    Is someone taking a shower in every episode of Smallville? Are they trying to let us know that people in small towns take showers or what? The people in Smallville are clean. We get it. Even the evil Lionel Luther is zestfully clean but his shower has a twist, he gets stabbed. Uh huh...
    I don't watch regularly but if they keep this chessiness up I'm going to come to my senses save that hour for another show. I thought "the Chloe bit" was going to last the entire season. Now that it's wrapped up, I don't know why I should keep watching.

    And why can everyone on TV fight? Lois... Uh huh...

    And Clark has his shirt off more than Captain Kirk! I'm not complaining but every week the shirt is off, it's like looking at a stack of papers after awhile.

    And why are people still using Liquid Metal Man technology as if it's cool. Yawn.

    My absolute favorite part of the show was the appearance of Michael Ironside! I love this man When I see Michael Ironside, I feel guaranteed I'm going to get some good evil or at least some good antagonism. I need to know if he's going to be back and for how many episodes. I'll tune in for those... and the season finale.

    Lost Too

    Frothing at the Mouth: Lost
    I'm hooked on this show like so many others. I'm hooked on a show that airs on ABC. I haven't had a reason to watch ABC in years. I'm going to admit that I am afraid. Very afraid. I fear that even though this show will gain ground, ABC will do something stupid like cancel it because it doesn't get the same ratings as American Idol. If UPN can let Enterprise suck and stay on the air for 3 years, this show should get the growing room it deserves.

    Two shows into the season, I am very entertained. It's CrackTV at it's best, just like 24. I'm only afraid that once the mystery is revealed that the show could lose viewers.
    If it is like Jurassic Park; I'm done. Jurassic Park does nothing for me.
    If it is like Giligan's Island; I'm SO done!
    If it is like Sixth Sense; I'll stay.
    If it is like X-Files; I'll stay.
    If it is like Outer Limits/Twilight Zone; I'll stay.

    My goal is to be spoiler- free. We'll see what happens.

    Lost on ABC

    Saturday, October 02, 2004

    The Darkside of Technology

    [Listening to: smallville.s04e02.proper.vcd-tvl - - (40:21)]

    Four Commit Suicide in Australia Child Porn Case

    As a little girl I used to enjoy watching re-runs of the Jetsons. I enjoyed the idea of "the future". I wanted a robot, a flying car and a visaphone. In my opinion, the Internet brought us closer to that. We have robot dogs. We can simulate a visaphone with a webcam. In that romantic view of the future, spam, cybercrime, child pornography and even Jetson's themed pornography is non- existent. Technology made these crimes more accessible and more anonymous. I'm pretty open- minded about a lot of things but I can't understand child pornography or molestation.

    Four Australian men have committed suicide after being caught up in an investigation into child Internet pornography that has resulted in more than 200 arrested and charged for 2,000 offences, police said on Saturday.

    Justice Minister Chris Ellison said 700 Australians were now under investigation in the country's biggest child pornography crackdown and up to 500 people could eventually be arrested.

    The Australian child Internet pornography crackdown stems from a U.S. investigation in February that produced 95,000 child pornography leads worldwide, say Australian police.


    There is an unlimited supply of regular adult porn. Adults doing numerous amounts of kinky things. There are so many types of porn that I don't see how anyone could be bored enough to have a "thing" for children. How is this such a wide spread issue that 500 people are involved? I understand that this article could be inaccurate and sensationalized. Even if the figures are exaggerated, there is still a problem here. I know next to nothing about psychology but is this a disease of the mind?
    How can child pornography be so popular? Because it's illegal and looked down upon by "normal", "vanilla" people? Has rebellion against the norm become this desperate? Can control or corruption of the innocent be this arousing?

    Am I judgmental or harsh when I say that I think those were sick bastards and taking there own lives was the best thing that they could have done for their victims? What about their families? I don't have that answer, nor do I know what is like to lose a loved one under these circumstances.
    I have been around victims of such crimes. These people have problems for the rest of their lives. They are miserable.
    The four men, one in Western Australia state, two in Victoria state and one in Queensland state, killed themselves after being interviewed by police.
    Two had been charged with pornography offences.
    Police launched Australia's biggest child pornography crackdown Thursday, raiding 400 premises and arresting hundreds, including police, teachers, clergy and a child-care center owner.
    Those arrested in Operation Auxin face offences ranging from sexual abuse, to downloading and distributing pornographic images to child sex tourism.

    Child sex tourism?
    Downloading and distributing pornographic images?
    I'm not trying to be self- righteous because I don't have the most acceptable sexual tastes but children?

    This is something that I'll never understand.

    Will children be stalked on their visaphone? Will children be kidnapped by sexual predators in flying cars?

    Friday, October 01, 2004

    Savings Invasion???

    Guitar Center's October Savings Invasion

    Show of hands who thinks these guys are having too much fun at work. ::raises hand::

    It's a "cute" promotion. I really get a kick out of the alien with a guitar head. Clever guys, very clever. It's good to see you in the spirit.

    Space Ship One's flight blogged

    2020 Hindsight Ansari X Prize X1

    If I was lucky enough to be there. I would have blogged the event as well. Great job and thanks!

    Shatner's "Invasion Iowa" a hoax | Local News

    Shatner and producers of "Invasion Iowa" said at the press conference Wednesday that the purpose of their trip to Riverside was not to make anyone in the town look foolish. Instead, their goal was to document how a small town would react to a big Hollywood film coming in.

    Dear William Shatner,
    When people called you an asshole, I was always there to defend you. I would say that you were misunderstood even a visionary. This latest stunt is really too low for the defense shields to hold. You did NOT need to waste everyone's time only to show the world that people from Riverside, IOWA are country bumpkins. You didn't need to spend $112,000 to prove this.
    This is sheer assholery.

    With love,

    Sci Fi Ranter Girl

    OR did you NOT get enough funds for your "movie"? Better to look like an asshole than a failure? You could have went to the local community college. $112,000 goes a long way in film school. This is why reality shows suck.

    eBay: Scifi-o-rama

    eBay: Scifi-o-rama

    Finally! Not that I've been waiting on this but an eBay Science Fiction theme good idea. The only thing that's missing is a costume section.