Friday, October 01, 2004

Shatner's "Invasion Iowa" a hoax | Local News

Shatner and producers of "Invasion Iowa" said at the press conference Wednesday that the purpose of their trip to Riverside was not to make anyone in the town look foolish. Instead, their goal was to document how a small town would react to a big Hollywood film coming in.

Dear William Shatner,
When people called you an asshole, I was always there to defend you. I would say that you were misunderstood even a visionary. This latest stunt is really too low for the defense shields to hold. You did NOT need to waste everyone's time only to show the world that people from Riverside, IOWA are country bumpkins. You didn't need to spend $112,000 to prove this.
This is sheer assholery.

With love,

Sci Fi Ranter Girl

OR did you NOT get enough funds for your "movie"? Better to look like an asshole than a failure? You could have went to the local community college. $112,000 goes a long way in film school. This is why reality shows suck.

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