Saturday, October 09, 2004

Enterprise... Like.. Rocked?

I must admit that I was entertained.

... Brief sleepy recap...
The USS Enterprise gets thrown back in time. Archer was separately thrown back in time after the pyrotechnics show that was the destruction of the Xindi weapon. Archer ends up in a Nazi encampment and there is an alien Nazi. With the help of these aliens who we discover are not Remans; Nazi Germany has taken over the North- Eastern part of the US. Captain Archer ends up in the house of a resistance leader in Brooklyn. Some resistance gangsters later visit them. Future Guy (Daniels) is found on Enterprise and is badly injured with temporal wounds. He gives enough info just to be vague but let us know that the destruction of the weapon that is being built in this time must be destroyed. (It's their only hope Obi Wan Kenobi) Before that a Suliban was detected on Enterprise. He steals a shuttle pod and goes down to Earth. Trip and Mayweather pursue him. They find the shuttle, they couldn't recover it so they C4 it. Then they get captured. Archer sets up a meeting with the gray "Not Reman" alien. He gets the alien's communicator. The gangsters whack him. Archer contacts Enterprise and gets beamed up with a resistance member just in time not to get shot.

...My take...
I was entertained. I can't think of anything else to say.

I was really pissed that I had to listen to racial slurs. I'm pretty tired of "time period" pieces that feel the need to remind the world of how to insult someone. It wasn't necessary to the plot. The scene would have come across the same without the slurs. If the intent was for us to hate the Nazis, no one needs help. She got to shoot those bastards… that was cool.
I'd almost made up my mind never to watch the show again because of this. Who knows?

It was good to see the Suliban again. They are the ones who introduced us to all of this temporal mess. I think now that B&B admit that this Star Trek series is about time travel and validated our suspicions about this not being a "proper" timeline, we have more fun with this series. A trip to the mirror universe would make me happy. This is probably how it all started.


Doing the "wait and see".

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