Sunday, October 24, 2004

Smallville, Enterprise, Andromeda

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Two outta three ain't bad.

The Flash episode (Run) is what I've always wanted to see out of this series. I enjoyed the season premieres but this episode was far more superior. There wasn't a shower "scene" but the Flash was in the shower when Clark let himself in. Flash sweets, you're just not sexy enough for your bod to been seen on Smallville. It was a very touching episode; Lex got to be a quasi-tough guy, Lana whined her story to her low brow boyfriend, man love between Flash (Bart) and Clark and my favorite, the geriatric kiss between the Kents. I think I'm gonna vow now to not talk dirty after I turn 40. Especially if all I can come up with is something about a hose and a bucket. Hmmmmm...... LOL!

..did NOT suck again! I think I feel excitement for Star Trek again. I may have to show some love towards B&B!?!?!?!? It almost feels weird to not bitch about Enterprise. I'm woman enough to compliment good when I see it. The marriage complication in Home was a very interesting move in Trip and T'Pol's relationship. I thought we were going to have to sit through a re-make of Amok Time. I loved the interaction both Trip and T'Pol had with her mother. Good job again fellas!

All I have to say is WTF?
I totally don't know what's going on. This series is looking more and more like Hercules in space every episode. The cryptic Jedi messages are rubbing me the wrong way. One blonde wasn't enough for this series, they needed two! I'm not really digging the planet thing. I'm not digging the Ferengi-esque focus on money. I'll keep watching I guess but I'm almost out of interest. Will Andromeda be the new Enterprise? Hell, will Andromeda be the new Earth: Final Conflict?
I'm finished watching all of those BTW, I'll have a final report on the whole series up soon.

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