Sunday, October 03, 2004

Lost Too

Frothing at the Mouth: Lost
I'm hooked on this show like so many others. I'm hooked on a show that airs on ABC. I haven't had a reason to watch ABC in years. I'm going to admit that I am afraid. Very afraid. I fear that even though this show will gain ground, ABC will do something stupid like cancel it because it doesn't get the same ratings as American Idol. If UPN can let Enterprise suck and stay on the air for 3 years, this show should get the growing room it deserves.

Two shows into the season, I am very entertained. It's CrackTV at it's best, just like 24. I'm only afraid that once the mystery is revealed that the show could lose viewers.
If it is like Jurassic Park; I'm done. Jurassic Park does nothing for me.
If it is like Giligan's Island; I'm SO done!
If it is like Sixth Sense; I'll stay.
If it is like X-Files; I'll stay.
If it is like Outer Limits/Twilight Zone; I'll stay.

My goal is to be spoiler- free. We'll see what happens.

Lost on ABC

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