Monday, August 29, 2005

Sorry for the lack of updates

School is starting again so there's some time being sucked away. I've been keeping up with the shows and boy do I have a mouthful. All good. Especially for The 4400. That season finale was great. Why do people keep giving Jeffrey Combs needles with glowing fluid? Finally someone answers my answer about Jordan Collier and baby Isabel! Whoa! I so smell something going on like the Jasmine arc on Angel.

I have other things to say about BSG, SG1, SGA but no time.

The season finale of Dead Zone was perfect!!!! No Nicole DeBoer!! We did get the whiny girl from 24/Dead Like Me but she's not that bad.

Off to be productive.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Campbell A Lock For Spidey 3

Hell yeah!!!! I think it's time to start an email campaign to make sure he lands a good role. Doesn't have to be major but we want him. I wonder if we can see Lord Bowler (Julius Carry) too. I'm in the middle of watching all of "The Adventures of Brisco County Jr." and I love this show!

from SciFi Wire:
Campbell A Lock For Spidey 3
Bruce Campbell told SCI FI Wire that he'll no doubt make an appearance in Spider-Man 3, directed by longtime friend Sam Raimi, but that he has no idea yet what he'll play. "Oh, I think I'll be in it," Campbell said in an interview while promoting the upcoming SCI FI Channel original movie, Man With the Screaming Brain, which he wrote, produced, directed and stars in. "But in classic big-budget movies they don't tell you anything, and they won't tell you anything."

Campbell has a tendency to turn up in films directed by his Evil Dead partner and pal Raimi. In the first Spider-Man movie he played the ring announcer who provided Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) with the nickname Spider-Man. And in Spider-Man 2 he was the snooty usher who didn't let Parker into the theater to catch Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) star in a play.

"When I get the [Spider-Man 3] script it won't be the full script," Campbell said. "It will only be my pages. And then my name will be stamped across each page and numbered. They take this stuff really seriously. So I don't even know. The only thing I can probably say is that I will probably be enlisted to torment Spider-Man. That seems to be my job." Spider-Man 3 will be released in 2007. Man With the Screaming Brain premieres Sept. 10 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Friday, August 19, 2005

I Finally Looked At His Butt

If you love looking at men's butts, the Look At His Butt podcast is for you. The butt of honor belongs to William Shatner. These women found it necessary to dedicate an entire podcast to the discussion of Shatner's ass. I thought this was a bit excessive at first but after doing my own in depth study of William Shatner's rear end, I began to realize that Jungle Kitty and Lene T are geniuses. Not only do you get a hilarious podcast, on the blog you get links and photo references. I think that they sell themselves short by not experiencing all of the male butts on Star Trek. I actually think they should reconsider their dislike of George Takei and look at his butt as well. There's a nice roundness that you can miss if you don't pay attention.

For anyone looking to be a serious student of Shatner Assology, you can't miss the Look At His Butt! podcast.

Aliens can read my blog now

It's official, my blog was transmitted into space. I have a certificate and everything.

It should read, "My blog was transmitted in to space on August 12, 2004 @ 7:43am and all I got was a new spam bot."

Tombstone TV

Yes, I saw The Final Cut. Yes, I think videos on tombstones is a neat idea. Yes, I'd like one. Yes, I kinda figured that this technology would pop up sooner or later.

Video diary from beyond the grave
A US inventor has come up with a hi-tech way of allowing the deceased to talk from beyond the grave - by fixing video screens to their tombstones.

"Don't dig me up in fifty years time just because you need the extra space!"

A friend told me that this was a morbid idea, I told her that I thought it was less morbid than viewing a dead body in a box for 30 minute and even less morbid than finding out that there's going to be a Mrs. Doubtfire 2. Oh yeah! Let the hurt begin.

SciFriday.... last Friday

I was really impressed with the shows last week. All of them were thought provoking. Stargate had *the* best social commentary.


This ADHD "review" will only make sense if you've watched the episode.

Stargate: SG1 - The Powers That Be
I LOVED this episode. The dialogue about God and science is so relevant. I liked that science didn't win at the end of the episode. I only liked this because of the irony of Stargate being a science fiction show and that science usually wins with some technobabble and/or cool gadget. I'm for the science side, the truth is out there but there are still something that haven't been explained on this planet. I do believe that most everything can be explained through the scientific method but then again I don't know everything. This episode lays all of that out on the table like a virgin for sacrifice. I still don't think that the Ori are gods and that we will figure them out BUT I can't explain what went on in the village either. The way the villagers responded was realistic. It's how I feel everyday to a certain degree especially when I have to go to a government office; there is something bigger than you controlling your every move against your will and there's nothing you can do about it.
My question (red flag) is WHY is it so important that these people profess their belief or have faith in the Ori? Won't these folks still be gods whether some insignificant villagers worship them or not? WHY is it that if they don't believe that a show of power and an infliction of suffering is necessary? WHY can't these people just be left alone to live their lives as they see fit? Who is anyone to interfere with that?

Yep, the writers of this episode gave us gold last week. These are the types of shows that make me tune in every week.

Stargate: Atlantis - Condemned
Does this episode remind you of any prison system?
I've never been to jail or prison but I thought that these folks just sat around in cells all day. They eat, wash laundry, play basketball and/or lift weights, read and maybe riot. I "heard" or read some article that prisoners often are put to work. They may answer phones in a call center (and if you've ever done that job outside of prison, you know that doing it in prison is like being in jail twice). They may dig ditches or some other jobs. Jail/slave labor. Could it be that people get thrown into prison for minor crimes is because companies want prison labor. In prison, they can get you to work for free or pay you third world wages. One could argue that this keeps jobs in the US but that's just being too cute for my taste.

Note that I didn't do any research just pulled this out of my ... but like this episode it poses a what if and if so then wow that's uncool.

So is Ronan going to just going to growl in every episode? He's like a Worf/Tyr hybrid. I hope he and Teyla hook up.

Battlestar Galactica - The Farm
Now this is a space-opera!
If I keep saying that this show is phenomenal, it's going to loose it's meaning. Maybe it has already so how about astounding? Spectacular seems too glitzy. Remarkable is too unremarkable. Amazing? whatever....
I enjoyed this one. I especially loved the dialog between Starbuck and the cylon doctor, Simon.

Stunned that he pointed out that is typical for women in her line of work to choose not to have children.

Teared up when he spotted her abuse as a child.

Is anyone still barking about Starbuck being a woman? Starbuck as a chick brings so much more to this show. (not that I've seen the other show but I'm sure that no one got a gynecological exam on the original show.... not that I liked seeing, I cringed but it was a nice touch.)

Question: Why are there HUMMERS on Caprica?

This episode also made me wonder about Cylons and their level of intelligence. I swear these guys are as "precise" (read: dumb) as Storm Troopers. Maybe I wasn't paying attention, which is possible, but I hope that Caprica isn't their baby-machine capital. It was way too easy for that lab to be destroyed. It was way too easy for them to escape. I guess that Darth Number Six has a plan.

Oh! I almost forgot!
How noble of Cylon Boomer #2 to rescue the crew. So one Boomer dies and one Boomer returns. How interesting. She's probably going to get the Lee Harvey Oswald treatment just like the other Boomer. We'll see.....

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Top SF&F Syndicated Shows

from: SciFi Wire
1 Stargate SG-1 1.7
2 The X-Files 1.4
3 The Twilight Zone 1.3
4 Andromeda 1.2
5 Mutant X 1.2
6 She Spies 1.2
7 Buffy 1.1
8 The Outer Limits 1.1 <---- Hell yeah!!!! This show should be #1!!! I wish this show would re-run every day!
9 Angel 0.9
10 Ripley's 0.8

Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report, 7/25/05 - 7/31/05

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Best Picture, So Symbolic

From Texas Best Grok:

The Shat getting carried off by Storm Troopers.

Science Fiction Short Film Festival Launched

Get your cameras ready...
The Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame (SFM) in partnership with the Seattle International Film Festival Group (SIFF), announces the launch of the first-annual Science Fiction Short Film Festival, to promote and encourage awareness, appreciation and understanding of the art of science fiction cinema.

From July 20 through November 1, 2005, the Science Fiction Short Film Festival will accept short film submissions, up to 12 minutes in length, that have been produced after 2001 for entry into the competition. Multiple submissions will be accepted according to the entry form rules and regulations found at or

More here...
Science Fiction Short Film Festival Launched

Someone has probably blogged about this already but this is my first time finding out. I wish I had a camera, crew and an idea.

Man Dies After 50 Hours of Computer Games

WTF? Sad but Darwin award for you buddy.
Man Dies After 50 Hours of Computer Games
SEOUL (Reuters) -- A South Korean man who played computer games for 50 hours almost non-stop died of heart failure minutes after finishing his mammoth session in an Internet cafe, authorities said Tuesday.

The 28-year-old man, identified only by his family name Lee, had been playing on-line battle simulation games at the cybercafe in the southeastern city of Taegu, police said.

Lee had planted himself in front of a computer monitor to play on-line games on Aug. 3. He only left the spot over the next three days to go to the toilet and take brief naps on a makeshift bed, they said.

"We presume the cause of death was heart failure stemming from exhaustion," a Taegu provincial police official said by telephone.

More...Man Dies After 50 Hours of Computer Games

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Finally! STAR TREK Communicator Mobile Phone

What? Do they want a pat on the back for creating the obvious. Guys we should've had this back in 2000 in the gold rush.... back when Trek didn't end on a suck note. I'm all about Star Wars and Serenity. I love Trek but I'm still holding a grudge.

from Trek Web:
Sona Mobile and VCP Beaming Down STAR TREK Communicator Mobile Phone

NEW YORK, Aug. 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Sona Mobile (OTC BULLETIN BOARD: PERF.OB - News), and Viacom Consumer Products (NYSE: VIA - News), today announced a partnership to develop a rich content enabled mobile device offering an unprecedented level of functionality. Themed after Star Trek communicator devices popularized by characters on the science fiction television and movie series, the special edition Star Trek Communicator Phone offers Trekkers and fans of cool mobile technology the ability to play a multi-player, online Star Trek game, stream real-time video, and surf the Internet as well as access Star Trek ring tones, wallpapers, news, information, and other fan activities.

The Star Trek Communicator Phone will come equipped with a custom Star Trek faceplate and other themed features unique to the Star Trek franchise. The phone will be available beginning September 30, 2005.

Discovery: Congrats!!!

I know I'm a day late but I'm so glad the astronauts made it home safely. This is AWESOME for space travel and the space industry. Finally, some entusiasm for space!
After Successful Flight, a Warm Texas Greeting for STS-114 Crew

HOUSTON – More than 1,000 space fans, dignitaries and NASA engineers, workers and officials greeted the seven astronauts of Discovery STS-114 mission – the first shuttle flight since the Columbia disaster – during a welcome back ceremony here at an Ellington Field hangar.

Discovery’s crew, commanded by veteran astronaut Eileen Collins[yay for girls!], welcomed the reception after 14 days in space and a busy test flight to the International Space Station (ISS) that ended in Tuesday with a successful morning landing at Dryden Flight Research Center at California’s Edwards Air Force Base.

Vote For Me! Blogathon Awards

This should be my last post about Blogathon, next it's back to our regularly scheduled program. And yes, the Orion Slave girl will go back up!

Blogathon Site
You want ‘em, we got ‘em: Awards. Every year after Blogathon, give awards in various categories with real (gasp! real!) prizes. Most Funds Raised and the three Monitor’s Choice awards have already been decided, but nominations are being accepted for the following categories. To nominate a site, send an email to with the email account you are registered with. Include the category you are nominating a blog for and their URL. You may only nominate one blog per category, and myself (Sheana) and the team leaders (Rickie Beth, Heather and Chris) are not eligible for awards.

So, the categories are…

Most Tired (but still made it!)
Most Enthusiastic
Best Webcam
Best Undefinable Project
Best Audio Project
Best Writing Project
Best Visual Arts Project
Best Themed Blog
Best Blog

Again, to nominate a site, send an email to with the email account you are registered with. Include the category you are nominating a blog for and their URL. You may only nominate one blog per category, and myself (Sheana) and the team leaders (Rickie Beth, Heather and Chris) are not eligible for awards.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Thanks for all of the comments

Just a little note to say thanks to everyone who commented on my blog during Blogathon 2005.

halogirl66 on LiveJournal
Loren Javier
Jackson B
and some Anonymous person who was wondering why Buffy and Angel wasn't on the list.
Here's why...
Countdown criteria

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Did she just go crazy and fall asleep?

for raising money to The Planetary Society
Anonymous $10.00
Loren Javier $10.00
Christopher $10.00
Eric James Stone $25.00
Jennie Kadrioski $5.00
Elke Sisco $10.00

These are the Top 10 Shows
#10: Farscape
#9: Battlestar Galactica
#8: Stargate
#7: Mystery Science Theatre 3000
#6: Dune
#5: Dr. Who
#4: Babylon 5
#3: X-Files
#2: The New Outer Limits
#1: The Jetsons

And that's the SciFi Ranter Girl Science Fiction TV Show Countdown. It's been a fun experience and I look forward to...
....getting all...
You've got the light... from the console... keep you, lift you up. They shine like...
... little angels...

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Top 10 Countdown Coming Up

I'm getting ready to do my Top 10 Science Fiction TV Shows

Click the link to pledge today! SciFi Ranter Girl's Blog-a-thon Campaign Page. All it takes is a minimum of $5. I don't see the money, you give straight to the charity.

Here's a recap:
#24: Lexx
#23: 3rd Rock from the Sun
#22: Alien Nation
#21: The Cape
#20: Gene Roddenbery's Earth: Final Conflict
#19: 7 Days
#18: Quantum Leap
#17: Space: Above and Beyond
#16: The 4400
#15: Futurama
#14: Sliders
#13: Smallville
#12: Roswell
#11: Firefly

Geeking out for 24 Hours Straight

Today is the day! Today is going to be blogsterbation at it's best.
Remember that I will be counting down to the 24 most influential TV shows in Science Fiction.

How crazy will it get? I've already disqualified Star Trek because it's like saying Citizen Kane is one of the best movies. Plus I'm still mad at Berman, Braga and Paramount but I'm not going to get started on that. Today is a happy day. A day for letting me be as geeky as a want to be.

Remember the Blogathon Countdown will be hosted on an alternate blog:
SciFi Ranter Girl's Science Fiction TV Show Countdown

Jennie Kadrioski wants to save the little green alien children. Thank you for contribution!

Friday, August 05, 2005

The Best Star Wars Fan Photo Yet

Darth Vader: Quasi Evil

Notice the storm trooper pushing. This is what costuming is all about!

Make Your Own Comic Book Hero

UGO has something called a Hero Machine that helps you build a comic book like character.

Hero Machine
I love this thing. I spent an hour on this site making my girl.
Here she is...

Star Wars: Backstroke of the West?

Backstroke of the West is a direct english translation of the Chinese interpretation of the English version of Star Wars. How people find this stuff out is beyond me but a lot of the translations are hilarious.

-The beginning scroll is mistranslated and it was spelled out for them.
-Jedi Council translated from English to Chinese back to English is "The Presbyterian Church"!
-May the force be with you = Ratio tile, the wish power are together with you (So Obi-Wan means Ratio Tile?)
-The best is the translation of Anakin/Darth Vader at the end of ROTS yelling, "NOOOOOOOO", it is ridiculously translated as "Do not want."

Some of them get really bizarre. See this madness for your self.
Backstroke of the West

Thursday, August 04, 2005

It's not too late to "Save The Aliens"

Please help the victims of the vile, heavy- handed tactics of the Vogon Constructor Fleet. Help the victims that have lost their planets due to the interstellar bypass. There are little green children that need your help.

Click the link to pledge today! SciFi Ranter Girl's Blog-a-thon Campaign Page. All it takes is a minimum of $5. I don't see the money, you give straight to the charity.

Remember, this Saturday I'll be blogging for 24 hours straight to benefit The Planetary Society.

You're pledging will motivate me to stay the course.

Remember I'm doing the SciFi Ranter Girl's Science Fiction Show Countdown.
I'm counting down to the 24 most influential TV Shows in Science Fiction. How have these shows influenced popular culture and technology? Just to make it interesting Star Trek is excluded. You better believe that I'll be pulling some obscure trivia out of my hat too.

I'm also going to be catching up on podcasts for Slice of SciFi, M&E Wingin' It, Dragon Page C2C and Earthcore.

... please, for the little green children.

Auction For Action Figures Flown in to Space on SpaceShipOne

Um... SWEET!!!
I want!!!
Check out the pictures on this site!!!
I can't think of anything else to put triple exclamation points after!!!
The Rocketboosters and Mojave Air and Space Collectibles present: Flown and Autographed Star Wars Figures
Charity Ebay Auction!

On Monday August 8, these two dolls, flown on SpaceShipOne and signed by Burt Rutan, Mike Melvill and Brian Binnie will be auctioned on Ebay for charity. The dolls will include a host of other goodies as well. Charity details will be announced before the auction.

What would have been cooler is if they put them out into space and let them dangle around a bit. Then, they should have shot footage of the action figures floating about in space. Full of space debris and looking space worn, they should have then put the action figures up for grabs. I would have most likely taken a loan out for that one. :) But that's just me.

... astronauts are hot.

... astronauts in private spaceflight are hot.

... astronauts in private spaceflight that take Star Wars action figures into space are hot.

...and notice the message that is sent by not using any prequel merchandise. OK, OK I'm done now.

Bush and Space

I keep tabs on what the astronauts are doing from time to time. I can't figure out why all the sudden interest and kudos from the president. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy about it, almost excited. My first thought is selfish. I think that I may get that flying car after all. My second thought, I'm ashamed to say, is paranoid. I've been watching too many episodes of X-Files because I want to know what they are "really" doing up there.
Discovery’s crew has already demonstrated two potential heat shield repair methods during a July 30 spacewalk. During an early morning extravehicular activity (EVA) on Aug. 3, STS-114 mission specialist is expected to perform an actual repair – removing a pair of gap-filling strips of ceramic fiber cloth jutting out from between the black heat tiles that protect Discovery’s underside from the searing heat of reentry.

Ok, sounds innocent enough. That paragraph makes it sound so routine until I got to the "perform an actual repair" part. Are these guys in trouble up there? I was really, really young when the Challenger exploded. We were watching it live in school, it was a BAD day. I'll never forget it. ...then the Discovery incident in 2003. I don't think that man-kind can handle another space tragedy like that again.
I'm such a worry wart, I hope these guys are ok.
Then after I finish with the concern, I move over to the paranoia. What are they doing up there? Installing satellites to spy on us? Am I going to have to pull out my tin foil?
During his brief call to the joint Discovery-ISS crew from the Roosevelt Room in the White House, Bush assured the astronauts of his support for their mission. First Lady Laura Bush and Florida governor Jeb Bush attended Discovery’s July 26 launch and were excited by the successful space shot, he added.
“Thanks for taking my phone call, now get back to work,” Bush told the astronauts jokingly, prompting a round of laughter on both ends.

I just realized after all these years in office that President Bush is a big jokester.

OK on to other stuff, that's as close to politics as I want to be.

Holy Smokes! Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks) has his own new show

The show is called In Justice.
In a legal system in which all defendants are innocent until proven guilty, innocent people still often end up behind bars. When that happens, they have a champion in David Swayne (Kyle MacLachlan), the head of a nonprofit organization that fights to overturn wrongful convictions.

This isn't a science fiction show but I hadn't really noticed him in anything since The Librarian. I really hope there's a sequel.

Whoa! I'm gone for a couple of days

... and got new sponsors! I've been holding back because I'm going to be blogging 24 hours in a row. This Saturday, August 6th, I'm going to be posting to this blog for this charity for this event.

Blog= SciFi Ranter Girl's Blog-a-thon
Charity= The Planetary Society
Event= Blogathon

My main man, Eric James Stone, we go way back. Well... online.... through our blogs.... ok we've never met. It doesn't matter though because I love his site. He always has pictures with the coolest actors. I can go to cons through him.
Not only that, he's published. Kinda makes me feel self-conscious because I know he cringes at my EXTREMELY relaxed writing... I don't even know if I want to call it a.... style.
Check him out Eric James Stone.

My other sponsor is Christopher.
Christopher Eccleston
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Christopher Lee
Christopher Reeve (RIP)
Christopher Lloyd
Christopher Lambert
Um... dude... give me a heads up on which Christopher. Put a link to your site too.

[edit] That's if you want to. Just being known as Christopher is cool too. You're good either way.