Friday, August 19, 2005

I Finally Looked At His Butt

If you love looking at men's butts, the Look At His Butt podcast is for you. The butt of honor belongs to William Shatner. These women found it necessary to dedicate an entire podcast to the discussion of Shatner's ass. I thought this was a bit excessive at first but after doing my own in depth study of William Shatner's rear end, I began to realize that Jungle Kitty and Lene T are geniuses. Not only do you get a hilarious podcast, on the blog you get links and photo references. I think that they sell themselves short by not experiencing all of the male butts on Star Trek. I actually think they should reconsider their dislike of George Takei and look at his butt as well. There's a nice roundness that you can miss if you don't pay attention.

For anyone looking to be a serious student of Shatner Assology, you can't miss the Look At His Butt! podcast.

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