Thursday, August 04, 2005

Auction For Action Figures Flown in to Space on SpaceShipOne

Um... SWEET!!!
I want!!!
Check out the pictures on this site!!!
I can't think of anything else to put triple exclamation points after!!!
The Rocketboosters and Mojave Air and Space Collectibles present: Flown and Autographed Star Wars Figures
Charity Ebay Auction!

On Monday August 8, these two dolls, flown on SpaceShipOne and signed by Burt Rutan, Mike Melvill and Brian Binnie will be auctioned on Ebay for charity. The dolls will include a host of other goodies as well. Charity details will be announced before the auction.

What would have been cooler is if they put them out into space and let them dangle around a bit. Then, they should have shot footage of the action figures floating about in space. Full of space debris and looking space worn, they should have then put the action figures up for grabs. I would have most likely taken a loan out for that one. :) But that's just me.

... astronauts are hot.

... astronauts in private spaceflight are hot.

... astronauts in private spaceflight that take Star Wars action figures into space are hot.

...and notice the message that is sent by not using any prequel merchandise. OK, OK I'm done now.

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