Thursday, August 04, 2005

Whoa! I'm gone for a couple of days

... and got new sponsors! I've been holding back because I'm going to be blogging 24 hours in a row. This Saturday, August 6th, I'm going to be posting to this blog for this charity for this event.

Blog= SciFi Ranter Girl's Blog-a-thon
Charity= The Planetary Society
Event= Blogathon

My main man, Eric James Stone, we go way back. Well... online.... through our blogs.... ok we've never met. It doesn't matter though because I love his site. He always has pictures with the coolest actors. I can go to cons through him.
Not only that, he's published. Kinda makes me feel self-conscious because I know he cringes at my EXTREMELY relaxed writing... I don't even know if I want to call it a.... style.
Check him out Eric James Stone.

My other sponsor is Christopher.
Christopher Eccleston
Christopher Judge
Christopher Walken
Christopher Lee
Christopher Reeve (RIP)
Christopher Lloyd
Christopher Lambert
Um... dude... give me a heads up on which Christopher. Put a link to your site too.

[edit] That's if you want to. Just being known as Christopher is cool too. You're good either way.

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