Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Official (Not Rumored) Wolverine News

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Fox Teases Wolverine
Twentieth Century Fox teased exhibitors in Amsterdam by saying it will release its proposed X-Men spinoff movie, Wolverine, Variety reported. Star Hugh Jackman himself sent a taped promise to back up the news at the second day of the Cine Expo in the Dutch capital.
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

I didn't want to get too excited about this news when I first heard it a few months ago but now it's official!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

ADHD Review: Dr. Who, 4400, Dead Zone

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Doctor Who: Fear Her
from the wonderful website Outpost Gallifrey:
Despite another day of fine weather in the UK, last
night's Fear Her saw an increase in audience figures to 6.64 million viewers, up from
last week's 6.22 million for "Love & Monsters", according to the
unofficial overnights.
I loved this episode. Though it was just another "Weirdness of the Week" episode, it was fun. I felt guilty for watching this show because this episode made me realize that I tune in every week for a kids show. David Tennant was really "cute". I loved his Olympic Torch run. He's a goofy one but that's why I like him. The ending was a bit jarring though. It did some hardcore foreshadowing. Looks like the Cybermen are going to bleed through to "our time". If so, maybe we'll get to see Mickey again!

4400: Gone
Interesting ep. Elizabeth is the 7 of 9 of this show and dammit, she's getting on my nerves too. This show doesn't need a barely naked woman on the screen to be interesting. She's barely 2 years old for crying out loud. Speaking of Star Trek anyone notice that the Borg Queen of First Contact was the same lady that abducted Maia?
Aside from that, FINALLY we get to find out more about the people who set this whole 4400 thing in motion. I'm really ready to learn about this strange situation. Can't wait until next week.

The Dead Zone: Independence Day
This show is shot in Canada and looks like Canada, it's really weird hearing them pretending to be in America. Regardless, I liked this episode even though I think his best friend is set to die every season. It's good to have a psychic for a friend. Anthony Michael Hall is still sexy and I'm so glad they got rid of the cane shtick. As a show that broke out on to it's own from the confines of the movie, I'd say that The Dead Zone still has it.

Superman Stunts Kick Off

Superman/Brandon Routh
Superman/Brandon Routh,
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Superman Stunts Kick Off

Did anyone see any of these stunts? The only thing I saw was "Superman Day" on MySpace. I'll be seeing the movie tomorrow. I would go tonight but I only stand in line for Star Wars.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Keep Star Wars Geek on Big Brother

TheForce.Net - Latest News - More Star Wars On Big Brother

"As you know CBS last summer featured a self described Star Wars fanatic on thier show CBS's Big Brother 6, Summer of Secrets and it was a huge success.
In response, Master Replicas made Howie Gordon thier offical "spokesperson" for thier FX Lightsaber's line of collectables. As fate would have it, CBS has given Howie Gordon another chance to be in the Big Brother household and that can mean, more FX Saber duels and more chances to hear about Star Wars across the International airwaves and more exspoure in the Star Wars Fan community. [typos left as written. ed]

I'd like to point everyone to, and vote for Howie Gordon for CBS's Big Brother 7 ALL STARS Edition!

Last summer, we able to watch one of our own go out there and have a chance at a huge cash prize to which I am sure would have filled some holes in some of our collectors. As a community I believe we should stand behind one of our own and at least help in voting him into the Big Brother 7 and make STAR WARS apart of our summer experience and enjoy the adventures of "Jedi" Howie Gordon."

Against Matt Damon as Kirk

It just doesn't seem right. It's not the right vibe. I know Matt Damon can be funny and charming but not Shatner charming. I guess I need to see a test shot of him doing something Kirkish.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sky Showbiz - Who's Up For Billie's Job?
She's Freema Agyeman, 26, and is currently filming the BBC's new drama Ruby In The Smoke, in which she plays a Victorian sleuth.

An insider told The Sun: "Freema is a fantastic actress... and she is more than capable of stepping into Billie's shoes to play the Doctor's new cohort.

"Don't forget, no one knew Billie could act before we gave her the job and she's proved to be a sensation."

OK. We'll see.

They also have a slide show of 16 other potential sidekicks.

Krrish: New Superhero Out of Town

Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik Roshan,
originally uploaded by musicNmovies.
RedOrbit - Sci-Fi & Gaming - Bollywood's own superhero set to take on the world

Bollywood is... well I don't know what they are trying to do exactly. Regardless, they have a new superhero by the name of Krrish. This sounds perfect for a SciFi Saturday slot. The main star, Hrithik Roshan, stirs up some hot, girlie lewdness in me but he still looks like he should be on an episode of Hercules or hanging out with Fabio.
Movie insiders say the film is set for huge success because not only can the eponymous hero tackle villains and save the world, but he can also do so while singing and dancing -- a talent Hollywood superheroes such as Batman and Superman have kept hidden under their supercloaks to date.
Dancing superheroes scare me. I think dancing superheroes scare most Americans. We shoot dancing superheroes.

Check out more

Monday, June 19, 2006

2 Year Anniversary!!!

The Sci-Fi Ranter Girl blog is 2 years old today!!!

In honor of this wonderous day, I thought I'd post some of my greatest hits. Check them out, the are sure to give you a giggle!

SG1 to Stargate Atlantis Conversion Chart
This one still gives me a giggle. Photoshop at it's finest.

Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict
This is the show that made me want to start a sci-fi blog. I just felt compelled to share my amazement of how much this show sucked.

Trekkies 2: Electric Boogaloo
This entry is still hillarious to me.

The Angel Gabriel spoketh unto me
After my post about Trekkies 2, Gabriel Koerner actually commented on my blog. That was a good geek day!

Triangle, Cowbells and Bludgeoning Small Puppies
This one was hilarious and it even got read on the Slice of SciFi podcast!

OK, so I gave Firefly a Chance
The post immediatley after I gave Firefly a second chance. Damn FOX for showing it out of order!!! I know I would have loved the show the first time around.

Did she just go crazy and fall asleep?
Who can forget the time when I blogged for 24 hours straight for charity? I counted down the 24 Best Science Fiction Television shows.

 I think the world is about to end
Here I think I was overwhelmed by all of the new sci-fi shows.

NaDruWriNi: First Drinking Blog
Drinking and typing doesn't mix.

The Dead Zone ~ Whiney Women
This is one of my most early rants about how much I dislike Nicole DeBoer. Silly.

Depressed Because Your Girl Doesn't Like Science Fiction?
I think I was in a particularly snarky mood that day.

Senator John Kerry's War Record Verified
John Kerry looks just like this guy.

Battlestar Galactica's Man Love 
Me giving Richard Hatch a hard time.

Freddy vs Michael
I was inspired one night.

After a 4 month hiatus, I return to my usual antics.

Friday, June 16, 2006

TD-0013 is At It Again!

I think I have license plate envy.

That crazy storm trooper is running a campaign for pictures of people who have customized their license plate with something related to Star Wars.
...See, for too many years, other sites, such as and have asked for people to send in thier Star Wars related customized plates, and then, they only show four of them or something. I know that there TONS of these out there, and perhaps can become the new home of the custom SW plate archives. If you have one, send me a photo of it, and I’ll slap it up here in a new section entitled "No Really, let me see it".

Go to for to join in on the fun.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Billie Piper is Outta There!

BBC - Press Office - Billie Piper to leave Doctor Who
Billie Piper who has played Rose Tyler, the feisty young companion of both the ninth and tenth doctors, will leave Doctor Who in a nail-biting series two finale.

Damn! :(

I like Rose. She was better with Eccleston but I still liked her.
I wonder who her replacement will be and how she will make her exit. Will she die? Go back to earth and have a normal life? Evolve into something?

All of these changes in the first of the revived series is risky but Dr. Who is still ticking. Waiting to see....

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Firefly's Morena Baccarin joins Stargate-SG1


Add another science fiction show refugee to the ever-growing sanctuary known as Stargate SG-1. Morena Baccarin, who portrayed Inara Serra in the short-lived Fox series Firefly and the subsequent movie Serenity, will be joining the Sci-Fi Channel series for a number episodes this upcoming season (which begins on July 14th).

Baccarin will play Adria, the evil daughter of Vala Mal Doran (Claudia Black, who becomes a regular on the series for the 10th season). According to an interview at The Scifi World, Morena really enjoyed playing the truly evil Adria and she tried to balance that cruelity with a likeability. She also reveals that she had quite a bit of trouble finding her way around the set due to contact lenses that she wore for her character.

Wrestling on the Sci-Fi Channel?


I've been pretty patient especially with the addition of Passions to the line up. Now a wrestling show? I remember seeing the commercial for it. I thought it was wrestling but I thought, surely, the EVERYONE at the Sci-Fi Channel isn't insane. I want the person who came up with this idea to be fired.

I'll give you Mansquito, I'll give you SS Doomtrooper, I'll even keep silent if you decided to have a week- long Mutant X Marathon but WRESTLING!

NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!

Prove me wrong and let this be a rumor. I'm afraid....
from Michael Johnson @ pwinsider:As we previously reported, Paul Heyman wrote the script for the ECW show last night. Several sources are saying Kevin Dunn and Vince McMahon fought with Heyman on several parts of the show and succeeded.

A lot more science fiction/supernatural themed elements are planned over the next few weeks in ECW.

Former NWA and ECW star Jack Victory was backstage last night in Trenton, New Jersey.

The Sandman was originally booked to cane an alien last night, but The Sci Fi Network didn't want an alien getting beat up on their network, since, I guess, they thought it would cause an upheaval among their fan base. Perhaps only Stargate SG-1 can beat up the aliens? Anyway, SciFi stepped in and we got the Zombie instead.

Isn't this guy cute. The upheaval won't be because an alien is getting beat up. The upheaval will be from having to watch wrestling.

Dude! Sci-Fi, Tap Dancing and Opera

I wonder how cheesy this is going to be? If it's going to be ass awful or a rare gem. In any case, it sounds like a bad episode of The Outer Limits. If anyone catches this, let me know.

Windy City Times: Dancin’ Feats
Changes: A Science Fiction Tap Opera, presented by Chicago Tap Theatre July 7-30, at the Athenaeum Theatre Studio 3, and danced to the music of David Bowie. Told through the medium of tap, Changes is a world premiere sci-fi story that starts with Bowie’s “Ground Control to Major Tom” and then rockets to an alien planet ruled by an egotistical leader. Major Tom foments an uprising among the downtrodden locals, for which he is thrown in a prison and tortured. Explains Chicago Tap Theatre artistic director Mark Yonally, “While I didn’t intentionally set out to create a show with political overtones, I think it’s impossible not to be influenced by what’s happening in our culture right now.” Yonally believes that delving into tap dance’s conceptual and narrative possibilities remains relatively unexplored. “When I founded the company I knew that audiences love being told a story and that tap dance could serve as a rich and dynamic way to propel a plot,” he says.
Tickets and info:

Monday, June 12, 2006

4400: More Dazzle Than Disappointment


Because I've remained spoiler-free, I had NO idea that Lily was going to die and Laura Allen was leaving the show. I know it was beyond everyone's control but it sucked. It felt rushed and broke the momentum of the show. The way everything was written was a nice save but it was something jarring about it.

The premiere packed a lot of punch. There were many things to digest. I thought that we'd see the miraculous return of Jordan Collier but Billy Campbell is off being a pirate in real life. I really liked this guy. He was fun to look at. That beard astonished me everytime I saw him. I didn't think men still wore full beards like that. If you look at his IMDB page he's beardless. He looks naked.
Did you see were it said he was second choice for Riker on Star Trek: Next Gen. Astonishing.

DAMN YOU A.D.D.!!! *shakes fist to the heavens*
Ok, back on track.

The baby Elizabeth thread was interesting. I wonder what she is. I can't wait to see that story unfold. I trust that the story will be twisted and shocking but I honestly can't predict what they have in store for us. I'm also concerned about what Richard, her dad, will have to do for the rest of the show. Whining and damage control? Well, actually, he can start some trouble of his own. He's a cheap ass Jean Grey now, I guess. His daughter is a Wolverine type.

Shawn has himself in a bit of a pickle as well. He needs to grow some nads. He's the leader of this rag-tag bunch o' freaks and they are running a muck. His terrorist buddies were out of control and got one poor guy tortured. I guess growing wheat as an act of terrorism got them some cool points. They need to be kept in check though. I foresee them causing trouble.

Ah... and last but not least Jeffrey Combs as Kevin Burkhoff. Notice how that syringe full of fluid looks just like the syringe in Re-Animator? I laughed my ass off at the tribute. I wonder what his ability will be. That's going to be fun.
7 of 13 episodes. He'd better be full-time next year.

It was a good premiere. 4400 is still a winner for me!
The crew working on this show is awesome!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

4400 Season Premiere Tonight!

USA Network | The 4400
Season Premiere Tonight!
Sunday, June 11, 2006
9/8 C

Can't wait to comment on this one!!!

Meanwhile, take this quiz to determine your 4400 capability.
What's Your 4400 Capability?

It's Scott Sigler Sunday

Listen to Ancestor or die!
Listen to Ancestor or die!,
originally uploaded by K. Todd Storch.
For those slackers out there who haven't listened to any of Scott Sigler's podcasts, what are you still waiting for? This guy produces one of the best podnovels out there.
He started it all with Earthcore, then Ancestor and now INFECTION.

For those addicts like me, doesn't the wait on Sunday kill you? Waiting with iTunes open, refreshing it every hour or so. Last Sunday I was pissed that this guy took so long to update. Bastard. This week he gave it to us earlier than usual and already I can't wait until next week. Bastard.

Another thing, on this week's Slice of SciFi Show 60, there was this promo for a crossover between Infection and 7th Son: Decent. How exciting is that?!?!!? We are watching podcasting history! It gave me goose bumps.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Can't Stop the Serenity Day

Serenity Movie Poster #1
Serenity Movie Poster #1,
originally uploaded by Datamax.
SERENITY DAY - One Day, One Mission, One Army of Browncoats: On June 23rd, We Aim To Misbehave | Celebrating Joss Whedon's Serenity & Firefly.

Apparently, on June 23rd all fans of Serenity are supposed to go out and buy Serenity to show Universal that they "Can't Stop the Signal". I remember reading about this sometime last month and I thought that there were to be mass viewings of Serenity in theaters on this day.

Here it is Can't Stop the Serenity.

Hey, that's confusing. Whatever... I already own the DVD and the viewing is not happening in my city. However, you fine folks have info to choose which campaign you want to support.

Second Opinion of The New Doctor

Doctor Who in the USA!
Doctor Who in the USA!,
originally uploaded by travelinlibrarian.
SciFi Signal reminds us that the season finale of Doctor Who aired last night.

I have a few "friends in the UK" like Informage and like them, I saw all of season one last year. Actually, I'm part of the way through season two with the new Doctor. I can't help myself. If it's there, I have to watch it.

The Parting of Ways, Part II was bittersweet because we loose the new Doctor and get a new, new Doctor. Christopher Eccleston will always be "my" doctor though. Doctor Who gave me that little buzz of childish excitement that made me want to grab a bowl of Fruit Loops and sit in front of the TV cross-legged every week. In this episode, everyone shines but Rose Tyler blossoms. She had a tendency to annoy me with her bubbly, over-biting, doe- eyed schtick but in this episode she held her weight and showed some depth. The every so sexy- for- all Captain Jack was astonishing. Hell even Ricky.... Mickey was awesome. The story was engaging. It was a part of building arc and it made sense. I do feel at times that I'm missing information provided in the 26 seasons prior but not overtly so.

As far as the new, new Doctor, David Tennant, it took awhile for me to warm up to him. He's no Eccleston but he's beginning to grow on me. I like our new, new Doctor when he's angry. He shines there. He's most annoying when this grown man is falling all over the 17 year old Rose Tyler. It's has a creep factor that doesn't go away for me.

I'm interested to see what the ratings will do in the US with the new, new Doctor.


Sure I'm a bit late with my excitement due to my hiatus but

SCI FI Wire dropped the news that Jeffrey Combs will be playing Edgar Allan Poe in Showtime's Masters of Horror. Stuart Gordon writing the story based on the classic horror story "The Black Cat". While linking to Jeffrey Combs's IMDB page I discovered that there was going to be a 4th Re-Animator called House of Re-Animator. News like this deserves some shouting! Herbert West returns.

Refresh your memory with the Re-Animator Wiki.

MySpace, Frappr, Skype, Flickr

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Behr Compares 4400 to DS9

The 4400 Centre sign
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Behr Compares 4400 to DS9

One of the characters who became very important to the mythology of The 4400 in its second season was "Kevin Burkhoff," an erratic and somewhat demented neurosurgeon played by Behr's old friend from DS9, Jeffrey Combs ("Weyoun" and "Brunt," as well as "Shran" in Star Trek: Enterprise and others). As previously reported, Combs will continue in that recurring role throughout the third season, appearing in seven of 13 episodes.

Notice that the two best shows in Sci-Fi both feature Jeffrey Combs. He's the good luck charm. They should make him a regular character if they want the show to survive!

Caprica Is Not A Hoax?

Cylon-occupied Caprica
Originally uploaded by blackbeltjones.

I was still waiting on the punchline when I first heard that there was going to be a Battlestar Galactica spinoff called Caprica. I know there was an official release but I still can't wrap my pretty little head around it all.

I personally think it's too early in the series for a distraction like a spin-off. The show risks dilution. With that horrific ending to season 2 Battlestar Galactica may be on shaky ground. It's nice to shake things up but I think there maybe too much crack smoking going on up in Hollywood North.

On the other hand, I know that the shows will be alright in the end. Maybe spidey sense is over-reacting. It's just a TV show. It's just a TV show. It's just a TV show.

... that didn't help.

Eggos Lego Waffles

Originally uploaded by Jay P..

Lego My Eggo, Indeed - New waffles encourage you to play with your food
This is a must buy! I haven't had a chance to eat them. Need to watch my figure but they look like SO much fun. Can't wait to see what people start to do with these.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Oh God NO! Not Another Underworld News - Exclusive Interview: UNDERWORLD DIRECTOR LEN WISEMAN TALKS DIE HARD 4 & UNDERWORLD 3

I could hardly hold my eyes open during the second one. It was a snooze fest for me. I think I'm too spoiled by Anne Rice's decadent vampires.

Len Wiseass ....errr.... Wiseman says he won't be directing Underworld 3, just producing and writing it. Looks like they are going to do a prequel. *rolls eyes* I'll wait and Netflix it.

Did anyone bother seeing The Omen?


I saw the original and I loved it. A re-make seemed like overkill. I don't think I'll bother. I still have to see Mission Impossible III. I'd rather watch that than another Omen.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Airdates Anyone?

Let's start off right and visit the WONDERFUL guys at to see what's going on for the next few weeks on TV.

SciFi Marathons
Stargate Atlantis - Memorial Day - May 29th
Doctor Who - Four Hours - June 16th
Stargate SG-1 - Four Hours - June 23rd
Stargate Atlantis - Four Hours - June 30th

SFTV Scorecard

Renewed: CSI (All three), Desperate Housewives, Ghost Whisperer, Lost,
Medium, Numb3rs, Smallville, Supernatural, 24, Veronica Mars,
Battlestar Galactica, Dead Zone, Doctor Who, The 4400, Masters of Horror,
Monk, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, The Batman, Robot Chicken.

Canceled/Ending: Alias, Book of Daniel, Charmed, Invasion, Night Stalker,
Surface, Threshold, Teen Titans, Justice League Unlimited. Master Blasters,

Unknown: Tripping the Rift, Ghost Hunters, Psychic at Large

SFTV New Season start dates / Special Airdates :

Abominable (SciFi) May 20 (Movie Debut)
Stephen King's Desolation (ABC) May 23 (ABC Movie debut)
Hex (BBC America) Jun 8 (US Debut)
Black Hole (Scifi) Jun 10 (Movie Debut)
The 4,400 (USA) Jun 11 (Season Three)
The Dead Zone (USA) Jun 18 (Season Four resumes)
Android Apocalypse (SciFi) Jun 24 (Move Debut)
Kyle XY (ABC Family) Jun 25 (Series Debut)
Blade (Spike TV) Jun 28 (Series Debut)
Monk (USA) Jul 7 (Season 5)
Nightmares and Dreamscapes (TNT) Jul 12 (Series Debut)
Stargate SG-1 (SciFi) Jul 14 (Season Ten)
Stargate Atlantis (SciFi) Jul 14 (Season Three)
Eureka (SciFi) Jul 17 (Series Debut)
Who Wants to be a Superhero? (SciFi) Jul 26 (Series Debut)
Battlestar Galactica (SciFi) Oct (Series Three)
Torchwood (BBC) Oct? (Debut)
Motel Man (SciFi) Dec (Miniseries Debut)

X3 - A.D.D. Review


I liked it. I didn't have to change my panties or anything but it enjoyed it enough. My only thing is....
I don't read the comic books and even I noticed somethings that were just off. Mystique loosing her... mystique? C'Mon.
Cycops dead? Professor X dead... but not really?
You're killin' me.
Magneto loosing his powers?
Who was smoking crack???!?!?! No really. Just put that stuff down!
That's just the surface stuff.

The thing with Rogue kinda annoyed me too. Where's her Rogue spicy attitude? What's this woe is me stuff she was doing? It was nice to see Kitty Pride but .... *sigh*
Speaking of Kitty Pride. Katie Stuart is the girl from that awesome Canadian show Regenesis. Anyone caught it?

Claudia Black and Pregnant


How does one get typecast as a leather- wearing, gun- toting, pregnant woman? I guess two roles like this doesn't qualify as being typecast but dammit I didn't want to see her doing the pregnant thing so soon after the Peacekeeper Wars. Doesn't matter it's done.

SG-1's Shanks Talks Romance

I guess it's for the best though. Maybe something will happen and there won't be a weird kid and we can go back to the fun of Daniel Jackson and Vala. Pregnacy is just so serious and unfun unless you're Kira from DS9 or a guy. If Samantha Carter can't be pregnant on the show. Neither can Claudia Black.

I have spoken. :P

Awww... So Sweet

I didn't know I'd be missed! Well, that's just fuel for me to do better.

Back to it.