Sunday, June 11, 2006

It's Scott Sigler Sunday

Listen to Ancestor or die!
Listen to Ancestor or die!,
originally uploaded by K. Todd Storch.
For those slackers out there who haven't listened to any of Scott Sigler's podcasts, what are you still waiting for? This guy produces one of the best podnovels out there.
He started it all with Earthcore, then Ancestor and now INFECTION.

For those addicts like me, doesn't the wait on Sunday kill you? Waiting with iTunes open, refreshing it every hour or so. Last Sunday I was pissed that this guy took so long to update. Bastard. This week he gave it to us earlier than usual and already I can't wait until next week. Bastard.

Another thing, on this week's Slice of SciFi Show 60, there was this promo for a crossover between Infection and 7th Son: Decent. How exciting is that?!?!!? We are watching podcasting history! It gave me goose bumps.



Anonymous said...

The Bastard says ha-ha-ha. My evil plan for world domination continues, one pissed-off Junkie at at time ...

scifirantergirl said...