Saturday, June 10, 2006

Second Opinion of The New Doctor

Doctor Who in the USA!
Doctor Who in the USA!,
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SciFi Signal reminds us that the season finale of Doctor Who aired last night.

I have a few "friends in the UK" like Informage and like them, I saw all of season one last year. Actually, I'm part of the way through season two with the new Doctor. I can't help myself. If it's there, I have to watch it.

The Parting of Ways, Part II was bittersweet because we loose the new Doctor and get a new, new Doctor. Christopher Eccleston will always be "my" doctor though. Doctor Who gave me that little buzz of childish excitement that made me want to grab a bowl of Fruit Loops and sit in front of the TV cross-legged every week. In this episode, everyone shines but Rose Tyler blossoms. She had a tendency to annoy me with her bubbly, over-biting, doe- eyed schtick but in this episode she held her weight and showed some depth. The every so sexy- for- all Captain Jack was astonishing. Hell even Ricky.... Mickey was awesome. The story was engaging. It was a part of building arc and it made sense. I do feel at times that I'm missing information provided in the 26 seasons prior but not overtly so.

As far as the new, new Doctor, David Tennant, it took awhile for me to warm up to him. He's no Eccleston but he's beginning to grow on me. I like our new, new Doctor when he's angry. He shines there. He's most annoying when this grown man is falling all over the 17 year old Rose Tyler. It's has a creep factor that doesn't go away for me.

I'm interested to see what the ratings will do in the US with the new, new Doctor.

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