Thursday, January 27, 2005

Geeksta Rap

Geeksta rap

It's all because of Rajeev Bajaj, a 39-year-old chemical engineer from Fremont who is either going to become the def jammer of the science and technology domain or the poster boy for excruciatingly embarrassing nerdiness.

Bajaj recently spent $15,000 of his own money forming an independent record label and hiring musicians to perform four rap and hip-hop songs he wrote in praise of the engineering profession. He hopes his debut album, "Geek Rhythms," will convince America that engineers indeed are cool.

This article makes him sound incredilbly LAME.

Actual lyrics...
"I made the calculator and computer, too,
'cause math is not something everybody can do . . .
I am an engineer.
Respect my mind.
So bow down when u see me downtown."

A former co-worker from Bajaj's days at Motorola enthuses in an review that this is "the best thing to happen to geeks since Bill Gates."

That may not have been the best reference to use.

As much as I want to eat crow on this later, I'm going to have to say that this seems like it would be BAD! ...and not bad meaning good but bad meaning bad. I'll give him a try but of course I'll need to download it for free to "evaluate" it first.

[edit] Nevermind, I took one look at that awful looking website and could torture myself no further. A free page with Blooger would be better than that. One word bro.... Mambo.

No Escaping that Enterprise Theme Song Now

Thanks to Google, I now have the lyrics to this song. I wasn't looking for these lyrics. I was checking out Google's new Video Search (BETA). Of course when I went to the video site I typed in "trek" as a keyword. The results popped up and I clicked on Zero Hour.

For now, the Mountain View search engine will not link directly to video content. Instead, when users click on a search result, they'll be taken to a "preview page" that will show excerpts of the closed-caption text alongside relevant still images from the video program.

This is how I got to see those pesky lyrics. The song started playing in my head and now I'm pissed.

More on this Google Video Search...
Google to offer TV search

They may be having video soon which will pretty much mean that the suits will have to stop whining and get to creating more quality TV. To think, those Simpson girls have TV show that have been on more than 1 season. *shudders*

--at 1 minute 30 seconds
♫ it's been a long road ♫ ♫ getting from there to here ♫ ♫ it's been a long time ♫ ♫ but my time is finally near ♫ ♫ and I will see my dream Come alive at last ♫ ♫ I will touch the Sky ♫ ♫ and they're not gonna hold me down no more ♫ ♫ no, they're not gonna change my mind ♫ ♫ 'cause I've got Faith
--at 2 minutes
Of the heart ♫ ♫ I'm going where my heart will take me ♫ ♫ I've got Faith to believe ♫ ♫ I can do anything ♫ ♫ I've got strength of the soul ♫ ♫ no one's gonna Bend or break me ♫ ♫ I can reach any star ♫ ♫ I've got Faith ♫

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Twin Peaks/ Desperate Housewives Connection

Lee May Return To Housewives

Marc Cherry, creator of ABC's hit comedy-drama Desperate Housewives, told SCI FI Wire that he's hoping to bring back actress Sheryl Lee (Twin Peaks) for a guest role, since Lee's role in the pilot was recast for the series. Lee played the character of Mary Alice, who kills herself, then provides the voice-over narration for the show from beyond the grave. When the series was picked up, Lee was replaced with Brenda Strong because producers decided they needed a warmer narrator, Cherry said.

Sheryl Lee .... Mary Alice Young (Pilot)
Vampires (1998) .... Katrina... aka John Carpenter's Vampires
"Twin Peaks" (1990) TV Series .... Laura Palmer/Madeleine Ferguson
"I Love 1990's" playing "Herself" in episode: "I Love 1990" 18 August 2001

Brenda Strong .... Mary Alice Young (Present)
Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation (2004) (V) .... Sgt. Dede Rake
Starship Troopers (1997) .... Capt. Deladier
The Craft (1996) .... Doctor
Spaceballs (1987) .... Gretchen (Nurse)
"3rd Rock from the Sun" playing "Miss Frost" in episode: "A Nightmare on Dick Street: Part 2"
"Twin Peaks" playing "Ms. Jones" in episode: "Wounds and Scars" (episode # 2.17) 28 March 1991
"Star Trek: The Next Generation" playing "Rashella" in episode: "When the Bough Breaks" (episode # 1.15) 13 February 1988
"MacGyver" playing "Lila" in episode: "The Assassin" (episode # 1.21) 7 May 1986

Everyone in this cast is strangely familiar. I decided to check out the cast's resumes so I could refresh my memory. Of course, the people that I recognize the most aren't the wives but the husbands.

The most obvious for me is Richard Burgi for his role in The Sentinel. This man is like a corner stone of science fiction TV.
Richard Burgi .... Karl Mayer
"The Sentinel" (1996) TV Series .... Det. James Ellison
"Point Pleasant" (2005) TV Series .... Ben Kramer
Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation (2004) (V) .... Capt. V.J. Dax
"Firefly" playing "Lieutenant Womack" in episode: "The Message" (episode # 1.15) 28 July 2003
"24" playing "Kevin Carroll" in episode: "1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m."
Darklight (2004) (TV) .... Shaw
"Viper" playing "Lane Cassidy"

Steven Culp from Star Trek to Desperate Housewives. Good Catch.
Steven Culp .... Rex Van De Kamp
-for his role on Enterprise.
Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993) .... Robert Campbell... aka Friday the 13th IX
"Enterprise" playing "Major Hayes" in episode: "Countdown" (episode # 3.23) 19 May 2004
"24" playing "Agent Ted Simmons" in episode: "Day 2: 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m." (episode # 2.12) 11 February 2003

Teri Hatcher .... Susan Mayer
"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" (1993) TV Series .... Lois Lane

Felicity Huffman .... Lynette Scavo
Hackers (1995) .... Attorney
"The X Files" playing "Dr. Nancy Da Silva" in episode: "Ice" (episode # 1.7) 5 November 1993

Marcia Cross .... Bree Van De Kamp
M.A.N.T.I.S. (1994) (TV) .... Carla
"Quantum Leap" playing "Stephanie Heywood" in episode: "Good Night, Dear Heart - November 9, 1957" (episode # 2.17) 7 March 1990
"Tales from the Darkside" playing "Marie Alcott" in episode: "Strange Love" (episode # 2.21) 11 May 1986

Mark Moses .... Paul Young
Race to Space (2001) .... Alan Shepard... aka Race to Space
Enterprise: Broken Bow (2001) (TV) .... Henry Archer ... aka Star Trek Enterprise: Broken Bow

Jesse Metcalfe .... John Rowland
"Passions" (1999) TV Series .... Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (1999-2004)
"Smallville" playing "Van McNulty" in episode: "Asylum" (episode # 3.9) 14 January 2004

Cody Kasch .... Zach Young
"The Others" playing "Wounded Boy" in episode: "Luciferous" (episode # 1.6) 11 March 2000

Jamie Denton .... Mike Delfino (as James Denton)
"Threat Matrix" (2003) TV Series (as James Denton) .... Special Agent John Kilmer
"Dark Skies" playing "Rob Winter" in episode: "Hostile Convergence" (episode # 1.8) 7 December 1996
"Sliders" playing "Jack Bullock" in episode: "The Good, The Bad and the Wealthy" (episode # 2.4) 22 March 1996

Christine Estabrook .... Mrs. Martha Huber
Spider-Man 2 (2004) .... Mrs. Jameson
Special Report: Journey to Mars (1996) (TV)
"The X Files" playing "Agent Henderson" in episode: "Young at Heart" (episode # 1.15) 11 February 1994
"Tales from the Darkside" playing "Irene" in episode: "The Enormous Radio" (episode # 3.22) 17 May 1987

Monday, January 24, 2005

Save Andromeda

Andromeda celebrated it's 100th episode January 21, 2005.
100th Episode - "Pride Before The Fall"

The celebration is bittersweet because the show is to be cancelled after season 5. There seemed to be a campaign to save the show at but that site seems to be down. At least it is for me. I couldn't even get a cached version through Google.

According to IGN - Andromeda and Mutant X will be coming to an end, thanks to the closing of Canadian producer Fireworks.

I guess having 2 blondes on the show isn't enough. To tell you the truth, I never know what is going on with the show. I enjoy watching and I've watched every episode this season. I expected something way more intriguing for an 100th episode. All I got was more confused.

Somehow Beka is the mother of all Nietzscheans.
"Pride Before The Fall"
The crew is on the command deck of Andromeda with everyone at their station, watching Peters ship escape through the Route of Ages. Dylan tells Beka that Peter was actually Drago Museveni and she is the blueprint for their race. If they ever get back to their universe and resume the old fight, she will never be attacked. With the ship returned to full power and all its former glory, they probably can get back, but Dylan has left command. He is looking at Dragos hidden coffin and finds the bones of his vanquished enemy resting where they should be.

It's pretty sad that after one year on the SciFi Channel that the show is going to be cancelled. I remember this happening with other shows. Not good.

You can keep up on the latest news with these links:
The Official Andromeda Site's Andromeda Site
Rommie Web

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Verdict: Point Pleasant

If I wanted to watch sex scenes, I'll watch pr0n. Don't insult me with 45 minutes of fluff and the last 15 minutes commercials and unoriginal plot.

This show makes Smallville look like Oscar material. No disrespect to Smallville at all. BTW, is that on yet?

Goths would even hate this show. I feel bad for trying to compare this to Medium.

FOX, what the hell? Oh well, at least AVP is out on DVD.

Happy Birthday: DeForest Kelly

Why do I know this? Because I geeked out and bought a nifty Star Trek Stardate : 2005 Day-to-Day Calendar.

Sometimes, the Dr. McCoy character rubbed me the wrong way but DeForest Kelly was a fine actor and a charmer. His porrayal of the "good 'ol country doctor" will be missed. Just wanted to take time out today to say that.

DeForest Kelly
01/20/1920 - 06/11/1999

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Alyson Hannigan on Veronica Mars

I must admit that I don't watch this show. I tried watching it once and it seemed like it should have a slot after That's So Raven on the Disney Channel.

Will I watch Veronica Mars because Hannigan will make a guest appearance? Probably not.
LOS ANGELES ( On Tuesday, Feb. 22, former "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star Alyson Hannigan leaves demon-infested Sunnydale behind for the mystery-filled seaside town of Neptune, when she makes a guest appearance on the UPN Tuesday-night cult hit "Veronica Mars." She's currently scheduled for one episode, with a possibility of the role becoming recurring.
Hannigan plays Trina Echolls, the struggling-actress daughter of town resident and movie star Aaron Echolls (Harry Hamlin), and stepdaughter of his wife, Lynn (Lisa Rinna, Hamlin's real-life spouse). This makes Trina the half-sister of Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring), the high-school foe of teen sleuth Veronica (Kristen Bell).

In "Russkie Business," Trina, who was a no-show at the memorial service for Lynn (who apparently committed suicide by jumping off a bridge) suddenly appears, raising new questions about what exactly happened to her stepmother.

Enterprise: Rumors on the Internets

SFX is going around getting their stories refuted by Manny Coto.
NEWS: Enterprise cancelled?

I think I love this story because folks keep bringing up the "c" word. Folks are still pushing the "Star Trek needs a break" thing too. While it's not funny on the business side, it's funny to read the refuting articles.

Enterprise is being spanked by Stargate and Battlestar Galactica.

The PR goes on to compare the show to Friday's first-run presentation of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE: "BATTLESTAR won a decisive victory over UPN's ENTERPRISE, outperforming its new episode in total viewers, P25-54 (2.2 million vs. 1.7 million) and P18-49 (1.8 million vs. 1.5 million)."
I hope B&B understands that all of this trash talking is really cheerleading for them to come back strong. We want Enterprise to make a strong stand. We want it to kick major but. C'mon guys, don't let Enterprise go out on your watch. I don't want to wake up one morning and hear that Enterprise was cancelled because Berman and Braga were too old and limp. I know better. (I hope better) Kill off useless crew members, go to war, get Archer some good lovin', change the theme song, do something drastic, quit being safe, GET YOUR BUTT IN GEAR MISTER.

Don't let it end this way. Don't give in.
Fight the good fight.

Point Pleasant Premieres Tonight

... and this is the brief synopsis from Yahoo's TV Listings.

"Pilot", Episode #101.
A half-devil woman's search for her mortal mother turns a quiet beach town in New Jersey into a battleground of good vs. evil.

Sounds kinda lame when it's put on paper. If I hadn't seen the previews myself, I would have passed on watching. This show has the potential to suck but I'm going to reserve my judgement until I watch. You never know, even Medium turned out to be watchable.

The Point Pleasant Website is decent enough. Hopefully this show will boost ratings for FOX. Other than 24, which is pissing off Muslims, Fox doesn't have much programming that I care for anymore. Since Fox's ratings are hurting, hopefully they will finally kill the reality TV crap and get some something intriguing like X-Files again. *fingers crossed*

Farscape Needs More Saving better known as those Wacky Farscape Kids are at it again.

This time they need 1,000 letters sent to local broadcasting stations to get Farscape into syndication.

Farscape is currently being shopped to local television stations across the nation by Debmar Studios, for fall 2005 broadcast syndication. The program is being made available to stations through a bartering system, in which no cash changes hands. Local channels simply have to agree to allot specific amounts of advertising time for Debmar to sell to national advertisers, in exchange for attaining the rights to broadcast syndicated episodes of Farscape. A current print article indicates that the company currently has Farscape cleared in 50% of the nation. While that number is good, we CAN make it better.

By January 17, 2005, we are requesting that each of you send a minimum of ONE letter to each of your local broadcast stations. The letter should include demographics, a bit about the ratings success of Farscape and any pleading you might like. The deadline is being used, as the majority of syndication contracts are established prior to the January 25th – January 27th NATPE Syndication Convention. The convention can be looked at as the reward for all who participated in the work leading to the event, being that it is filled with both stars and parties. All of this means that we have VERY LITTLE time to convince your local programming department that they ONLY NEED FARSCAPE!

If these guys were into politics, they'd give the government hell!

Spiderman: Why did it have to come to a court order?

Marvel Ordered to Pay Spider-Man Creator

Stan Lee created Spiderman. Without him, there would be no Spiderman money. The man gets a cut. Simple. Logical. But nooooooooooo! Those short bus riders at Marvel had to have a court order to pay the creator of Spiderman.

And get this, those pricks are going to appeal the ruling. While they are nickel and diming Stan Lee out of malice, business "ethics" or sheer stupidity, Marvel's shares fell 48 cents to $17.75.

PAY THE MAN! He deserves to be rewarded for his work. The company should not be wasting money fighting these petty battles. How about this? CREATE something new, and make some more money on that. Fighting Stan Lee on this is just dumb.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Battlestar Galactica's Man Love

I don't know if the media is just reporting about Battlestar Galactica because it's news or because they realize the show has potential. It seems to be getting a lot of attention. I think the mini-series ratings kicked so much arse that people can't just sweep this show under that rug that Farscape is under.

I'm a shipper already!

As much as I like to poke fun at Richard Hatch, he's really the hero of this story. Not just the new mini- series but the entire Battlestar Galactica experience as a whole. How many times do we see an actor rallying for people to stay true to the original version of anything. Where are the other actors of the old series? I haven't heard anything from them.
The writers of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica had a hard sell. I'm really glad they pushed the word re-imagined. I think it went far to ease the die hards into the new series. I get that Ronald D Moore didn't want to recreate something that has already been done. The BSG team knows that fans could rent the DVD's of the old BSG if we wanted to see the exact same thing. I still haven't seen the old series. I don't think that I'm going to watch it just yet. They wanted to make something new and fresh. They received much resistance but still pushed forward. All involved may not care about the opinions of a small time blogger but they've earned my respect.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Rainbow gets partial axe

How dare they reduce this scrumptous eye candy's screen time?

Francks to get Reduced Role on Atlantis
“Stargate: Atlantis” is getting a lot of attention in its first season on Sci-Fi Channel, but one actor will be getting less attention when the second season premieres this summer. GateWorld is reporting that Rainbow Sun Francks, who plays Aiden Ford in the series, will be reduced to recurring character status in the second season. Check the link for the whole article.

The announcement was made by series co-creator Brad Wright, which means that Francks will be removed from the opening credits, and will have a less prominent role in the show. But that doesn’t mean his character will be ignored.

“We have plans for him as a recurring character in an arc that extends through at least the first part of Season 2,” Wright said. Last November, Francks said that he himself was interested in where his character would go in the second season.

“Season 2 is going to be fun,” he said at the time. “Frim what I’ve spoken to the writers about, there are some very interesting things in line for Ford. If you weren’t interested in Ford before, you definitely will be, is all I can say. I can’t let any of it out because it’s all speculation right now, but what we’ve spoken about is extremely exciting.”

No reason was given for Francks reduced role, but a new character named Ronon Dex is going to be introduced in the show beginning next season. That character has yet to be cast.

Being moved from recurring status to regular cast member will be Paul McGillion, who plays Carson Beckett.

“In fact, that’s how we thought of him most of last year,” Wright said. “It just wasn’t formalized yet.”

The second half of the show’s first season will premiere Jan. 21 at 9 p.m. ET on Sci-Fi Channel.

Uhura & Martin Luther King, Jr.

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, Jr.

At the end of Trek's first season, Nichols considered leaving the series, but Rev. Martin Luther King convinced her that she was an important role model for young black American women. She also appeared in six Star Trek feature films.


Not gonna lie. When I first heard this story I was in tears. This is another reason that Star Trek is important as entertainment and American History.

Uhura Interview

Is it true that you considered turning the role down at one point?
Nichelle: No, I never considered turning the role down. It’s incorrect. After the first year, I was delighted with having had this opportunity to work with such fine actors, and to work with Gene once again, and have this beautiful role that he allowed me to develop and to name. I named her Uhura from the Swahili word Uhuru, which means freedom. I was delighted, but my first love then, and still, is musical theatre. I never intended or expected to have a career, much less a stellar career, in television and movies. I thought it was really nice of him to give me this opportunity and I was now being offered lots of roles in theatre, especially musical theatre. I completed a year and I was simply going to leave to pursue my first love, musical theatre.

And is it true Dr Martin Luther King then persuaded you to stay....
Nichelle: Gene was very upset and he asked me to think about it over a weekend, and that weekend I met Dr Martin Luther King (MLK). He praised my work that the manner in which I was projecting Uhura, as a woman from the United States of Africa, was very important in how the world would see us as African-Americans, and for the first time on television we would be finally seen as we should be seen, as intelligent and beautiful people. I was stunned by that, and I was absolutely delighted I said: “Thank you so much, I am very much going to miss the cast because I am leaving the show.”

What did he say to you after that?
Nichelle: He became very sombre and said: “You absolutely cannot do that. This is bigger than you think. You must not leave the show at this time.” He added: “Not only can our little children look and see themselves with great pride and look in seeing you, but the world will see us. People the world over are going to see us for the first time as we should be seen. You can’t leave now.” I went back and told Gene what he had said, and told him that I would stay if he wanted me to. Gene cried, not just cried, great big tears rolled down his face, and he said: ‘Bless this man, at least someone knows what I’m trying to achieve.”

Friday, January 14, 2005

What's new in Sci Fi fashion this spring?

My bros at sfsignal are on top of it again, they found a Darth Mr. Potato Head. Personally, I'm waiting on the Princess Leia Chia Head.

Tater Darth

NEW for Spring 2005 – Playskool Mr. Potato Head Darth Tater!

Playskool is proud to announce the launch of the new character, Darth Tater, just in time for the theatrical release of Revenge of the Sith. There's all kinds of mix 'n match, Mr. Potato Head fun with this wacky spud dressed as Darth Vader.

The package comes with lots of silly parts, including lightsaber, cape, helmet, shoes, eyes, nose, teeth and more!

Available Spring 2005.

[add] also found a Wookie Water Soaker.

Vanity Fair, Tater Siths and Wookie Guns, OH MY!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Magnificent Billy Zane

I love this guy. Titanic star Billy Zane has signed up for a three-episode arc on The WB's Charmed, beginning Feb. 13, playing an ex-demon who falls for Alyssa Milano, TV Guide Online reported.

I watch Charmed and I like it but it seems like he pissed someone off to get that gig. It's just a weird match I guess. I'll watch it and love every minute of it though.

Johnny Depp as Crow

I'd like to see Johnny Depp as the new crow. He was so crow-like in Once Upon a Time in Mexico. I know it will never happen.

I'm tired of getting tidbits about this new crow movie with David Boreanaz.
Sci Fi Wire does an article about The Crow: Wicked Prayer. Tara Reid is going to be in it. Blah... That kinda takes some of the excitement out of the movie for me.

Oh Brandon Lee....

Hurley Revealed

The Great Link has SPOILER information about our favorite gamer Hurley. What I like about this spoiler page is that you have to physically click a button to reveal the spoiler. I didn't click it because I changed my mind and didn't want to be spoiled. If YOU want the goods, the link to the link of the spoiler page is below.

Jorge Garcia on ABC's Lost and Hurley's 'big secret'

What would be awsome is for them to let us know when the spoiler will expire.

OH! And I can access the site on my mobile phone!!!
I was dying for sci-fi content while on the road over the holidays. If I begin to take myself seriously, I will probably follow in these guys footsteps.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Kevin Spacey is Lex Luthor?

Spacey Is Superman's Luthor

OK? Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to see Spacey in a flick.
I guess I haven't been up on the rumors because this is a new one for me. I think I've been watching too much Smallville where Lex is a loveable teddy bear. It makes you forget that Lex is supposed to be INSANE. This movie may very well ruin Smallville for me. I was just beginning to like the show. NOW Kevin Spacey shows up all Kaizer Soze on the big screen blowing Michael Rosenbaum out of the water. It's just wrong! They are confusing the public here!

*ok... breathe*

Next the'll' have me reading comic books and fan fiction.

*no.... it'll be alright*

As rumored, Kevin Spacey has been cast as the villainous Lex Luthor in director Bryan Singer's upcoming Superman movie, Variety reported. The film, also called Superman Returns, is set to begin production at Fox Studios in Sydney on March 3.

Warner Brothers, meanwhile, is seeking to sign Spacey's Beyond the Sea co-star Kate Bosworth to play Lois Lane, as previously rumored,

Spacey and Bosworth will join newcomer Brandon Routh, who was chosen in October to play the Man of Steel.

Singer told Variety that when he and writers Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris hatched the idea for the film, Spacey was always the template for Luthor. Singer directed Spacey to his first Oscar in The Usual Suspects.

Singer added that his take on Superman will be "a little like X-Men, where the mutants existed when the movie began. It's not an origin story. I didn't want to remake what Richard Donner did so well in the original and didn't want to tread on the great work they're doing on Smallville. He's already part of the culture; he has left the planet. This is the story of his return."

Rebo and Zooty are back

Not only are the guys back for a third season of Bullshit but they've been nominated for 2 Emmys. YAY!

Close on the heels of its Emmy® nominations for best Outstanding Reality Program and Outstanding Writing for Nonfiction Programming, SHOWTIME has renewed its controversial and irreverent series PENN & TELLER: BULLSHIT!, from the Wolper Organization, for a third season, it was announced today by Robert Greenblatt, President, Entertainment for Showtime Networks Inc. Featuring master showmen Penn & Teller, the series initially premiered on SHOWTIME in January 2003, offering viewers an aggressive, humorous exposé of taboo topics using the duo's trademark humor, knowledge of carnival tricks and con-artistry, as well as hidden cameras and blatant confrontation. According to TV Guide, the series "is what 60 Minutes might be like if it were run by the creators of South Park."
Production on 13 new half-hour episodes will begin in the first quarter of next year, with the third season premiere slated for later in 2005.


Penn and Teller made an appearence on Babylon 5 in the episode Day of the Dead. Though they really just sat around and looked pretty, the episode was one of my favorite. That episode was also written by Neil Gaiman.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Alias Lost Me

After getting my crack TV fix watching LOST. I decided to stick around and watch Alias. I never bothered before because it looked like a cheap ass La Femme Nikita.

So I gave it a chance. I couldn't get into it. It seemed like I was watching a spin-off of Mutant X.

Monday, January 03, 2005

I can shoot deer in my underwear

You can hunt over the internet via webcam with REAL animals in Texas. WTF?
I'm on the fence on this one. I don't know whether I'm ashamed or impressed that technology would be used like this.

LIVE-SHOT- Real Time, Online, Hunting and Shooting Experience.

LIVE-SHOT is similar to a trip to the rifle range with one very notable exception. Everything is done through a computer and the internet. A paid membership will allow for access to the range viewing camera(s) at any time. Members can then schedule a reserved session time which allows exclusive control of the shooting system to fire at a choice of various reactive targets. Please note that the shooting range is an outdoor facility located on a secluded ranch in the Texas hill country. Please take this into consideration while shooting is taking place, as weather can affect accuracy.

At all times during a shooting session, someone is at the shooting station and is available to answer questions (e-mail, instant messaging), provide assistance, and ensure a quality experience. This person has the ability to override the firing mechanism of the system to minimize the chance of a dangerous or illegal discharge from occurring.

Star Wars Celebration III

April 21 - 24, 2005, at the Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, Indiana

Badge and hotel registration are scheduled to start September 27, 2004 at Noon, PDT.

Produced by Gen Con, LLC, based in Seattle, Washington, in partnership with Lucasfilm, Ltd.

More than half a million square feet of Star Wars events, interactive activities, displays and action all under one roof.

Seven hotels connected to the Convention Center by skyway, and many more are within a few blocks.
Regular news and updates will start in the fall of 2004, and run through the event, on (Lucasfilm's official site) and on (the official Celebration website of Gen Con, LLC.)

Celebration III will bring the best of the Star Wars universe together in one place, to a weekend that's designed by fans for fans. We haven't announced many details yet, but there is a long list of exceptional surprises and events for fans to look forward to. Here's a list that we can share now:

  • Stars from the casts of all six Star Wars films

  • Magic-makers from the film crews

  • Special sneak peaks into the future of Star Wars

  • Treasures from the Lucasfilm archives - props and costumes and more

  • A variety of unique Star Wars entertainment brought together under one roof

  • More fan events, more fan creations, and more fan involvement than ever before

  • New Celebration III merchandise that you won't find anyplace else, including an exclusive action figure available nowhere else

  • Improved Fan Club benefits - for members from all over the world

Are you this anal?

Those with a good eyes have banned together to let us know about all of the mistakes made in movies. It's an interesting site. I'll bookmark it.

The biggest movie mistakes from 2004

  • 1 Spider-Man 2 During the train scene, Spiderman's mask had gone partially black. We also see it when Spidey puts his mask back on. Yet when Doc brings him to Harry, we don't even see a patch of darkness on his mask.

  • 2 Kill Bill: Volume 2 When Bill is cutting the crusts off a sandwich towards the end, he cuts two off, goes to remove the third, then the angle changes and he's now cutting it in half. After that we hear him sweep the crusts off the board and see him hand the sandwich to BB, then a shot or two later crusts are back on the board and he cleans them off again to make another sandwich.

  • 3 The Day After Tomorrow In the scene where Jack is briefing the President, he draws a line on a map of the U.S. and tells the President to have everybody south of that line evacuated. The shape of the line changes between shots.

  • 4 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban When Harry drops the Monster Book of Monsters, in the first shot facing Harry's feet as the book chomps at him, he runs backwards a few steps and he stands at the foot of the bed. However, in the shot facing the fireplace, there is actually plenty of floorspace now, much more than other shots, between the rug and bed for Harry to continue to run backwards.

  • 5 Secret Window When Shooter pins Mort against the tree with the shovel, you can see that it's a rubber shovel because it's bending around Mort's neck.

  • 6 Troy In the scene where Achilles and Briseis wake up in the morning after spending their first romantic night together, there are a few shots of the sun just beginning to rise. The problem is that the sun is rising over the sea which is to the west of Troy. Since when does the sun rise in the west?

  • 7 Mean Girls After the Halloween party, when Cady walks into Damian and Janyce's house, Damian gets scared and tosses all of the popcorn out of his bowl. In the next shot of Damian his bowl is full again.

  • 8 Starsky & Hutch When Hutch tackles Starsky to the ground after his gun goes off in the disco, Starsky's badge falls to the ground beside his head. Hutch grabs it and holds it up, telling people to calm down, but when the shot returns to Starsky the badge is still there next to his head.

  • 9 Shrek 2 When Fairy Godmother is throwing the books behind her, the book "Snow White" lands on the other books. "Snow White" noticeably changes position between two shots.

  • 10 The Bourne Supremacy In the Moscow car chase, Bourne's car is hit from the driver's side by a patrol car. The driver's side window breaks. In the next few shots, you do not see any broken glass on Bourne. In the very next shot the car is not damaged on the driver's side.

  • 11 The Butterfly Effect When Evan tries to get his journals back from the bullies in the jail, the object that the guy on the bed is reading alternates from a closed copy of Hustler, to a journal and back several times.

  • 12 13 Going on 30 In her apartment Jenna walks out into the hallway, looks at herself in the mirror and stumbles backwards over the shelf behind her. There is a short stack of magazines on that shelf, yet when Jenna looks at herself in the mirror the stack of magazines is at least three times as high in the reflection.

  • 13 Along Came Polly When Reuben "accidentally" bumps into Polly at her apartment for the first time, he sees her crouching on the floor trying to find her keys in her purse. Next to her is a shopping bag with a loofah in it, whose handle keeps dramatically changing position in each shot.

  • 14 The Passion of the Christ When Jesus tells Peter to stop fighting against the temple guards when in the garden, you can see the background behind him: a small tree by a large one. The shot cuts to Peter and then back to Jesus telling him to again stop. The background is now reversed.

  • 15 Hellboy Hellboy tosses Dr. Manning through the quickly-closing door to escape the pendulum on the bridge - he barely makes it under. Hellboy then spends thirty seconds dodging the pendulum, but when he dives for the door it's still closing at the same point and speed - just enough for him to pass.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

The Space Candy Diet

Astronauts on Candy Diet After Pantry Raided

How does this happen? The fact that this happened is just dumb.
The food stores should be checked before a mission. How does the previous crew let fellow astronauts go into space with not enough food? The previous crew should be fired as well as the people who verify such things. There's no shame in hunger. The shame is not alerting someone that the projected food supply amount is not enough. The shame is letting the next crew go hungry. It's not like they can run to the nearest StopNGo. They're in space for frack's sake.

They may not belong in space just yet if they can't figure out something so simple.

The two U.S. and Russian astronauts on the International Space Station (news - web sites) had to rely on a candy-laden diet for five weeks because their predecessors raided the pantry.

"Both of us ended up losing a few pounds," U.S. astronaut Leroy Chiao said in a news conference from the station on Wednesday. "We looked at it as kind of a challenge, kind of a camping adventure, roughing it I guess."

Chiao and Russian cosmonaut Salizhan Sharipov, who arrived at the station in October, had to cut calories because the previous crew got into their food rations.

They had permission to do that but did not record how much they had eaten and "It was not until we got well into the mission, we started seeing on board we weren't going to have enough," Chiao said.

He and Sharipov inventoried the remaining food, which was heavy on candy and desserts, and worked out a diet to stretch their supplies until a new shipment of food arrived aboard a Russian cargo carrier on Saturday.

"We had to kind of cut back to about half rations of what I would call real food -- meat, potatoes, vegetables. We had to supplement and make up for part of that calorie deficit with sweets," Chiao said. "It was not an unhealthy diet but not an ideal diet."

The unmanned Russian supply ship brought 2.5 tonnes of food, water, equipment and other supplies, including family photos and other Christmas presents from home. The astronauts were still unpacking it on Wednesday.

Had the supply ship been delayed significantly, the astronauts would have had to cut short their six-month mission and return to Earth aboard a Soyuz capsule docked at the station.

Tapping the Vein: 2005 Dates for new episodes

Re-runs have you in withdrawl. Here are the dates for new episodesfor your favorites shows. Provided by
(In order by date)

Medium (NBC) Jan 3 (Series Debut)
CSI: Miami (CBS) Jan 3 (Season 3 Resumes)
Lost (ABC) Jan 5 (season 1 Resumes)
Alias (ABC) Jan 5 (Season Four Starts)
CSI: NY (CBS) Jan 5 (Season 1 Resumes)
CSI (CBS) Jan 6 (Season 5 Resumes)
Andromeda (SciFi) Jan 7 (Season 5 Resumes)
24 (FOX) Jan 9 (Season Four Starts)
Desperate Housewives (ABC) Jan 9 (Season 1 Resumes)
Enterprise (UPN) Jan 14 (Season 4 Resumes)
Battlestar Galactica (SciFi) Jan 14 (Series Debut)
Charmed (WB) Jan 16 (Season 7 Resumes) <--This show has been on 7 years! WOW!
Stargate SG-1 (SciFi) Jan 21 (Season Eight Resumes)
Stargate Atlantis Jan 21 (Season One Resumes)
Smallville (WB) Jan 23 (Season 4 Resumes)
Star Wars Clone Wars (Cartoon) Mar 21 (Season Three)