Friday, January 07, 2005

Kevin Spacey is Lex Luthor?

Spacey Is Superman's Luthor

OK? Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to see Spacey in a flick.
I guess I haven't been up on the rumors because this is a new one for me. I think I've been watching too much Smallville where Lex is a loveable teddy bear. It makes you forget that Lex is supposed to be INSANE. This movie may very well ruin Smallville for me. I was just beginning to like the show. NOW Kevin Spacey shows up all Kaizer Soze on the big screen blowing Michael Rosenbaum out of the water. It's just wrong! They are confusing the public here!

*ok... breathe*

Next the'll' have me reading comic books and fan fiction.

*no.... it'll be alright*

As rumored, Kevin Spacey has been cast as the villainous Lex Luthor in director Bryan Singer's upcoming Superman movie, Variety reported. The film, also called Superman Returns, is set to begin production at Fox Studios in Sydney on March 3.

Warner Brothers, meanwhile, is seeking to sign Spacey's Beyond the Sea co-star Kate Bosworth to play Lois Lane, as previously rumored,

Spacey and Bosworth will join newcomer Brandon Routh, who was chosen in October to play the Man of Steel.

Singer told Variety that when he and writers Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris hatched the idea for the film, Spacey was always the template for Luthor. Singer directed Spacey to his first Oscar in The Usual Suspects.

Singer added that his take on Superman will be "a little like X-Men, where the mutants existed when the movie began. It's not an origin story. I didn't want to remake what Richard Donner did so well in the original and didn't want to tread on the great work they're doing on Smallville. He's already part of the culture; he has left the planet. This is the story of his return."

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