Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Point Pleasant Premieres Tonight

... and this is the brief synopsis from Yahoo's TV Listings.

"Pilot", Episode #101.
A half-devil woman's search for her mortal mother turns a quiet beach town in New Jersey into a battleground of good vs. evil.

Sounds kinda lame when it's put on paper. If I hadn't seen the previews myself, I would have passed on watching. This show has the potential to suck but I'm going to reserve my judgement until I watch. You never know, even Medium turned out to be watchable.

The Point Pleasant Website is decent enough. Hopefully this show will boost ratings for FOX. Other than 24, which is pissing off Muslims, Fox doesn't have much programming that I care for anymore. Since Fox's ratings are hurting, hopefully they will finally kill the reality TV crap and get some something intriguing like X-Files again. *fingers crossed*

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