Monday, January 03, 2005

I can shoot deer in my underwear

You can hunt over the internet via webcam with REAL animals in Texas. WTF?
I'm on the fence on this one. I don't know whether I'm ashamed or impressed that technology would be used like this.

LIVE-SHOT- Real Time, Online, Hunting and Shooting Experience.

LIVE-SHOT is similar to a trip to the rifle range with one very notable exception. Everything is done through a computer and the internet. A paid membership will allow for access to the range viewing camera(s) at any time. Members can then schedule a reserved session time which allows exclusive control of the shooting system to fire at a choice of various reactive targets. Please note that the shooting range is an outdoor facility located on a secluded ranch in the Texas hill country. Please take this into consideration while shooting is taking place, as weather can affect accuracy.

At all times during a shooting session, someone is at the shooting station and is available to answer questions (e-mail, instant messaging), provide assistance, and ensure a quality experience. This person has the ability to override the firing mechanism of the system to minimize the chance of a dangerous or illegal discharge from occurring.

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