Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Spiderman: Why did it have to come to a court order?

Marvel Ordered to Pay Spider-Man Creator

Stan Lee created Spiderman. Without him, there would be no Spiderman money. The man gets a cut. Simple. Logical. But nooooooooooo! Those short bus riders at Marvel had to have a court order to pay the creator of Spiderman.

And get this, those pricks are going to appeal the ruling. While they are nickel and diming Stan Lee out of malice, business "ethics" or sheer stupidity, Marvel's shares fell 48 cents to $17.75.

PAY THE MAN! He deserves to be rewarded for his work. The company should not be wasting money fighting these petty battles. How about this? CREATE something new, and make some more money on that. Fighting Stan Lee on this is just dumb.

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