Monday, January 03, 2005

Are you this anal?

Those with a good eyes have banned together to let us know about all of the mistakes made in movies. It's an interesting site. I'll bookmark it.

The biggest movie mistakes from 2004

  • 1 Spider-Man 2 During the train scene, Spiderman's mask had gone partially black. We also see it when Spidey puts his mask back on. Yet when Doc brings him to Harry, we don't even see a patch of darkness on his mask.

  • 2 Kill Bill: Volume 2 When Bill is cutting the crusts off a sandwich towards the end, he cuts two off, goes to remove the third, then the angle changes and he's now cutting it in half. After that we hear him sweep the crusts off the board and see him hand the sandwich to BB, then a shot or two later crusts are back on the board and he cleans them off again to make another sandwich.

  • 3 The Day After Tomorrow In the scene where Jack is briefing the President, he draws a line on a map of the U.S. and tells the President to have everybody south of that line evacuated. The shape of the line changes between shots.

  • 4 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban When Harry drops the Monster Book of Monsters, in the first shot facing Harry's feet as the book chomps at him, he runs backwards a few steps and he stands at the foot of the bed. However, in the shot facing the fireplace, there is actually plenty of floorspace now, much more than other shots, between the rug and bed for Harry to continue to run backwards.

  • 5 Secret Window When Shooter pins Mort against the tree with the shovel, you can see that it's a rubber shovel because it's bending around Mort's neck.

  • 6 Troy In the scene where Achilles and Briseis wake up in the morning after spending their first romantic night together, there are a few shots of the sun just beginning to rise. The problem is that the sun is rising over the sea which is to the west of Troy. Since when does the sun rise in the west?

  • 7 Mean Girls After the Halloween party, when Cady walks into Damian and Janyce's house, Damian gets scared and tosses all of the popcorn out of his bowl. In the next shot of Damian his bowl is full again.

  • 8 Starsky & Hutch When Hutch tackles Starsky to the ground after his gun goes off in the disco, Starsky's badge falls to the ground beside his head. Hutch grabs it and holds it up, telling people to calm down, but when the shot returns to Starsky the badge is still there next to his head.

  • 9 Shrek 2 When Fairy Godmother is throwing the books behind her, the book "Snow White" lands on the other books. "Snow White" noticeably changes position between two shots.

  • 10 The Bourne Supremacy In the Moscow car chase, Bourne's car is hit from the driver's side by a patrol car. The driver's side window breaks. In the next few shots, you do not see any broken glass on Bourne. In the very next shot the car is not damaged on the driver's side.

  • 11 The Butterfly Effect When Evan tries to get his journals back from the bullies in the jail, the object that the guy on the bed is reading alternates from a closed copy of Hustler, to a journal and back several times.

  • 12 13 Going on 30 In her apartment Jenna walks out into the hallway, looks at herself in the mirror and stumbles backwards over the shelf behind her. There is a short stack of magazines on that shelf, yet when Jenna looks at herself in the mirror the stack of magazines is at least three times as high in the reflection.

  • 13 Along Came Polly When Reuben "accidentally" bumps into Polly at her apartment for the first time, he sees her crouching on the floor trying to find her keys in her purse. Next to her is a shopping bag with a loofah in it, whose handle keeps dramatically changing position in each shot.

  • 14 The Passion of the Christ When Jesus tells Peter to stop fighting against the temple guards when in the garden, you can see the background behind him: a small tree by a large one. The shot cuts to Peter and then back to Jesus telling him to again stop. The background is now reversed.

  • 15 Hellboy Hellboy tosses Dr. Manning through the quickly-closing door to escape the pendulum on the bridge - he barely makes it under. Hellboy then spends thirty seconds dodging the pendulum, but when he dives for the door it's still closing at the same point and speed - just enough for him to pass.

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