Thursday, February 08, 2007

Battlestar Galactica: It's Good!

I'm a week behind as of this second but I'll probably catch up tonight. I love the second part of this season. I'm fully recovered from the New Caprica Debaucle. The 5 cylon story has me engaged. President Laura and her intense scene with Baltar impressed me. Adama is has a darker soul than anyone could have ever imagined. I mean submitting someone to an acid trip to get information? Very dark. Kara and Lee bore me to tears. I HATE THAT PLOT. I'm not big on mush and have a low tolerance for relationship drama. Leave or stay, have sex or don't, be happy or not; quite a binary attitude but it works for me.

Cylon predictions: Colonel Tigh, Gaeta, Dee, Kara's husband, Tyrol

It would be great for Baltar to be a cylon but like someone said before, that's too easy.


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