Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Adopted By Aliens: The Animated Web Series

Adopted By Aliens: The Animated Web Series

The original web cartoon created by filmmakers Shawnelle and Shawnee Gibbs revolves around the unusual life of twelve year old adoptee Whitney Ward and her new family.

Join Whitney, The Aliens, and a cast of memorable characters as they all try to co-exist in the same unpredictable world!

Adopted By Aliens promises to entertain audience of all ages and tickle your funny bone--unless, of course, you're an alien and you don't have one!

This looks interesting. I'll have to watch it to comment on it. As soon as I do, I will... :)

Sunday, July 25, 2004

The Sci-Fi Movie Page

The Sci-Fi Movie Page

I've noticed a lot of people slamming the new Catwoman movie; the dialog, the action, the plot, the outfit.... (which has a lot of style elements that clash and look thrown together. It had too much going on. Not simple sexy, complicated sexy.... but still sexy nonetheless.)
Everyone is comparing Michelle Pfiefer and Halle Berry. New stories are saying that the movie had a weak start.

I'll have to see the movie for myself and get back with you on that. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie. I like Catwoman. I like bullwhips. I like action scenes. I like Halle Berry. (Have you seen Queen? Amazing! I pretend that BAPS never happened.)


This site has a lot of reviews. The scripts and script resources is my favorite part of the site. The scripts and reviews need a search however for maximum ease of use. That part of the site drops the ball on on design. It looks like a glorified blog. Nice though.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Sutherland's Strip Wows Small-Town Crowd

Yahoo! News - Sutherland's Strip Wows Small-Town Crowd

Kiefer Sutherland. *sigh* *drool*

Lost Boys was a fantasy. Flatliners IS science fiction. So I can comment on this!

Kiefer got drunk and took off shirt AND waved it around. New Zealand ... ehhh. Those are some lucky broads. :D

Thursday, July 22, 2004

NSS Home Page

NSS Home Page

I was going to participate in this BUT I son't have a sponsor. Not reading enough of the site, I thought that you just hop on to your blog and do your 24 hour thing and some money from somewhere goes to your charity of choice. You have to go around and beg for money from people to sponsor you. I didn't make it on the website's list so if I blog for 24 hours, I'll have fun but it won't have the desired effect of charity. :(

I'll just donate to them myself.

Next year, I'll be prepared. I just found out about it a week ago anyway. Hopefully the official Blogathon site will be back up. They are taking a year off for some reason.

I also added some new buttons today. People can subscribe to my RSS feed! I had fun figuring out how to set that up. - Stephen Hawking revamps black hole theory - Jul 21, 2004 - Stephen Hawking revamps black hole theory - Jul 21, 2004

Now before I appear as though I'm trying to correct or dispute anything Stephen Hawking is saying, let me say that I'm not. I can't even calculate percentages using a calculator. I still can't remember the whole ie, ei before c rule. I misspell inconvenience and definite every time I use the words in writing if there is no spell check. I've forgotten most grammar rules.

With that being said.....
.....and maybe I've been watching too much Farscape. I thought, in a Science Fiction sense, that wormholes were the things that took you to other universes and galaxies. Not blackholes, which are separate entities all together. That wormholes were a "spatial anomaly" that crunched space to get you to another point in the universe/multi-verse faster. Blackholes were always and destructive sucking entity that you went into and were destroyed. The matter of destruction isn't important; whether you are completely destroyed or if "your mass energy will be returned to our universe, but in a mangled form, which contains the information about what you were like, but in an unrecognizable state", YOU were gone. The only thing he's really saying is that your particles aren't obliterated only that they are held in suspension and spat garbled. Burning wood and it turning to ash. Not gone, just different. Why that makes a difference is? It's a scientist thing, I wouldn't understand.

Here's another link to the story: - Hawking changes his mind about black holes

Link to Stephen Hawking website:

Sunday, July 18, 2004

SG1 to Stargate: Atlantis Conversion Chart

I needed to take my mind off of things so I decided to poke at SG:A a bit. Spent a lot of time on it. I'm so impressed with the show that I'll pick at it often :) ---(should say Jack replaces Hammond)

Beam me up, Beckett.

Stargate: The Dope Show

No comment. ::snickers::

Strong feminine leaders are getting cliche'. Better than bimbos and hoochies but boring.

These two need hugs.

What's in a name?

Parker Lewis has lost.

Stargate: Atlantis kicks major space butt!

Stargate: Atlantis on Yahoo!

I just found out about this custom Yahoo! search page for SGA when I was......

well... uh....


being a dork and entering the "Walk on role" sweepstakes.

I just finished watching the pilot and it is impressive. I'm already bored with "The Wraith" who are like the Goa'uld, the Borg, the Taelons, the . Those "Wraith" make me want to listen to Marilyn Manson. He should be flattered. I got "Disposable Teens" in my head.
The characters are likeable. Dr. Weir, however is behaving a little too... Captain Janeway at times. Her hair looks dumb but she's a good lady. You can feel it.
Lt.Ford is such a cutey. *girlie sigh* But bro.... you had the Uber-Hippie Parents. I mean, it's bad enough to name ANYONE Rainbow but to name a male Rainbow, that's just cruel. He doesn't look like he has a complex about it but *in a redneck voice* he gots some purty lips.
Teyla = T'ealc (less eyebrow and lame gold forehead coin) I love T'ealc. NO, really.
John Sheppard = O'Neil - Wise-crackery out of this guy seems believeable.
McKay = Sam Carter - Funny for him, but I like him. He's a fav.

When I watched the SGA Lowdown, they mentioned the emergence of the city from underwater. It was indeed impressive. Very good, very award worthy. MGM can mark this as a HUGE sucess. They have their work cut out and laid out for them.

The Stargate franchise has now officially stomped a mudhole in Star Trek's ass. B & B, start shopping for a good tombstone.

Yahoo! News - Brazil Internet Craze Angers English Speakers

Yahoo! News - Brazil Internet Craze Angers English Speakers

"When the average Orkut user goes to look at community listings to see what's out there, he'll see a list populated with pretty much all Portuguese communities," Gibbs said. "This is highly frustrating since Orkut is not a Brazilian service."


Remember when those commercials were all over the TV about how the Internet was going to bring the world together? Remember how it exciting it used to be to chat with someone in another hemisphere? Maybe that was just me.
Orkut is a service for friends to have a network amongst each other. Now, how all of these people are bumping heads? I don't know. But declaring that Orkut is "not a Brazilian service" is like saying that the Internet is "not a Brazilian service". If someone has access to the internet and in invite to Orkut, they have a right to be there.
It *is* frustrating however to do a search and results come up in different languages. I don't really care about the things in the other language because I don't read another language. It has a right to be there but I can filter it out. There has to be a way to filter out people who speak your language. There is room enough for everyone on the Internet. It is not an "English Only" technology. I wish these types of elitist would die out.

"Brazilians have the right to create anything they want in any language they want," Miyazawa said. "The problem is to invade forums with specific languages and write in Portuguese. Brazilians are still learning how to behave in the Net."

That type of behavior is unacceptable. Even if you don't know a lot of Internet/Newsgroup etiquette, invading a forum that is established in one language and posting things in another language is rude. It is not using common sense. If you want to have a forum that is not established in your language, guess what? Make another forum. It's easy, it's simple.

I'm assuming that since people can Babbletroll* into any forum that these are not moderated and/or can not be set up to allow certain members. That should be looked into. If people can't search for whatever they need and filter out languages they don't speak, then a site for every language that is being used on Orkut should be created. Or... they can always let it stay the same and the people will migrate elsewhere.

*Babbletroll- I just made that up :) Well, I think I did. I haven't ran into the term anywhere else. Babbletrolling is to post in a forum that is established in one language in a different language.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

The 4400

The 4400

A very interesting show. It feels a lot like the Taken series in that it's more about the people and their stories as opposed to aliens, ships and outer space. Time will tell. The little girl in this series seems a lot like the little girl in the Taken series. Joel Gretsch is in this as well but that isn't what makes it feel like taken.
It also feels like a big episode of The X-Files. The unexplained, "supernatural" abilities, ball of light, a biological/ CDC threat, Homeland Security is the new FBI in this one.
Richard Tyler is an interesting character. It is a very bold move for a character, I applaud the writers. Tyler is "black" and was abducted in the 1950's when. He was "taken" at a time where black people were treated differently. For him to come back now and the impact it must have is an astonishing case study. Though he wouldn't find "as much" resistance in inter-racial relationships as he did in the past, he will learn that a different racism exists. It was awesome how they showed him coping to fit in.
Lily Moore is another interesting case only because she is the grand daughter of the "white" lady that Richard Tyler was in love with in his time. An irony that I will enjoy seeing played out because she is pregnant but doesn't know how. Her husband was out of town for a while when she was abducted and she swears she hasn't been with anyone else. My prediction? The writers are twisted and this will be Richard's baby. It's interesting and I say again BOLD to explore inter-racial relationships on TV. It's been done but there is still much resistance against this today and I'm sure it will lose some viewers. Not me, I think it's amazing!
Shawn and Kyle's story is interesting because of the mystery of Shawn's abduction coinciding with Kyle's coma. Tom Baldwin, our main character is Kyle's father. He has been trying to solve the mystery since the incident. He is now in charge of investigating the 4400.

So we have Lily with her immaculate conception, Richard doesn't seem to have a power (maybe it's love transcends time), Orson has telekinesis, it appears that Shawn can give or take life and Maia can predict the future.

It's like that one fable that I can't remember the name of or who wrote about someone falling asleep in one time to awake years later and everything is different.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

the hitchhiker's movie first unofficial website

The hitchhiker's movie first unofficial website

I'm looking forward to this.

John Malkovich is going to be in this!!!!
Small Person, Warrick Davis (Willow, Harry Potter), will be Marvin??? Strange. *shrugs* Looks fun. He'll probably rock the role.
The casting of Mos Def as Ford Prefect is different also. It's sorta like Will Smith in that Wild, Wild, West movie. I'll take it though. His music is pretentious but I enjoyed him in The Italian Job. I think I remember ready somewhere that he was good in a play somewhere.

I'm guessing they will probably just cover the first book. You know the sequel and trequel is already planned.
(Trequel? I'm making stuff up again.....) I guess it will have "Trilogy" status. When I think trilogy, I think Star Wars... and then I think Matrix and become dissappointed. Using the word "Trilogy" is officially bad luck.
Trequel = good
Trilogy = bad

..... I'm looking through this site and it looks rather cheap and low budget. Crossing my fingers.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Sci Fi Wire -- Atlantis, a spinoff of Stargate SG-1

Sci Fi Wire -- The News Service of the Sci Fi Channel

I'm looking forward to this new spinoff. Stargate: SG1 is one of those shows that has been on so long and repeats so many times that you'll eventually watch it and like it. I used to watch repeats on Fox. I ran across a site called SG1 Archive and it had every episode. I downloaded them all and watched them all. I've seen every episode. It's something about Season 5 though. I draw several blanks for some reason. I think it's because around that time the site was forced to take off the episodes. I didn't have cable....

It looks it will be good. They'll have to hold their own. They got everything handed to them on a silver platter. Mythology, Budget, Audience. They can't do the whole "suck the first thru third season" Star Trek thing.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Earth: Final Conflict: Episode Information: Atavus

Earth: Final Conflict: Episode Information: Atavus


I finally saw these Atavus fit into Earth: Final Conflict. Atavi (Atavuses?) are a primitive ancestor of the Taelon species. Sorta like Neanderthals are to Modern Man.
The Taelons evolved out of this state through a sort of telepathic link called the Commonality. Augur wants to experience the Commonality so he taps into it through his computer using Da'an's frequency. This severs Da'ans connection to the Commonality and he reverts back to a primitive state.

Da'an reverted to Atavus

Mind you, the Atavus I saw looked nothing like this. Not as hideous but glowing claws, 80's hair and a bad modified Khan outfit.
This Taelon/Atavus reversion thing still doesn't explain the lameness of the episode I saw. I guess I'll have to keep watching.
EFC is a pretty good show. I'm on second season.

I also want to find out why William Boone was killed off and this Liam Kincaid was brought in. Probably the ol' "I want to pursue other opportunities" excuse.

I wonder what it is about acting on a science fiction show that taints an actors career. You can make a guest appearance and be fine but if you star in it, it's like you have the Hollywood plague. Sad really.

Slashdot | Rick Berman: Enterprise May Not Suck Next Year

Slashdot | Rick Berman: Enterprise May Not Suck Next Year

Though this article was written last year, it still applies today.

I must admit that this year was WAY better than last. Especially the WTF season finale with the space Nazi. (Can't Godwin's Law somehow be invoked?)


Anyway here's a Braga quote about next season.. :
from TrekWeb:

Instead of a storyline that unfolds over the course of an entire year, season four will be comprised of a series of "very high-concept mini-arcs", Berman said. "Just as when we did Star Trek: First Contact, we couldn't do a movie about Picard and company saving the future from being destroyed, we can't do another season-long on Enterprise that involves Archer and company trying to save humanity. On the other hand, we don't feel that we want to go back to the season one and season two concept of 'we're out there exploring space,' period."
::rolls eyes::
Wasn't this supposed to be a prequel? How about the formation of the Federation? Fast forward and deal with Future Guy and his people? Origins of Section 31? Check out the Founders, Cardassians, Ferengi, The Borg: see what those fools are up to? Go to Risa? I can NOT believe that Berman and Braga have all of this information and free ideas from Trek mythology and all they can come up with is space Nazis. Someone Jewish please complain. I know they HAVE TO really sick of people using Nazis in everything. Germans MUST BE tired of being reminded of that dark time. People who sympathize with the Nazi cause should be annoyed.
The more I type the angrier I get. I have to ask myself, why do I even bother to watch the show?
Hope. Denial. Addiction. Tradition. Escape.
All of the above.
Fascinating? Illogical.

The Planetary Society

The Planetary Society

This is the website or the organization that is responsible for the Cassini signature/probe thing. I'm thinking about donating. More on this later. I found something to rant about.

TrekToday - Stewart's Signature Orbits Saturn

TrekToday - Stewart's Signature Orbits Saturn

I like this site a lot. Trek News non-stop. I wish they had a newsletter. They probably do buried somewhere and I'm just too lazy to find it.

This particular news item I found interesting.
"The signatures of Stewart and Chuck Norris were among 616,400 that were copied onto a DVD and placed aboard the Saturn probe Cassini by The Planetary Society, a group dedicated to advancing space exploration and the search for extraterrestrial life. Also included were the inked paw prints of a few dogs and cats."

It's kinda cool. I just found out about it. I want my signature on a probe. :( The cats and dogs I don't get. Seems kinda wacky. People might not take it too seriously. Who knows.

I'm going to read more Star Trek news. Or find something else to blog about.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Scotty Battling Alzheimer's

Yahoo! News - Scotty Battling Alzheimer's

This is has been in the news for some time. I just heard news of a relative's death yesterday. Ronald Reagan just died and he had Alzheimer's. My point is I don't want to hear about any more death. For the past few years, I've noticed that summer seems like the season of death. Mainly for the sick and elderly. I hate the summer.

We all have to die. We all are dead longer than we are alive. That's not what gets me. It's the funeral customs of this society. The whole looking at the dead body. It's something that I HATE. I can't handle it. I think it it's sick and morbid. Not only do you have to deal with the person's death but you have to look at them all dead, distorted and inanimate. That's the worst punishment known to mankind. Not worse than "finding" the person dead or having to "identify" a body. I have a lot of family members older than me. Mom, Dad, Grandparents, etc. I calculate over 20 mandatory funerals in my lifetime. That's not including other people I know. Maybe it's just me but it's more than I can handle.

About 4 million people in the U.S. have Alzheimer's. It is an illness that makes it hard for people to remember, think, and use language. It can make them act strange or seem moody. After a while, people with Alzheimer's have a hard time with things like using the phone, cooking or handling money.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

bo logh

bo logh

This blog is badass. I can't read it. Nor am I going to go to great lengths to find out how. It just amuses me that someone would be so that s/he would write his/her entire blog in Klingonese. Bravo!

AtomFilms - Star Wars Help Desk

AtomFilms - Star Wars Help Desk

I did my geekly duty and voted in the Star Wars Fan Film Awards. This one called Star Wars Help Desk was the funniest.

Other ones that I liked were 8 Minutes, Escape from Tatooine, Pink Five Strikes Back, Look Sir, Droids, Ewok in an Elevator and The Wizard, Oz. The others were mediocre to just bad. If these were the best of the pick then I'd hate to see the rest of the entries.

My guesses at winners are 8 Minutes, Escape from Tatooine, Pink Five Strikes Back. My guesses at animation winners are Funk'd, Barn Wars (the intro was hilarious) and maybe Wampa. I don't know how they judge but I'm sure something lame will win. Like Lucas's first year pick of that HORRIFIC Christmas Jedi Cartoon thing. Jeez that was awful.

The Dead Zone~ Whiney Women

USA NETWORK | The Dead Zone
This show has managed to cast two of the whiniest women in show business. The only reason that I watched this show in the first place was because of Anthony Michael Hall. I'm an 80's latch key kid. Breakfast Club, yada, yada. Anyway, I am a fan of Anthony Michael Hall because of that sexy portrayal of Bill Gates in Pirates of Silicon Valley. Yes... Bill Gates and sexy is in the same sentence. OK... OK... back to the whiney beeotches. Nicole DeBoer- *sigh* I've despised this woman every sense she had the GALL to accept a role that replace the ever so lovely Terry Farrell on the best Star Trek series Deep Space Nine. As Jadzia Dax, Terry was dynamic, interesting, 3 dimensional, spirited... I can go on. Then came the hobbit- troll- gnome DeBoer as Ezri. She whined from her first scene to her last. She can just stare and it's a whine. Every scene in the Dead Zone, she's whining. THEN as if WHINE PRINCESS wasn't enough, they go and hire WHINE QUEEN Sarah Wynter. I think she had her mouth surgically plastered in that annoying smirk that she has. I first was introduced to this smirk on 24. We had to deal with her an entire season. She smiles, it's that smirk. She cries, it's that smirk. She's suspicious, it's that smirk.
I can hear some loser, jack off mumbling about how hot these hags are. Dude, I can tell you now-- if you watch this show for those two drama nits, it's pretty sad.

Alright, I'm through ranting.

Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict

Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict

What the hell happened to this show. I watched it when it first came out. I tuned in for it a few months back and they had some dragon nailed aliens wearing cut up tires for clothing. All of the original cast members are gone and I have no clue what is going on. Sure it's a crappy show but it's sci-fi dammit.

THIS is Earth Final Conflict...

Who the hell is this???

The website says it had a 5 year run and got cancelled. I'm not surprised. I'm going to figure out how the hell these new, crappy aliens ruined the show. I'm not going to call it officially crappy until I see how these tire- wearing', dragon finger nailed, bad Vegas magician lookin' bastards fit into the story.