Tuesday, July 13, 2004

the hitchhiker's movie first unofficial website

The hitchhiker's movie first unofficial website

I'm looking forward to this.

John Malkovich is going to be in this!!!!
Small Person, Warrick Davis (Willow, Harry Potter), will be Marvin??? Strange. *shrugs* Looks fun. He'll probably rock the role.
The casting of Mos Def as Ford Prefect is different also. It's sorta like Will Smith in that Wild, Wild, West movie. I'll take it though. His music is pretentious but I enjoyed him in The Italian Job. I think I remember ready somewhere that he was good in a play somewhere.

I'm guessing they will probably just cover the first book. You know the sequel and trequel is already planned.
(Trequel? I'm making stuff up again.....) I guess it will have "Trilogy" status. When I think trilogy, I think Star Wars... and then I think Matrix and become dissappointed. Using the word "Trilogy" is officially bad luck.
Trequel = good
Trilogy = bad

..... I'm looking through this site and it looks rather cheap and low budget. Crossing my fingers.

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