Thursday, July 08, 2004

Sci Fi Wire -- Atlantis, a spinoff of Stargate SG-1

Sci Fi Wire -- The News Service of the Sci Fi Channel

I'm looking forward to this new spinoff. Stargate: SG1 is one of those shows that has been on so long and repeats so many times that you'll eventually watch it and like it. I used to watch repeats on Fox. I ran across a site called SG1 Archive and it had every episode. I downloaded them all and watched them all. I've seen every episode. It's something about Season 5 though. I draw several blanks for some reason. I think it's because around that time the site was forced to take off the episodes. I didn't have cable....

It looks it will be good. They'll have to hold their own. They got everything handed to them on a silver platter. Mythology, Budget, Audience. They can't do the whole "suck the first thru third season" Star Trek thing.

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