Saturday, July 17, 2004

The 4400

The 4400

A very interesting show. It feels a lot like the Taken series in that it's more about the people and their stories as opposed to aliens, ships and outer space. Time will tell. The little girl in this series seems a lot like the little girl in the Taken series. Joel Gretsch is in this as well but that isn't what makes it feel like taken.
It also feels like a big episode of The X-Files. The unexplained, "supernatural" abilities, ball of light, a biological/ CDC threat, Homeland Security is the new FBI in this one.
Richard Tyler is an interesting character. It is a very bold move for a character, I applaud the writers. Tyler is "black" and was abducted in the 1950's when. He was "taken" at a time where black people were treated differently. For him to come back now and the impact it must have is an astonishing case study. Though he wouldn't find "as much" resistance in inter-racial relationships as he did in the past, he will learn that a different racism exists. It was awesome how they showed him coping to fit in.
Lily Moore is another interesting case only because she is the grand daughter of the "white" lady that Richard Tyler was in love with in his time. An irony that I will enjoy seeing played out because she is pregnant but doesn't know how. Her husband was out of town for a while when she was abducted and she swears she hasn't been with anyone else. My prediction? The writers are twisted and this will be Richard's baby. It's interesting and I say again BOLD to explore inter-racial relationships on TV. It's been done but there is still much resistance against this today and I'm sure it will lose some viewers. Not me, I think it's amazing!
Shawn and Kyle's story is interesting because of the mystery of Shawn's abduction coinciding with Kyle's coma. Tom Baldwin, our main character is Kyle's father. He has been trying to solve the mystery since the incident. He is now in charge of investigating the 4400.

So we have Lily with her immaculate conception, Richard doesn't seem to have a power (maybe it's love transcends time), Orson has telekinesis, it appears that Shawn can give or take life and Maia can predict the future.

It's like that one fable that I can't remember the name of or who wrote about someone falling asleep in one time to awake years later and everything is different.

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Anonymous said...

I don’t know about Lily and Richards’s relationship being bold; this is after all the twenty-first century.

Take me for example… I am African American on my mother’s side, and Puerto Rican on my fathers. My father passed away when I was two, and my mother re-married when I was five. My Step father; whom I consider my Father, is German. I am now in my early twenties, and married to an Italian woman, and have the most beautiful super mixed daughter, Veronica.

Racism still exists, on many sides, of many fences, I have been subjected to it in my life, and my daughter will to; however with every generation its effects diminish significantly. It’s only natural for interracial couples to be seen on the tube. Even Ross and Joey of Friends fought over a black woman, and this is a show where there was a larger French population then African American (in New York). I think any resistance to this today is superficial, and mitigate able.