Sunday, July 18, 2004

Stargate: Atlantis kicks major space butt!

Stargate: Atlantis on Yahoo!

I just found out about this custom Yahoo! search page for SGA when I was......

well... uh....


being a dork and entering the "Walk on role" sweepstakes.

I just finished watching the pilot and it is impressive. I'm already bored with "The Wraith" who are like the Goa'uld, the Borg, the Taelons, the . Those "Wraith" make me want to listen to Marilyn Manson. He should be flattered. I got "Disposable Teens" in my head.
The characters are likeable. Dr. Weir, however is behaving a little too... Captain Janeway at times. Her hair looks dumb but she's a good lady. You can feel it.
Lt.Ford is such a cutey. *girlie sigh* But bro.... you had the Uber-Hippie Parents. I mean, it's bad enough to name ANYONE Rainbow but to name a male Rainbow, that's just cruel. He doesn't look like he has a complex about it but *in a redneck voice* he gots some purty lips.
Teyla = T'ealc (less eyebrow and lame gold forehead coin) I love T'ealc. NO, really.
John Sheppard = O'Neil - Wise-crackery out of this guy seems believeable.
McKay = Sam Carter - Funny for him, but I like him. He's a fav.

When I watched the SGA Lowdown, they mentioned the emergence of the city from underwater. It was indeed impressive. Very good, very award worthy. MGM can mark this as a HUGE sucess. They have their work cut out and laid out for them.

The Stargate franchise has now officially stomped a mudhole in Star Trek's ass. B & B, start shopping for a good tombstone.

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